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What media player comes to your mind when you’re stuck with a not working media format on your computer? Well, mostly it’d be the VLC Media player, one of the best ones around that will play almost any of the file formats there is. So, it’s only obvious that you’d want to have the same player on your mobile device too. The VLC media player app for iOS has been around for ages, but of course you’d need to jailbreak your iDevice for that. However, Android users haven’t been lucky.

Download VLC Player for Android

VLC media player for Android has been under development for quite some time now, but in vain. There hasn’t been a proper version, until now. Yes, a member of the CyanogenMod group, has managed to build a working version of VLC for Android devices. He has built two versions, one for NEON based phones and the other for NONEON based phones. Now you’re probably wondering what that means, unless you know what it means, but I’ll tell you anyways. NEON and NONEON are just the two different types of processors used in Android phones, normally known as ARM processors.

There’s a really simple way to find out what type of processor your device is running. Open a File manager on your device and look for /proc/cpuinfo. If you happen to see NEON written anywhere in that file, then your device is running on a NEON based processor, if you don’t find it then you’ll have to download the NONEON version of VLC. Simple as that. Since VLC Player for Android is still not perfected, even this version, you may find bugs and the app might crash even.

If you happen to be an Android developer yourself, then you can also read on how to compile a build of VLC player  for your device over here. It’s not difficult if you know what you’re doing.

Download Android VLC Player:

Download VLC for Android (NEON) - VLC-neon.apk

Download VLC for Android (NONEON) - VLC-noneon.apk

In case if these links are not working or get outdated, do let us know and we will update new links to download VLC player for Android.


When Google first released their social networking app for iOS devices, to be honest, we were all devastated. It was as though they just wanted to get it done as soon as possible so they just pasted some things over some other things. However, things have gotten a little better and we’ve come a long way since then.

start hangout from iphone

Google Plus app for iOS devices just got a major update and now you can join Hangouts via your iPhone, iPod Touch and also share photos via Messenger. Oh yes, Huddle, the group messaging service has been renamed to Messenger due to certain legal issues. That’s pretty much all the changes that you’ll see in the latest update to the app. Nothing more, but the Hangouts feature is definitely going to be one awesome thing about it.

It’s sad that you can’t really start hangout from iphone or Video chat with anyone via your iOS device, but that will be soon added as well, I hope. The Hangouts feature is the star of the whole Google plus experience and one of the main reasons why the social network got so much attention in the first place. Using your iOS device, you can now join Hangouts and start video chats with your friends and close ones. They’d obviously have to start the hangout via the web version or using their Android device. You can also tag people in comments, posts and +1 comments too.

iphone google plus hangout

Yup, Android phones got this feature almost a week back when Google announced that it’s social network is now open for all and anyone who is 18 years and older can join.

That’s about all the changes that you will currently find with the latest version of Google Plus. So, keep on the lookout for Hangouts created by your friends and join using your iOS device. Sounds fun doesn’t it? Hopefully, the quality won’t be bad. We will soon update you when we find a way to start Google+ hangout from iPhone or iPad.


You enjoy uploading videos? Specially on to your YouTube page, but are somehow not satisfied with the features provided with the up-loader? Well, worry not, because you will hereby be treated with some really cool options that will let you turn your boring 2D video to 3D and much more. YouTube has introduced lots of new features that lets you convert 2D videos to 3D ones with just a click, upload videos that are 15 mins and longer and add effects using Vlix and Magisto.

The 2D to 3D conversion isn’t that awesome, but it’s better than trying to record using two cameras and then blending them together. 3D glasses will be required on most displays, unless you own a 3D display already. Also, this is only if you really want to see what 3D looks like. Edit your videos/convert them to 3D using Edit Info.

The second feature is the ability to upload videos that are longer than 15 mins. Until now, the cap was up to 15 mins for a single video, but now that’s all gone. However, you’ll need to have a verified YouTube account to be able to be eligible.

YouTubers are some of the most innovative, entertaining and inspirational people in the world, and their creativity often needs more than the current upload limit of 15 minutes.

Longer videos are bigger in size too, and that will take longer to upload. Imagine you’re uploading a 300MB video and then the net just disconnects!! Normally you’d swear really loudly, but now you can continue the upload once the internet is back. Pretty cool right?

Last, but not the least, you can edit your videos using two new third party editors by visiting youtube.com/create. Using these tools, Vlix and Magisto, you can add effects, text, crop, cut your clips into short-clips and more.

That’s about it for the moment. You can check out all the new features the next time you plan on uploading that embarrassing video of your friend. What do you think of new features?


If you’re on the lookout of a new Android phone from a brand called HTC, then this is the right time to get yourself one. HTC has teamed up with DropBox to provide free cloud storage to anyone who purchases a new device that’s running their new Sense UI 3.5.

Dropbox, is an online cloud storage provider that lets you store data on the cloud including photos, videos, files and other data. Normally, when you sign up for a free account, you get about 2 GB of free storage space. Now, if you plan on buying one of HTC’s new Android phones running Sense 3.5 UI, you’ll get another 3GB of storage on top of that. So that totals to about 5 GB of cloud storage to save your important files and data.

Currently, the two HTC phones that are running the new Sense 3.5 are HTC Rhyme and the Sensation XE. So, unless new phones will be announced, you don’t really have much of a choice. It’s actually a good idea to move to Cloud storage, but it does come with its problems. For example, if you want to check some files that are stored online, you’d have to get access to a working internet connection.

All major companies are trying to move to the cloud storage era. For example, Apple has iCloud, which was launched at the WWDC 2011 and is a splendid way to store data. Microsoft has Skydrive and many others are also teaming up with Cloud services such as Box.net etc.

So, if you want some extra storage on the cloud that you want to boast about, then this deal is pretty good. iOS 5 will also have deep iCloud integration, which means it’s also good if you wait for the iPhone 5.


There are much such software’s which user demands but they are unable to get them. Either the link asks for money which is very costly for getting that software or other things they desire to make their works to be done in an easier time respectively. software’s even on searching or accessing through Google even doesn’t lead them to proper destination of downloading various files respectively.

There are many sites within the market which have arrived and provide lots of software which you would keen to have. You can get software’s for music, applications, system supports and all through the variety of sites and even in free. Those websites and the providing are mentioned below as such.


3 Best WebSites for Downloading free softwares

This site provides all the manual software’s which the user would intend to either in free or paid. There are all types of software available within this site. Just need to type of the software you want to in the search bar, and obtain it either in free or paid terms. It will have music, games, applications, malware and anti-spyware software which you would rely upon. So just browse over the link and choose your desired software for your system.

Visit Brothersoft


3 Best WebSites for Downloading free softwares

This is a really nice site for businessman and other users who really want free software’s. All links are providing inside the site, so just click on the link of the mentioned software by you and start downloading. You just need to think of what work you intend to, and collect that software which can make your work easier and it also makes you access according to your system specification. All software types are available, from tally to music and other software to keenly
make you obtain software in free.

Visit Bestsoftware4download


3 Best WebSites for Downloading free softwares

This software site was developed long time back and it was developed to remove the problems faced to users because of the links provided used to make only demo software’s to be downloaded and not proper sites even to obtain free and secure software. Even that time secure software’s were absent and so we needed to face problem. This site makes you access all perfect software of malware, spyware, freeware and other resources respectively. so you just need to go into the site if you have problems in searching software of proper estimated file.

Visit Completelyfreesoftware


Who can deny the popularity of Angry Birds and the addiction it brings along with it. I believe that if you haven’t played Angry Birds then you haven’t experience the gaming pleasure. Since the day I started playing Angry Birds I fell in love with catapulting games that employ simple physics.

If you happen to be a lover of action-packed games then I guess you won’t be fascinated with the list of games that I have compiled for you guys today. But if you like slinging items to destroy enemies across a river or a field then do read on! Because the web-games that I have lined-up today will definitely rejuvenate the Angry Birds experience.

Ninja Dogs


First up is the Ninja Dogs game, I found this game highly addictive and it is being played almost 600,000 times and is rated as a 5 star game on developers website. The goal is pretty simple, get the Ninja Dog Master free by launching dogs via canon targeting the cats. You will find a lot of resemblance between Ninja Dogs and Angry birds primarily because of the cartoon style characters. The animated dog characters are very much like birds in Angry Birds, huge bodies with tiny heads.

Siege Master


Developed by Armor games, in this title you are in the possession of multitude of siege weapons and the goal is to conquer the kingdom. The game is based-on simple physics rules, you have to employ your weaponry like catapult to abolish your medieval times enemy. Fond of destructing structures, then you should give Siege Master a try.



This one is pretty special and I think you will find it more interesting and intriguing then Angry Birds. In this particular game you don’t have to shoot side-wise, rather it is very much like a FPS game in which the players shoots directly at the target. You have to hit the characters bearing an exclamation mark to keep your siege. Ammo is limited and you can’t hit your own troops, so you have to finish off the enemy with the limited resources. Sieger is a very interesting game with an addictive gameplay.

Do play these games and give us your Feedback that whether they were good then Angry Birds or not.


People are always excited about new things, specially changes. If you’re an Android user then you probably know how awesome it is to upgrade your device to the latest firmware and try out new Launchers and Homescreen/Lockscreen widgets. There’s so much potential in the Android ecosystem that developers can even make apps of things that are not even out in the open yet.

We’ve talked about Android’s next iteration, Ice Cream Sandwich, which is going to be an operating system for all. It will include both the features of the Honeycomb OS and the mobile Android OS, which is a great recipe if you think about it. We’ve seen leaked screenshots of Android Ice Cream Sandwich and now someone has gone ahead and created a launcher out of it. And the end result is really amazing, although, it’s a little buggy too. Here’s what the developer of Ice Cream Sandwich 2.4 Launcher, from Syndicate Apps of  XDA developers of course, has to say;

We are back, but with yet another android market first! This time we have brought you all a new launcher that clones something that even isn’t out… officially. Anyways, we have brought you Ice Cream Sandwich Launcher. This version is 2.4 because it is designed for high to mid end devices. We will make a 4.0 version later.

Looks beautiful doesn’t it? Well, it will if you have a phone with a big screen. Don’t even try this if you don’t know what we’re talking about. The launcher has bugs, so it’s not recommended for daily use. But, if you want to check out and get the feel of Ice Cream Sandwich or more likely an interpretation of what it may look like when it’s finally out, then you should probably check it out.

You can download the apk file from over here. You know how to install it right? Uncheck Unknown applications in settings and you’re good to go.


Bookmark bars are always useful because it provides us with the ability to save and access websites that are useful and important. Every internet browser provides us with the option of either turning ON/OFF the bookmark bar. Normally our bookmark lists is quite long and placing all of them on the browsers bookmark bar is not at all attractive. But Google Chrome has solved this love-hate problem with the bookmark bar with an introduction of a very useful extension. Here is a brief review of it:

What is Quick Links Extension?

Basically this extension allows users to access upto 11 of their favorite and most-visited websites by just clicking a single button. Quick Links opens up a very compact panel that can be used to access all the favorite Chrome pages and other websites.

The extension has a full-fledge options page from where users can customize the actions of Quick Links.

ouick links

You can choose that which kind of websites will show whenever you click on the extension shortcut. All those Chrome pages that are highlighted in grey will appear on the Quick Links pop-up page whenever you click on the button.

Using The Quick Links Extension?

Similarly the websites that are added can also be edited anytime, just click on the web-address, it will turn green with the cursor in a blinking position prompting for edit. Just enter the new URL for the site you want to access quickly, the changes will be saved automatically.


Using the extension is very simple, click on a greyed-out Logo of Google Chrome and you will see a neat looking pop-up listing all the websites and Chrome pages you have saved. You can open the page or website in either the current tab or next tab by left click or right click on the button.

Though it may sound that this extension is offering nothing unique but if you love shaving-off your browsing time then I can assure you that this extension will help you do it. You can install Quick Links extension from Chrome web store.


Just not we finished publishing unboxing pictures of Belkin N150 wireless modem-router and here is a quick guide for those who are trying to configure their Belkin N150 modem-router with Airtel broadband connection.

I bought this device from Thailand and it comes with a handy template which shows the settings of popular broadband connection in most of Asian countries, so you can use the same guide to configure it for Reliance, BSNL or MTNL connection too.

Here is an image for your reference, so if you configuring router-modem for BSNL, Reliance or MTNL connection, it would be handy for you.


Getting started with Belkin N150 Modem-Router With Airtel Broadband connection:

Airtel Broadband settings:

You need to have your broadband login and password. Login is usually your landline number with STD code followed by [email protected] For ex: [email protected]

And your password would be: your account number. Which you can get it from your Airtel broadband bill at the top. You can also get your account number by login into your current Airtel modem by typing: in your web browser field, and try login in with default username and password, i.e:

  • username: admin
  • password: password

If you have forgotten your Airtel modem password, you can try password as your account number which can be retrieved from your Airtel broadband bill.

Apart from this, there are 3 settings which you need to remember:

  • Connection type: PPP0E
  • VPI/VCI: 1/32

Connecting your Belkin router:

Connect your Belkin modem-router with power connector and in ADSL line, plug in your Airtel ADSL cable.

Belkin Wireless-Modem-Router-Images (6)

Now, you can either connect to router from laptop using Wi-Fi or by Lan cable. I simply connected using Lan cable, by default it picked the I.P from DHCP.

Setting up Airtel broadband:

Now, open in your web browser, it will prompt for password, and if you have not changed your Belkin router password, simply hit next.

On the next field, it will ask you to enter the connection type as shown in below image, select PPP0E and click Next:


Enter your Airtel broadband credentials, as I have mentioned above. So your final output would look something like this:


Click on Next/Save and it will restart your router. It might take 60 seconds, so be patient. Once your router is restarted, the light on your modem-router will turn green and it indicates that you are connected to internet.

Alternatively, Airtel also suggest you to add the DNS field manually, though I leave it as default and use Automatically from ISP. Though if you wish to add Airtel DNS, you can add these DNS:

Airtel DNS

Now, enjoy your new modem-router configured with Airtel broadband connection. Do let us know if you have any questions setting up Airtel broadband connection, with Belkin router.


Facebook and all the people who are involved with the social networking king, will be kicking off the f8 Developer Conference 2011 later this evening. We’ve heard a lot about this conference, and according to many a reports, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg and his team will be launching many new and probably useful features and products.

The developer conference happens every year and is attended by all those who love and live Facebook including various developers and common men/women. Facebook recently announced some major changes worldwide, including the Ticker and the new way of News Feeds being shown to a user. There was lot of negative reaction to this sudden change brought upon on Facebook, but according to the guys, these changes are going to be a part of something bigger that is bound to change how we use the social networking website.

If you’re a Facebook geek, but weren’t invited or do not have enough money to pay for the entry, you can still watch the whole f8 developer conference 2011 live online. Yep, that’s right. Like all the major events that were streamed live this year. There are two ways you can watch the whole event live.

Via LiveStream, who have tied up with Facebook to telecast the event live. You can watch the event below when it starts;

Watch live streaming video from f8conference at livestream.com

or you can watch Via the official Facebook Page.  facebook.com/f8 will be streaming the event live online so you can watch it and know what are the new features and products being launched.

So are you going to be watching the conference live?