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Top Cydia ReposLot of people don’t know what to do once they’ve Jailbroken their iOS device, they don’t know where to find all the cool stuff. Of course it’s all available in Cydia’s Sections tab, but that’s just too much to search from. In such cases, it is necessary to add certain repositories, repo as we know it, to Cydia wherein you can get all the benefits of having a Jailbroken iOS device.

Now, the difficult part is that there are many repos to chose from, and you can go on adding them and almost all of them have similar content. Here I’ll be writing about the top cydia repos that you can add to get the most out of your Jailbroken iOS device and enjoy all those free and premiumr apps. Also I’ll be telling you how to add repos to Cydia later on in the post.

Top 5 Cydia Repos and Sources

Cydia usually comes with ModMyi, Telesphoreo Tangelo and the BigBoss Repos, so I’m not going to count those. These Cydia repos are updated for iOS 6.1.1, and after Evasi0n jailbreak, you can add them manually.

iPhoneCake Repo

If you’re a game freak, and want access to many gaming titles then this is the repo for you. It has games such as Need for Speed, Asphalt, FIFA and much more.

You can add iPhoneCake repo to Cydia from Manage>Sources>Edit>Add:


Sinful iPhone Repo

Another repo that contains a lot of themes and apps to customize your jailbroken iOS device. The collection is not as large as that of BigBoss Repo, but it has some good apps and themes that will make your iOS device even better.

To add Sinful iPhone Repo go to Cydia>Manage>Sources>Edit>Add:


iSpazio Repo

The iSpazio repository is mainly an italian one, but it has many international apps, themes, wallpapers and games as well. It’s good to have this on your list of top 5 repos and enjoy awesome customization of your iOS device.

To add iSpazio Repo to Cydia go to Manage>Sources>Edit>Add:


iModZone Repo

Last, but not the least, the iModZone repo, for all your crazy theming and wallpaper needs. Browse through the repo once it’s installed to see what I mean by crazy themes and wallpapers.

To add iModZone Repo to Cydia go to Manage>Sources>Edit>Add:


That’s the Top 5 repos that I would suggest you to add in Cydia. Now if you don’t know how to add a repo in Cydia, then follow these steps.

How to add repo to Cydia:

  • Enter Cydia, and then go over to the Manage tab.

Cydia Repos

  • Now select Sources and tap on Edit>Add(on the top left corner).

Cydia Sources

  • A dialogue box will appear where you’ll have to enter the required repo address. Enter one of the address from the above list and it’ll be automatically added to your Sources.

Cydia Adding Sources/repos

  • Now to browse through the repos, enter Source and then browse, install, preview as many apps, themes, ringtones, wallpapers as you want.

Enjoy and do let us know which is your favorite repo for apps, themes etc.


Today’s smartphones have much more potential than yesterday’s cell phones, because they are easily expandable through downloadable apps. These apps make smartphones more useful by allowing users to accomplish tasks more easily. With more than a quarter million apps from which to choose, the iPhone leads the pack in customization and provides users with apps that can do virtually anything. Indeed, with an iPhone in hand and the right apps at your disposal, even losing weight seems a whole lot easier.

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Although the health risks associated with being overweight are well known, a large percentage of the population struggles with weight problems. The truth is, losing weight is a difficult endeavor for many people. Fortunately, the iPhone has several ingenious apps that make it easier than ever to shed those extra pounds. The following weight loss apps have the potential to make dieting a hassle free and rewarding process.

iPhone Apps for Serious dieters:


A great place to start, 2Fat is a surprisingly accurate Body Mass Index calculator. With minimal information– sex, weight, height, and waist line– it can determine a user’s percentage of body fat. This app is completely free, at least for those who don’t mind the ads, but for a low price of 99¢ users can upgrade to the advertising-free version.

[ Link ]

Lose It!

Lose It! is not an average calorie counter. It provides people with the ability to effortlessly track calorie consumption and expenditure. Additionally, it provides users with charts that show exactly how they’re progressing toward their weight loss goals, and it even gives the option to share progress online with friends and family, which can provide that much needed motivation to keep dieters focused on success. Best of all, Lose It! is completely free.

[ Link ]


Diet journals are a part of many diet plans because they allow us to actually see what we habitually put into our bodies. Edibles transforms an iphone into a streamlined diet journal that will allow users to scrap the pen and paper method. It comes complete with timesaving features like a custom database of favorite foods to eliminate the need to reenter food names, and also an online database of 500,000 foods, which makes it possible to fill in a journal without typing names at all. What’s more, Edibles works with most any diet program including the Atkins diet, or WeightWatchers. They may soon make it work with Medifast and Nutrisystem diets as well. Edibles costs $5.99, which is a small price to pay for such a handy diet app.

[ Link ]

Calorie Tracker

An alternative diet journal, Calorie Tracker was developed by livestrong.com to help readers reach their weight loss goals. Containing features like calorie tracking, weight tracking, and even calorie expenditure, this app is well worth the $2.99 price. Perhaps most notable is the fact that Calorie Tracker gives users access to livestrong.com’s huge database (625,000 items!) of food and fitness entries, which makes tracking calories easier than ever.

[ Link ]

Fast Food Calorie Counter

The perfect app for dieters who can’t stay away from their favorite fast food joint. Fast Food Calorie Counter provides nutrition facts for each dish on the menu, which makes it much easier to choose the healthiest option to delight one’s taste buds. Of course, the biggest benefit of this app might be that users will likely eat less fast food once they realize what’s in it, and this will certainly help with weight loss. Although not free, the 99¢ price is less than that of the average fountain drink.

[ Link ]

At the end of the day, weight loss and weight maintenance take effort and dedication. However, the process can be a lot easier, and a whole lot more enjoyable, with the addition of some of these thoughtful diet apps. For those who have struggled with their weight and been unable to complete a diet plan, iPhone apps might be just the ticket.

The novelty and sophistication of these apps not only make weight loss more exciting, but they also increase efficiency. And if weight loss were more efficient and fun, isn’t it likely dieters would have an easier time reaching their goals?


Ever wondered you could use MS Paint online? CloudCanvas is a web app which gives you this opportunity with a lot of extra features which MS Paint will take a long time acquiring. CloudCanvas is a HTML 5 based digital art and design tool which works from within the browser without having to install any additional plugins. All you need is a modern HTML 5 browser and you’re ready to start with CloudCanvas.

Cloud Canvas

CloudCanvas has a powerful set of tools for art creation and designing just about everything you might think of. It has all the basic elements of bitmap graphics such as paint, brushes, and textures. For vector designing it has tools like drawing primitive shapes (ellipses, rectangles, circles, curves etc.).

Also with CloudCanvas you can work with layers and graphics filters such as blur, drop shadows, bevel etc. Also it allows page layouts depending on how you want the art to be published later on.

CloudCanvas has a simple user Interface (UI) and after signing up, one can immediately launch CloudCanvas. The great thing about CloudCanvas is that you can also open native PC graphics files and edit them in CloudCanvas. Also, you can import local files and work on them while away from your host PC using the Import Local feature of CloudCanvas.

If you’re an art designing fan have previous experience of using any design software (even as simple as MS Paint), then CloudCanvas is a great way to get started online.

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Check out CloudCanvas


Transfer photos from iPhone to MacIn case you were looking for the most efficient ways to transfer or remove photographs from your iPhone using your Mac, here’s the right place. We show you three fastest ways to do it. Best thing is that you don’t need to download any extra app. We’ll be using apps already on your Mac. iPhoto users may read on for a faster alternative.

Apple has made downloading images from your iPhone to your Mac a painless deal. Moreover, the iPhone camera has largely improved over time from iPhone 3G to iPhone 4. Can’t wait to enjoy those great pics including the HDR enhanced ones. I wil be showing you how to accomplish this task using three applications – iPhoto, Image Capture and Preview. Also, with the new generation of iPod Touch and its inbuilt cameras, iPod Touch users will be needing this guide too.

How to Transfer photos from iPhone to Mac OS:


While iPhoto has some great features available it’s a little slow if you just need a screenshot or temporary image transfer. However, if you wish to keep the photos for long and want to keep them organized in albums this is the best way to do it. iPhoto will help you browse photos as albums or event.

Also, you have a nice set of editing and slideshow tools available to further enrich the experience. Most of you are already familiar with how to import photos using iPhoto. For those not, here’s how. Open iPhoto, Connect your iPhone over USB. In less than 30 seconds, your iPhone should appear in the device list.

iPhoto Mac

Trust me on this, running iPhoto first and then connecting iPhone is the best way to do it. Once you see the iPhone appear select as many or all pics and click on import. The photos will be copied to iPhoto album and you will be asked whether to delete them from the phone or not.

iPhoto iPhone Photo transfer
Delete iPhone photos

There are times when I don’t want to save them in the iPhoto album (temporary images like screenshots) and just wish to save them manually and quickly. For that, we have the following two ways to attain the task.

Image Capture

Believe it or not, this app has always existed in your Mac’s Applications folder. Just go to Applications > Image Capture or use Spotlight to search for the same.


Your iPhone will appear under the list of devices on the left. Just select the pics you want and click on import. Alternatively, drag the pics out to any finder window or your desktop and you’re done. Yes, it’s that simple. In fact pretty much the way you have been doing it on windows to transfer iPhone pics. You can also delete as many pics as you want by clicking the small red button in the bottom.

Import Photos

Preview Application

How could we miss this out. Preview lets you view practically anything on the Mac right? Right from PDFs to images. Now let’s use it to transfer pictures from the iPhone. Just run Preview, in case it already isn’t.


Hit the file menu and click on import from iPhone. The name of the device depends on what you called your iPhone in iTunes. The process of importing and deleting pictures remains same as that in the previous case of Image Capture.


I’m sure just like me, most of you did not yet know about all of the three ways to import iPhone photographs. Go ahead and try it out for yourself. If you run into any issue feel free to use the comment box.

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Free Apps for Mac OSThis post is specifically aimed at first time Mac users and at others who have been looking for some free and open source softwares to make their daily tasks easier. Not only do the softwares listed here come free of cost, they also do their work as well as their paid counterparts.

Here I’m listing down free apps for Mac, which will help you to get more done in less time.

Few must have apps for Mac:

Adium – for IM/Chat



A free instant messaging App, Adium will let you connect to AIM, MSN, Jabber, Yahoo, Gtalk among various others. This is the best IM client I have ever used on any platform. Adium sets a great example of how good open source products can get.

Cyberduck – for FTP/SFTP


Cyberduck is the perfect tool for all your FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Cloud Files, Google Docs, Amazon S3 file browsing needs. In fact I even use it for SSHing into the iPhone when I need access to its file system. It supports Bonjour service and makes tasks easier. And the magical OS X integration doesn’t stop just there. It extends to Spotlight and Keychain as well.

Handbrake – for Video Conversion

Handbrake Free video converter

Handbrake is the must have tool for all video converting needs. This is one tool which provides for both first time users as well as custom settings for advanced users. It makes use of your Mac’s resources pretty well and provides for very fast and good quality videos. I use it very frequently for converting Videos for the iPhone and the iPod Touch.

Transmission – Torrent Downloader

Transmission Torrent client

Who can live without a torrent downloader. Before I came across this, I had very bad experiences with the other applications. uTorrent on Mac, as most of you know, isn’t up to the mark yet. So, here’s the very simple yet powerful torrent downloader, Transmission for you. It has a scheduler which actually works to keep a control over bandwidth consumed during peak hours. Lastly, its very lightweight and comes free.

Colloquy – Best IRC client


Here’s a very advanced IRC, SILC & ILB client for Mac OS X. It is very intuitive and provides for all the necessary features one would ask from an IRC client. The interface is clean and along with the iPhone app you can stay connected on the go by setting bouncers for yourself. Download Colloquy here.

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For the five needs specified above, these are not only the free solutions but also one of the best available. If you like them do leave us word and subscribe to our feeds. Also, if you wanted to know about other applications for a specific purpose you can ask us via comments.


When you see a custom name instead of the operator’s name on anyone’s iPhone or screenshots on the internet, you might have wondered how do they do this. This tutorial will show you three free cydia apps that can change iPhone’s carrier name. Now you can change it to any fake carrier name or even your own name. We have tested these to work on the latest versions of iOS including iOS 6.1.1.

Cydia Fake carrier

1. Fake Operator

This application does not have any icon for itself. You need to configure it through the settings app on your iPhone.

While it does not need a reboot or respring to change iPhone’s carrier name, you do need to quit Settings for the changes to take effect. Works perfectly with iOS 4.3.1+

Change iphone carrier name 11Change iphone carrier name 10

It can be downloaded for free via Cydia. Since, it is hosted on the BigBoss repo no need to add any new repo to Cydia. Just search for Fake Operator using the search tab.

Change iphone carrier name 6Change iphone carrier name 5

2. FakeCarrier

This app is similar to Fake Operator in functionality. It does have its own icon but that’s not why I like this the most. The good part is that you do not have to quit the app for the changes to be effective. Just type fake carrier name and tap on set to apply it. I have tested FakeCarrier to work on the latest iOS version 4.3.1 on iPhone 4.

Change iphone carrier name 3Change iphone carrier name 2

Again no extra Repo needs to be added as it is hosted on BigBoss repo. Just go to Cydia and search for FakeCarrier.

Change iphone carrier name 4Change iphone carrier name 5

3. MakeItMine

MakeItMine is an app by Erica Sadun. Since, this app hasn’t been updated in a while it does not work for iOS version 4.2 and later. Also, it requires you to respring iPhone for changes to take effect. Even though respring feature is included, it is inconvenient compared to the previous two apps.

Change iphone carrier name

You can install MakeItMine from the ModMyI repo, which is a default repo in Cydia.

Change iphone carrier name 13Change iphone carrier name 14

Do let us know, which is your favorite fake carrier application for iPhone and what did you finally change the carrier name to?

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Frenzy is a private social network that lives entirely in hidden folders within your Dropbox cloud storage. With Frenzy, you can share links, files and messages as well as see real-time updates via a stream of feed items. The shared items and feeds get automatically synced by Dropbox, since they’re all basically hidden files, and there’s no signing up for Frenzy. All you need to have is a DropBox account.



To activate Frenzy, all you need is either a paid or free 2GB Dropbox account. It’s a simple, elegant, lightweight and an efficient way of collaborative sharing.

Features of Frenzy : Create private social network

  • File based application which uses the Dropbox to store and sync
  • Enables a user-friendly features with use of key combo to search what you have shared with your friends
  • Works even when your offline and syncs your files the next time you go online
  • No need log into web site in order to check out what’s new
  • Creates a private environment ensuring user’s privacy

Whenever you feel like sharing a page in your browser, just hit a customizable key combination to invoke an extension that pops up a dialogue where you can type in your optional message. Hit Send and Frenzy does the rest of the job and immediately returns focus back to the application you were using.

Social Network Macbook app


Frenzy is not a Facebook killer and it is isn’t a replacement for other consumer social networks, such as LinkedIn or MySpace. It’s main purpose is to allow easy creation of private social networks with advanced content sharing capabilities. The application will be boon for ad hoc projects at workplace that require additional capabilities beyond dumb file sharing.

Frenzy is available in public beta right now and works on Mac OS X 10.5 or newer the newer versions with Intel processors. The beta is free and will not expire, but the final version will not be free. The existence of Frenzy on the Mac App Store depends on how Apple feels about its requirement for the Dropbox to function.

Source: 9to5Mac


Among all the families of Camera, Point and shoot cameras are most popular. They are widely used and since they just require you to Point the camera and click to capture the moment, they are quite handy. I have a DSLR camera, but when ever I’m going to any important event, I carry a Point and shoot camera too. This usually comes useful, when you have to click photos back to back in auto mode. Now, With the holiday season approaching there is a stiff competition amongst world’s top manufacturers to provide the best point and shoot camera with advanced technology and user friendly features in an affordable price.

The camera which is easier to carry and also provides an enhanced photography experience. We present the list of top 10 point and shoot cameras based upon affordability and features:

Top Point and Shoot Cameras

I’m listing these cameras in not any particular order and also specifying pros and cons of these models, which will help you to make a decision on your next camera shopping.

Samsung ES75

Samsung ES75 is a compact budget point and shoot camera that provides a fast clicking experience by responding within seconds since you switch it on.  The camera comes with built in flash. It has been marketed under the tag “intelligent LCD” by Samsung.  Its LCD screen automatically adjusts the brightness level based upon the availability of light. The camera offers an inbuilt mono speaker along with a total of 13 scene modes. Its menu is extremely user-friendly compared to its competitors.

Samsung ES75

Following are its specifications:

  • 14.2MP camera
  • 5X Optical Zoom , 3.0X Digital Zoom
  • Weight: 121.3 gm
  • Dimensions: 96.3 x 58.3 x 20.8mm
  • Battery: Rechargeable BP-70A, 3.7VCharger
  • 105 MB inbuilt memory, upgradable
  • TTL auto focus
  • Focal Length: f = 4.9mm to 24.5mm
  • Sensor Size: 1/2.33 inch
  • Digital Image Stabilization
  • LCD size: 2.7 inch
  • Image Resolution: 230000dots


  • No Optical IS

Nikon CoolPix S4300

Nikon CoolPix S4300With the introduction of Nikon CoolPix S4300, a touch screen was provided by Nikon to shutterbugs. It offers beautiful pics without the need of much modifications. The device offers user-friendly photo editing features as well. The camera’s light weight makes it easy to carry. Nikon also has provided a stylus to enhance the touch screen experience.

Following are its specifications:

  • 16.0 MP camera
  • 6X Optical Zoom, 4.0X Digital Zoom
  • Weight: 139 gm
  • Dimensions: 20.8 x 95.5 x 58.9mm
  • Battery: EN-EL19 Li-ion Rechargeable Battery
  • 74 MB inbuilt memory, upgradable
  • Focal Length: f = 4.6mm to 27.6mm
  • Sensor Size:  1/2.3 inch
  • Lens-shift VR Image stabilization
  • LCD size: 3 inch
  • Image Resolution: 460,000 dots


  • Inefficient shutter tag.

Nikon Coolpix S620

Nikon has marketed this camera with the tag ‘built for speed’. The Nikon Coolpix S620 offers and enhanced and efficient photography experience for shutterbugs with its BSS (Best Shot Selector) function. This trendy device also offers vibration reduction feature offers a higher quality of pictures especially while you are travelling and clicking pics. Powered by anti blur features this camera is a must for shutterbugs who desire high-resolution pics.   

Following are its specifications:

  • 12.20MP camera
  • 4X Optical zoom, 4X Digital zoom
  • Weight: 120 gm
  • Dimensions: 90 x 53 x 23 mm
  • Battery: Li Ion
  • 45 MB inbuilt memory, expandable
  • Focal Length: f = maximum upto 35mm
  • Sensor Size: 1/2.33inch
  • LCD size: 2.7 inch
  • Image Resolution: 230000 dots


  • Weak glare

Check out Price on Amazon

Samsung DualView TL225

Samsung DualView TL225 with its elegant dual screen design provides an enhanced touch screen that responds to a tap or hand gesture as well. Its auto scene recognition feature chooses the best compatible setting for your pics. This is an ideal device for beautiful and quicker self-portrait creation. The device offers a range of exciting features and its light weight makes it easy to carry. To enhance the quality of portraits it also offers a unique feature called “Beauty Shot”. The camera also provides HD quality video recording.

Samsung DualView TL225

Following are its specifications:

  • 12.2MP camera
  • 4.6X Optical Zoom
  • Weight: 164g
  • Dimensions: 100 x 60 x 19 mm
  • Battery: Rechargeable battery:SLB-07B
  • inbuilt storage via micro SD card
  • TTL auto focus
  • Focal Length: f = 4.9mm to 24.5mm
  • Sensor Size: 1/2.33 inch
  • LCD size: 3.5 inch
  • Image Resolution: 230000 dots


  • Inbuilt storage needs a micro SD card

Canon PowerShot SD4000IS

Canon PowerShot SD4000 IS a compact camera with lots of exciting features. Its unique back-lit CMOS sensor provides efficient photography experience even in low light situations. The camera provides noise free images.  Its unique f/2 lens provides depth to photos and provides the option to even blur the rear portion in order to highlight the pic and give it a sort of pop up quality.  Its shutter priority exposure mode lets the user select a specific shutter speed and the camera decides the exposure level by adjusting the aperture.

Following are its specifications:

  • 10.0MP camera
  • 4.0X Digital Zoom
  • Weight: 175g
  • Dimensions: 100.0 x 54.1 x 23.6 mm
  • Battery: Battery Pack NB-6L
  • inbuilt memory
  • TTL auto focus
  • Focal Length: f = 4.9mm to 18.6mm
  • Sensor Size: 1/2.3 inch
  • LCD size: 3.0 inch
  • Image Resolution: 230000 dots


  • Weak picture quality in low light situations

Canon PowerShot S95

Canon PowerShot S95 incorporates the classic HS SYSTEM of Cannon which provides efficient pic even in low light situations. Its large aperture size enables photography even without a flash. The device provides stronger image stabilisation. The device looks much more trendy and stylish compared to its predecessors.Its Hybrid IS features promises high quality HD videos.
Following are its specifications:

  • 10.0MP camera
  • 4.0X Digital Zoom
  • Weight: 193g
  • Dimensions: 99.8 mm × 58.4 mm × 29.5 mm
  • Battery: Rechargeable Battery Pack NB-6L
  • No inbuilt memory
  • TTL auto focus
  • Focal Length: f = 6.0mm to 22.5mm
  • Sensor Size: 1/1.7-inch CCD sensor
  • LCD size: 3.0 inch
  • Image Resolution: 461000 dots


  • Comparatively higher Price

Samsung MV900F

Samsung MV900F retains the classic Samsung feature of providing high quality self portraits. It CMOS image sensor offers bright and beautiful pics. Its unique motion based control system offers comparatively better quality pics especially in travelling conditions.

Following are its specifications:

  • 16.3MP camera
  • 5X Optical Zoom
  • Weight: 132 gm
  • Dimensions: 98.5 x 59.9 x 17.2mm
  • Battery: Lithium Ion
  • No inbuilt memory
  • TTL auto focus
  • Focal Length: f = 4.5mm to 22.5mm
  • Sensor Size: 1/2.33 inch
  • Optical Image Stabilization
  • LCD size: 3.0 inch
  • Image Resolution: 921000dots


  • No Inbuilt memory

Nikon CoolPix L22

Nikon CoolPix L22 is a low cost point and shoot camera from Nikon that does not compromise on quality and effectiveness despite its price range. It electronic vibration reduction feature ensures that your picture quality remains unaffected even while you are clicking pics while travelling. The camera offers inbuilt memory as well. Its lens provides faster clicking experience by responding within seconds. Its video recording feature offers Easy Auto and Movie modes as well which provides enhanced quality videos.

Following are its specifications:

  • 12.0MP camera
  • Optical Zoom
  • Weight: 183 gm
  • Dimensions: 97.7 x 60.5 x 28.3mm
  • Battery: AA (Alkaline, NiMH, Oxyride or Lithium)
  • 19MB inbuilt memory
  • TTL auto focus
  • Focal Length: f =
  • Sensor Size: 1/2.3 inch
  • VRImage Stabilization
  • LCD size: 3.0 inch
  • Image Resolution: 230,000-dots


  • Less features

Canon PowerShot A3100 IS

Canon PowerShot A3100 IS with Easy Mode and its optical image stabilization feature gives it an upper hand over its competitors. Its light weight makes it easy to carry. Its built in flash provides better quality images even in low light situations. It’s a great device for photography purposes.

Following are its specifications:

  • 12.0MP camera
  • 4X Optical Zoom
  • Weight: 154 gm
  • Dimensions: 97 x 58 x 28 mm
  • Battery: Lithium ion rechargeable
  • No inbuilt memory
  • TTL auto focus
  • Focal Length: f = 6.2 top 24.8mm
  • Sensor Size: 1/2.3 inch
  • Optical Image Stabilization
  • LCD size: 2.7 inch
  • Image Resolution: 230,000-dots


  • Video does not provide optical zoom feature

Sony CyberShot DSC-W180

Sony CyberShot DSC-W180 provides soft and high quality images with its user friendly auto mode. Its digital image stabilization feature provides high quality pics without any blur. Its a device that is user friendly and much simpler to use compared to its competitors.
Following are its specifications:

  • 10.1MP camera
  • 3X Optical Zoom
  • Weight: 108 gm
  • Dimensions: 91.0mm x 54.5mm x 18.7mm
  • Battery: Lithium-Ion NP-BK1
  • 12 MB internal flash memory
  • TTL auto focus
  • Focal Length: f = 6.2 top 18.6mm
  • Sensor Size: 1/2.3 inch
  • Digital Image Stabilization
  • LCD size: 2.7 inch
  • Image Resolution: 230,000-dots


  • Shutter or Aperture values cannot be changed

Do let me know which one of these Point and shoot camera you are going to buy? If you have other better suggestions, do let me know via comments.



One of the good thing about top mobile operators are, they offer many value added services which makes life easier for us. India’s most popular cellular network, Airtel introduced a new service call Call me Back, which is a unique free VAS for Airtel customers.

What would you do when you have low balance in your Airtel Pre-paid connection and you need to talk to another Airtel customer urgently?  In most of the scenario, you would simply give a missed call and wait for the customer to call you back. Or you would just make a call and talk till the time your last few talk time is finished.

Airtel Call me Back Service:

Airtel Call me back service is a newly added feature for Airtel customers, which helps you to get a call back from another Airtel customer without paying anything. This service works from one Airtel number to another and here I will explain how to use this feature.

Airtel call me back service will let you send a free SMS to another Airtel customer when your balance is low. Suppose you need to get a call from another Airtel (Pre paid or Post-paid) customer in case of insufficient balance, you can send an SMS to 121 and 121 service will send an SMS to another user saying “Please Call me back, Thank you”

All you need to do is, send an SMS to 121 in following format:

Just SMS writing CALL <space> <airtel mobile number you want to speak to .> and send it to 121.

Ex: CALL 8800980000

Another user will get an SMS from your number saying “Please Call me Back, Thank you”.

This service is free and when another user will call you, he will be charged according to his calling plans. For any Airtel Pre-paid customer, this is one very useful service and specially when you are out of balance and need to make any urgent call. Specially, when you are travelling and out of balance, you can always take advantage of this service and notify your friends or family member using “Call me back” and ask them to recharge your account.

Do remember:

  • This service will work only when your Pre-paid mobile balance is less than Rs. 1
  • You can use this service 3 times a day.

Go ahead and try out Airtel Call me back feature and let me know what you think about this latest addition from Airtel. Also, let me know what other free VAS, you like from Airtel?

BBM voice call

I’m not a Blackberry loyalist but I always loved the BBM feature. Probably this is one of the first OS based messaging client which laid the foundation of iMessage and Chaton. Apple went one step ahead with features like Facetime which will help you to make free video calls from one iOS to another iOS users. Now, here is a good (Err.. Great) news for BBM users.

BBM voice call

Blackberry released BBM version 7 which integrate a new feature BBM voice Call. As name suggests, BBM voice will let you make free voice calls to another BBM users when you are connected to Wi-fi. Most of the Blackberry users I know, are constantly connected with BBM messenger and now with BBM voice they can make free Voice calls.

Here are some of the features of BBM voice in Version 7:

  • You can simultaneously make voice call and text with other BBM users
  • When a user is available for voice call on BBM, you will see an indictor.
  • Users can reject the call by texting back.
  • You need to be connected to Wi-fi to make free BBM voice calls

Along with this, BBM version 7 integrates user ID with their Blackberry ID, so that users can backup important data like Chats, contacts, Groups and so on. For now it’s not clear if BBM version 7 will be available in upcoming Blackberry 10.

You can learn more about BBM in official page here and check out the BBM voice images on Theverge.

RIM is too late to integrate this feature but I’m sure existing Blackberry users will love this feature. For now, there is no indication if BBM voice will work with blackberry data plans or not, as it may affect existing carrier revenue via paid voice calls. The way iOS and android is covering the market, a feature like this will be really helpful for RIM to retain their current customer base and add few more.

Since BBM service is one of the most reliable messaging service and an integrated voice call service will help users to cut down cost on long VOIP calls. Specially corporates in Indian (Where Blackberry is mostly used), if used wisely, it will help to reduce down the cost on long distance calls and also make the communications faster.

Blackberry users, do let me know your take on BBM voice ? Do you think this service is going to be very useful or you going to stick with BBM text for now?


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