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Remember the three new Nokia phones that were recently announced via their Facebook page? The smartphones that run on the latest Symbian Belle and are NFC capable have now been officially launched in India. However, out of those three phones, only two have been officially launched in India, the Nokia Zeta 700 and Helen 701. All of these phones feature 1GHz processors and quite good features that make them the ideal Nokia phone.

Both these phone were launched in Mumbai in collaboration with the movie Ra.One and Nokia’s brand ambassador Shahrukh Khan was the one who presented them. Shahrukh Khan, actor and Brand Ambassador, Nokia India said;

There is great synergy between Ra.One and Symbian Belle as they both represent technology of the next level. I am delighted that Ra.One will be the first movie in the country to be marketed through NFC. There are many path breaking initiatives that Nokia has undertaken with Ra.One that will allow the consumers to experience the world of Ra.One through ‘Just Tap’ with NFC feature on the Symbian Belle smartphones.

Nokia is still not sure about what operating system to go along with and here they are announcing new phones based on Symbian. The Belle OS does bring some new features to the top, but it still is the same old Symbian inside, which Nokia planned on killing.That being said, Nokia is also developing an OS of their own known as Meltemi, which is based on their Meego operating system.

The Nokia Zeta 700 and Helen 701 will bring NFC to Nokia phones and these are the first phones that have the Symbian Belle OS. There’s not much new in the OS itself, but certain new improvements in the UI and performance. D Shivakumar the Managing Director of Nokia India said;

The Indian smartphone market is growing at an exponential rate. Consumers today are looking for differentiators that go beyond multi-tasking and processor speed. With our latest range of smartphones on Symbian Belle, we are introducing a path-breaking technology in the form of ‘Just Tap’ with NFC.

The Nokia Zeta 700 will be available in the India market for a price of Rs. 18,999 and in 2 different colors. Nokia Helen 701, on the other hand, can be yours for Rs. 18,099 and come in 5 colors. Which of these two phones will you be buying?


Amazon’s best selling product till date, not that they have a vast variety, is the Kindle e-book reader. It is present in every other household, a companion of any die hard e-book reader. The company unveiled three new products today, the Kindle Fire, the Kindle Touch and a cheaper version of Kindle, which are really going to increase sales. One of the most important factors that’s going to help increase the sales is the price at which, these Kindles will be sold.

The Kindle Touch is just a revamped touch version of the original Kindle, nothing more. However, the Kindle Fire was made to take on the Apple iPad, at lease in the sales department. Kindle Fire is Amazon’s new tool, one that will be used to dominate the world and take down the iPad, not this version though. The present version doesn’t have 3G and neither does it have a camera, microphone or a large screen that would really help in better reading.

It is made up of plastic and has a 7 inch IPS display, which is pretty good, and runs on the Android operating system. But, you’re not going to actually see any Android characteristics on this device other than the Amazon Appstore, which can be used to buy apps. It does have Wi-Fi, a dual core processor and can play lots and lots of media, that can also be streamed from Amazon. 8GB of storage should not be a problem as Amazon’s Cloud services will be glad to store your data for some extra buck.

So why does everybody say that it could take on the Apple iPad? Well, it’s because of the price. The Kindle Fire can be yours for only $199, a 7-inch tablet for as cheap as that. Amazon has also said that a newer and improved version will be released next year that’ll take on the iPad on both the price and performance parameters. I wouldn’t be so sure.

The basic version of the Kindle e-reader will be available for $79, the Kindle Touch will be available in two models, one for $99 and another for $149 that comes with 3G. The tablet will be available from Nov. 15, and Kindle Touch on Nov. 21. You can pre-order the Fire and Touch or purchase the cheaper Kindle right away from Amazon.


Since Nokia’s move to abandon it’s operating system Symbian, many reports have suggested that it might shift to Windows Phone 7 or some other OS. But, Nokia recently released the latest version of Symbian called Belle, so that could only mean that they’ve not given up on it yet. However, they’re also developing their Meego OS, which could get a major update soon and may be called Meltemi.

According to WSJ, Nokia is currently developing a new open source operating system called Meltemi for it’s devices that is based on Meego and has similar UI, but a different Linux kernel. As the report says, this OS would be mainly directed towards low end Nokia devices as the higher end phones will come with Windows Phone 7. Nokia started facing problems with their OS not being very function and advanced as Android and iOS, hence they started to fight back with Maemo. However, that attempt turned out to be not as effective as they imagined and it almost ended up in the recycle bin.

The OS that Nokia is developing is mainly focused on being super easy to use while providing all the necessary features and functions on a low-end mobile device. Nokia wants to completely get rid of the Symbian S40 and S60 operating system and will probably replace it with this new one. One would thus expect it to be as simple to use as the previous Symbian OS. Now that Intel and Samsung are helping Nokia develop Meego as well, under the name Tizen, we can expect something from it. If they succeed in making such an operating system for low end phones then the biggest competition they’ll expect would be from Android. Lot of mobile manufactures have started using the Android OS in all their basic phones since it’s free and really good.

It’s also rumored that Nokia has cut down about 3,500 jobs since the sacking of Symbian OS. There may be other reasons as well, but looks like Nokia is in some trouble right and it’d be best if they come up with whatever they’re planning soon enough. We can only wait and see what will be the ultimate result.


Flickr applications for mobile platforms is not a new thing, developers in the past have been releasing loads of Flickr based apps for both the Apple and Google’s mobile operating system. But this time Yahoo Inc has jumped the Flickr mobile bandwagon by releasing its first official Flickr app for Android platform. This official app boasts some pretty cool features including the provision for users to quickly share the pictures in real-time with their family and friends.

The app was released during a press conference organized by Yahoo to chalk-out the salient’s of its mobile market strategy.

What’s new in Flickr for Android?

Well first of all users will be able to instantly access their entire photos, contacts and album collections via this app. Users can view activity streams and can also see photos uploaded by friends and family.

flickr app android

Flickr have also integrated a camera experience within the app, there is a built-in viewfinder that ultimately allows users to select photo ratios and also allow them to add metadata.

flickr app android2

Photograph taken via this new app can be instantly uploaded to social networking hubs like Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook.

Photo Session Feature


Apart from this Android app, another notable feature that Flickr has released is Photo Sessions. Name it as a feature that somewhat replicates the way we show photos to our friends or family for real while sitting together. Photo Session means that users can show their photos in real-time to their relatives or pals regardless of their location. Working is simple, Photo Session generates a unique URL that is sharable with 10 faimly members or friends. Clicking on that URL will let you join group viewing of that photo or album.

URL generated by Photo Session will last for 24 hours and it works perfectly on iPads, computers and iPhone. This feature also enables group viewing participants to modify the photos they are viewing like drawing or writing on them, any modification done is seen in real-time by other session viewers.

So Android users, go on and hit the Marketplace and grab Flickr for your Android powered phone. Try it out and let us know about your experience.


It is quite normal with iPhone users that they pack their phones with scores of applications and therefore finding or launching an app becomes a prolonged process in some instances. So if we get hold of a tool that will facilitate us in opening apps whether they are placed on a Homescreen or Folder will surely be a great aid. Well recently I stumbled upon an application on Cydia Store that employs a new way to launch applications and perform functions.

What is AppDialer Tweak?

AppDialer Interface

It is a tweak available on Cydia that eventually allows users to dial any function or application on their iPhone to open it quickly. You just need to setup a gesture that will launch AppDialer tweak and preset numbers or number patterns that will enable you to open up the app easily.

How to Install AppDialer?

You can find AppDialer as a free download on Cydia App store. You will find it under the default repo meaning that you don’t need to discover it in some other out-of-the-box repo. Launch Cydia and enter “AppDialer” in the search bar. Once you will find it then just click on the install button and Cydia will automatically do the rest. After the installation you will have to re-spring your phone so that the tweak comes into action.

Setting Up AppDialer

Setting up procedure is also quite simple, open Settings on your iPhone and scroll down to the AppDialer settings.

AppDialer Tweak


Activation Method is to be selected that will eventually launch AppDialer. I prefer you choose shaking your iPhone device, but there are other activation methods as well. Next up is to choose that whether you want to enter some pattern or numbers combo to open the applications.


After doing this all you have to input a command that will trigger the application, Tap the Dial Settings option and it will prompt you to Add items, these items will be the apps or functions that you want AppDialer to open. There is an Activator Event option at the bottom as well that will facilitate users to add things of their choice, either an app or a function.

Initially you will think that this app sounds silly but I can bet that once you will install it, you are gonna love it. I will recommend this tweak for users who are fond of keeping loads of apps on their iPhone. Try it out and Let us know that whether you liked it or not?

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It is a common notion that WebPages are ideally meant to be viewed on our computers or handheld devices and they are not to be printed on papers. But for scenarios in which printing a webpage is a must, we have to keep in mind this thing that a webpage that is fit enough on our screens might take 2-3 papers when printed. But for Google Chrome users, there is an extension on the Chrome Web store that will help you in saving printing ink and papers while printing a webpage. Get to know about this extension after the break!

Print Plus Extension

This particular Google Chrome extension allow users to select important sections and parts of a webpage for printing, in this way the unselected portion is not printed saving both the printing ink and the papers.

How To use Print Plus for Chrome?


After installing the extension you will see a printer like icon appearing next to your Chrome’s URL bar. Just click the button and you will see a horizontal bar appearing on top of the Webpage displayed on the screen. Clicking on the Print button will send the print command.


Selecting portions of webpage is also very simple, just mouse over any section of a webpage and you will see an orange outline appearing across different parts of the page. Print Plus extension by-design identifies the portion to select depending solely on the position of your mouse pointer.


Now for the printing, you have to click any selection on the Webpage and you will see that it will be highlighted automatically with an orange box. This orange box basically represents the print area.


After the selection, just click on the Print Button visible on the extension’s bar at the top and see your selection getting printed.

I found this extension quite useful because it works with some email services like Gmail as well, meaning that you can print the body of the email only without caring for the other stuff over and below it. It is also useful for printing articles from webpage that is filled with flashy ads and junk. You can install the Print Plus extension from Google Chrome web store.

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You will find Apple App store flooded with multitude of games ranging in categories. Angry Birds, Paper toss, Guitar Hero and Asphalt racing collection are some of the gaming gems that you are gonna find on App store. You can fill your smartphone gaming appetite once you indulge into the massive gaming galaxy that iTunes app store offers. But one evident drawback of this huge collection is that it takes substantial amount of time to discover a game that ideally matches your taste. But now there is a new app on the block that will surely help iOS users to get rid of this problem.

What is Decide-o-Tron?

Decide-o-Tron app

 Well Decide-o-Tron is basically an iOS application that automatically recommends games to users based on some pre-set criteria. The app will bear the headache of deciding that amongst the huge collection of games, what gaming titles suit you and for whom you should spend. Plus the app has a very detailed criteria settings, so you can expect optimal results from it.

The app also boasts a detail step-by-step tutorial, just go through it so that you can get to know about all the customization processes and features that this app offers. Even if you think that you are a geek and don’t need to go through the tutorial, I will recommend you to do the otherwise.

Using Decide-o-Tron

Once the tutorial is over, app will ask from you that what all gaming platforms you own or play. The platforms you will choose in this step will act as a filter, because whenever you are gonna search for games in future the app will only search for those titles that belong to the platforms you have selected.

The search feature of the app is quite powerful, I personally like the Bar code scanning option. First of all you will have to add games to app’s library so that the recommendation thing can work. It is not necessary that you only add those games in the library that you own, users can add any game they like in the Wish List.

Decide-o-tron App 2

Decide-o-Tron generates game recommendations based on the criteria values, these values include platform-Release date-Review score and most important of all, Genre.

Decide-o-Tron app3

I will definitely recommend this app as must download for all the iPhone/iPad users. The gaming recommendations are really very useful and it lessens the hassle of finding games by browsing app store manually.

Decide-o-Tron is available as a free download from Apple App store.

Do you use any such similar app which gives you gaming or general app recommendation?


Times like this are rare. Why? Because Huawei doesn’t usually launch mobile phones, they’re are good at something else, but it looks like they could be good at making mobile phones too. Huawei just unveiled the Honor, a 4 inch FWGA HD touch phone running on Android 2.3.5 that has some really good hardware inside it and also quite good looking.

If you remember, this is not the first time that Huawei is introducing new mobile phones that run on the Android OS. We actually went for a live Press Release of those mobile phones known as Ideos X5, Ideos X2 and Ideos Chat. Though, all those phones were quite good in the area of hardware, but not so good when it came to the Android OS, since they were either running on Android 2.1 or 2.2. However, this time, they’ve kept that in mind and launched the Huawei Honor with Android 2.3.5, the latest version currently available.

The features of this phone is quite impressive, I mean that FWVGA 4 inch HD display does make you go ‘whoa’. Actually, that’s because of the way it looks, strikingly similar to the Samsung Galaxy S. Victor Xu, the chief marketing officer of Huawei Device said;

Huawei Honor encapsulates the Huawei brand – it features simple-to-use, advanced technology that allows people to share and connect easily. Honor provides a package of features that elevates the smartphone user experience, including an ultra-long battery life, so critical to the performance of smartphones but yet is often downplayed. Consumers now have a high-performing smartphone that lets them communicate, connect, entertain and share content for an extended period of time without compromising on looks, technology or style.

Let me list down it’s features then, excluding the beautiful display and Android OS;

  • 1.4 Ghz Single core processor
  • 4.0 inch 16M 16:9 true color FWVGA capacitive touch screen
  • 8 megapixels auto focus camera supporting HDR, with 2 megapixels front-facing camera
  • Measures 10.9mm (0.43 inches) at its thinnest point and weighs around 140g (0.3 pounds)
  • WiFi 802.11b/g/n and Bluetooth V2.1 with A2DP, Micro USB 2.0 port
  • 512M RAM + 4G ROM memory with a memory card slot up to 32GB
  • 1900mAh battery
  • Exclusive Huawei user-interface with a dynamic weather widget
  • 160GB network capacity CloudDrive
  • DLNA-certified enables sharing with other DLNA-certified devices
Now, with all those features and hardware, one would normally expect about 1 day of batter backup. This is where you’d be wrong, because Huawei claim that this device provides up to 3 days of battery life on normal usage. I bet normal means keeping it switched off.
Anyways, we have no clue about the pricing or availability. However, it should be available in Asia around December this year and maybe it will never hit other countries. At least that’s what the press release says.
Would you like to buy the Huawei Honor or will you be making a face when I you hear Huawei?

The Galaxy S 2, a device we are all very familiar with, is now being given a much needed update. However, those who’ve already got the update say that not many new features have been included in the build. Samsung is currently rolling out the official Android 2.3.4 firmware update to all Samsung Galaxy S 2 owners worldwide using Kies.

One of the most powerful phones in the market at the moment and it’s getting Android now? Well, if you were a developer, then you may have already updated your device with Android 2.3.5. The 2.3.4 version of Android was supposed to come with Google Talk Video chat feature, but sadly, for some reason Samsung hasn’t included this feature in this update. This phone has been sold in millions and is still being sold madly, now that even the US has got it on their mobile stores.

It seems that Samsung is currently working on bringing Android 2.3.5 to the Galaxy S 2 and hopefully they’ll include the video chat feature along with it. Since this is an official update, do not expect lots of new features or changes. As I mentioned before, there aren’t any that are prominent, it’s majorly just an upgrade in the firmware version. Users are reporting that the Homescreen has now become even more smoother, apart from unnoticeable bug fixes and speed improvements.

If you happen to own a Samsung Galaxy S 2, then you should probably also get the Asphalt 6 game on your device, which is free for you of course. To update your firmware to Android 2.3.4, connect your phone to your computer and start the Samsung KIES update manager, you will be notified of the update. Don’t worry if you don’t happen to get the notification, because it might take a while for the update to spread all over the world.

Have you updated to Android 2.3.4 yet? Or are you already on 2.3.5?


Don’t you just hate transferring movies and videos to your mobile device, tablet or consoles just because you will need to convert them to appropriate formats. Normally, phones don’t support the movie/video formats that you download using your favorite bit torrent client. So what do you do? Get a converter and then transfer them to your device, and sometimes in the process you get frustrated and never complete the transfer.

The latest version of uTorrent, 3.1 Alpha, has a nice new feature that automatically syncs with your Android, iOS mobile devices and Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and transfers files too. That’s pretty cool, don’t you think? The most important feature that has come with this new update is the ability to transfer videos and movies to your device without the need of converting them first. uTorrent will automatically do that work for you.

The latest alpha release of uTorrent now supports integration with a variety of devices including the iPhone, iPad, PS3, Xbox 360 and Android hardware. This allows users to quickly sync downloaded content to these devices. Additional capability to convert videos and audio to playable files will become available later, but only to users of the upcoming paid version of the BitTorrent client.

However, this feature was added by mistake and thus, won’t be available in future free releases. A stable version of the same will however get the transfer and sync feature, but the conversion feature will only become yours if you pay for it. If you did not know, there is also a paid version of uTorrent called uTorrent plus.

In case you didn’t know, you can download pirated movies, music videos, music, software and lot more with the help of this software. uTorrent is the best bit torrent client in the world, in my opinion and this makes it even better.

You can download uTorrent 3.1 Alpha from here. Enjoy downloading torrents and transferring them to your device.