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After the huge success of HTC Wildfire, HTC has launched HTC Wildfire S which has hit the stores yesterday i.e 25th May 2011. The phone which is mainly targeted with the launch of this phone might be Samsung Galaxy Ace.

HTC Wildfire S, is the successor to the original Wildfire and is a really nice budget phone with all those awesome features of a powerful smartphone. Like all HTC phones, this doesn’t look quite different either. Hmmm.. so what is the difference between Wildfire and Wildfire S? The first thing you’ll notice is that the name now has a capital S next to Wildfire. Then there’s the slightly redesigned body, plus this has Bluetooth 3.0 and a 70Mhz faster processor and Gingerbread 2.3.

  • HTC Wildfire S comes with Android v2.3 (Gingerbread) and of course, HTC Sense.
  • 600 Mhz processor with 512MB of RAM.
  • A 5 megapixels camera with auto focus, LED flash and geo-tagging.
  • 3.2 inch TFT capacitive touchscreen with a resolution of 320 x 480 pixels. It is light and weighs only 105 grams.
  • 512 MB of internal storage. The memory can be expanded using microSD memory card.
  • 3.5 mm stereo audio jack, G-Sensor, Digital compass, Proximity sensor and Ambient light sensor. 3G, GPRS, EDGE, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth v3.0 are available.
  • It has a 1230 mAh Lithium-ion battery

This phone is priced around Rs. 14,000 which might give it an edge over its competitor (rumoured) phone, Samsung Galaxy Ace. The HTC Wildfire was a huge success, and for the price it was available that was something really good. I don’t think Rs. 14,000 is a bad price at all, and I reckon the Wildfire S will certainly start a Wildfire, once again.

So, what do you think about this phone? Would you buy it? Do comment.


LinkedIn is one among those social networking sites that we have a profile or page on, the only difference being that this is completely professional. The Professional social network LinkedIn is also available in the form of an application just like Facebook and Twitter.

LinkedIn app for Nokia brings all the same features available on the website on to your mobile device and helps you stay in touch with all your connections, also it’s available for free on the Ovi Store.

LinkedIn Logo

LinkedIn has over 100 million members, everyone from Apple to Micromax has a LinkedIn profile. This is important, and the LinkedIn App for Nokia makes things even better for all those professionals on the network. Using this application on your Nokia device will enable you to send/receive messages, add new members, accept/decline invitations, browse profiles, search connections, share status updates and so on. You see how this helps a professional to be in touch with another professional, talk about the meeting or share ideas and stuff.

linkedin app Nokia

There is a minor complication however, the LinkedIn app is currently only available for certain Nokia phones, well, only 3 of them to be precise. The Nokia N8, Nokia E7 and Nokia C6 are considered to be professional phones I suppose, because if you have one, then you can use the LinkedIn App by downloading it from the Ovi Store. I know, that’s a major complication, not a minor one, but it will be available on other Nokia phones soon enough.

Hari V. Krishnan, Country Manager, LinkedIn India said;

The growing number of professionals in India is a major factor in driving the adoption of mobile phones here to over 600 million users.  Today’s professionals seek connectivity on the go and the availability of LinkedIn for Nokia’s wide range of smartphones provides an apt solution to this demand. Through this application, we will continue to connect talent to opportunity, making professionals productive and successful.

It’d be weird to ask your Boss “Are you on Facebook?”, hence asking connecting with your Boss on LinkedIn makes it simpler by keeping it strictly professional. Download LinkedIn app for your Nokia N8, E7 or C6 from the Ovi Store using this link.

Are you a LinkedIn user? If so, do you use it while on the move?


iPad is not a camera-centric device but if you happen to own kits that support camera connection then you will have access to applications like Photoshop on your tablet that will provide almost the same experience that you can have on a desktop version of a photo editing software.

Today I am highlighting 2 free apps that are a good source for editing photos on your Apple iPad, you can edit your photos as per your desire and upload them to your favorite social networking platforms. Using these apps you can do a substantial amount of photo editing without spending a penny. Get to know about these apps after a break:



FotoEditor is an amazing photo editing app for your iPad that allows you to instantly edit your photos by applying loads of effects and filters. First of all you have to select a photo from your photo album, once this is done then you can apply loads of effects such as negative, grayscale and sepia. Apart from these you can also adjust things like contrast, brightness, gamma correction and mirroring of the image.

FotoEditor Main page

You can share your edited photos with your friends on Twitter or Facebook. The app also facilitates you in looking up the properties of your image including dimensions and size. FotoEditor can be downloaded from App store.

Effects HD

EffectsHD Picture add

This app is more specifically designed for Apple iPad2 users, the app allows you to take image directly from your iPad and takes you straight away to the editing interface. Effects HD is an easy and a swift way for editing photos directly on your tablet device. You can either take an image directly from iPad by hitting the Camera button or you can open an image from your photo library by tapping on the photo icon.

Effects HD

By default, Effects HD comes with 12 pre-loaded filters including cross-processing and black and white filters. You can also purchase additional effects and filter packages with numerous in-app purchases options. If you want to revert to original state after editing a particular photo then you can tap on refresh button and your photo will return to its original state. After doing all the editing you can save it or email it or you can also share it on Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook.

What apps you use to edit photos on your iPad? Do let us know in comments.


Tomorrow, May 27 is the big date, as both Airtel and Aircel plan on launching the iPhone 4 in the Indian Market. Apple fans have been waiting for this moment from a really long time, and May 27 will be a day to be remembered. Both Airtel and Aircel have given the Apple iPhone 4 really good pricing and will be selling them officially unlocked. We told you yesterday that Aircel decided to spice up this launch by providing a money back offer to all its customers. I was quite confused why Airtel did not take any such step, but instead they just offered 50% discount for Airtel customers whose monthly bill exceeds INR 2000.

Earlier today, Airtel’s iPhone 4 page went live and revealed some really nice offers or plans that will help you recover the cost of your iPhone 4 in about 24 months. Not the complete cost, but around INR 24,000, which is something really interesting as Aircel has also offered a similar pricing. Not that I would want my money back after buying the iPhone 4, but it’s not a bad offer for customers.

If you look at the above picture, you now have the option to select an offer and register yourself for the iPhone 4. You may want to register as the stock may get over in a short period of time, specially in major towns and cities. Anyways, below are the three different plans that you can select when buying the iPhone 4 to get those offers I was talking about.

Airtel iPhone 4 Postpaid Plans

As you can see, the offer begins from Rs. 600 and extends up to Rs. 2000, ultimately the highest plan saving you about Rs. 24,000 in about 2 years. With each plan you get some free SMS, Talktime, Internet and 3G services.

Airtel iPhone 4 Prepaid Plans

Prepaid plans are pretty much as same as those Postpaid plans, but the overall money back that you’re eligible for when you chose the highest plan is only Rs. 21768. Again, there are free SMS, calls, talktime and 3G.

According to Atul Bindal, President, Mobile Services, Bharti Airtel;

As 3G services drive the next wave of growth in the country’s telecom industry, iPhone 4 on Airtel’s exceptional high-speed network will provide customers with a truly mobile 3G experience at affordable service offerings.

Now all we have to do is, those who already have an iPhone 4, is somehow trick those Airtel or Aircel guys into believing that we purchased it from them and get us some money back. That would be hilarious. So what plan would you opt for? and will you be dating Airtel or Aircel?


Seems like iPhone is the device that can’t stop giving you unbelievable features that you have never imagined. We have seen so many add on devices that can be connected to your iPhone for making it one of the most powerful smartphones.

iPhone and iPod Touch are now capable of recording a video in panoramic mode thanks to the device called Dot, that is made by New York based company named - Kogeto.  Dot is expected to launch in an event in June, but the full volume production will be starting in August this year.

The device mounts really well on your iPhone or iPod Touch & lets you capture the video in 360 degrees without even need to rotate it. You can also carry around it while walking but the recommended method from Kogeto is just put the iPhone on  a flat surface & let it do the 360 degree video recording for you.

Dot Device For iPhone 360 Video

Image Credit: www.kogeto.com

Dot was aimed for capturing the environment by using the traditional camera that users have on their iPhone. After recording the video – you can simply view or navigate it in complete 360 degrees from the video itself. Additionally Kogeto is making a separate free app for it named “Looker” – which can help you in shooting, sharing & viewing videos captured by the Dot.  This app has capability of adding multiple panoramic videos from different iPhones & link together for greater precision in view or for a huge environmental scene.

Some of you may be disappointed knowing that this device only works for iPhone 4 & iPod Touch of the fourth generation. But as the company has stated they are working on the device for Android & iPad which are expected to hit market by Christmas, it shouldn’t be much of a disappointment.

The company has already started taking pre orders for the device from this Official Website of Dot. And you can also join the launch party or get Dot device by spending $47 or more at KickStarter Website.

What do you think of this Dot accessory for your iPhone? DO you enjoy recording 360 degree videos? They can be fun you know!


One of the most used devices in the Mobile world is the Memory card. From the Matchbox sized SD(Secure Digital) card, to the Half-sized MiniSD card And finally the fingernail-sized MicroSD memory card, we’ve seen the industry growing fast! A few years ago a 16GB MicroSD card would have been a big deal for us mobile-savvy people, but as of today, it not much. The ever-growing demand for more and more flash memory for uses such as music, videos, images, and document storage has pushed Memory Card manufacturing companies to come up with Memory Cards of higher storage capacities.

Kingmax 64GB MicroSD

Kingmax, a pretty well known Memory Card vendor, has introduced the first ever MicroSD card that has a storage capacity of 64GB! Kingmax has exceeded expectations of the mass by going beyond the expected 32GB, and taking things to the next level. The new card supports the microSDXC standard, where XC stands for “extended capacity.” 64GB is A LOT of storage space, and to fill it up, you’d need some 24 hours of 720p HD content/13107 128kbps songs/92 xvid movies! Yes, thats a lot of space for our smartphones to handle, as these phones are designed to work with MicroSD cards only upto 16GB.

Thus it is unlikely to work on current phones. But since the announcement of the Card, Cellphone manufacturers should have been getting their phones prepped up to work with such Extended Capacity cards. Kingmax hasn’t announced the pricing for the new card yet, but expect it to be available for purchase soon. Also expect other vendors to soon introduce their own 64GB microSD cards.

Do you think vendors might take it to the next level and possibly introduce a higher capacity card? Do you plan to own such a card or do you think its a waste of resources? Do tell us.


Google has been making a lot of changes and bringing a lot of new features since Larry Page took over the post of CEO. They’ve been everywhere, spreading like a plague, but in a good way. I’m sure you’ve heard of the Google Street View feature in Google Maps that gives you more details by using live pictures of the streets and alleys. Google announced that they’ll be bringing those Street View cars and trikes to India in the coming weeks and will be collecting images of famous tourist places.

Google Street View helps tourist to know more about a certain place without actually having to go visit. Although that is not really called tourism, but it does help those unable to visit such locations by presenting them with pictures. There’s a whole section that speaks about the advantages of Google’s Street View for both users and businesses.

Currently, Google’s Street View Team, are driving and cycling around Bangalore taking pictures of some famous places around Bangalore. Soon they’ll be covering a lot more locations in India, some of which are pointed out in the Map below. Google Street View in India will be something to keep an eye out for. If you happen to be in the way of one of those Google Street View vehicles then maybe you’d be featured in one of those maps to be uploaded.

Google India wrote on their blog;

Imagine being able to take a tour of the streets of Bangalore from anywhere in the world. Starting today, we are going to drive our Street View cars in Bangalore. Once the collection process is complete, Street View will be available in Bangalore on Google Maps, allowing users all around the world to access street-level imagery and virtually explore various streets in Bangalore. It will be as good as walking down the street from the comfort of your desktop or mobile device.

Have you ever used Google Street View? I think it’s a wonderful idea and I do use it a lot to check out places that I’d love to visit. Google Street View is currently available in 27 countries around the world and soon India will become part of it too.

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Instant Pie Chart is a useful website which you can use to create beautiful pie charts in a jiffy. It is your free shortcut to professional, accurate, color-coded pie charts for home or business needs. This site lets you make pie charts in a matter of seconds and easily include them in your project or web site. Pie charts are useful for some projects and you might use them is a lot of ways. To show stats, scores, points, etc.

Well, if you are thinking how to use it, then I will just tell you that.

1. Go to Instant Pie Chart.
2. Fill out the form.

3. Click on “Draw Chart”.
Thats it!!! That is all what it takes to create a simple little pie chart. You wanna see an example. Here we go :-

This is one of the most useful sites I have seen. Amazing and elegant work. Totally superb. I loved it. You would too. Do visit it.


So, what do you think of the site? Would you use it? Do comment.


The best thing that I like about smartphones is that there is an endless supply of applications to meet your needs and to quench your tech savvy thrust. Not all apps are dazzling or turn out what you want them to be but they are few that become part of our every day lives. So with so many apps on our smartphones, launching these apps sometimes turn out to be quite a hassle because as the number of apps start increasing so does the homescreen expands. One solution is that use launchers, but launcher are also a bit slow and sometimes they crash also causing quite a hassle.

What is SwipePad?

So today I am introducing a new kind of an app launcher for Android users and I can bet that it will make your application launching thing a piece of cake. SwipePad is the name of an App launcher, which basically is a quick application launch-pad for smartphones powered by Android 2.1 or above. The launcher constantly runs in the backdrop and it just occupies a line in the notification area. The moment you touch on any of the edge of your phones touchscreen, SwipePad pop-ups a grid showing twelve buttons that give a look like this:

SwipePad Homescreen
A virtual circle also pop-ups at the bottom showing where your finger is on the screen, once you find an icon of your choice from the grid you just have to slide your finger over to that app icon and it will automatically turn BLUE. If you let your finger go at this point when the icon is blue, app will launch. But if you keep on holding it for 2 more seconds it will turn its color to Orange.

SwipePad ScreenSwipePad Orange

At this particular instant if you let it go a menu will pop-up that will look like this:

SwipePad menu

This menu is pretty easy to understand, first two options let users set an application or a shortcut for the slot you have selected. The third option is a dedicated app launcher that will ultimately increase your option launching capability with SwipePad. Last button Hide is a very interesting thing because it allows users to hide any app from the launcher grid. It is useful for those users who by mistake keep on launching a particular app.

Because of the muscle memory, SwipePad becomes faster with the passage of time. All you have to do is remember the apps posted on 12 grids and then you can launch your favorite and most used apps by a single swipe from one edge of the screen.

I think it’s a pretty innovative and fastest way of launching apps on your Android phone and you should definitely try it on your device.


So you’re probably stuck at some difficult level of Angry Birds and are really unhappy about it. If you happen to be playing Chrome Angry birds, then we have a hack for you that will unlock all the levels of the game for you.

Unlock Angry Birds Levels

Google announced Angry Birds on the Chrome browser at the Google I/O key note few weeks ago, all thanks to some HTML5 magic. It was made possible for the game to run on browsers, as it also runs on other browsers. Now why would you want to get a hack to unlock all the levels on the Chrome browser. To be honest, I know that not every one is a master at playing Angry Birds like me, so you’d probably want to skip those annoying moments when you’re losing in front of your friends. Using this little trick that I’m about to tell you, it’s possible to unlock all the 70 levels of Angry Birds at three star ratings.

The trick was actually discovered by some Angry guy over at the WebOS blog, and here’s how you do it.

Hack to Unlock Angry Birds Levels:

  • Fire up the game, if you’ve not installed the game on your Chrome browser, then head over here and do it right away.
  • Once you have the game running, replace the link on the address bar, that will say this “http://chrome.angrybirds.com/” with this “javascript: var i = 0; while (i<=69) { localStorage.setItem(‘level_star_’+i,’3′); i++; } window.location.reload();” without quotes.
  • You’ll then be presented with the game, all the levels unlocked, even the Chrome special levels.
  • In case you’re not a cheater, then you can use this link “javascript: var i = 1; while (i<=69) { localStorage.setItem(‘level_star_’+i,’-1′); i++; } window.location.reload();” to get things back to how they were before and you will not be sent to hell.


Well, even though you plan to execute this hack to completely unlock Angry birds levels, before that my suggestion would be finish all levels of Angry birds yourself. Else, you will miss out the fun of this game. Anyways, Was that so hard? Thought so! Well, so go on tell your friends how you finished all the levels in an hour.