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Tata Teleservices Limited, India’s fastest-growing pan-India telecom service provider, today unveiled the latest addition to its best-selling Photon family of high-speed mobile broadband products on the CDMA platform, announcing the launch of Tata Photon Max. A Next-Gen product, Tata Photon Max marks the entry of the CDMA 1000 Rev.B solution into India. The Rev. B solution will enable TTL to improve capacities, throughput and latency on its existing network, translating into blazing and consistent speeds for all Internet needs of its consumers, right from – emailing, social networking, sharing of photographs, downloading and uploading heavy files, music downloads, video streaming and watching live TV on-the-go.

  • Forthcoming launch marks the entry of the Next-Gen Rev.B platform in India
  • Tata Teleservices Rev.B becomes the fastest CDMA network in the country
  • Dedicated data carrier to provide Photon Max users a consistent and unmatched experience

With this launch, Tata Teleservices Limited’s Rev.B network will be the fastest CDMA network in the country, providing users with speeds of up to 6.2 Mbps. The launch of Tata Photon Max is an important step in providing customers with better speeds for mobile broadband access, thereby enabling them to experience super-fast speeds on their laptops, PCs and other devices. Today’s increasing demand for more powerful and faster networks continues to inspires Tata Photon to continually upgrade their network and service offerings and maintain their technological strength. Tata Photon Max underlines the superiority of mobile broadband technology, and is set to become a rage amongst Internet-users everywhere.

The Tata Photon product portfolio has maintained its leadership position in the market with exciting customer propositions, customer-friendly tariff options and an exclusive customer care wing for data services. A dedicated data carrier will ensure that Tata Photon Max customers have an unparalleled user experience. It will also enhance TTL’s carrying capacity to deal with the explosion of data services, as also provide a stable and reliable high-speed mobile broadband experiences, for our subscribers.


We normally have to deal with various kinds of files on our computers and this means that we have to install numerous applications as well to open these files. Installing lot of applications also hampers the performance of our system as it is overloaded, moreover managing these applications is also quite a hassle. So a unified application or a platform that can open files of any type will be of great assistance and this is what I have lined up for you in this post.

What is Open Freely?

Open Freely

Simply stated, it is a standalone desktop application that allows users to open any kind of a media, document or a compressed file on their systems. Just simply install this application and you won’t require installing additional PDF viewers, image viewers or media players even. The application can open almost 100 types of file formats including image files, popular audio and video formats.

How to Use Open Freely?

You can open files with Open Freely either by directly associating files with it, via Open With option or through Open button that is located on the applications toolbar. When you open a file like an image, certain other options associated with that file type becomes active like rotating or cropping in case of an image file. Same goes for document files, they become editable the moment you open them with Open Freely application. This means that you can get rid of resource heavy Office softwares and suites. Open Freely also acts as a full-time media player for audio and video files.

Open Freely Screenshot

Though you have to install some codecs and certain other components like .Net Framework 4 for Open Freely to work. You might be wondering that installing too many components might overload the software but amazingly it is a very light application. Open Freely works fine on all the versions of Windows (XP/Vista/7).

Do try it out and let us know in comments that whether you liked it or not.


Android 2.3.4 was released a while ago, but not for all Android phones. It was first released for the Samsung Nexus S , the Nexus One and then was distributed to a few others. However, because of the complete code being open source, developers started developing Custom ROMs for devices that were not given this update. Android 2.3.4 brings some new features such as Google Talk Video Chat. That’s one of the main reasons why people want to try this build and also for other bug fixes.

Since then, Android 2.3.5 has also been released and like it’s previous update, it wasn’t rolled out to all the phones. The only way to try out these latest builds were to root your Android phone and then install a custom ROM such as CyanogenMod.

Android 2.3.4 also came with Sense 3.5 on the HTC Bliss, which was released recently. It’s beautiful, we all have to admit, and has paved a path to all the latest home screen widgets and customization’s. It was leaked last month along with the Bliss and it showed some new improvements in the UI, such as  two dedicated buttons to the Menu and Dialer just below the enlarged weather app. Sense 3.5 was also made to run on mid range HTC phones, as opposed to normally being made  for high-end smartphones. Check out the screenshots after the break.

No worries you HTC owners, specially if you happen to have the Desire HD/S or Evo 4G. All three of these HTC phones have been introduced to Sense 3.5 by some special geeks over at XDA developers. Like always. If you’re not afraid of flashing your phone, then you should certainly give it a try.

You can visit the thread over at XDA developers and try this new version of Sense out. It should soon be available for other HTC phones as well. We’ll keep you updated.

Do you prefer the Sense UI or the Windows Phone 7 Metro UI?


Recently, we told you about a free jailbreak app for iPhone called Speed for Maps that adds a Speedometer on the Maps app. It actually helps if you want to know how fast you’re walking/running/driving etc. The app puts a icon over the Map that shows the speed. Now, this jailbreak tweak here does more than just show the speed, it adds a few more icons.

Dashboard for Maps is a Cydia App for jailbroken devices that adds a heads-up display on the stock Maps app giving details like Speed, direction and elevation. But, unlike Speed for Maps, this is not a free app.

This jailbreak tweak adds three widgets over the Maps app that looks like similar to the dashboard on a car/bike, hence the name. This app is quite useful as you don’t have to switch apps to check your compass or speed. Everything is available here and thus it’s really useful for all those people who use the Maps app a lot. When you travel to a far away place, it is very likely that you will use your Maps app and this app will make things easy. Also, if you’re lost in a jungle and are being followed by Jason, this app could actually help you very much.

The gauges are easy to see because they are quite big and may obstruct the view on Maps, but you can obviously move around and adjust the map. Dashboard for Maps also shows elevation, so whenever you decide to climb a really tall building of mountain, make sure you take a screenshot. This is seriously very much recommended for all those guys and girls who like to go on adventures and rely mainly on their iPhone Map app. Well, you should spend $1 and then get this app from Cydia right away, and yes you need a jailbroken iOS device to do that.

If you don’t think this is for, then you’re not the girl or guy I’m talking about here. Try out this app and let us know what you think about it?


I always grade iPad as a gadget that apart from being a useful tech is also a very useful tool to kill time. Keeping this aspect of iPad in view, today I will be lining up 3 cool gaming gems for your iPad that will let you have a fun time while lying on your couch. Have a look at these gaming gems after a break!

Shoot To Kill

Shoot to Kill

 First up is the Shoot To Kill(Free as Hell), it is basically a point-to-click shooting game that allow players to shoot wildly at demons that attack from all sides. Though there is no technique involved and difficulty factor is also not that high. But it surely is an amusement package giving trigger happy gamers a real treat for sometime.

Roads of Rome HD

Roads of Rome HD

This game can be classified as a strategy game with a very different touch to it. The game has various levels and each level has a different task, you have to complete the challenge in a certain time slot to advance to next levels. Players basically have to build a road ordered by Caesar and in the course of buildings you have to complete tasks like building different structures or even harvesting materials. The game will start with a slow pace but as you keep on advancing the game will pick up its pace from level 3. The demo version of the game has only 5 levels, meaning you have to purchase the full version of Roads of Rome app ($2.99) to play more levels.

Pee Pee Boy

Pee Pee Boy

As the name suggests, this game is truly one of its kind having a bizarre touch to it. You must be thinking that I am joking but guys this is a game for real. In Pee Pee Boy you have to help a boy pee without letting him get it down on himself or avoiding the spill when the toilet seat slams shut. I found this game to be really amusing and the graphics are cool aswell.

Well that’s all for it this time, try out these games in your leisure time and I can bet you will love them.


It’s been almost two months now that the developers behind IM+, SHAPE, promised to launch a video chat application for iOS devices that could call Facebook contacts. And although, it’s taken somewhat longer than expected to be launched, IM+ Video App is  finally available for download now.

What’s so special about this instant messaging application? Well, it’s the ability to make video calls with your Facebook contacts. Yup, that’s one of most interesting features of this app, apart from the ability to also make audio calls, share pictures and videos with your buddies. It uses Facebook connect to pull in all your contacts and lets you video chat and also chat normally. It’s certainly better than good old Facebook app then, having all the features that the former currently doesn’t have.

There aren’t many apps around that can accomplish similar tasks such as the IM+ Video app. There have been attempts, such as TinyChat Video who tried their best and kind of made it work. But that was too complicated for a normal user to understand and really very slow with lots of lag in audio and video.

The IM+ Video app brings the regular blue colored theme that all the other IM+ apps have and thus makes it clean and nice to look at. When you first launch the app, you’ll be asked to connect via Facebook, enter your username and password and Allow the app to connect. Once that’s done, your friends will appear in a list and you can just select one to either place a call or chat.

When you make a video call, the person will receive a message that would redirect him/her to the SHAPE services website and they’ll be connected to the call. If any of your friends want to call you directly from Facebook then they’d have to use the word ‘ /call’ during a chat. We haven’t tested the video or audio quality, but user reviews say that they’re experience so far has been quite good.

You can download the IM+ Video App from the App Store for free. Try it out and let us know what you think of it. It’s certainly a good alternative to the Facebook app. Plus you can change the theme of the app. WoW!!


Jailbreaking always add functionality to iPhone in a very useful kind of a way, I am always in search of some cool Jailbreak tweaks and addons that will further enhance the usability of my iPhone. So today I will be sharing a very interesting find with you that will add a very useful function to your Jailbroken iPhone.

Google Maps application on all the iDevice is quite lacking when we talk about features, and I think for any mapping or navigation app one thing should be there and that is a Speedometer. But this lacking of speedometer shouldn’t be an issue anymore because today I will be telling you about an app that will let you know that how fast you are going within your iPhone’s map applications or even out of them.

Speed for Maps

So here is a cool Cydia Tweak that will allow you to simply add a speedometer to your iPhone in few simple steps. The app I will be recommending is available on Cydia store and you just have to find it and install the package to enjoy this feature.

‘Speed For Maps’ Cydia App

The name of this basic Cydia tweak is Speed for Maps, it simply overlays a miniature speedometer within the stock maps application on your iPhone. The speedometer adjusts itself on the bottom right side of screen, meaning that it does not hamper the view of your Maps app.

Speed for maps settings

You just need to install the app from Cydia store on your iPhone, respring it and launch the Maps app. There is no need of running a setup of some sort because Speed for Maps is available for instant use.

I tried the tweak on my iPhone while driving in a car and found the speedometer readings to be pretty accurate. It is a very cool app especially in a scenario where you want to know that how fast you are traveling but don’t have an access directly to a speedo. Do try it out on your iPhone’s and let us know that whether you found it useful or not.


iTunes is increasingly becoming the primary music manager and player for a large chunk of users, I personally use iTunes mainly because of the option set it offers and partly because I can manage my music collection on various devices like my iPad and iPhone.

Music lovers normally prefer lining up lyrics of songs collections they have, adding lyrics not only improve the song listening experience but it also enhances the quality of music collection.

Adding Lyrics Through ‘Get Info’ Option

Normally we add lyrics to our Music library on iTunes manually, that is through Get Info->Lyrics Tab. Once the lyrics are added, all the iDevices i.e. iPad/iPhone/iPod automatically pick lyrics from the Lyrics tab that can be accessed by right clicking on a song and clicking Get info option.


But this process is very time consuming and tiresome because you first have to search for the lyrics and then later on add them up manually to each corresponding track.

Adding Lyrics through ‘iTunes Lyrics Adder’

The application that I will be telling you about is iTunes Lyrics Adder, it is basically a minuscule application that simply automates the process of adding lyrics to songs that are added in your iTunes library. One of the prerequisite of using this application is that you should first verify tag information of your music library on iTunes.

Once you are done with the tagging, launch iTunes and then open the application. Now you have to select a source (www.azlyrics.com/mp3lyrics.org) for lyrics and click Search & Add button with-in the application UI.

iTunes Lyrics Adder

By doing this the application will automatically detect songs that don’t have lyrics and will search for its corresponding lyrics from the selected source database.

After completion of the process, a log file will pop-up showing that for how many songs the process was unsuccessful. You can also check that whether lyrics have been added for the songs or not by opening lyrics tab.

iTunes Lyrics Adder can be downloaded for free from their official website and it works well on all the versions of Windows (XP/Vista/7). I think it is a very easy way of adding lyrics to your Music library and is a must-to-have if you use iTunes as your Music manager. Do try it out and Let us know that whether it was useful or not.


We have covered extensively about iOS Browser apps in the past on CAG, specially the release of Skyfire browser for iOS was really a celebration thing because it allows users to play flash contents on their iDevice. But now another browsing sensation that is highly popular on Android platform has hit the Apple App store. Dolphin is the name of this third-party browser and according to many in the app industry it is by far the greatest browser that is there on Android marketplace.

Though you will find loads of browsers on Apple App store that do offer some really cool features but I think none of them is that good to force us to leave our normal browser. But I can bet that once you will get your hands on Dolphin Browser for iOS and start using it you will definitely make a switch.

Dolphin for iOS Features

Dolphin UI

The feature set of the browser is quite impressive, first of all there is the gesture feature which allows users to enter a combination that will eventually open a website.

Dolphin Gesture

Means that you don’t have to enter long URLs frequently, just draw a symbol and a website will open.

Dolphin Speed

Then comes the sidebars, you can quickly swipe either to the left or right to open a corresponding sidebar. Webzine feature of Dolphin browser allow users to remove clutter from their favorite websites, giving them a cleaner interface. You can also flip between the mobile version and the desktop version of websites with just a click. The app is at present only designed for iPhone meaning that on iPad you will have to see an upscale version. You can check out their official website for a detailed list of features.

Dolphin is available as a free download from Apple App store, Do check it out and throw in your comments that whether you liked it or not.


Looks like the abandoned HP TouchPad is going to have a bright future after all. HP decided to stop production of the HP TouchPad and stop development on it’s operating system for tablets and mobile phones, the webOS. Soon after, the TouchPad received huge discounts on it’s selling price, dipping as low as $99. People took that opportunity to get themselves a feel of the webOS and the TouchPad.

Hence, developers set out to find a solution for the problem that was the webOS. Sooner or later, it will turn out to be hindrance and the TouchPad’s more than decent hardware due to no updates and service. The team’s most important task was to make a Custom Android build run on the HP Touchpad. And they were successful at it, however, nothing seemed to be working, not even the touchscreen.

We recently showed you the video of the RootWikiz team from the TouchDroid project showing you the CyanogenMod 7 boot on the TouchPad. And already, they’ve successfully achieved the ability to dual-boot both of the operating systems. Dual-booting is an important factor when you’re trying to run a non- compatible OS on a device. If something goes wrong, which is bound to happen, you can boot in to WebOS and try out some other build.

That’s what has been accomplished today by the developers of the If you own a TouchPad? Then it’s time you were really happy about it!!