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Recently I purchased Belkin N150 Modem-router which is one of the best buy at the cost which I purchased. I was using default wireless router with my Airtel connection and it was ok but always had issues with signal strength, when you are at distance.  Belkin N150 wireless modem router comes with some useful inbuilt settings like pre configured wireless security settings, VPN support and compatible with ADSL, ADSL 2, ADSL 2+, 802.11b, 802.11g.  It has a wi-fi range of 300M which may differ depending upon the placement. It comes with 4 port for RJ45 connector and one port for ADSL.


Anyways, in this post I’m not going to do a review of Belkin N150 router, but here are unboxing pictures of the same.

Belkin N150 Modem-router comes with:

  • Modem-router
  • Power adapter
  • Installation CD
  • Networking cable
  • Telephone cable
Belkin Wireless-Modem-Router side view

Belkin Wireless-Modem-Router side view

Belkin Wireless-Modem-Router Unboxed Box

Belkin Wireless-Modem-Router Unboxed Box

Belkin Wireless-Modem-Router Unboxing Cover

Belkin Wireless-Modem-Router Unboxing Cover

Belkin Wireless-Modem-Router Front view

Belkin Wireless-Modem-Router Front view

Belkin Wireless-Modem-Router-rear view

Belkin Wireless-Modem-Router-rear view

That’s it for now. We will be coming up with some tutorials like How to configure Belkin N150 router with your Airtel broadband connection and more in coming time. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Facebook fan page for instant updates.

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A Computer System contains Registry files stored into the database of whatever software that has been installed on the system. It is through the help of registry that all softwares work with the system. But, when ever we uninstall any particular software some or the other unwanted files or registries left over remains in the registry, which causes your other files to not function properly.

So its always better to run up a cleaner and clean all the system remains in terms of unwanted files or registries left over. While there are many number of Cleaner Software available, which could be used, not many of them are available for free.  Here are two free registry cleaning software, which are presented below as follows:

1. Comodo System cleaner

This is a cleaner which also is highly suitable for systems, specially cleaning all types of registries which are unwanted are present within a list somewhere how in the windows folder. Users don’t get time to arrange the registries in proper order, or many don’t even know where they do exist, where in which folder. This cleaner will describe each and everything to you. From private secured files to non private secured files details will all be presented once you start using this cleaner software.

2 free Registry Cleaners Software for Windows

Even there are certain malware detectable files which don’t get properly removed or through users fault, it doesn’t get deleted. So, for such a detectable file which can lead to some error can be a problem and can be notified and removed through the way of this software respectively.

2. Wise registry cleaner

This is one of the cleaners, which can reduce surplus problems through its features. The registries have some batch files, which are not easy to be deleted. Some are to be kept and some, which are dangerous need to put some restrictions, this cleaner does all its purposes to check every registry one by one. Then this registry can clear all the problems related to virus and system tools. All the registry errors can also be rectified in ease with the tools it represents.

Wise Registry Cleaner

And also it terminates many registries which are filled with problems as they somehow mingle up with other files and destroy our files for other software thus creating a lot of problems. So we need to be precise and proper in what we do within system. This cleaner really manages all and makes your system free from problems and junk related issues.

Try out these two free registry cleaners for your PC and let us know what you make of them.


We knew this was coming, the new and updated Facebook design/interface that was announced some time ago. It’s being rolled out, not to all but some, however, all those who’ve already got it are complaining about it not being any better and prefer the same old design that we’re all so used to.

The new design update includes the Ticker Feature, some improvements to what recent posts will be shown and how they’ll all be laid out. All these and much more improvements will be announced at the F8 Developer Conference tomorrow.

For now, those who’ve been treated with the new Facebook layout, and you happen to not like it, here’s a simple technique to get the old layout back up. This doesn’t involve the installation of any extensions or GreaseMonkey scripts and will give you your old Facebook design back.

  • Go to your Account Settings and Select General.
  • In General, check what is your Preferred Language and set it to English(UK).
  • Click on Save Changes and check out your Facebook layout now. This seems to be working for many.
Try this out and let us know if it works for you too. With this, you’ll get rid of the Ticker feature and how all the elements are laid on your Facebook homepage. If you want to get your old Facebook Chat back, follow our tutorial and get the old chat back.
UPDATE: Looks like this trick is no longer working for anyone. It seems that Facebook has fixed the issue and everyone is going to be stuck with the new News Feed, like it or not. We will update you if we or someone else figures out a way to get it right.

The Android Market is evolving at a rapid rate, and nearing those big numbers of the Apple App Store. The number of Android devices in the market is more than what you can count and it’s only increasing. You can use the Android Market to buy apps, download free apps, sell apps and also know about all the new apps that are being added every single day.

Some time back, if you remember, we told you that Amazon had also launched their own App Store to sell Android apps. Since Google’s Android OS is open source, it wasn’t a problem for Amazon to go ahead and set it’s own Android App Market.

However, until now, the Amazon Appstore was only available in the United States of America, thus leaving everyone else in the world inaccessible to it’s stores. The best thing about their appstore is the App a Day section, where they sell an app for free every single day. The Amazon Appstore is now available in few more international countries, including India, which is a really good thing for all the Android users here.

The main reason that you should download the Amazon Appstore on your Android device is ‘App a Day’, where you can get Paid apps for free and they do have good discounts on certain paid apps now and then. A really good alternative to Google’s Android Market, however the test-drive feature is still not available in India, which lets you test an application on the browser before downloading. Check out this video after the break;

To download the Amazon Appstore on your Android mobile device you’ll need to go to this link :  amazon.com/appstorelanding on you mobile browser and the app will be automatically downloaded and installed on your device. Also you’ll have to create an Amazon account to start using the Appstore and download/buy apps.

Go try it out now. 


Last week there were some leaked pictures that showed the WhatsApp messenger running on a Windows Phone 7.5 Mango device. And we, obviously, assumed that WhatsApp will soon be releasing a dedicated app for the neglected mobile operating system of Microsoft’s. So they did!

The worlds most used instant messaging and sharing application for mobile devices, WhatsApp, is now also available for Windows Phone 7.5 Mango in the Windows Phone Marketplace. This is a really good news for all those early adopters of the Microsoft owned mobile operating system, as the app brings all the other OS closer.

WhatsApp Messenger, as we all know, doesn’t charge you for sending messages, photos or videos, but instead uses your data connection or Wi-Fi. That is much better than being charged by your network for every SMS or MMS that you send. You can even Group chat with all your friends who are different platforms such as iOS, BlackBerry, Nokia and Android. That’s one of the best reasons to download and use WhatsApp Messenger on your Windows Smartphone.

The app has the same features on Windows Phone 7 too, you can text any of your friends who’re using WhatsApp, send photos, Group Chat, send videos, contacts etc. Every feature, now with the Metro UI look on your Windows Phone 7.5 Mango device too.

If you’re still using Windows Phone 7, you should be receiving the 7.5 Mango update soon. To download the WhatsApp messenger for your mobile device you’ll either need to use the Zune Software on your desktop or use this link here via your phone.

WhatsApp runs only on devices that can be used to make phone calls or with a SIM slot, so it will not work on devices like iPod Touch, iPad or other tablets. You can follow our tutorial on how to use WhatsApp on iPod Touch and Apple iPad to use the app with all its functionality.


There are many speculation about what all Facebook is going to announce tomorrow at F8 meet. And as we expected, Facebook is launching new profile layout in which they have made decent no. of changes in terms of  placement of elements and most important instead of seeing recent updates from your friends, you will be noticing most popular updates from your friends. Though you won’t miss any recent updates like Google+, as  below popular updates, you will see recent updates.  This is one thing, which I always missed in Google+, as I can see popular updates but can’t see recent updates from all the friends.

Also apart from that, Facebook ticket is now integrated with Facebook chat bar on right sidebar. That will make sure, you won’t miss out any important updates. Though people have mix reaction against Facebook ticker, but I believe with time Facebook users will love it.

Here are two pictures showing new Facebook and old Facebook profile:


Here is what old/Current Facebook profile looks like:

We are still eyeing on f8 conference and hoping lots of new features coming to Facebook like unveiling of Facebook music and many other features.

If you are using Facebook for iPhone app, you will see the similar changes, in terms of most popular stories @top followed by recent stories.

You can learn about all the updates here on official Facebook help page. We will keep you updated with latest development on Facebook, don’t forget to join us on Facebook.

Seems like Facebook started rolling out new profile layout for everyone from today, and you might notice some changes in blue top bar. Earlier, we spotted that Blue bar was sticky and it stays at the top even if you scroll down the page, but in this new layout sticky top blue-bar is missing.

Also facebook poke, button got tinier, instead of seeing all the people who have poked, you will see a notification with recent person who poked you along with total no. of pokes, clicking on it will open up a pane view and you can see who all have poked you back and you can poke them back.

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Zip2FixModern Generation has changed a lot for all people. Nowadays Gadgets like Computers and Laptops have become useful part of our life. Computers are used mainly to store data as well our personal and professional stuffs so that it can always be with us whenever we needs it. While the situation of downloading a software or a tool form the internet and getting stuck with the the extraction of ZIP files due to corrupt ZIP or damaged ZIP.

Almost all kinds of tools today are made available in ZIP files only as it takes less space compared to other setup. while at the time of extraction of these ZIP files, we get errors as

The zip file has corrupted or some file is missing

Now, you might get stuck with the problem, many times this happens when we want to get some important and as a result we get frustrated with it. Now if you want to fix this issue of missing or corrupt ZIP files then we have one of the best tool to perform all these actions using Zip2Fix, a tool used to perform all activities related to recovering corrupted files and also fix up damaged zip files.

Recover Corrupt file with Zip2Fix:

Zip2Fix is a freeware tool that is used to recover files from the ZIP format that are corrupted as well as damage from its original sources itself. It provide an effective solutions to solve all problems for ZIP files in getting corrupted data back.

Zip2Fix comes with totally free open source format, which is one of the portable tool which has the ability to extract safely all files that are currently into a ZIP folder. The final result will provide you with the correct files that will be later on extracted on to another new ZIP folder. Currently this tool only supports ZIP and SFX file formats.

Download this tool – Zip2Fix

Do let us know if you are using any other utility to fix Corrupt ZIP Files?


I’ve always found Wallpapers to be refreshing, whether you have put up a physical wallpaper on your room’s wall or you have setup a virtual wallpaper on your computer or smartphone they always tend to express a bit about your mood and yourself. Though digital wallpapers are easy to manage because you can change them whenever you want as per your mood.

So recently I was exploring wallpapers on the internet and came across a new kind of category of wallpapers called as Live Wallpapers designed specifically for Google’s Android OS. Here is a list of 4 cool Live wallpapers that you will definitely like to have on your Android phone’s Homescreen.

aniPet Aquarium

aniPet aquarium

Live aquarium wallpapers always have a very special and refreshing feel and this one is designed solely to give users the pleasure of a digital aquarium. aniPet Aquarium wallpaper has both the paid and free version, on the free versions users do not have access to the settings and full features. aniPet Aquarium is available for download from Marketplace.



I found this wallpaper to be a real fascinating one, it simply transforms any of your photo into a symmetrical grid of tiles that slide and float, plus these free floating slides also respond to users touch. Photile wallpaper also have a free and a PRO version, different tile arrangements and customizable themes are only unlocked in the PRO version.



Heavy rain, lighting and dark clouds is all you are gonna get on your Android Homescreen with Thunderstorm live wallpaper. You can also tune it up with the settings like adjusting wind speed, ambient light shade or the frequency of lighting bolts. The full features though are only offered on Thunderstorm Donations, a paid version of the wallpaper.


starlight live wallpaper

Starlight live wallpaper offers floating clouds and shimmering stars. In the paid version, you can toy around with features like shooting stars and the star density in the background. The full version also allows users to control cloud layer and real-time animations.

Have you setup a Live wallpaper on your Android, if you have then do share your Top list with us.


Though, this is a News about another update on Facebook, but we will start with Google+. When Google plus was launched, we never knew it’s going to bring so many changes in the way we use Social networking site. Facebook has been dominating Social networking niche from long but with the launch of Google+, we have seen many changes and features added to Facebook.

It’s worth mentioning all the new updates like Facebook subscribe button, video chat, smart list are inspired from Google+ features. Adding more into the list, today Facebook rolled out share count for status update. Earlier when people used to reshare someone updates, it never showed the no. of times that status or post got reshared. But starting today, you will see no. of shares and when you click on it, it will also show people who have shared your status updates or link shared on your wall. This also works for your uploaded photos.

This feature is going to be very useful for individual and for Fan pages. Specially fan pages can track how popular their updates are and how many shares they getting. Here are two screenshots which shows no. of shares and people who have shared it.

And when you click on view shares, it will show list of people who shared your status and more over, all the comments and likes associated with it.

This is indeed a useful feature but probably too much of copying ideas from Google+. Anyways, in the end its end-users who are going to be benefited from all this new feature and war between these two social networking giants.

I would love to know your opinion about this new Facebook share details. Do you find it handy for personal and professional use? As a Blogger, I find it very useful to keep a track of most popular status updates and to analyze how people are reacting to my fan page updates.


Social networking services have undoubtedly change the way we use internet these days, social networking hubs like Facebook or Twitter have become sort of addictions. Almost every person no matter which age group he/she belongs to prefer staying in touch with their family or friends or professional accomplices via Facebook or Twitter.

Though Facebook offers features using which users can look around to make new friends with people they don’t know but this feature is quite limited and not so versatile. Well today I will be introducing an app for iPhone users that will very much solve this problem by letting users discover like-minded people around them with just a click. Here is a brief review of this app.

ShoutFlow App for iOS

shoutflow app

Well ShoutFlow is a perfect app for social networking lovers who are always eager to make new friends. The app simply enable users to discover people that are near their present location, it not helps in discovering people rather it also enable users to connect with those people after getting a confirmation from both the parties.

The app has a built-in integration for Facebook, meaning that users don’t require a new account to login to ShoutFlow. I think this is a huge plus because services of this kind normally ask users to create a separate account. The app even before logging in shows the people who match your liking with respect to geographical location. You can view profile of any person by just logging in via your Facebook account within the app’s interface.

ShoutFlow User Interface & Features


Just like Facebook, ShoutFlow on its homescreen asks users “Would You Hangout with this Person?” . Give a reply of YES and the app will wait for the consent of other party. There is a Near Me button too, click on that and the app will return names of people that are near you, having interests similar to you.

Another cool feature is Shoutout, it enable users to tell their friends and family about discoveries made on ShoutFlow app. Users can also invite their Facebook friends to use this app and discover people having similar tastes and activities.

So guys if you are not at all satisfied with your current social networking activity, then ShoutFlow is the right kind of app for you. It is available as a free download from iTunes app store.