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First-person shooting games are very much loved by a lot of gamers and these games have been around for quite sometime now. Although many genres of gaming have evolved in the past few years but trigger prone shooting games have always been dominating the shelves in gaming stores. But there is a problem, to fulfill your shooting games appetite you have to dig into your wallet, so keeping in view this thing today I will be recommending you 3 free of cost awesome First Person and Third Person shooting games that you will definitely love.

Full Spectrum Warrior

Full Spectrum Warrior


First up is the Full Spectrum Warrior(FSW), it was initially released a full-fledge game but now the developers have also released it as a free download and play. Interestingly the game was initially developed with the collaboration of U.S Army to employ software as the training method. Once you start playing the game you will notice that it’s a kind of a shooting game where you don’t shoot yourself, rather you command two squads namely Alpha & Bravo through various war zones and missions. Even then this game is worth checking out mainly because of its tactical nature and challenging tasks.

Alliance of Valiant Arms

ijji   Where Gamers Unite


Next up is Alliance of Valiant Arms, a Korean First Person Shooting game having tons of features like numerous games modes and a provision for details character customization. With loads of maps and 8 challenging game modes AVA is surely a full-fledge deal. Those who love level games will also find AVA a complete package because you can excel from a trainee to a level 5 Colonel expertise. The game doesn’t offer you anything new but it surely worth a try when you don’t have to pay anything.

All Points Bulletin: Reloaded

All Points Bulletin Reloaded

Designed as a Third person perspective, All Points Bulletin allows you to play your part as an enforcer and a bad guy in a city San Paro. APB: Reloaded offers loads of options and features to users, players can customize their vehicles, clothes and their appearance. Definitely worth playing and an action pack thriller game ideal for those who are craving for some hardcore shooting games.

Try out these games on your Windows PCs and do let us know that how was the experience.

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Google-Image-Chart-Editor-1Charts and graphs allow us to conveniently represent data in a manner that effectively communicates its meaning. Microsoft Excel is widely used to create such graphs. But when you need an embeddable chart, you need to turn to online applications that let you create your desired graph and then generate its embeddable code.

Such online apps normally offer only a single type of chart. For instance there might be a site dedicated to creating pie charts and another dedicated to create line plots. But bookmarking all these sites is obviously inconvenient. What you need is a site that lets you create all sorts of embeddable graphs and charts. What you need is “Google Image Chart Creator.”

Google Image Chart Creator is a free web tool provided to you by Google. It lets you create a variety of graphs by entering data points. In addition to plotting the data, it lets you customize various aspects of the graphs such as colors and margins. When you first visit the site you view thumbnails of different types of graphs that you can select from.


Simply click on a thumbnail to start editing that graph type. You can also choose to view all the graph types and select your desired chart from that list.


With your chart selected, you can enter details for it. These details include data points, graph size, title, style of data, margins, and colors. These options also vary from one graph type to another.


As you select your settings, a preview of the graph on the right pane is update along with a direct URL for it in red.


The same right pane provides you with the direct URL of the graph and embeddable code of the graph. In case you want to embed with the Visualization API, the button at the bottom should be clicked; this opens up the embeddable code in a new window.


In conclusion, Google Image Chart Creator is a must-bookmark tool for everybody who deals with online charts and graphs. But offering such an extensive choice of graphs and customization options, the site has made itself quite a valuable tool.

Visit Google Image Chart Creator @ http://imagecharteditor.appspot.com/


Sharing files on the internet is no more a big deal these days mainly because you will find multitude of methods that will help you to do the job easily. If you tend to share a simple document type of a file then you can use email to do this or you can also instant message it to your friends. But the problem comes when you want to share a file of considerably larger size with multiple friends who are not at all tech savvy to use cloud storage services like Dropbox. So in a case like this we normally have to resort to a universal platform that is easily understandable by all and for this purpose I have chosen Facebook.

Filefly Application

filefly on Facebook


The application I have chosen for sharing files is Filefly, it is a very easy and convenient way to share any kind of files with your friends on Facebook platform. The application enables you to create sharable folders of files with just few clicks and you can upload or download anything upto 2GBs.

How to Use Filefly?

To start sharing files with your friends using the app, go directly to the homepage of Filefly Facebook’s app. Now click on Use Filefly button and you will be prompted to give app permission to continue. Don’t be worry because it wont asks much from you as compared to other Facebook app’s available.

filefly on Facebook  1

On the main-screen directions will be given telling you that first create a New Folder, add files to it and then share the folder with your friends by inviting them. You can name the folder as per your choice and clicking on Add Files button will generate a window prompting you to select Files from your computer.

filefly on Facebook  files add

After selecting files from your computer just click on Invite Friends button and select the friends with whom you want to share the files. This sharing fact can also be published on your wall but this feature can be disabled. Your friends will automatically receive a notification on their Facebook page that a file has been shared with them on Filefly. Clicking on the notification will take your friends to the homepage of Filefly app and they can view the folder/files that have been shared with a single click.

I find this application quite useful, try it out and Do Let us know in comments that whether it was useful or not.


Skype for iPad is one of the most awaited iPhone app after Facebook for iPad. Finally after little hiccup, Skype for iPad is finally available on app store to download. And as expected, Skype on iPad is awesome. Earlier I was using Skype for iPhone on my iPad and experience was not so great.

So far, I’m enjoying this iPad optimized version of Skype and it’s getting into my list of must have iPad apps. Skype for iPad will use both the cameras of iPad. (Front and rear). More over, you can make video calls over Wi-fi or 3G. It also automatically sync contacts with your existing contacts on Skype.

Here are couple of screenshots of Skype running on my iPad2:

Skype keep the design very simple and clean. Though many users are complaining about the tiny buttons within the app. You can quickly navigate to all contacts, online contacts, iPad contacts and other quick links by clicking on tag at the top left. Though Skype should add an option to allow user to create their own list in tags.

Skype-tags-pages Skype-online-contacts



Overall I would give 4.5/5 to this app and if you have an iPad, you can’t resist this app. You can download Skype for iPad from Apple app store. <Link>

If you are looking other options for video call from your iPad, I would suggest to look into other options too. If you have installed Skype on your iPad, do let us know how is your experience with it?


Facebook has no doubt turned out be an essential part of our online activities, no matter how hard you try but getting away from Facebook craze is a bit difficult these days. You pick up any portable device or a smartphone and you will find a Facebook app designed specifically for it. But there is an exception for the Apple’s highly popular tablet device iPad, till now there is no official Facebook app for iPad, unless you try this little trick.

So if you are searching for an app that will provide you with the perfect Facebook experience on your tablet device then I have lined-up a perfect application for you. Here is a brief look at it:

MyPad App Features

MyPad app

MyPad is a graphically rich and a slick Facebook app designed for iPad that not only allow users to use Facebook seamlessly rather it also helps them to connect directly to micro-blogging platform Twitter. If you are an avid user of both Twitter and Facebook then you will find this app perfect recipe for your appetite. Amazingly the app’s interface have no resemblance to Facebook’s original interface, meaning that if you are tired of Facebook’s original interface then this app will be a welcoming change for you.

Load the app and you will notice a nice little sidebar housing all the categories from Facebook. All the contents for a any icon are displayed on the screen’s right side, the interface is dynamic and shifts and adjusts itself according to the user interaction.

Using MyPad App

mypad interface

Attaching a link or a photo, writing a status update on MyPad is pretty simple and easy. You can also configure MyPad to publish contents to your Twitter account automatically. App’s photo viewer is also pretty cool, you can view photo albums in a slide show and also download these photos in a flash. Though there is no option of tagging the photos but even then you can play around with your photos. Event is the other useful feature of the app that I liked, just click on a date and the event for the whole week will pop-up automatically.

Well I really loved this app, mainly because of its interface and fast speed. The free version of the app will be having ads, but if you prefer ad-free version then you can download it MyPad+ from App store for $0.99.


99colors-1Adding different effects to images requires different software and professional tools which are really expensive for a normal user. If you are looking for a free alternative which can help you take pictures and add effects without installing any software, you must check out 99Colors.

99Colors is an excellent online tool which can help users take pictures from webcam, add effects and share them on Facebook. With 99colors, you can upload images from your PC, take shots from your web cam or import photos from Facebook.


If you are upload images from your PC, drag the image from your desktop or any folder to 99 Colors and it will show the effects you can add to them. Just click on the effect you like and it will change it.


You can then download the picture or post it on Facebook. If you are capturing image from web cam, you have to give 99Colors access to webcam so that it can take a live screenshot.

99Colors is user friendly web applications which can help users add different effects to their photos without installing any third party application to their computers. If you know about any other service which can help users add effects to their images, please share with us.

Checkout 99Colors


One of the major challenge every developer and designer face while designing a website is how it will look in different browsers and resolutions. As people use different devices, browsers and resolutions, its really important for every developer to take this thing into consideration. However, testing websites in different devices like computer, tablets, mobiles etc separately can be time consuming. To solve this problem, we present to you Screenfly.


Screenfly is an excellent online tool which helps users and developers test their websites in different resolutions. Just enter the URL of the website you want to test and click Go.


It will show you how your website looks in different devices. You can select the device from the sidebar menu in which you want to see the look of your website.


This is not it, you can even test your websites in different resolutions and on different tablets and mobile in few simple clicks. Just click on the device you want to test your website in and it will show you all the compatible resolutions and devices.


If you are a web developer or blogger, you must check out Screenfly to test your blogs and websites in different gadgets.

Checkout Screenfly

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Reducing image file size is one of the most important tasks for every designer and blogger. If the file size of any image is big, it will take more time to load which may cause the reader or user of the website to leave without even opening the page. Recently, we came across a useful tool, GIFbot which can help users solve this problem without installing any third-party application.

GIFbot is a useful online tool which can help users reduce the file size of any image to make it load faster on websites. Using GIFbot is really simple and easy, all you need to do is upload the image of the file you want to compress or give the URL if it’s uploaded somewhere. Also specify the email address where you want the tool to send the converted file.


You can even change the output of the file you want to convert. You can either convert in the same format or change it into GIF or JPG format and run the test.


After converting the image, it will give you images in different quality and sizes. All you have to do is right click the image, save it and compare it with the original.


GIFBot is a must try online tool which can help users compress images in a matter of seconds. If you know about any other tool, please share with us using the comments section below.

Visit GIFbot


People search for software to recover deleted information all the time. Be it on computers or mobile phones, but we do delete files unintentionally and then regret about it. Hence, there are softwares that can recover deleted information to some extent, it all depends on various things. The Message feature on an iPhone has no deleted messages folder, but certain phones do. If you’ve deleted a message on your iPhone and want to recover it, then you can try UndeleteSMS, which happens to be a new tweak in Cydia.

UndeleteSMS is a paid Cydia app that can recover deleted messages from your iOS device’s Spotlight or SMS database. Though, there is no guarantee that this will work as it relies on crumbs to collect lost data. It’s fairly simple to use as well. You just launch the application and hit the Okay button. Once it collects whatever data it can gain it’s sight on, it’ll output the same in a text form. You can then copy and paste it into your notepad or better send an e-mail to you if the recovered data is very important.

I must however say that you may not want to install this on your device, not that it won’t work, but because it’ll cost you $6.99 to buy. Too much don’t you think? I believe it’s much better to be careful before deleted messages that you don’t want to delete. If you’re really careless, then it may be right to get this app right away. Recovering messages also depends on how quick you respond to “No, I deleted an important message” and then fire up this app. Because once the data is overwritten in Spotlight and other SMS databases, then there’s no point in using this app. Check out the video after the break if you believe you should get this;

What do you think? Are you willing to spend $6.99 for this app? Do you usually keep deleting your important messages? Really?


To gauge the optimal read & write speed of your USB Flash drive sometimes become a hassle because there is a lack of requisite tools and softwares on the internet. Normally the data transfer rate varies drastically during our operations on the PC, sometimes you will observer a data rate of almost 25 MB and in some instances it might drop down to almost 2 MB.

I guess that checking the optimum potential of the read & write speed of your flash drive is quite worth doing because this process can determine that what other PC processes running at back end are hampering your flash drive read & write process. So recently I tried a very useful application that will very much solve this issue, have a brief look at it:

USBFlashSpeed App Features


To be precise, USBFlashSpeed is a minuscule portable application that provides you with an interface to directly test the read and write speed of USB with different data sizes. It has various tests that calculates the write & read with levels ranging from 1KB to 15MB. The data for both the read & write speed is plotted in real-time on a graph.

How to Use USBFlashSpeed?


UsbFlashSpeed.com  Benchmark result

You have to select the USB drive from the applications drop-down menu and just click on the Benchmark button to start testing the read and write speed of your flash drive. A graph will also be generated automatically that will show you detailed graphical and numerical data about the read & write speed. On the graph, the read rate is displayed as a Green line whereas the write rate is displayed as a red line. The result generation can take almost upto 20 minutes and you can’t cancel the test during its running.

Once the application is done with the testing, an automatic URL is generated that will give details of the entire test on the application’s developer website. A summarized version of the entire benchmarking results that is displayed on the website shows the information like USB’s manufacturer’s name, USB model, serial number along with the main constituent i.e. read and write speed of the USB. For the comparison, read and write speeds of different USB’s are displayed for comparison.

The application USBFlashSpeed works well on all the version of Windows. Try it out and Let us know in comments about this applications usability.