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There’s a certain level that you have to reach to be known as a proper geek and one of them includes owning something really super geeky. Have a limited edition Storm Trooper suit in your closest? That makes you a proper geek, unless, you’ve got it there for some other reason. I’m pretty sure all of you must’ve played Space Invaders or still play it when you’re alone planning on world domination.

Geeks love Space Invaders, it was the first game that introduced us to those evil aliens who wanted to destroy our Spaceship. We take revenge even to this day, and if you’d like to keep a reminder of all those victories you had, then you should probably get this.

That my friends, is a super special edition Space Invaders Watch by Romain Jerome that is being made in collaboration with TAITO Corporation (TAITO). They will be producing 78 pieces of this certain Space Invader watch that contain solid stainless steel background containing an image from the Epic Space Invaders game. The watch is not just made of stainless steel, but is also designed from various Spacecraft related materials that make it as strong as the Spaceship taking down all those aliens.

Inheriting the highly distinctive case of the Moon Invader series (a round shape within a cambered 46 mm square, with a round front and an almost rectangular back), the SPACE INVADERS have also kept the same steel coalesced with fragments from the Apollo 11 capsule. It is no coincidence that this case is designed like a strongbox, or even like a space vessel capable of traveling great distances, since that kind of vehicle is exactly what is needed to facilitate the SPACE INVADERS colonization of our daily lives.

There are two models of the Romain Jerome Space Invaders Watch, one that glows in the dark and one that is colorful on the inside. Just imagine the amount of respect you’d have in a Geek community when you’d own one of these, come on, there are only 78 of them in the whole wide world. Visit this page here to contact them and get one specially made for you.

Are you Geek enough to own one of these?


Nokia Running on Android OS Leaked

Looks like Nokia loves to be part of the everyday hot news, and continues to get better day by day. Its been less than a week before Nokia launched their new MeeGo smartphone Nokia N9, followed by the first Nokia Windows Phone “Sea Ray”. And now Nokia is in the news again thanks to a leaked picture of a Nokia phone running on a third kind of an OS, Android.

Nokia Android pic

Well that’s what the leaked images say, with the phone, which looks similar to the N9 or “Sea Ray”, running on the latest version of Android Gingerbread OS. The images are not a fake and its not a screenshot or a picture displayed on the phone.

Nokia Android

The Nokia N9 smartphone runs on MeeGo v1.2, which is a Linux based operating system, might not actually find it that difficult to run the Android OS. Hence, this leak might as well be of the Nokia N9 running Android OS and not a new Nokia device. There were rumors initially when Nokia partnered with the PC giant Microsoft, about a possibility to also shift to Android, since most of the phone manufacturers which have been producing Windows phones, have an Android smartphones too. And also for the fact that Android has been gaining tremendous popularity, there was always a hint of temptation for Nokia to change over to Android.

The rumors were later dismissed by Nokia themselves and confirmed to stick on with Windows platform for their upcoming mobile phones. But who knows, maybe we will get to see an Android Nokia phone in the coming years, especially after watching these leaked pictures. It could also be one of those adamant developers who wants to run all kinds of OS on a MeeGo device trying to show the world how open source it all is.

So do you think Nokia will bring out an Android smartphone?


Picasa is free photo editing software from Google that lets you modify your pictures and tag them. Picasa stores its information in its database. If you want to transfer your Picasa settings and tags to a new computer, then not only will you have to transfer the photos but also the database to the new folder.

Picasa backup

In Windows 7, transferring Picasa database is quite simple. First, head on over to the following foder:

C:> Users > [Your User Name] >AppData > Local > Google

You will see a folder titled either Picasa2 or Picasa3. Right click on this folder and copy it.


To create a backup, simply paste the folder in a safe storage location.

To transfer the database to a new computer, paste the copied folder to an external storage device like a flash drive. Plug the flash drive into the new computer. The Picasa folder you pasted into the flash drive should now be copied to the same folder location in the new computer:

C:> Users > [Your User Name] >AppData > Local > Google

This action will transfer your Picasa database from the first computer to the second computer.


Smartphones are the need to today’s generation. For the people, who every morning go to work. For the people, who are bloggers. For the people, who are businessmen and a lot more. Smartphones are so full fledged that they can compete with the ‘middle-class laptops’ known as netbooks. Many smartphones are even costlier than netbooks, but this post is not about smartphones vs netbooks. Let me move on. India isn’t a country of smartphones but it certainly offers some of the high-class smartphones available. So, if you are in a dilemma of which smartphone to buy, this post is for you. Read on.

Apple iPhone 4


Launched in UK/US a year before but launched in India a month before. Apple iPhone 4 changes everything again. It really did change a lot when it came to India. Many fans bought it on the first day. Apple iPhone 4 was launched in India, thanks to Aircel and Airtel which gave all the tech freaks a chance to use the ‘changer’. It is a 137 grams phone. It has a display of 3.5 inches with a resolution of 640 x 960 pixels. It has a 5 megapixel camera with autofocus, LED flash, touch focus and geo-tagging. You can also record high definition videos with the camera. A secondary camera is also available for Facetime(video-calling). iPhone 4 runs on iOS 4. With the Apple A4 chipset, it offers a speed of 1Ghz. GPRS, EDGE, 3G, WLAN, Bluetooth and USB v2.0 are available. It has an Li-Po 1420 mAh battery to give it a long battery backup.

The price of Apple iPhone 4 is :-
16 GB – Rs. 34,500
32 GB – Rs. 40,900

Nokia N8

Nokia N8

Nokia is the most trusted company in India when it comes to mobile phones. Nokia’s finest smartphone till date is undoubtedly Nokia N8. If you would have used it or watched its videos or read its reviews, then you would gladly accept with that statement. Nokia N8 is a smartphone not to be missed. This phones gives its users the reason to appreciate Nokia. It is a 135 grams phone. It has a display of 3.5 inches with a resolution of 360 x 640 pixels. It has a 12 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus, Xenon flash, 1/1.83″ sensor size, ND filter, geo-tagging and face detection. A second VGA camera is also available for video-calling. Nokia N8 runs on Symbian^3 OS. It offers a speed of 680 Mhz. GPRS, EDGE, 3G, WLAN, Bluetooth and USB v2.0 are available. It has a Li-Ion 1200 mAh battery.

The price of Nokia N8 is around Rs. 23,000.

HTC Desire HD


HTC has always been one of the best in smartphones. It offers a lot of smartphones and the specialty is definitely the special touch HTC puts with the well known HTC Sense. HTC has been successful with almost all of its smartphones and HTC Desire HD meant to be successful. The successor of HTC Desire with the add of high definition to it, it definitely set the stage for people to do more and more. It is a 164 grams phone. It has a display of 4.3 inches with a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. It has a 8 megapixel camera with autofocus, dual LED flash, geo-tagging and face detection. HTC Desire HD runs on Android 2.2(Froyo) which can be upgraded to 2.3(Gingerbread). It has an internal memory of 1.5 GB which can be expandable to 32 GB with a microSD card. It offers a speed of 1 Ghz. GPRS, EDGE, 3G, WLAN, Bluetooth and USB v2.0 are available. It has a Li-Ion 1230 mAh battery.

The price of HTC Desire HD is around Rs. 26,600.

Those were the three smartphones you can choose from the currently available smartphone in India. Which is your favorite or any other on your mind? Do you own any of them? Do comment.


Apple WWDC 2011 was a huge success overall, as there were some really cool things announced, specially in the Mobile section. I for one totally enjoyed the iOS 5 and the iCloud announcements, the Mac OS X Lion keynote was also good. After the official keynote, however, there were a whole bunch of developer sessions that nobody really cared for, but the developers themselves. For all those developers who missed Apple WWDC 2011 event, you can now watch all the developer sessions right from the Apple Developer website.

WWDC 2011 Session Videos

So, if you happen to be an Apple developer, then you ought to watch all of those 100 said sessions. You don’t watch them, then you aren’t a true Apple developer and it would be like showing disrespect to the developers who got on stage to help you guys out. All you need, to access those 100 WWDC 2011 session videos, is your Apple Developer ID.

WWDC 2011 Session Videos list

There are about 110 Session videos to watch, so it’s better you get your scheduled cleared for say another two days. The videos will teach you a lot and will certainly help you develop some apps of your own that you can add to the fast growing number of Apps on the App Store.

Watch the WWDC 2011 Session videos.


Security on a mobile phone is pretty much limited to lock codes and weird designs that a human brain can forget. Sometimes the lock code on your mobile phone becomes your greatest enemy when you forget it. This is where Face recognition comes in, a more advanced and secure way of keeping your mobile phone contents to yourself. Visidon Applock is an Android application that, finally, brings the much wanted facial recognition technology to Android devices.

Visidon Applock Logo

A while back, even the iPhone got this treatment with the RecognizeMe App that brought Facial recognition which actually worked. The same thing applies to this Android app as well, but unlike the iOS app, this is not a complete security option. As the name says, Visidon Applock can only be use to protect applications such as your E-mail, Messages, Facebook, Gallery, Notes etc and not the complete device.

I think that is protecting individual applications is actually better than locking the entire phone using facial recognition. Once Visidon Applock is installed on your Android phone, you can add what apps to protect to it’s protection list and adjust settings like security level and change camera orientations. You will want to meddle with those camera orientation settings only if the app doesn’t recognize your face in the initial set-up process.

Visidon Applock

After this you should be ready to lock-n-load to any of your friends place and not be afraid of leaking out confidential information about their girlfriends. But before all this happens, make sure you have a front facing camera on your Android phone, because if you don’t it’ll just leave you with normal password protection. Check out the video below for a demonstration of Visidon Applock;

Visidon Applock is available for free on the Android Market and will work well with phones running Android Gingerbread 2.3 and above with front cameras. There have been reports from users that it doesn’t seem to work with Custom ROM’s, but do try it out and let us know if it actually helps you protect your apps and doesn’t give way to someone else’s face.


There are some applications out there that you have to have on your iPhone in case you’re a person who loves Google. Even if you’re not, you’ll probably require the expertise of Google search when you’re in a tough situation. Imagine being able to do that by just giving your iPhone a shake, searching Google in an instant. QuickGoogle for iOS devices is one such app that can open a Google Search box at any instant, in any app by using any of the given activators.

QuickGoogle-Cydia<Image Credit>

Since, QuickGoogle is an Activator function, it doesn’t really have any icon as such and pops up whenever you want it to. For example, you’re playing some game and you’re friend suddenly wants to know the capitol of some strange state. Using QuickGoogle you can assign any gesture such as the shaking of your iOS device, pressing the Home button 4 times or something else, which in turn will bring the Google Search box right over the game. When you input your search terms and hit enter, it’ll open up Safari and get your right over to the capitol name.

Day saved, you’re still the genius, and all this while playing Angry Birds. Watch the demonstration video after the break:

At the moment, the developer has decided to keep it real simple and hasn’t added any fancy image search or other search options. I really find this very useful, because sometimes it’s better you know a shortcut. A simple tweak and a free one too, QuickGoogle is currently available in the Cydia Store under the BigBoss Repo. You could also do a Cydia-wide search to find and install this.Do install this and let us of how much help has this been to you.

Do you know of any other such simple Cydia applications that actually help a lot?

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3D viewing and performance is still a novel concept in the smartphones field but manufacturers are increasingly trying to integrate the 3D technology in smartphones by beefing up the hardware that will improve this performance.

Though games are a good parameter to judge the graphical power of your Android phone but if you really want to gauge your Android phone’s power then a 3D launcher will let you do it. Here are two graphically rich 3D Launchers for your Android phone:

MX Home

MX Home launcher

Many of the Android phone users boast on the fact that they have numerous homescreens to fiddle with, but I think this multiple screen thing becomes a bit tiresome in some instances. So my first pick is MX Home launcher which introduces 3D “Cover Page” that contains a clock and access to the most important apps on your phone like Internet, Contacts and Dialer. There is a battery life indicator as well along with some other gadgets and the 3D click also has a very subtle effect.

There are a bit of problems with the customization like cover page manipulation but on the whole the launcher is a good addition to your Android homepage. MX Home 3D Launcher requires Android 2.1 or an above version.

Regina 3D

Regina 3D launcher

Though a new entry in the launcher realm, Regina 3D has managed to make some waves on Android marketplace by offering some real high-quality 3D interface without having a price tag.

You will find a resemblance between Regina 3D and HTC Sense, the bottom dock is very much similar to HTC Sense and the large clock of Regina 3D Launcher is also similar to HTCs one. The 3D effects are very much noticeable but they are a bit subtle, when you move between Homescreens a cool 3D transition is displayed. Plus when you switch between display modes the widgets undergo a flip animation. Customization is a bit of problem in Regina 3D but if you spend lot of time in customizing your Android phone then it wont be a big thing.

You will be surprised to see very limited number of 3D launchers available on Android marketplace, these are some that you should definitely download because they are free of cost.


It was only some months ago that we told you that the most used camera in the world comes from the iPhone. The usage has grown a lot since then, and now iPhone 4 has taken the crown. The Apple iPhone 4 is being called the most used and most popular camera in the world according to Flickr upload data.

Of course, we all know that the iPhone 4 camera quality is nothing when compared to a SLR camera, yet it’s one of the most popular. Why? Well, because  when people take pictures they like their friends and family to see it right away. Now that’s not possible with those SLR cameras, no internet access, damn!! This is where the iPhone has always been a step ahead, with instant web access so users can upload images taken right away.

It was predicted that the iPhone 4 will hit the top in just about a months time, but that wasn’t an accurate prediction. It certainly took the iPhone 4 more than a month to take the No.1 spot by dethroning the Nikon D90, Canon 5D Mark II, Canon Digital Rebel XSi and Canon REBEL T1i. That’s all the best cameras right there, following the iPhone 4 camera. No need to worry, you professional photographer, this is only the result of a photo upload comparison between all the cameras on Flickr. We know all about the secret photos stored in your external hard disk that you’d never want to upload.

It’s all about the convenience factor here, as the SLR cameras in the list have incredibly better lenses. Whereas the iPhone 4 costs less than all those cameras and is one of the most widely used cameras, not the best, but the most popular. There are better mobile cameras as well, but no one of them are being used as much as that of the iPhone 4.

All we have to do now(iPhone 4 users) is wait for the iPhone 5, hopefully with a better camera and keep the Flickr upload rate high.


For all those prospering home DJ’s, you’ve got some good news! One of the most useful music tools for the home DJ generation, FL Studio makes it big on to the mobile platform. Image-line released FL Studio Mobile for iOS recently to help you out with your DJ dreams and to make you a walking beat box, music maker and more.

FL Studio Mobile

I’ve been using FL Studio, the Windows version, for quite some time now and all I can say is, I’m a better music producer  than when I started. FL Studio Mobile will probably turn me in to a professional-on-the-move music producer. Or not! It’s not so easy, you need time and patience to create those Grammy winning tracks, but FL Studio Mobile is certainly going to be of help.

We all know that when an application makes it way to a touch interface, it is bound to become simpler to use, and that goes with FL Studio Mobile as well. Making your own beats or complete tracks has now become as easy as imagining it in your head. You’ve got a beat on your mind? Well, just start up FL Studio Mobile and you’re all set to make it a reality. The interface is super easy to use, specially on the iPad, you can select instruments, edit effects, tunes, add tracks, split tracks and more.

FL Studio Mobile Screenshot

There are two versions available at the moment, a standard one for iPhone and iPod Touch and an HD version for the iPad. Not much difference here, but the HD version does seem to be easier as it makes tapping easier. You can also transfer tracks from the desktop version to your iOS device and continue where you left off. The best part, you can record your favorite beats the moment they hit your head, because you’re bound to have your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad close by. Watch FL Studio Mobile HD in action after the break:

I’m sure after watching the video many of you music enthusiasts out there must’ve downloaded FL Studio right away. At the moment, FL Studio Mobile and FL Studio Mobile HD are both available on the App Store for $18 and $20 respectively. Although prices are subjected to climb after the introductory offer is over, so make the best of it and download it now. An Android version is in the making too.

Download FL Studio Mobile for iPhone and iPod Touch

Download FL Studio Mobile HD for iPad

Are you going to be buying this amazing music application? If you plan on becoming the next Dr. Dre, then you should probably get it now and start creating those beats.