Tips For Avoiding Gmail Data Loss

Gmail Data LossIf you use Google Apps for business, then Gmail may be an important part of your everyday activities. Your Gmail inbox can include communications from your coworkers, employees, superiors and even business associates from around the world. Gmail is convenient because you can access it from multiple locations and all your company’s employees can access email from the same interface, even if you use POP or IMAP to route messages from your company’s domain name to your Gmail account.

It’s a good idea to get to know the features and limitations of Gmail, especially if you use Google’s server space as your sole method to backup your emails. For instance, Gmail does allow you to restore Gmail emails that you have deleted that currently reside in your trash folder, which can help you to save effort and face if you accidentally delete messages, but sometimes data becomes permanently lost to you. Knowing what situations cause this can help you to prevent data- and message-loss that can have a high cost.

Prevent Gmail data loss by knowing it’s limitations and Features

30-Day Trash Limit

According to Google, messages can only remain in your trash box for up to 30 days after you have added them. Thus, if you think you may need to restore Gmail messages, you should keep the messages in your inbox rather than moving them to your trash folder.

Permanently Deleted Email

Once you click the button to permanently empty your trash folder, the data that was in it becomes lost forever. Google itself will not be able to retrieve this information for you. Take care not to accidentally click this button if there is any data that you might want to keep in your trash folder.

Archive, Don’t Delete

Prior to Gmail, users like yourself didn’t have many options besides simply saving emails that you might need sometime in the future or deleting them. However, Google has included the ability to archive messages and data with their mail service. This will remove messages from your inbox without placing them in your trash folder. Archiving messages is a great way to keep them but also keep them out of the way, if you’re not sure if you might need to use that data again. You can still search through the messages with Gmail’s search feature.

Remember to Back Up Your Data

A recent study on google apps data loss by Backupify evaluated the reasons why businesses lose data and found that 63% of occurrences are due to user error. While Gmail itself does make it easier to retrieve deleted messages than many services or programs, you might want to consider other alternatives. For example, one of the Google Apps for business users is a vault service that allows you to create a data backup from Google services like chat and mail to make it easier to organize and find data during times of litigation. Third-party programs like Backupify help you to back up one or more Gmail accounts and save that data to a separate, secure online archive. When the information is important, backing up is also important. Also read, Gmail apps FAQ’s

Bonus tip: Do enable Gmail 2 step authentication to ensure safety of your account. You can find details here.

Accidents do happen, even if you’re comfortable using Gmail. It’s good to be prepared for potential viruses, user errors, glitches or unauthorized access to your Gmail, all of which can result in permanent data loss. Being able to recover that information with a few clicks certainly brings peace of mind.

How Much Data Does a FaceTime Call Use?

facetime data usage

So what did we find out?

Now that we have made FaceTime an integral part of how we communicate, we decided to find out how much data it is consuming. This is important for a lot of users who may not be on an unlimited data plan be it 3G or wi-fi. Keeping an eye on how much data Facetime is using, will make sure you never cross your data limit, and don’t get over billed for the usage.

For those living under a rock, here are some FaceTime related articles:

Facetime Data usage test:

Facetime is free, and works best when you are using high speed internet connection (Wi-fi, 3G, 4G).  We made a FaceTime call from our iPhone 4 (over 3G) to our new iPod Touch 4G which recently shipped. The results for the test call are as follows:

  • Call Duration: 10 minutes
  • Data Sent: 14.6 MB
  • Data Received: 15.1
  • Total Data (Sum of above) : 29.7 for ten minutes

We can conclude from the above that FaceTime is using approximately three megabytes per minute. So, an hour long conversation would involve around 180MB of data. A similar test conducted by 9to5Mac yielded the same results. Though, this result may vary depending upon which version of iOS device you are using.  So, when you are choosing a wi-fi plan at home go for unlimited connections to avoid huge data charges. Similarly, make sure you consider data charges on all the networks before you choose a 3G connection from the upcoming providers in India.

How to use Vine for Beginners

Twitter is for sharing thoughts in 140 character limits. Normally, when Twitter users want to share videos through the platform they tweet a link to it. Their followers then click the link to be taken to another website to see the video. It’s up to them whether they come back to Twitter or not.

Then came Vine, the new IOS app everyone is buzzing about.

Twitter bought Vine in October 2012 and debuted it for free download in January 2013. The app allows users to capture and upload six second video loops to Twitter that followers can see in their stream without leaving the Twitter interface. Although Twitter says it’s developing the app for other platforms, Vine is currently only available for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. Originally, the app’s minimum age was 12 but due to the influx of adult themed videos, Twitter has raised it to 17 years old.

Benefits of Vine:

Vine iPhone appVine is good for Twitter for two reasons. The first is that it adds a richness to the platform that it lacked previously. Adding a new element to the content makes just makes the Twitter experience better overall.

The second reason is that it keeps more users on the platform instead of sending them out to third party websites to watch these videos. The more it keeps those users within the platform, the higher its traffic and usage stats. Those numbers affect advertising prices among other things.

There are benefits for users, too. In terms of sharing, individuals and brands have gotten used to using post updates and images to reach their audiences. Video is an option but most of the time it’s an involved process to create the longer videos you see on Youtube and other video sites. Vine is a quick and easy way to connect with others through moving images. It also is the most hassle free way to upload video to Twitter at the moment.

Getting Started with Vine

Using Vine is a lot like using Instagram, but there are still a few things you need to know about the services. Here are some facts to keep in mind:

Expect simplicity. Vine is super simple. Just hold the create button to make a video and let go when you’re done. There are some users who will be disappointed by the lack of advanced features of the app. But the fact that you don’t have to be a genius to use it well is part of the design.

It’s all about keeping it short. Long videos aren’t for Vine. Like Twitter, Vine is about an abbreviation of an experience. You may think six seconds is too short to make an impression but it’s not. It just means you have to get to the point right away.

It’s not just about the video. After you’ve created a video, that’s not the end. You also can add captions with hashtags and location information.  This gives your followers some sort of context to your creations. It’s also important to making your Vine videos searchable through the app, Twitter, and other platforms.

It’s not just about Twitter. Vine is a separate app and platform from Twitter. You don’t have to be on Twitter to use Vine. You create a separate profile and have a separate follower count on Vine. And while you can share your Vine videos to your Twitter account, you can also share it to Facebook. Other sharing options may be added in the future.

Don’t forget to explore. Vine is to Twitter what Instagram is to Facebook. It’s connected but separate. And just as you can use Instagram to search the app to find new and interesting content, Vine’s explore option allows you find interesting videos through hashtags and keywords.

Go ahead and try Vine, and let me know if you still have any questions. You can also subscribe to our Email newsletter for more updates.

30 Top Cydia Tweaks for iPhone 5 [Videos]

When we talk about jailbreaking your iOS devices, it doesn’t restrict us to installing Jailbroken applications but it also allows you to install useful paid or free Cydia tweaks. For example Internet tethering is not available on iPad, but with one paid cydia app call My Wii 4.0, we can share internet from iPad.

Similarly there are numerous Cydia apps which adds tons of functionalities and tweaks into your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) and enhances it’s feature. If you liked any of the paid cydia tweaks, you need to buy it. You can read our guide on How to buy apps from Cydia store

Here is a very useful and well taken video showing top 30 Cydia tweaks which you can consider installing on your iOS device. This video is show on iPad and along with the name of Cydia app and it’s usage to better understanding of that particular cydia tweak.

Some of the apps which I have installed on my iPad or iPhone from the list are:

  • Inifineboard
  • Inifnidock
  • SBSettings
  • Cydelete
  • Winterboard
  • Pull to refresh Safari and many more

Here are few more Cydia tweaks January 2013 edition:

Though I would never suggest you to install all the 30 Cydia tweaks but instead install only the one which you use.  Install one cydia tweak at a time and check if it’s working normally or not. In case if it’s not working, you can refer to my earlier post on How to uninstall Installld Cydia apps.

Do let us know which are your favorite Cydia apps from the above list of Cydia tweaks?

Top Cydia Repos That You Should Use

Top Cydia ReposLot of people don’t know what to do once they’ve Jailbroken their iOS device, they don’t know where to find all the cool stuff. Of course it’s all available in Cydia’s Sections tab, but that’s just too much to search from. In such cases, it is necessary to add certain repositories, repo as we know it, to Cydia wherein you can get all the benefits of having a Jailbroken iOS device.

Now, the difficult part is that there are many repos to chose from, and you can go on adding them and almost all of them have similar content. Here I’ll be writing about the top cydia repos that you can add to get the most out of your Jailbroken iOS device and enjoy all those free and premiumr apps. Also I’ll be telling you how to add repos to Cydia later on in the post.

Top 5 Cydia Repos and Sources

Cydia usually comes with ModMyi, Telesphoreo Tangelo and the BigBoss Repos, so I’m not going to count those. These Cydia repos are updated for iOS 6.1.1, and after Evasi0n jailbreak, you can add them manually.

iPhoneCake Repo

If you’re a game freak, and want access to many gaming titles then this is the repo for you. It has games such as Need for Speed, Asphalt, FIFA and much more.

You can add iPhoneCake repo to Cydia from Manage>Sources>Edit>Add:

Sinful iPhone Repo

Another repo that contains a lot of themes and apps to customize your jailbroken iOS device. The collection is not as large as that of BigBoss Repo, but it has some good apps and themes that will make your iOS device even better.

To add Sinful iPhone Repo go to Cydia>Manage>Sources>Edit>Add:

iSpazio Repo

The iSpazio repository is mainly an italian one, but it has many international apps, themes, wallpapers and games as well. It’s good to have this on your list of top 5 repos and enjoy awesome customization of your iOS device.

To add iSpazio Repo to Cydia go to Manage>Sources>Edit>Add:

iModZone Repo

Last, but not the least, the iModZone repo, for all your crazy theming and wallpaper needs. Browse through the repo once it’s installed to see what I mean by crazy themes and wallpapers.

To add iModZone Repo to Cydia go to Manage>Sources>Edit>Add:

That’s the Top 5 repos that I would suggest you to add in Cydia. Now if you don’t know how to add a repo in Cydia, then follow these steps.

How to add repo to Cydia:

  • Enter Cydia, and then go over to the Manage tab.

Cydia Repos

  • Now select Sources and tap on Edit>Add(on the top left corner).

Cydia Sources

  • A dialogue box will appear where you’ll have to enter the required repo address. Enter one of the address from the above list and it’ll be automatically added to your Sources.

Cydia Adding Sources/repos

  • Now to browse through the repos, enter Source and then browse, install, preview as many apps, themes, ringtones, wallpapers as you want.

Enjoy and do let us know which is your favorite repo for apps, themes etc.