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A lot of people would not agree to the fact that eBook is a phenomenon that is bound to stay and grow in the digital world. We have seen the influx of various kinds of e-readers in the consumer electronics world offering varying option base to users. But my personal favorite alternative for reading e-books is iPad, mainly because it provide users an easy way of reading scores of e-books without having to buy a dedicated device.

So if you are trying to find eBooks for your iPad on the internet then do read this post because I will be mentioning several websites from where you can find loads of free iPad eBooks. You ought to have eBooks apps like iBooks to read these digital books. All you have to do is find .epub files and add them up in your iTunes library and later on sync them with your iPad. Get to know about these eBooks archives websites after a break!


ManyBooks offers loads of free books and you can download these books in various formats that the site offers. You will find the Interface of the website a bit confusing but availability of large amount of contents make it a definite site to visit if you are an eager eBook reader. Browsing through the books titles and authors is a bit cumbersome but search feature is quite powerful. Overall, ManyBooks is a good place to lookout for some useful books online for your iPad.

Project Gutenberg

This might not be the perfect website to look out for eBooks for your e-reader but the thing that I liked the most about them is the variety of books available. Browsing and search options are pretty comprehensive and best part is a Top 100 list that dish out some really cool titles.

Project Gutenberg offers eBooks in 7 formats including ePub and PDF, the filename will be a bit changed when you will download a title but that’s not such a big deal. A bit boring thing is that the book you will download from the site will not be having a cover page or an artwork. Project Gutenberg unlike other sites also offer an offline catalogue of eBooks that you can browser through while not connected to the internet. It supports almost 14 languages and boasts score of books.

Do you use your iPad as an e-book reader, then do read the post and let us know in comments about your views.


When you were smaller and more innocent, you probably wished that you could go to space on a spaceship and just hang out, well float actually. If you want to make that childhood dream of yours come true, but not in it’s entirety, then you should read further.

No, we are not giving out any free tickets for anyone to travel to space, but we are just sharing a certain website through you which you can almost make it. UrtheCast will launch the world’s first ever high definition live streaming of the Earth from the International Space Station with the help of cameras attached to the Russian wing of the ISS.

Urthecast Live Earth Video

Who in their right mind would not want to see this? I’m going to be stuck to a rather large LCD screen and watching the live stream of planet Earth when it goes live. The camera’s installed will provide a 40 km range of Earth from Space and will get you as close as 1.1 meters to the surface. I watched the preview video earlier today, of some rather FBI-looking officials telling what UrtheCast is all about. By the way it’s pronounced as ‘earthcast’, and it is going to effect a lot of people as now almost everyone can experience the feeling of watching Earth, live from space.

Scott Larson, President of UrtheCast explains;

Users will be able to view Earth from space. It will operate seamlessly with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. ISS is a low orbit, human-inhabited satellite. The station travels at 26,000 km/h, orbiting Earth sixteen times per day, at an altitude of approximately 350 km. The ISS is a collaborative project between the Russian, Canadian European, Japanese, and US space agencies. UrtheCast has signed an exclusive agreement with RSC Energia, who maintains operational control of the Russian segment on the ISS. RSC Energia will take UrtheCast’s cameras, install them on the outside of the ISS, and provide the necessary maintenance and transfer of the data. The cameras are being built by UK based Rutherford Appleton Laboratories (RAL), who is a world leader in building cameras for aerospace and satellite purposes.

That’s not it, I mean it’s not just the Earth from Space, but it’s more like a live streaming of everything that’s happening on earth. You can pinpoint to your location and see what’s going on live, it’s like those live scenes from Modern Warfare and all those movies. You can tag these videos, rewind them and well, you can see it all. I’m sure the terrorists are going to be pretty happy about this, so lets see how long this whole thing is going to last.

I’m not taking my chances however, because I’m going to be ready for when it streams live and open my mouth in awe. All this will happen on a Web Platform, which is supposed to launch later today.

So, we’ll keep you updated and let you know when you can start watching Earth, live from Space.


The only thing good about the stock Android lockscreen is the ability to add that cool join-the-dots-to-enter security lock. Other than it’s pretty boring to slide away all the time, just like the iOS lockscreen. If you’re looking for some app to change the way you unlock your phone, then Live Locker should make things more beautiful for your phone. Live Locker is an Android Lockscreen app that adds some beautiful widgets and gives you access to four most important apps on your phone, Messages, Phone, Contacts and unlock.

Live Locker Unlock

A while ago, we wrote about WidgetLocker, another such app that can be customized to add sliders based on your requirements. This is not the same, as Live Locker doesn’t have any options to customize anything because you won’t need to. The application will definitely make your Android lockscreen stand out and also provide you access to some of the basic functions like messages, phone and favorite contacts apart from the unlock option. To unlock or enter into any of these apps, you’ll need to move a bubble around in 4 directional ways.


The lockscreen will show you unread messages and missed calls too, making the lockscreen quite useful as well. That’s not it, there are more widgets, just two more to be frank. On both the sides of the clock widget, you’ll see a Camera icon and a Volume icon. The camera shortcut will take you to the camera or to the gallery, whereas the Volume button will let you change the ringer modes to vibrate, loud and silent.

Live Locker Widgets

What I found really attractive was that bubble, which looks like an orb that was probably used to hold some prophecy about how Android is going to reach great heights. Another thing that attracted me was the price as Live Locker will let you make your lockscreen look better for only $0. Yup, it’s free and requires Android 2.0 or above, so expect it to work with entry level Android phones as well.

Download Live Locker from the Android Market.

Do try this out and let us know if you liked it.

[Image from: Addictive Tips]

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JotOnce is a quick and easy way to exchange messages with others, using password-protected, sharable notes. This site could help you in all kinds of messaging. If you are insecure sending something to a friend by social networking sites(Twitter, Facebook) in a fear that somebody other than that friend might have access to his account and can see your personal message. JotOnce allows you to create a message and make it available to as many or as few people as you want. Because, the message is password-protected and anyone that doesn’t know your password will not get the access to your message.


A question might have raised in your mind. Why JotOnce? You should use JotOnce because you might not be able to find any other site with the same mission that JotOnce has. And JotOnce is an ideal service because it’s both fast and secure. Creating a password-protected message is simpler than ever. Let me explain it in points.

1. Go to JotOnce homepage.
2. See the top right, you will see an option, “Create New Jot”. Click it.
3. Now, you are into the jot creator. Type the message you want to.

4. Check the left and right of your message, you will see options of securing your message. Check them and edit them if you want too.
5. Click on “Post Jot”.

That’s it! Your message would have been posted and you can now share it with your friends whom you wan to access it. It’s as simple as you read it. This service is totally fast and doesn’t give you headaches for such a simple work. All messages stored on the JotOnce server are encrypted, and can only be recovered with their specific password which means total security. If that is not enough you can even add more security to your message which will make all your work easier than ever.


On the whole, JotOnce is a must try for the people who want to share a particular thing with a group of personal friends or whoever. This site is amazing in its own genre. What do you think about it? Do comment.


Wallpapers always add a certain amount of personalization to a mobile device that a lot of other people are also using. With the increase in mobile devices under-the-hood hardware and large screen sizes, various Wallpaper techniques have emerged. So today I am rounding up 3 top notch wallpaper changing apps that you must have on your Android phone:

Wallpaper Switch

Wallpaper switch

This app simply picks the wallpapers from Goodfon.com and rotates them automatically on the Homescreen of your Android phone. This means that you can have an ample of variety on your Android phone as far as the wallpapers are considered.

Wallpaper App do give users controls like how frequently you want to change the displayed wallpaper and what categories you want to be displayed. You can download Wallpaper Switch from Android marketplace.

Wallpaper Changer

Wallpaper Changer

Though the idea of switching between wallpapers is based on the core idea that you can pull wallpapers from a folder filled with varying images. This switching of wallpapers don’t allow users the requisite control, Wallpaper Changer app provide users a new scheme.

Wallpapers are by default added to smartphones changer rotation and you can also add them in a list. Switchover frequency can be changed as per your desire. Wallpaper Changer works well with Android 2.1 and all the above versions.

Wallpaper Change At

Wallpaper Change At

Personally I like this wallpaper changing app, mainly because of the fact that it is an event-based wallpaper switching thing. Picture this, think that you have set a reminder about your friends birthday but the moment that reminder pops-up you discard it. So a better way is that you should use the app Wallpaper Change At because it will automatically change the wallpaper on your Android phone in consonance with the event on your reminder or calendar. Wallpaper Change At requires Android 1.5 or any up version of it.

Got an Android phone? If yes, then do check these apps out.

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If you’ve ever used an iPhone, then you’d find that the regular SMS application quite literally sucks. The only thing you can do perfectly is send and receive texts and see who’s it from. There are many features missing from the app such as regular timestamps, the ability to delete single messages than a whole string and few others. So, if you’re a SMS maniac and send at least a million texts every day then you would want to check out SMSEnhancer and SMSHidekeyboard.

sms app

Both these apps require jailbroken iPhones and some really fast text messaging skills, also some cash would come in handy. One of them is a free app and the other isn’t, but you’ll need them both to make the stock SMS experience better.




You may have found yourself looking at a certain text from someone and not able to figure out when you got the text, because the stock SMS app in iPhone doesn’t have regular timestamps. So when you’re in a conversation you don’t get timestamps, just and only the text. SMSEnhancer adds that very thing to the stock iPhone SMS app and for every text you send or receive. That’s not it, it also enables the addition of contact pictures to your contacts and they show up next to the text message. Check out the video demonstration after the break.

You can buy SMSEnhancer from the BigBoss Repo for $0.99. This app requires iOS 4 or later to run and no icon will be added during installation as it is directly added to Settings.


Space is somewhat of an issue if you’re a regular user of the iPhone and to be frank there isn’t much. The keyboard takes up all the space and every time you want to see the chat history, you’ll require to get out of the app and enter the required thread again. So you must have guess what SMSHidekeyboard does, yes it hides the keyboard like in iOS5(iMessage). When you’re not typing it disappears, even the input box is gone, giving you an almost full screen experience. Check out the video after the break from iPhone Download Blog for more details.

You can download this from Cydia for free. To get SMSHidekeyboard add repo http://rpetri.ch/repo to your sources and you should be all set. Here’s another Cydia SMS application that you might like.

So let us know what you think of these apps, small enhancements that should’ve been a part of the standard SMS app, but aren’t.


Any computer system is a massive investment and a multipurpose tool that has to be kept functioning to get the maximum mileage out of. Maintaining the computer at its best has the advantage of getting optimum performance and maximum productivity. A computer, like any other piece of machinery, has a few moving parts and some parts that generate heat. In addition, there are also some software parts which, like their mechanical counterparts, need to be looked after.


speed up your computer


The computer has some mechanical moving parts like the fans. These are used to remove the heat build-up from inside the cabinet or the housing of the computer. Most of these fans are the brush-less type and use self-lubricating bearings that mostly do not need maintenance. However, all environments are not same, and there could be dust and grime build-up that could clog the bearings and make the fans run slow.

Slow running fans will sometimes cause more noise and also will not be able to circulate enough air to remove the heat build-up. This may lead to several malfunctions such as sudden freezing of the computer. It is therefore, imperative to open up the case and use a strong vacuum cleaner in blower mode to blow out the accumulated dust and grime.

The CMOS battery that keeps the clock running even when the computer is powered off has a life of about five years. The first signs of age will show up when the computer starts to lose time. Replacing the battery will usually solve the problem.

Windows users will have to use some sort of software to clean up the Registry. When adding or deleting software from the computer, the Windows Registry System often retains junk, and, which later makes the system malfunction. More modern operating system such as Linux and Macintosh do not have this malady.

Another software cleanup tool, required by Windows users, is the disk cleanup and defragmentation. When Windows stores its files, it often distributes them all over the hard disk. This causes the whole system to slow down or even crash. Again, this is a Windows alone malady that can be overcome by using more efficient operating systems.

Computers connected to the internet and sharing files between other computers, run the risk of contracting and becoming affected by virus and spywares. It is recommended that some good anti-virus software be installed to detect, warn and eliminate potential virus before they can cause harm, such as Norton Antivirus, Kaspersky Antivirus, Bitdefender Antivirus etc.

Read: 5 free Antivirus Software downloads

Periodic checking of the hard-disk and marking off the bad sectors will prevent expensive data loss. Several software are available that could be used to warn of potential danger while checking the hard-disk. Backup important data and plan for a new hard-disk as early as possible.

Power interruption in the middle of an important task may cost you several hours of unsaved work. Another problem that a sudden power interruption may cause is hard disk failure, especially if it was reading or writing at the time. It is recommended to invest in a good quality battery backed uninterruptible power supply to act as backup source of power, until you could shut down the computer in the specified manner. I also suggest you to do timely backup of your data. You might find this post useful:

This is a guest post by Derek Zhuang publisher of Dailydeals4you. If you would like to write for CallingAllGeeks, check our Guest posting guidelines.

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The impressive capabilities of cloud computing, in particular private clouds, have given businesses the means to create and fully utilise secure customisable infrastructure platforms. Platform as a Service (PaaS) enables businesses to use services on-demand on a pay-as-you-go basis. Relieving businesses of costly expenditures such as hardware, software, essential upgrades, security programs, and storage backup, PaaS delivers platform resources as needed. Highly configurable, PaaS empowers users to focus on the deployment of business applications rather than the traditional complex on-site infrastructure.

A platform, such as Windows and Linux, is the operating system from which applications run. PaaS replaces the traditional method of purchasing and maintaining an expensive and complex application platform by creating a foundation on which to build and deliver applications and services entirely through the Internet. PaaS provides integrated solutions for application design and development, testing, hosting, and deployment for the life of web applications and services – from start to finish.

Designed for custom application testing and development, PaaS cloud hosting gives developers the resources they require at any given time. Spikes in traffic are instantly served by a storehouse increase within the underlying layers of the cloud infrastructure.

PaaS is the ideal solution for a variety of applications.

Examples include:

  • Application design
  • Application development, testing, and deployment
  • Hosting
  • Team collaboration
  • Web service integration and marshalling
  • Database integration
  • Security
  • Scalability
  • Storage
  • Persistence
  • State management
  • Application versioning
  • Application instrumentation
  • Developer community facilitation

PaaS Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting takes developing applications to the next level. Most secure UK data centres use servers and software specifically designed to take full advantage of the cloud computing concept, such as the virtualisation hypervisors vSphere from VMware and Hyper-V from Microsoft.

The following terms and definitions are used to describe the different types of PaaS hosting:

  • Private cloud hosting: Private cloud hosting is a virtual cloud platform solely dedicated to a single enterprise. Multiple resources make up the dedicated cloud hosting infrastructure, ensuring reliability, scalability, and availability. In addition to the dedicated resources, private cloud hosting is immeasurably more secure than public, where resources are shared among different users
  • Hybrid cloud hosting: Hybrid cloud hosting is a mix of private, public, and, often, local resources that work together to create a platform infrastructure. Hybrid hosting is an option for enterprises with an up-to-date environment in place, although, a move to private cloud hosting will likely occur in the future because of the cost of upgrading on-premise systems

Why the Cloud?

In the past, application developers were forced to purchase developer and server licenses, buy and maintain development hardware, install and update security and software programs, and spend hours testing before deploying an application. Cloud computing changes all of that.

Consider these PaaS cloud computing advantages:

  • Java, ASP.NET, Python, and other platform developers can tap into the cloud and get right to work
  • Users pay only for the resources used
  • Redundant resources ensure the availability and scalability of any platform or application
  • User and administrative accessibility is available worldwide

PaaS gives programmers and application developers the tools to develop more and spend less.

This is a guest post by Jonathan from UkFast. If you would like to write for CallingAllgeeks, check our Guest posting guidelines.

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CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) the most important and the easiest thing needed in coding a web site and very much helpful to edit your blog template the way you want, CSS comes in many variations like CSS1, CSS2 and CSS3 (It is the latest CSS variation been used these days).

What is CSS?

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a style sheet language used to describe the presentation semantics (the look and formatting) of a document written in a markup language. Its most common application is to style web pages written in HTML and XHTML, but the language can also be applied to any kind of XML document, including plain XML, SVG and XUL.
Via Wiki


You can easily edit the CSS of any site you want whether you want to edit it live or within the browser or by using some software’s in your system. So, I created a bunch of apps and plugins for both Windows and MacOS by which you can easily edit CSS of your web site or any Blog.

1. Text Mate – It is any MacOS app created by Allan Odgaard in year 2004 that you can use to edit the css and it is one of the best app to edit css where you can simply drag and drop your project and do all the editing you want and save it accordingly. You can open tabs for each documents that makes, your work easier and simpler a WebKit-based HTML shows the live updates you have done in the browser.

2. Panic Coda – If you are looking using Mac and looking for a app which can do all of your things like text editing, file transfer, SVN, CSS, terminal and more than Coda is the best thing that you need.
Coda can do up to 5+ activities like editing, previewing, uploading, and more but the main motive is just creating a Web Site, and if a single application is capable of doing all of your work which is done by around 4-5 application then its just a waste to use those all those application as you need to open around 4-5 windows to do certain tasks whereas you can do all the things in a single windows with the help of Coda.

3. PhpStorm – PhpStorm is the light weight app to edit your HTML/CSS and JavaScript, and the best thing of this app is that it also supports PHP. It is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux and support for SVN, CVS, Git, Mercurial, and Perforce. You can look at all the features available in this app here.

There are few more apps and plugins that I haven’t reviewed but really can help you out these are :

You can Download the Cheat Sheet of CSS3 from here more info here

Image credit : Photobucket

Thanks to Smashing Magazine for the CSS3 Cheat Sheet


Ads are important. Only if we view banners and every now and then click on one the internet will stay free for everybody and creators of great content will be remunerated for their work. However, some websites really overdo it and all the flashy overlays, interstitials and popunders make browsing some site insufferable. The solution to this problem: Adblock Plus.

The addon has been available for Firefox since 2006 and now it was ported to Google Chrome as well. But if you look at the most popular extensions in the Chrome Web Store you will notice two extensions with a very similar name, one is called “AdBlock”, the other one is “Adblock Plus”. So which one is the right one to use? How do they work and what needs to be done in order to make the magic happening? Here a short overview:

AdBlock has been available for Chrome for more than two years now. It was inspired by the Adblock Plus project which by that time only focused on the Firefox addon. A few months ago, the creators of the official Adblock Plus made their addon work with Google Chrome as well and in very short time it has gained almost 1 million users. It is based on the same code as the Firefox version, thus it blocks ads very fast and reliable while the other one is significantly slower.

You can download Chrome Adblock Plus form adblockplus.org or the Google Chrome Web Store. Setup takes only a few seconds and all ads are gone automatically. During the installation you will be notified that Adblock Plus can access your data on the websites you visit. Sounds scary but is only a standard warning in Google Chrome because the plugin modifies the websites you visit. Adblock Plus is a content blocker, meaning that you can define any element on a website that you want to have removed. So you can not only block all advertisements, you can also remove other annoyances such as the Facebook like-buttons you see on almost every website. To remove other elements you can write your own filters or you can subscribe to one or more of the many free filter subscriptions.

This is a guest post by Patrice Neuer, co-editor of chrome-plugins.org. If  you would like to write for CallingAllGeeks, check our Adsense revenue sharing program.