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If you’re a Linux user, then you must be pretty familiar with Ubuntu. For those who don’t, Ubuntu is one of those free distributions of Linux that comes with a beautiful UX and interface and is mostly about the looks. However, that doesn’t imply Ubuntu is not as good as any of the other distros. Ubuntu is one of the best, if I must say, and the new version has been improved a lot up on.

This distro of Linux, saw a lot of new changes when it hit version 11.04. Ubuntu 11.04 was made to look like an actual operating system, on the likes on Mac and Windows. The main change was the Unity Interface, which made it much more simpler and better looking. There were plenty of bugs though, and random freezes, all that has now been dealt with and Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot has been released.

Ubuntu 11.10 was released yesterday for the public and is based on the latest Linux kernel 3.0, which has lots of new features and a revamped Unity interface. It also features Gnome Environment 3.2. This new version adds support for new hardware and drivers, has automatic fragmentation and a much better looking and functioning Unity interface. You can check out the new interface and features using the free online tour on the official Ubuntu website.

11.10 continues Ubuntu’s proud tradition of integrating the latest and greatest open source technologies into a high-quality, easy-to-use Linux distribution.

If you’re already on Ubuntu 11.04, then you can directly upgrade to 11.10 using the Update manager. The next update to Ubuntu, code named ‘Precise Pangolin’ will be rolled out in April 2012, which will get much more newer improvements. There’s also a Server edition of the same. Below are the Ubuntu 11.10 direct download links.

  • Download Ubuntu 11.10 Desktop Edition (32bit)
  • Download Ubuntu 11.10 Desktop Edition (64bit)
  • Download Ubuntu 11.10 Server Edition (32bit)
  • Download Ubuntu 11.10 Server Edition (64bit)

Check out this quick video tour of Ubuntu 11.10 to get more insights on the new version.

Are you a Linux user? If so, what is your favorite Linux distro and what do you think of the new Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot?


Microsoft released the first Windows 8 developer preview a few weeks ago, and most of us have already tried it. I’ve also written a complete review of all the new features that you’ll find in the developer preview. One of the main reasons that millions of users have already installed and tried the developer preview is the Metro UI based start menu.

However, there are millions more out there of the other kind too, who don’t want to install or try the developer preview because they’re afraid their system may lock up. Some people don’t even know that Microsoft has released an official developer preview that people can actually download for free and try. These people look for other alternatives, such as a Windows 8 transformation pack. And believe me, there are plenty of those, but most of them are always buggy and don’t work as they should. Here’s one that will work and it simulates the Metro UI of Windows 8 pretty well and it’s called Windows 8 UX pack for Windows 7.

This Windows 8 transformation pack brings more than just the Metro UI Start screen. It also adds the Windows 8 font, visual styles, wallpapers, colors etc. It doesn’t modify any system settings, so when you uninstall the pack, your Windows 7 will return to its original looks and feel.

Windows 8 UX Pack will give you Windows 8 UI improvements such as theme and logon screen without touching system files at all so it won’t have such risk to harm your system at all. In this package, you’ll have Windows 8 inspired themes and applications to make your system resembles Windows 8 as much as possible without modifying system files. Give your desktop a visual boost with the Windows 8 UX Pack.

Upon installation, you’ll be asked to choose between a Windows 8 Aero interface or the Windows 8 Lite and from there onward, your start screen will look a lot different. This is one of the best ways to experience Windows 8 on Windows 7, without the need to install the developer preview.

Download Windows 8 Transformation pack – Windows 8 UX Pack


This is a computer age where fewer men and more computer systems are employed to carry out any task, be it home-based or corporate. Computers have just gone beyond the vision of ordinary men and in fact thousands of people are there who do not know how computers can make their work a piece of cake. This incredible technology is continuously modifying its shape, size and features to meet the every day changing demands.

From the size of almost a store room today it is even smaller than a human’s palm, from the shape of a cupboard today it is shriveled to shape like a notebook and even a mobile phone and from the features that could only add and subtract now it can produce human-like robots. The most sophisticated, comfortable and resourceful forms of computers at present are smart phones. Smart phones like iPhone standout because these have so compact computers incorporated into a phone.

The iPhone is not just a fun phone to have. It’s actually a great tool for business owners. If you doubt this fact then being acquainted with iPhone trader apps is a must for you. iPhone apps are great tools for managing tasks related to business, organizing files and sharing data. Below are the top 5 iPhone apps for traders.


Cisco WebEX Meeting Center: This thriving app enables us to link up and join official meetings right from our iPhone. This app has not just limit us to audio but also we are facilitated to schedule and conduct meetings, share our iPhone screens along with the live annotations, send and receive live camcorder streaming and view documents. People working for forex must have this app. It also bestows tools with which one can easily talk to rest of the meeting attendees either privately or publicly.


Square: This worthwhile app allows us to accept credit card payments straight from our iPhone. It is developed to work with the free card reader services which appends straight to our iPhone. There is no subscription fee for this app whilst 2.75% of the received money is charged as a fee for every transaction. Money is moved to your bank account on the next day. If you are a forex broker then this app will save the stress of moving here and there for money collection.


Expensify: This app is certainly the best way to track your business expenses, particularly trading expenses. It is sync with the credit cards and bank account so as to maintain record of expenses.


Documents to Go

Documents to Go: It is a complete app for accessing, managing and editing documents of all kinds. It majorly supports PDFs, MS Office products, Apple iWorks.



Budget: This obliging app let all traders set a budget for the company to keep an eye on the inflow and outflow of assets. It will give notifications and alerts when you get near, or over cross, the set budget.


iPhone is designed for every type of people, but it also has some gratifying features for traders. Are you trader? If you are, then you should try some of these apps and give us your feedback.


Being a Nokia fan, I constantly look out for the announcements and leaks of Nokia phones. Nokia 603 leaked some days back and now Nokia has made the phone official by announcing it themselves. Symbian Belle is the new operating system by Nokia and Nokia had previously announced a few Belle running phones were announced before and this is yet another addition to those.

The operating system will definitely make this phone stand out but that is not all. There are a lot of other features which could make this phone very successful. The specs are totally awesome. Just keep reading the post to know them.

  • It has an IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen.
  • The size of the display screen is 3.5 inches with a resolution of 360 x 640 pixels.
  • It weighs 109.6 grams.
  • It has an internal memory of 2 GB(340 MB user available). 512 MB RAM and 1 GB ROM is available. The memory can be expanded up to 32 GB using a microSD card.
  • It has a 5 megapixels camera with fixed focus, geo-tagging and face detection. Video recording is available at 720p @30 fps. No secondary camera is available just like most of Nokia’s smartphones.
  • It runs on Symbian Belle operating system.
  • It has a 1 GHz processor, 2D/3D Graphics HW Accelerator with OpenVG1.1 and OpenGL ES 2.0 support.
  • GPRS, EDGE, 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0 and microUSB v2.0 are available in the “Connectivity” section.
  • It is available in black, white (front panel)/ black, white, fuchsia, green, yellow, blue (back panel) colors.
  • It has a Li-ion BP-3L battery. The details are:
    Standby Time: Up to 460 hours (2G) / Up to 490 hours (3G)
    Talk Time: 
    Up 16 hours (2G) / Up to 7 hours (3G)

This is an awesome phone. Symbian Belle, 1 Ghz processor, great battery backup, large screen, quite affordable… what more do you want? The design makes it a lot more attractive and the specs could make you buy this one. There is no reason that you wouldn’t buy it. Features are great, design is great and that’s why, this phone is totally great.

Wait till the phone launches, which is very soon and go for it if you are looking for an affordable smartphone. It is expected to hit the stores in the fourth quarter of 2011 and the expected price of this phone is Rs. 13,500.

Share your views and opinions in the comments.

Photo Credit: GSMArena


As promised, Apple has gone ahead and finally launched the final version of iOS 5 for iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3rd and 4th Gen and iPad and iPad 2. iOS 5 brings a ton of new features that will make you upgrade to it even if it means that you can’t untether jailbreak it yet. But, you can tethered jailbreak iOS 5, just like the Gold Master version, which was released last week.

iOS 5 is Apple’s greatest mobile OS yet and it has some amazing features such as iMessages, the new Notifications, iCloud, Find My Friends, deep twitter integration, Newstand, new Camera features and much more. As, MuscleNerd has already confirmed that this iOS 5 can be jailbreak with the latest RedSn0w or Sn0wbreeze, you can go hit and click on the iOS 5 direct download links below to download it.

Why the direct download links? Well, if you opt to perform the upgrade via iTunes, then it’s going to take a long long time, it could even get stuck in between. Oh and you also need to install the latest iTunes 10.5 to upgrade to iOS 5. After you’ve finished downloading the ipsw firmware files for your respective iOS device, remember to click on “Restore” in iTunes while holding Option (Mac) or Shift (Windows) key.

iOS 5 Direct Download Links:

So. Go. Download. iOS 5. Upgrade. Enjoy.

At last weeks, or maybe the week before, Apple event ‘Let’s talk iPhone‘, a lot many new things and services were launched. Along with the iPhone 4S, new iPod Nano 7G, Siri and few other things, Apple also spoke a little about their new Find My Friends social networking service for iPhone users.

It’s not like your regular Social network, so don’t start with all the rants about how you don’t need another new one. This is only for iPhone users who’re on iOS 5, well technically, it’s for any iOS device who’s running iOS 5 and wants others to know where they are. I know, there’s already an app for that, like Foursquare maybe? Well, this is more exclusive. And it’s all in the cloud, so that means you need to have an iCloud account, have uninterrupted internet access and an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

With Find My Friends, you can share your location on the Map and can also view all the other friends that are sharing their locations, on an iOS device that is. And, this is an app that is only available on iOS 5, so don’t bother looking it up on your non-iOS 5 device. It is fully integrated with the Maps and Contacts app and will automatically add your friends location on the app if you add someone from your contacts. Of course, they will have to approve/accept the request first.

You can download Find My Friends from the App Store, if you’re running iOS 5 GM.


There are more than 200,000 apps available on the Android market, but it’s not like you can try all of them on your mobile phone can you? Well, what if you could try it on your Windows PC. Yup, you’ve heard of the famous Angry Birds game being made to run on Windows, well the same thing has happened again.

BluesStacks is a Windows software that can run any Android app on your PC in full screen mode, can sync apps from your Android phone to PC and it works really really smooth as well. The software has been under development since almost 6 months now, and yet it’s still in Alpha.

So, don’t panic if apps crash when you’re in an intense gaming situation. The best part, it’s all free. Yes, you can install up to 26 Android apps at once and use them, but not more than that. You’ll have to uninstall and delete a few to add new ones!! That’s a downer, but it won’t be same for long. According to the BlueStacks team;

With 56-percent of smartphone consumers purchasing an Android device in the last three months[1], it’s apparent that Android is rapidly becoming a preferred operating system. The BlueStacks App Player now gives users one-click access to their favorite Android apps right on their Windows PC. Both Windows and Android users stand to benefit greatly from this capability.

Well, I for one, totally agree with what they have to say and I’m already using the App Player to it’s core. It’s amazing. If you liked a game on your mobile device, but it did not work so well on it, then you can download it on your PC using BlueStacks App Player. The simplest way to run Android apps in Windows. Check out this video and be stunned.

You can download BlueStacks App Player right away and try out your favorite Android apps in Windows. Sadly, this is not available on Mac, but it will be soon.


Couple of days back, TRAI (Telecom regulatory authority of India) imposes a new rule to limit the sending SMS limit to just 100 per day.  This changes was actually welcomed by all general users and probably a nightmare for all promotional companies and companies which relies on SMS marketing. Anyways, the rule has been imposed and some changes were made afterwards which we will talk later. Here is another big and some good news for Indian telecom users,  Government of India has decided to remove all the roaming charges from all Telecom Networks which will make the perfect policy of ‘One Nation, One License’.

The policy has been accepted as well as approved by the Government of India in relevance with Kapil Sibal, the central minister of communications and information technology, who will soon unveiled all the drafted Telecom Policy of 2011.

The policy will now allow all the telecom Operators to operate phone calls across the entire country with a single license as opposite to the circle-specific licenses which were in place till now in the country. And as a result of that, the Indian Government has also removed all the roaming charges on all the inter-state calls.

While in addition to that, there is another good news for the public, Inter-circle mobile number portability will also come into place into the Indian economy which will mean that you will be now allowed to Port any number for any operator across the entire country in India. This feature of extra-state mobile number portability was not allowed and accepted before.

The New TRAI Policy will figure some more of the following Highlights

  • A new Policy that will bring integration of all telecom operators.
  • TRAI will extend their support in providing new licenses as well as migration to new licenses along with exit policy.
  • Spectrum to be enhanced to 300 MHz by 2017 and to 500 MHz by 2020.
  • New Policy will allow the Telecom Networks to trade and share as well as pool the whole spectrum.

What Inter-circle changes meant for general public?

As it is MNP removed the boundary of changing your mobile operator while retaining your current number was a big step. If you are not aware of MNP, you should read: Things you should know about Mobile number portability. Though it was limited to same circle and you can’t use MNP if you are changing states or circle. With new Inter-circle or inter-state MNP, you can retain the same number when you are changing your state. This is particularly very helpful for people who are students or people whose job requires to switch places all the time.
Similarly since there will be no roaming charges, it means you can consider to not to opt for MNP and stick with current operator at the same price. Specially in India, where 3G charges are huge and there are some operators who charges very little for 3G for example MTNL offers 6 month unlimited 3G for 4500, this whole change will make the 3G charges more competitive and since more competition, we can expect better service from mobile operators.
What’s your opinion about Inter-circle MNP and free mobile roaming for Indian telecom industry? What are the possible benefits you see for a normal telecom consumer?
We will keep letting you know about the latest development in Inter-circle MNP and free mobile roaming. Don’t forget to join us on Facebook for latest updates.

Today is the big day, the day we’ve all been waiting for. Apple will be releasing the final version of iOS 5 to the public in the coming hours and we will be able to experience all the 200 new features. That’s not the only thing that they’re releasing today. Apple’s cloud storage and syncing solution, iCloud will also go live today.

Apple released iTunes 10.5 yesterday for everyone, so we could all get ourselves ready for the treat. You will need to have the latest version of iTunes to upgrade your iOS device to iOS 5. However, we are not really sure if everyone will opt to do so, specially if you’re on iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS. There is no untethered jailbreak for iOS 5 yet, but it has been mentioned that the development is in process.

Due to the recent developments that are happening around the Apple world, they’ve also updated their iCloud website. And it has been majorly updated. The login screen has been changed and it looks really clean. But, it looks like the doors are still closed for regular iOS users, only developers are allowed to login into iCloud.

Currently it’s asking to set up iCloud on iOS 5 to be able to login, which can be done if you’re a developer. Well, normal people can too, but that’s a whole different thing. Using this website, you can access all your synced data, photos, music, contacts and even check your email. You can even track where your iPhone is with Find my iPhone.

You can visit iCloud at www.icloud.com.


When Apple recently announced the iPhone 4S, most of us were disappointed, but then there came Siri, the personal assistant. This is like one of the most talked about feature of the iPhone 4S that all the other iDevice users are not going to get. Yes, it’s an iPhone 4S only feature, which makes us want it even more.

To those folks who super badly want to have an assistant like Siri, but can’t get hold of one because you can’t buy the iPhone 4S, there are other ways. Siri is not the first of it’s kind, because it was a hardware feature, it was an app that could run on iPhone 4 and even the 3GS. So, maybe there will come a time when some developer figures out a way to run it on either of the said devices. For now, let’s talk about alternatives to Siri.

There are quite a few alternatives to Siri, which brings similar functionality to the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS. Here, I’ll be talking about three such Siri alternatives that you can try now.

Dragon Go

This is an app that is powered by Nuance’s voice recognition, which Apple bought earlier this year and it has included some of the same technology in to Siri. It works really well and is a free app for iPhone and iPod Touch, also requires an active data connection. You can ask it anything, and it’ll look it up using it’s powerful search features and provide you with matching results. It won’t talk back to you like Siri does, but that’s alright isn’t it?

Download Dragon Go


Vlingo is the only app available for iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS that will get you the closest to Siri. It does almost everything that Siri does. Search the web, answer your questions, send email/messages, search for places in Maps. One thing it does that Siri doesn’t, Social Updates. Yes, you can actually connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts to this app and update your status using voice recognition. Just speak and update what you’re up to on both the social networks. This is a free app too.

Download Vlingo

Google Voice Search

Last, but not the least, Google Voice Search. What’s better than asking Google, right? The Google Search app for iOS has inbuilt voice recognition that works very well, but it doesn’t work like Siri or like any of the other apps. You can just perform a search on Google and get your results, but it is fun to ask the search engine some silly questions too.

Download Google Search

That’s the best voice recognition you can get for you iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch. But, if you don’t have Siri, you don’t have Siri!

Have you used any of these apps? I bet you’ve used Google Voice Search, what about others?