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Big news everyone, all those Apple fans who’ve been saving money to get your hands on the Best Mobile phone in the world, the iPhone 4, its finally here in India. Airtel announced a few weeks ago, that they’ll be bringing one of most anticipated phone to India, and soon even Aircel will be following suit. Airtel and Aircel both had mentioned earlier that the iPhone 4 will be launched in India soon enough, but nobody gave us an exact date or anything.

Apple iPhone 4 India

Now, Airtel has gone ahead and already put up the iPhone 4 registration page, wherein you can register for more information as in when it’ll hitting stores. According to Pluggd.in, the iPhone 4 will hit stores as early as two days. That’s not the best part though!

Airtel will be selling the iPhone 4 unlocked and that too at a really amazing price, plus there is a mouth watering offer too. The step taken by Airtel is really great, to sell the iPhone 4 unlocked at the following price:

iPhone 4 16 GB Unlocked Price in India – INR 35,000
iPhone 4 32 GB Unlocked Price in India – INR 41,000

Isn’t that an amazing price? Well that’s not it, Airtel has also announced an offer following which you can get the iPhone 4 for flat 50 % off. This offer holds good for any Airtel customer whose monthly bill exceeds Rs. 2,000. If you’re one of them, you can make the iPhone 4 yours for half the price, now that’s definitely a good deal.

We’ll update you when the iPhone 4 hits the stores. Until then, just hold one and don’t order one from e-bay or ask some relative of yours to get it down from the U.S.

What do you think of the pricing and the offer? Will you be buying the iPhone 4?


After you create a site, it is important that you find a web traffic analysis and get the information on the traffic you are getting. When in it comes to web traffic analysis, Google Analytics is considered the best for two reasons(my choices) –>

1. It is related to Google.
2. Due to its superior features.
But wait, can there be a better web traffic analyzer than Google Analytics? Yes, there is. Well, actually, there are. Choosing a great traffic analyzer is important, so I will tell you the top 3 alternatives to Google Analytics which may help you to choose a better one. So, lets begin.

1. StatCounter


This is my favorite. StatCounter is a web traffic analysis tool. Access to basic services is free and advanced services can cost between $9 and $119 a month. StatCounter was the first traffic analyzer I tried and I loved it. It is the best in my opinion, even better than Google Analytics. The features it offer and the ease to do them is just awesome. Recently, they have upgraded their interface which has made it more user-friendly. Let me share the list of sidebar features StatCounter offers.

  • Summary
  • Hourly
  • Popular Pages
  • Entry Pages
  • Exit Pages
  • Came From
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Recent Keyword Activity
  • Recent Came From
  • Search Engine Wars
  • Exit Links
  • Exit Link Activity
  • Downloads
  • Download Activity
  • Visitor Paths
  • Visit Length
  • Returning Visits
  • Recent Pageload Activity
  • Recent Visitor Activity
  • Recent Visitor Map
  • Country/State/City/ISP
  • Browsers
  • System Stats
  • Lookup IP Address
  • Download Logs

StatCounter offers a lot which can make it better than Google Analytics. So, if you are looking for a better web traffic analyzer than Google Analytics, then StatCounter would be the best choice.
My Rating–> 5/5

2. HiStats

If talking about the design, this site is the best in my opinion but the lack of different ways of stats makes it a not so better web traffic analyzer. Like Google Analytics, you can get a peek at the stats from the homepage but sadly, as told above, the features are too less. Another plus point is that you can add different types of widgets(which actually gather the stats) in your site. The widgets show the number of page views you have received today, no. of unique visitors and more. Now, let me share the sidebar features offered by HiStats.

  • Summary
  • Users online
  • Daily stats
  • Monthly by day/month
  • Last 120 days
  • Sources Overview
  • Referring Sites
  • Search Engines
  • Browsers / os / lang
  • Geolocation
  • Log Analyzer beta
  • Traffic by Url
  • Traffic by Title
  • Tags/Variables
  • Click count
  • IP exclusion
  • Translate Histats! beta

Even though Histats has got some features which cannot be neglected but it certainly lacks in the no. of features. If you are searching for a better web analyzer, Histats can be a choice but think before you choose.
My rating–> 3/5

3. Sitemeter

This is something you cannot miss. A fast, free Web counter that features custom counters styles. Site Meter creates dynamic 3D charts showing visitors, page views, country maps, etc. On the home, you can see the info on visits and page views and under them are the options to take a peek in the bigger options. The features offered by Sitemeter are:-

  • Summary
  • Who’s On
  • Traffic Prediction
  • Visitors by details
  • Visitors by referrals
  • Visitors by world map
  • Visitors by location
  • Visitors by entry and exit pages
  • Visits of current day
  • Visits of previous 7 days
  • Visits of previous 30 days
  • Visits of previous 12 months
  • Entry pages
  • Exit pages

The features, sadly are too less but the features which are offered are amazing. You have to try this one.
My Rating –>

So, those were the top 3 alternative to Google Analytics. You should try them all. The best one(in my opinion) is StatCounter.
What do you think? Do comment.


Later on today, many Windows Phone 7 users will be glued to their computers watching the live event on the preview of Windows Phone 7 Mango. Microsoft announced recently that there will be a live event on Windows Phone 7 getting some new updates and features, and today is the day all that is going live.

Windows Phone 7 Live Preview Event

There is going to a lot of new changes coming in this new release of Windows Phone 7, as Microsoft calls it the Next Major Release for Windows Phone. We are expecting a lot from it and hopefully there will be some really awesome changes that will help WP7 to get into the Android-iOS fight. Already, the number of Windows Phone 7 users are increasing in great numbers, as the platform is completely different than the older Windows Mobile.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer confirmed that the new update codenamed ‘Mango’ will be getting about 500 new features. If that is true, then we can see a majorly revamped version of Windows Phone 7 this year. Below is a video of Steve Ballmer announcing this at the Japanese Microsoft Developer Forum 2011.

I’m pretty sure all those Windows Phone 7 users will be waiting to watch this event live, hopefully Microsoft will stream this event live just how Google streamed theirs. The event is not an open one, hence only few companies and Blogs were invited to attend this event. Of course Engadget got an invite, so you can follow their live blog on the Windows Phone 7 event over here.

If Microsoft plans on streaming this event live, I’m not sure they will, then you can visit the official Microsoft PR site and keep checking.

The event is supposed to start at 10:00 am Eastern Standard Time(U.S and Canada) in NYC today. So people in India, the event doesn’t start for another 1 hour(approx).

Stay tuned to find out how Microsoft will change their operating system for the Mobile phones.

Update: The event is being streamed live, please visit the above given link to the Microsoft page to view it online.


About a month ago, we told you how some geeks over at a Research Facility in the Antarctic developed some awesome 3D technology for the iPhone 4 and iPad 2. The Head Coupled Perspective technology as it’s known, tracks the movement of your head using the front camera of your iPhone 4 and iPad 2, hence creating an illusion of 3D.

i3D App

The researches demoed the working of this new technology with some spectacular video demonstration on the iPhone and the iPad, promising us that the app will soon be available on the Apple App Store. i3D app for iPhone 4 and iPad 2, which uses the Head-coupled Perspective technology is now available on the App Store for free. Although, don’t expect much from the app right now, it’s not all that perfect and oh these researchers aren’t from Antarctic, they’re from France.

The i3D App doesn’t actually do anything other than demo the technology for all those who want to know what the 3D hype is all about. But, it’s any given day better than the Hasbro My3D Viewer or other 3D accessories.

So I tested out this app on the iPhone 4 earlier today, and here’s what I think about it.

About the i3D App for iPhone 4 and iPad 2

i3D App Start Page

The i3D app is about 3 MB in size and once done installing will show you how the Head-Coupled Perspective technology works with some demos. There are about 5 demos for the said technology and one where it shows how it tracks your head using the front camera. Also, there’s also a help page that tells you the best ways to make the technology work flawlessly.

Impression about i3D App

i3D App Demo 1

Once I fired up the app, it asked me to hit the start button to start the whole thing with the first slide showing me my face and how the front camera tracked it while I moved my head about. It worked pretty nicely, but the detection angle was actually poor, hence you’ll need to hold the phone a bit away from your head. Maybe couple of inches more!

The other slides worked quite the same, nothing great to be honest, but the idea is truly awesome. The head tracking is pretty accurate, not the best, maybe because it’s just the beginning. That’s pretty much it, as there aren’t any other applications that use this technology yet, but this definitely is the future of 3D on mobile phones, if there is a future that is. Glasses-free 3D is what people would enjoy on a mobile device, and although I did not feel any real 3D depth in the app, except for the objects moving according to my head movement it was quite good. First of it’s kind, surely and I hope it gets better.

i3D App Demo 2

Go ahead and try this i3D on your iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4th gen and iPad 2. You can download it from here.

Tell us what do you think of this app and did it work perfectly on your iOS device?


Apple’s iPad is no doubt an amazing gadget that has totally transformed the way we interact with digital domains around us. Apart from loads of other notable feature that iPad has to offer, the most commendable and useful feature is that Parents can use it as an educational gadget for their young children. Apple has undoubtedly created an awesome product whose touch screen capability and gesture detection makes it’s easy for parents to educate their kids. So keeping in mind the Parents, I have ranked the apps listed below accordingly:

Kindle for iPad app

Kindle iPad

Kindle is undoubtedly a very famous iPad application that offers loads of features, basically with this app you can make your tablet device compatible with all the popular Amazon books. With iPad’s bigger screen and a wider viewing area, reading books via kindle is simply amazing and it feels like you are reading a real paper book. You can download hundreds of books from Kindle for iPad app and can have them on your finger tips in an instant.

You can download Kindle for iPad free from App store.

Food Additives

I think this is a perfect iPad app for parents who are very much concerned with their kid’s diet and health. The app offers information about almost 450 additives that you can find in any kind of a food and based it ranks these additives in terms of safety. It offers stuff like which additives are harmful for your kids and how they affect the health of your children.

You can download Food Additives for iPad from iTunes app store.

Scribble for iPad

Scribble for iPad

Simply stating, this application allows you to use your fingers to scribble on your tablet device, the best thing about this app is that apart from being a fun outlet for parents it is also a great tool for them to keep their child occupied in doing some fun stuff. This is a great fun-filled app for both kids and parents. Scribble can be downloaded for free from App store.

Flashmath for iPad

Apps like Flashmath and Jott are also purely designed for parents to aid them in keeping their children entertained and also as a tool for parents to teach their kids.

Do let us know in comments if you happen to know about some useful apps for Parents.

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Today, it is possible to share every facet of your life online, regardless of what you are doing at any specific point in time. You can share absolutely anything, from your favourite TV show to a timeline of your posts on Facebook or YouTube. Why has sharing become so important? According to experts, sharing lets people find experiences and acquire knowledge that they wouldn’t have acquired or come upon if their friends hadn’t done so first. The popularity of sharing has surged to a sometimes overwhelming level in the past decade, what with the advent of Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and other social networking sites.

New tendencies in sharing

Another distinct tendency is emerging against the backdrop of this broader one. In the past few years, there has been a significant increase in companies focusing on a concrete segment of sharing, though they are usually connected to the broader social networking platforms. This period is also known for the rise in smart phones. Examples of specific sharing applications are Foursquare, Instagram, Color, Foodspotting, Waze, Runkeeper and many more. Instagram is focused on sharing photos, as is Color. Foursquare enables you to share your location, while users can share information about traffic jams via Waze. As the name suggests, Foodspotting is an application for sharing culinary information. Finally, Runkeeper lets you share the results of users’ workout programs. The last application was developed by the fitness company Fitness Keeper Inc., which is based in Boston.

More sharing applications

Sharing has gotten to the point where you can establish your own digital museum, chronicling your sharing history. This is a museum, where you are the curator and you have a personal timeline with all the music, emotions, thoughts, news links, photos and videos you have ever shared online. This has become a very popular service. It is offered by the company Memolane, which is based in San Francisco.

What you can share

Of course, not everything is shareable. Topics like food, news and entertainment are. Activities like playing games, reading books, watching sports, and listening to music can be shared through an application of the company Get Glue in New York. This company is committed to establishing and focusing on shareable topics. Their approach has proven quite lucrative, as their clients now exceed one million. There is excellent growth potential in these niches, because potential audiences reach 30 million via Facebook and Twitter, not to mention the sponsors and advertisers. They are interested in joining the stream of everyday social sharing, with billions of people in the long term instead of trying to attract attention with annoying, pesky commercials, or print advertising.

Not everyone is in the game

Not all companies are quick to jump on the bandwagon, however. Some are not willing to sacrifice the privacy of their users just to make a profit from advertising. What is more, sharing is more popular with younger people, as older generations are used to keeping more things private. Proponents of sharing, on the other hand, maintain that sharing predates technology and, indeed, dates from antiquity. Another problem involves the demand of users – sharing applications cannot possibly develop as fast as people expect them to, and a lot of things are bound to get rejected.


Ever cried when you lost your iPhone and along with it lost your photos too, well now you can recover those photos by using Photo Rescue.

Photo Rescue is a Mac application that scans through all your backup data to recover all those deleted or lost photos. Every time you connect your iPhone or any other iOS device, it syncs with iTunes and stores a backup, but it doesn’t flash in your head that it has stored things in iTunes backup. Photo Rescue thus scans through all those backed up data and then presents the photos in a easy to view way.

Photo Rescue

A very simple to use application, it doesn’t require you to do anything other than select the iOS device whose back-up you need it to scan. It does a quick scan and leaves you staring at all those pictures, even the ones you did not want it to rescue, in a neat window and arranged in date format. There are some ground rules however, before you start expecting your lost photos to reappear. First of all you’ll need to have synced your iOS device recently in order for it save a back-up. And secondly, if you’ve selected encrypted backup, then I’m sorry to say that Photo Rescue won’t be able to scan through them.

Photo Rescue Screenshot

That’s it, really simple to use and does the job, however this is only for Mac OS X. Hence, Windows users may have to pout their mouth and start shooting mails to the developer asking them to get one done for Windows too. You can visit the official page for this Mac app over here. It’s available for free, but doesn’t let you save those found photos, only view them. If you want to save them, then you’ll have to shell $4.99 from your pockets to buy Photo Rescue.

Will you buy Photo Rescue app for $4.99 or do you know of any other free tools such as this? Do let us know in the comments.

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As a previous Android user, I’ve experienced some difficulties when answer calls using the slider function on Android phones. Sometimes they just don’t respond or you end up sliding it the wrong way. ShakeCall for Android phones brings the really cool feature of shaking the phone to answer or end a call instead of using the slider or the normal function keys.

ShakeCall Android App

You might wonder what might happen if you’re running and you get a call, will that answer because the phone is shaking? Of course not, do you think the developers won’t have thought of that and many other circumstances such as that. ShakeCall provides many functions that you can use to adjust the sensitivity so that only when you shake it with your hand will it answer or end a call.

That’s not it, you can also use ShakeCall and answer your phone just by placing it near your ear. This only works on phones with Proximity sensors, which almost every smartphone has these days. However to be able to use this feature you’ll have to enable the Shake to Answer feature in the settings. ShakeCall has many settings that will enable you to set things like Shaking Sensitivity Value and Proximity Sensor Value. These settings will help you when you want to answer or end a call.

ShakeCall Screenshot

So once again, here’s what this tiny little application ShakeCall can do:

  • Receive and Disconnect the Phone with a shake
  • Answer calls when you place the phone near your ear. (Proximity Sensor)
  • Corrects the problem when sometimes the screen is still blank once you move it away from your ear
  • You can test your settings using the Virtual Phone Sensor Test

There are few other features that you can use, find out more about it once you install it on your phone as they are phone dependent.

ShakeCall is a free application and can be downloaded from the Android Market. It requires Android 1.6 and above.

Do let us know how you liked this application. Do you think it’s a useful one?


Guys if you are looking for some quality time wasters then today’s post is definitely for you because today I am highlighting some awesome and action packed online games that will quench your gaming thirst. One word of advice is that do check out the minimum system requirements before downloading any of the below listed games. The free multiplayer games that I have compiled are simply download and play but in some instances you will see pop-ups asking you for in-game purchases. Get to know about these cool and awesome Multiplayer games after the break!



This is basically a MMORPG that is Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game and trust me this game packs some real heavy duty game-play. The game runs on the Valve’s incredible source engine and it is a visually stunning game with some real pleasing looks that will definitely attract you to play more. You can freely interact with in-game objects, every object can be destroyed and can also be picked up as a weapon.

By default, you have to choose from 3 classes (developer’s initially planned 5 classes), teamwork is a must regardless of whatever class you have chosen. If you want to advance in the game then you have to pass through Vindictus’s 6 episodes that are all story-based.


MapleStory -Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game

This game is not as meaty as the one mentioned above but it is a perfect game for casual online gamers and young audience. Basically it is a side-scrolling Multiplayer role playing game housing pretty simple controls and you will notice plenty of bright colors.

The moment you start playing game you will notice that it follows a typical role playing game scenario, your character endeavor into dungeons and fight monsters. In-order to increase your score you have to collect in-game currency called as “Mesos”. The game also has a SIM’s City touch to it, apart from converting your player into warrior you can also engage in activities like forming families and getting married. MapleStory is huge in regions like South Korea where it was initially released back in 2010.

Combat Arms

Combat Arms - Online FPS Action

The game takes its basics from classics like Call of Duty Franchise and Counter Strike, it is a FPS game packed with loads of action. The game has a leveling system and players earn Gamer points that they can spend on weapon customization and buying. The game has various modes including missions like co-op play and captures the flag missions. Combat Arms also supports a built-in gaming league and an integrated clan system making it a unique and must-play online game.

If you know about any Multiplayer online games that are worth playing then do let us know in comments.

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Sharing stuff on Twitter is not as simple as we think it would be, although you can share links and images on this social networking platform with an ease. But if you are looking to share music, documents and files on Twitter then you have to make a little bit of effort to find out services that do so. If by luck you are already using services like Dropbox(like me!)then sharing contents on Twitter is a piece of cake because you can simply generate a shareable link and post it directly on Twitter.

So guys, today I am reviewing some free services that will ultimately enable you to share files on Twitter in a very secure manner and above all you wont be requiring to sign-up or granting access to your computer. Here is a brief run-down of some of these innovative services:


TinySong main interface

This particular service connects the power of Grooveshark and it allows users to simply share their favorite music on Twitter without having the need of signing-up for a separate account. First you have to search the song that you want to share, you can preview the song and then you can hit Share button and it will be on your Twitter profile. Basically when you hit Share button it generates a URL that you can copy on your clipboard for later sharing purposes.

TinySong artist

Moreover, when you hit Twitter button on TinySong’s URL generated window it automatically populates your tweet with the link and description. The TinySong link will take you directly to Grooveshark where you can listen to the song.


twi.tt anything and everything

Its an amazing file sharing platform for Twitter, you can share almost any kind and type of file whether its an audio, a document or a video through Twi.tt. First you have to authorize the website and select the kind of file that you want to share alongwith the text. For Photos, you can directly upload them from a webcam or a computer. similarly, videos can be uploaded or you can record them from your webcam and share it via Twitter using Twi.tt, same goes for the documents that is you can browse them from your computer or share a simple URL. For the time being, sharing audio is not possible with Twi.tt but I think developers will activate it very soon.

How do you share stuff on Twitter, Do Let us know in comments if you know about any such innovative service.