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7 FTP Clients for Mac Users

FTP Clients for Mac

If you’re a Mac user, you know you have to do things a little differently than the people who use PCs. That’s okay, but it can lead to some confusion and annoyance – especially if you’re a new Mac user and having trouble getting what you need.

  • Want RealVNC? Check.
  • A great interface? Check.
  • Plenty of good programs? Check.
  • A fast processor that can help you do everything quickly and efficiently? Check.

In nutshell, Mac is an awesome OS, and like once you start using iPhone, you don’t look at other phones, similarly when you start using Mac, you will never look at windows or Linux. You should consider reading: 11 reasons why I love mac.

Now, if you are one of those who recently shifted to Mac and looking to get all the software’s installed on your system, there is already a list of must have Mac apps. Now, just to make work easier for Bloggers and webmasters, I’m creating a list of FTP clients for mac, which are not only easier to use but are one of the best in the app market.

Paid and free FTP Clients for mac


Transmit FTP Software

Transmit has been around for a while, but it’s still popular. Why? Because it works and it has everything that you would need. It has basic FTP as well as iDisk and Amazon S3 support. This FTP software offers many advance options like multi-connection transfers, Bandwidth limiting, Send SSh command, View security certificate, pane switcher and many more. <Check out transmit>


Cyber Duck Mac FTP

Cyberduck is another popular FTP client for Mac. It does everything that you need to do with it, and it’s got a decent interface. It won’t wow you with its looks, but it’s not complicated to use and it works. Also, if you are one of those coder who like to edit codes while using FTP, this software will let you edit them using your preferred editor. It also supports, Google cloud storage, rackspace cloud files. Also, if you are a Google drive user, you can manage the same with Cyber duck.What more could you ask for? <Link: Cyberduck>


Best SFTP mac app

Flow is another one of the most popular FTP clients for people who use a Mac. All the required features are there, and the interface is fluid and smooth. That makes it easy to work with. The only downfall is that it can be a little unstable, leading to more crashes than some other programs have. One interesting feature about Flow is Droplets, which let you quickly upload files by dragging and dropping. Once file is uploaded, you can automatically copy the link to your clipboard. The only downside is this is a paid app and it cost $10, but again as we know quality always comes with a price tag. You can download Flow directly from Mac app store here.


FileZilla works and will do what you need it to, but it’s a bit ugly and clunky. It doesn’t look like a lot of time was spent with the interface, especially when it came to making it look pretty so it would be inviting to use. You might want to give this one a pass based on that, although it does work properly if you don’t mind the look of it. Though, I use FIleZilla on my Windows OS, and love it, but for Mac, I suggest you to check out other alternative, which matches with elegant design of Mac.


Fetch client

Fetch looks much better, but that’s mostly because it’s a minimalist design. That keeps it from being cluttered, and you can make the size of the window large or small. It doesn’t have a second pane, though, or any extra support features for Amazon or iDisk. It’s strictly basic FTP, and costs a bit much for what you get. It supports Mac OS X 10.5  and above and is a paid tool again. Though, they offer 15 days trial which is good enough for you to get started.  Like flow, it also offer droplets for quick uploading and supports wide range of FTP servers.

Speed Download:

Speed Download is one of the most common download managers for Mac. Now it handles FTP, too, making it a good bargain and something that a lot of Mac users are already familiar with. Though, it’s a paid mac app and you need to purchase it for $25. Though, you can always buy in bulk for multiple macs and get it for cheaper price.


7) Yummy is another one of the mediocre offerings. It does what it should, but there’s no flair to it. They offer 30 days free trial or you can buy it for $29, I would rather spend $10 in buying Flow app. For the price, there are plenty of better options.


There you have it… seven FTP clients for Mac that you can use and enjoy. Find the one that works the best for you, and that’ll be one less worry that you have to deal with.


Before I start confessing my love for the Mac, let me first admit something. Yes, I am a devoted Apple fan and take a lot of pride in it. I love a Mac because, I daresay, it is a far better design and helps me perform all my tasks more efficiently. Flickr>

Why I love My Mac

I switched to a Mac less than two years ago. So, that leaves me with around ten years of PC experience. Having said that, I know now my readers will give me a little extra credibility for whatever I write next.

Why I love my Mac So Much?

The Design & Form Factor

The best part about an Apple product is that the software and the hardware are both manufactured by the same people. Everyone knows how advantageous that is. Almost zero incompatibility issues with the hardware. Even when you upgrade your Operating System.

Next, I’ll speak of the form factor. This is my favorite part. The Apple devices are like a minimalist’s dream come true. Ever since the unibody Macbooks came into existence I’ve been in the awe of it. It was last year that I got my first unibody Macbook Pro(MBP).

The Design & Form Factor

Best in Class Hardware

I loved the way Apple used to classify the previous generation Macbooks as ones “designed to match standards which don’t even exist yet.” It’s true. Macbooks are not luxuries, They are essentials.

Try the MultiTouch trackpad and I swear it will blow you away. The glass trackpad remains pristine forever and the added gestures on multitouch makes it all the more classier.

The Operating System

Another favorite part of mine. I don’t hate Windows. But sorry I can’t ever love it. Bill Gates, himself once admitted in a Fortune Magazine interview as to how fanatic Steve Jobs has been about the User Interface(UI). The Leopard experience is something you are really missing out on in case you do not own an Apple Computer.

Let’s illustrate this further. The UI on Leopard is far more superior and intuitive than Windows. The learning curve for any normal user is faster on the former. Most of the newer UI elements on Windows have been borrowed extensively from Apple’s OS. Moreover, even my Mom can use it. That’s one hell of a UI test. Jokes apart, lets look at the framework. Why bother a layman with the fear of spyware and malwares. There is no registry on Mac and hence half the trouble reduced. Any serious tweak on the Mac will require authorisation from the user.

Gone are the days when the number of Software packages for the Mac were limited. Today, you have the best of them available to you in both worlds making the switch to Leopard all the more easier.

Check out:

Mac Works Out of the Box

This is a very important factor as well. You know when you first run your PC you cannot view any of the PDF or DOCS or Quicktime Movies etc. without the need of installing extra software. And I really find that insane. I don’t need the ability to edit files right away but I beg of you, let me atleast view them?

The Finder (Explorer’s equivalent on Mac) will let you preview just any file without opening it in any application. You need to look into any file at all, just press the Spacebar on your keyboard. You will have a preview of the file open up. Press the Spacebar again and it goes away. You did not have to open an application just to take a quick look at the file. For instance, you need to look at the date and sender’s name inside three PDF files on your desktop. You don’t have to Open each file. Just quickly preview each. It’s efficient. You save time as well as energy. And all of us need to.

Mac Finder
I’m previewing an M4R iPhone ringtone here without opening it in an Application

The System won’t Crash on Yo

In the past one year on my new MBP, not once has the system crashed on me. The machine will ALWAYS be responsive. A Mac user, ordinarily, doesn’t know what is it like when the system hangs. The worst scenario I’ve had is that a browser goes unresponsive. When Firefox stops responding, I leave it as it is and fire up Safari. And Finder sucks way less than Explorer. This is Windows XP Explorer I’m talking about. The one on Windows 7 might have learnt a few lessons.

Spotlight Search

All your files on the Mac will be indexed and ready for searching. Whenever you need something just press Command + Space and type. Be it calculating 54*37 or the definition of “Histrionic” or the name of a file or the contents of a document you remember. Just type it and you’ll have results in less than a second. So no matter how cluttered your hard drive is and where you throw your files, they will always be available to you only a Spotlight Search away.

Spotlight Search

More out of the Box Love

All the basic things that you will need to do, you will have a tool available on the Mac. Like I said you will not need to install anything on the first day itself. You want to take a screenshot, my blogger friend? Press Command + Shift + 3. You don’t want the full screen but only a part press Command + Shift + 4. The pictures will be ready for you right on your desktop.

Multiple Desktops

You need multiple desktops. No problem. Spaces to the rescue. As you can see in this screenshot, I’ve been composing this blog post in the top left screen, browsing Apple wallpapers in the next. When I run out of ideas I can take a break and just return to watching the TV show in the third screen. Easy Right?

Multiple Desktops

Customer Support

If you have used any Apple hardware you’ll know how much you love their Support. No matter how bad your problem is, you’ll have a qualified person to speak to who’ll understand exactly what you are talking about. PC users, face it. You never had this advantage. This is the reason Apple rates highest in consumer satisfaction.  Apple emerged victorious in JD Power survey for the same.

The list of outstanding features just goes on and on. I’ll keep sharing more of  Mac love for the forthcoming posts. Let’s switch perspective now. What does PC still have then? And why their sales? I could instantly, think of the following two points.

Cons of Mac Book and Apple computer:

Cost Factor

I do agree PCs are on an average cheaper than Apple computer. Yes, significantly cheaper. For the price of an entry level Apple computer you can get a way advanced PC. This is one of the advantages that PCs have for themselves. Apple fans however will let a hole in their wallets. I want the best product and I will pay whatever it takes.

Options and Customizations

Again PC users have a greater advantage here. But the point is what do we really need it. The professionals apart, lets talk about the normal user. He doesn’t need many options. Why put him in the dilemma to decide if he wants/needs a Bluray or Dual Layer DVD drive. Apple gives you a lesser number of options and no sub standard configurations. You will not get a computer with 1GB of RAM from them no matter how badly you want it.

PC and MAC

All you PC lovers. I’m your culprit. Feel free to hit me as much as you like. I won’t disapprove your comment no matter how much Apple hatred you show. :P And the one-millionth a dollar question. Are you a PC or a MAC?

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage benefitsIn the last few years, cloud storage has become one of the most popular ways for small businesses to back up their data. Not only does it provide small business owners with a reliable and economic alternative to expensive backup servers, which let’s face it, can easily run a company a couple thousand to tens of thousands of dollars, but in an ever-changing technology-based world, it also appears that cloud storage is around to stay—an important factor when you’re looking for a long-term, cost-effective solution for your organization.

It’s important to remember when choosing a cloud storage service that you’ll want to do some research on the companies you’re considering, as you’ll want to ensure that you’re not only choosing a reliable service, but the one that best fits your business’s needs.

How Cloud Storage Works

Let’s say you run a company and you have an immense build-up of data. Rather than buying new servers to hold the data, cloud storage allows for the data to be stored in virtual files that are hosted by a separate party. Not only does this increase the amount of data that can be stored, but cloud storage also offers companies a good deal of freedom and flexibility. Small business owners can now easily and effectively manage their files in-house as well as remotely, giving them access to their data whenever needed. This is particularly useful for small business owners who travel frequently.

Cloud Security SystemCloud storage is also a safe alternative to backup servers and hard drives, as it uses an SSL encryption technology, which helps prevent the destruction of your files, should your computer happen to crash, your ISP address go out, or you get hacked. Cloud storage companies also employ generators to protect against power outages, and utilize high-end servers that continue operation even when one of the other components breaks down, safeguarding your company even further against data loss.

How Businesses Save with Cloud Storage Benefits:

In today’s economy, most small business owners are looking to scale back spending in any way they can. This is often one of the biggest selling points for businesses considering the cloud storage alternative. As opposed to paying thousands of dollars for bulky in-house servers and even more on the IT professionals to run them, companies can choose to outsource their needs to cloud storage companies at a minimal and affordable monthly cost.

Because cloud storage companies buy larger and more efficient systems than a smaller business would likely be able afford on its own, small businesses are also able to capitalize on better technology, features and performance than they would get through purchasing a server on their own. A good cloud storage company will also come equipped with the best software and site-licenses already in place, shaving off another additional cost for an organization.

Whereas small businesses have to pay their IT staff to learn new applications, a cloud storage company hires and trains groups of staff to specialize in each new application on the market, allowing businesses access to a high level of expertise that’s already in place.

Even simpler aspects, like saving on the cost of utilities to run servers in-house, will begin to add up, putting money back into the business’s pocket. It’s also easier for cloud storage companies to add servers and services than it is for a business to do this in-house.

Another huge benefit to cloud storage is that businesses only need to pay for the amount of storage that they plan to use. So if your company only uses a small amount of space, you’re not then vulnerable to paying for extra space that you don’t need, as you would with an in-house server. Nor are you running the risk of keeping your data stored on backup hard-drives or any other similar device, which can easily conk out on you at any point.

Additional advantages of Cloud Storage

As some businesses are also limited by the amount of bandwidth they have at their disposal, cloud storage can offer safe access for the ability to duplicate documents when necessary, in most cases offering a very user-friendly drop and drag feature.

Cloud storage also keeps everything centralized, as opposed to moving data from one computer to another.

Making the Switch to Cloud Storage

Compared to the old school methods of data storage, which in many ways are outdated and cumbersome, cloud storage takes the digital revolution to the next step, allowing for full access to business in a manner that is more user-friendly and cost effective.

With the greater demand for alternate methods of data storage, cloud storage has become an inviting and popular way for small businesses to manage and maintain data overflow. But it’s not just small businesses anymore—larger companies too are beginning to see the benefits of cloud storage and are taking advantage of all it has to offer. It goes without saying that as the demand for information grows, so does the ability to store it, and there’s no doubt that businesses will begin to see even more benefits from cloud storage in the near future.

This is a guest post by Dave Bower from FilesStorageOnline.Net , If you would like to write for CallingAllGeeks, check our guest submission guidelines.

Hide My Ass! Web Proxy settings, proxy for chrome

We use Proxy websites and tools to surf the web anonymously and hide our ip address. Sometimes it is also used to bypass location or IP based filter on servers. As we know that Proxy services changes our Ip address which helps us to hide our real IP address from the websites. There are many online proxy websites are available which allow users to surf the web with some fake ip without charging a single penny. Only we need to go to the proxy website and enter the URL which we want to access.

But there is a nic Google Chrome proxy Extension, Hide My Ass addon which adds this proxy sevice to Google and chrome and thus allows users to change their IP address anytime without going to a separate page for proxy.

How to use Hide my ass Chrome Addon

First of all dowload Hide My Ass! Web Proxy to your chrome browser. After installing this extension, you will see an h icon on the tool bar and it will redirect you to a extension settings page. This settings page allows users to select the proxy services and servers. There are various proxy services and servers are available to choose. After selecting the options, simply save the settings.

Hide My Ass

Whenever you wich to access a website with the help of proxy, open a blank tab and click on the h icon in the toolbar. When you click on the icon, it will pop up a box which asks for the URL you want to access and click on Proxy. Your URL will open with the I.P.  address from the server location you have selected.

Chrome Proxy Extension

You can also check your IP address from WhatIsMy I.P. service. First go to the whatismyip from the normal connection and then from the proxy. You will see different IP in both cases.

One advantage of this service is that it does not open any kind of irritating pop up ads.  If you are a regular user of proxy services, this useful chrome addon will surely help you a lot.

Add this Google Chrome

Do you know about any other Chrome proxy extension which is out of the box and works great?

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Restore iPad 2 iOS 5.1.1

It’s been a while iOS 5.1.1 and Absinthe Jailbreak for iOS 5.1.1 is out. Finally today, after long break I have jailbroken my iPad2 using Absinthe and here is a tutorial, which will help you to follow the process in Windows OS.

When first time, I tried jailbreaking iPad 2 using Absinthe, it didn’t worked. I followed all the steps on my Windows, and by the end I got this message saying “Recovery completed. If you want to retry jailbreakin, unplug your device and plug it back in“, but Cydia was not there on iPad. Thanks to many online forums, and I found the solution and restarted the process. This process will work with other iOS devices (iPhone 4) running iOS 5.1.1.  Though, this guide is specifically for iPad 2 users and by the end if you face any issues in jailbreaking, do let me know via comments.

Guide to Untethered iPad 2 Jailbreak Running iOS 5.1.1 using Absinthe:

Here are few things which you need before starting the process. I’m sharing the download links, and if you don’t have any of them, simply download and follow the steps mentioned below:

Download Absinthe Latest : 2.0.4

Download iOS 5.1.1:

Download Latest iTunes: Link

Step 1) Restore iPad 2 to iOS 5.1.

Connect your iPad2 to your computer and open iTunes. I assume you are using Windows and manually restore your iPad 2 to iOS 5.1.1. Don’t forget o take a back of your iPad, before performing the whole process.

Restore iPad 2 iOS 5.1.1

If you are using Windows simply click on Shift + restore and browse to iOS 5.1.1 which you have just downloaded (Link above) and it will take few minutes before whole process will finish.

Now, when you are setting up your iPad 2 after installation of iOS 5.1.1, stop when the screen says sync with iTunes or iCloud, as many users including me faced the problem in untethered jailbreaking iPad2, after completely setting up. So, pause here and open Absinthe 2.0.4. If you are first time using Abisnthe, you will click on Absinthe.exe and it will extract all the files under a folder.

Open the folder and click on Absinthe.exe and it will detect your iPad 2 like this:

Untethered iPad2 jaibreak Absinthe 2.0.4

Make sure it detects your iPad2, as you can see in above image: “iPad 2(GSM) with iOS 5.1.1 (9B206) detected”. Now simply click on Jailbreak and don’t unplug your iPad until it says job done. It will take 2-5 minutes and in the whole process your iPad2 will restart once.

Once it says, all job done, open your iPad 2 and search for Cydia. If cydia is there, that means you have successfully untethered jailbroke iPad2. If your device is still not jailbroken, you can repeat the whole process again. As I mentioned above: It took me 3-4 try to successfully achieve untethered iPad 2 jailbreak  using Absinthe 2.0.4.   So, if it doesn’t work at one go for you, there is no need to be disappointed.

Steps after Untethered iPad2 jailbreak:

So, I assume everything worked fine and your iPad2 is running iOS 5.1.1 and is now untethered jailbroken. Connect your device to computer, open iTunes and restore from your backup. Now, Installous 5 is out, so simply add all top Cydia sources and Install all the cydia apps and tweaks which you usually use.

Absinthe has made the whole process so simple and easy to follow, and unlike old methods you don’t have to do any of the manual work like getting in DFU mode or recovery mode here. But, if you are still stuck somewhere and unable to perform a clean untethered iPad2 jailbreak, do let me know and I will try to find a working solution for you.

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Hash Sum Mismatch

Hash Sum MismatchEarlier we talked about Installous 5, which has one of the major feature now (Download files via torrent), but many users faced issues while installing Installous 5. Earlier, an update was not showing in my jailbroken iPhone 4 and later when Installous 5 update was visible, on Installing I was getting this error : Hash sum mismatch error. Here are some of the workaround to fix this issue.

2 Ways to fix Hash sum Mismatch error in Cydia:

If you getting this error for the first time, I suggest you to retry or try downloading any other app in Cydia and see if it works. Else, here are some of the possible solutions which you can try.


This is the basic step and this worked fine for me. I closed all the apps, restarted my iPhone and tried updating to Installous5 and it worked for me. Even in forums, many users reported the same and it’s working for them without any issue.

Use Alternate source:

Usually we use http://cydia.hackulo.us to install Installous, but you can also try alternate cydia sources like SinfuliPhonerepo. here is the repo address: http://sinfuliphonerepo.com

simply go to Cydia > Sources > Edit > Add and add the following source and then search Installous 5 under it, and install. I tried this method in iPad 2, and it worked for me.

Reinstall Installous:

Another method is to delete installous and remove it’s source and re-add it. This is one method, which I have not tried but many users reported it worked for them.

I tried the first 2 fix for fixing Hash sum error in Cydia and it worked for me. Last but not the least, if nothing works for you: You can start from scratch by re-jailbreaking your phone and installing Installous on fresh device.  Though, I suggest to use this only, when nothing works for you.

Here are few more fixes, which are suggested by users in forum:

Reset Network settings:

You can try resetting your network settings in iPhone or iPad and it may work. Also, reboot your modem once.

Reload Cydia:

On the cydia homepage, reload it to update it and then try and see is you still getting “hash sum mismatch error“.

I tried the torrent feature and for now, there are very few apps with magnet link available, but in coming days we can expect way more. Anyways, do let me know which solution worked for you and if any of these worked (It should), don’t forget to share this post on Facebook and Google plus.


Download & Install Installous 5

Installous 5

Installous 5Installous which is one of the best app for jailbroken iPhone (iOS devices), got an update and now Installous 5 is ready to download and you can install on your iOS device.  If you have not upgraded to latest version of Installous yet, you will be seeing a message like this when you will open Installous:

” We have released an update for Installous in Cydia. It includes BitTorrent downloading support and a few other improvements. Please update”.

There are many noticable changes in Installous 5 and here are some of them:

Torrent support:

Installous 5 not supports .magnet links. Not, it supports torrent downloading, and probably one of the few apps which works smoothly with torrent downloading on iPhone. I will post a step by step tutorial later. It will also seed the torrent at the time of downloading and it will work in wi-fi only. Also, you can pause and resume the torrent downloading, which will be very handy for users.

Supports iOS5 notification:

This is one feature which I believe every iOS5 users will love to have. Now, Installous5 supports iOS 5 notification using custom BulletinBoard plugin.

If you have not installed Installous on your jailbroken iOS devices yet, here are guide which will help you to get started:

How to upgrade to Installous 5:

I assume you have already Installous Installed on your device and you are simply upgrading to latest Installous 5. Open Cydia > Click on changes and it will show Installous 5 as an upgrade option, simpley upgrade it and enjoy new features in Installous.

There are some known issues when you try to upgrade like:

  • Hash Sum Mismatch error
  • iPad touch 4 Issue ( Weeloader and iOS 5 version issue)

We will post you about as soon as we hear an update or you can keep an eye on this thread. The best part is, you can now download cracked apps using torrent under Installous, which is also resume supported. Something, very handy when you are downloading heavy apps. Here is a nice workaround that could be used, when you can’t Install installous 5 from Cydia.

We will keep you posted with latest workaround, don’t forget to like us on Facebook for latest updates.

poster and flyers

Being a gadget freak, I don’t expect any gadget lovers to hold the same gadget for long. Specially, when new gadgets are coming every other day, it’s always a good idea to sell your current gadget like (Tablets, phones, computer parts) and buy the latest one.If you need to sell your BlackBerry to earn enough cash to get a fresh and new-fangled gadget or a new BB model, you might just be looking at a very good way of getting decent cash.

There are many online ways like you can list your BB for sale on sites like eBay and sale it a handsome price, but if you are one of those who like to do the transaction right infront (Give and take), these tips will help you to sell used blackberry at decent price. Essentially, there are quite a lot of ways you can dispose of your used BlackBerry in exchange for cash. For one, you can sell blackberry to your family members, neighbors and friends. But obviously, these people might request that you reduce the price since you are too acquainted with them. For this reason alone, you cannot earn a significant amount of money for a novel techie device that you might want to use the money for.  Moreover, if you and that family member don’t agree on something regarding the transaction, it might just be a cause for misunderstanding and conflict.  So the question is, do you really want to be at odds with a relative just because of a BlackBerry?

Sell Blackberry

Hence, if you’re having some worries about picking an approach on how you can sell your BlackBerry, here are several offline methods to do it.  This should be good for people who aren’t really that comfortable with transacting over the Internet.  If you don’t want to sell BlackBerry online, then try one of these options:

 3 Easy ways to sell used BlackBerry Phones:

Garage sales

This is a questionable place to sell your BlackBerry, your computer, or any other high-tech devices. But then again this might still be worth the effort, as you can never tell if you have a neighbor that’s also into nerd techie stuff. If they aren’t, they can confidently point you to someone who might just be interested in buying your gadget for sale.  Moreover, the mindset of people buying stuff in a garage sale is buying stuff for really low costs.  So, if you are ready to sell used blackberry for cheap, then by all means, consider including it as one of your items for your next garage sale.

Posters and Flyers

Similarly, you don’t necessarily have to print ads in newspapers. You can promote it in your local electronics store. Typically, the proprietors are thoughtful enough to place fliers in their shops when someone sells something.  Of course, the problem here is you might have to compete for the attention of the people looking at these posters and fliers.  Chances are, there are lots of them, and unless your poster is really that attention-grabbing, it might just get lost with the others.

Classified Ads

Although it may seem old-fashioned to you, it’s still a good way to make your product known. It’s also the speediest approach to sell stuff as ads are typically printed instantaneously. Print it in your local newspaper so it will be a lot easier to meet up with the buyer. They will be able to check out your device and inspect it themselves, allowing them to avoid scams.  Of course, it can be a hassle to sell used BlackBerry this way because you would need to meet the buyer, drive yourself to the meeting place, match schedules, and other things that should ensure a smooth transaction.

Well, these are some of the offline methods which I can think of right now, but if you have a good experience of selling Blackberry without any online help like eBay, Amazon or any such other method, do let us know.

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Apple mobile service carrier

Apple mobile service carrierApple has always been known for coming up with kick-ass products. Though, not to forget about some of the failures too like Ping, and many others but as we say, we learn from mistakes and apple is getting bigger and bigger, with every day passing by.

There have been strong rumors of Apple expanding its services portfolio to accommodate a new service – that of Apple as a mobile carrier. But, if and when this does happen, it should come as no surprise as Apple filed a patent for “Dynamic Carrier Selection” in 2006, a few months short of announcing its first iPhone device.

Under the guidelines of this patent, the company can strike deals with existing mobile operators in order to provide wireless services directly to its consumers. Apple can strike deals with multiple carriers on a wholesale basis, which in turn will allow the company to offer its customers a choice of numerous carriers, plans, and services. The fact that it makes wholesale cellular agreements also means that it can offer carrier services at highly competitive rates to its customers. All in all, a good idea for Apple and also for its customers.

Also, there is the possibility of Apple to acquire a new SIM card for its GSM and LTE based devices. This is owing to the fact that the company will be able to use the SIM (a Nano SIM or a virtual one) to cater to its customers from its iTunes stores itself; the users can opt for services such as voice call, data messaging, roaming subscription, other data packages etc., by connecting to the iTunes store via their SIM.

Combine it with the strong customer base Apple already has and you can see how things can work tremendously in its favor. Also, because the customers have already entrusted Apple with their credit card information, it would be easy for the company to provide digital content and billing platform at one stop (iTunes). Hence, it will be able to provide comprehensive services to the users of its iPhone and iPad device.

Thus, we can see that Apple already has the infrastructure ready, with more than 350 stores across the world, which can act as contact point for its consumers. Thus, we can see that the stage is already set, and awaiting Apple to enter into the mobile carrier market.

Why hasn’t Apple mobile service launched yet?

So, if all the pieces of the puzzle are in place, the question to ask is “Why hasn’t Apple launched its mobile services till date?”
Well, the truth is that things aren’t as hunky dory as they seem. Although Apple gives wonderful devices such as the iPhone, the lack of subsidiaries paid for by the carriers can mar its efforts at becoming a successful mobile carrier. Take the case of a new 16 GB iPhone, which starts at $199 on contract. When out of the contract and sans the subsidiary, the price can shoot almost 5 times for the customers.

However, with an enormous cash reserve, it can catch up with the rest of the market till the time it can shell out some of its own through new subscribers and contracts.

We do hope to see Apple in this new image soon, maybe in the near future with the announcement of a new iPhone/iPad device. When do you think Apple mobile service will be launching? And will you kick out your current mobile service provider, if Apple comes with with their own mobile carrier plans?

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Action Movie FX

Action Movie FX is yet another awesome application that one must have on their iOS device. If you like to shoot videos on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, but are bored because you can’t find anything interesting to shoot, then this is the app for you. This app brings some awesome Hollywood styled video effects to make what you’re shooting more interesting and funny.

Do you remember the amazing missile crash and tornado effects used in many of the Hollywood movies, well, this app does something similar without you needing to spend millions of dollars on it. Action Movie FX is a really fun app to have on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and it will certainly make you and your friends laugh.

Action Movie FX App

The effects available in the app are so realistic that they blend in very well with the video that you shoot. You can choose from three free effects and download many others for a price. The whole process of adding effects to a video is easy as well and the app is very fast in adding the effects and processing it, specially if you’re using an iPhone 4S. Action Movie FX app is free to download and, like I said earlier, comes with three free effects namely Missile Attack, Car Smash and Demolition Rock.

How to use Action Movie FX app on iPhone

After downloading the app, launch it and tap the Go button to start filming your very own Action movie. Now, choose from any of the three effects that are given and start the process.

Action Movie FX effects

Shoot a short video, preferably of 10-30 seconds or you can even go longer if you’re filming some serious stuff for a real movie. After recording, choose where you want to add the effect. You can either add it somewhere in between or towards the end as that makes it more interesting and funny.

Action Movie FX timing

Click next and wait for the app to render the video. If your film is long and you’re using an iPod Touch or iPhone 3GS, then it’s going to take some time. Once it’s done, you can play the movie and see for yourself how it is. You can even edit it and change where the effect has to start and end, if you didn’t like the finished video.

Here is a sample video showing Movie FX app effect:

That’s it! Now, you can decide whether you want to share the amazing video that you just created with your friends on Facebook or via Email. The extra effects pack cost $0.99 each and are available as in-app purchases. Try the app out and tell us if you liked it. I’m sure you would because it is one very interesting app to have some fun.

Download Action Movie FX ( iTunes Link )

This app is also available for Android phones and you can download Android version from here.