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Vivox chat is a cool facebook application which will enable voice conversation with your facebook friends. This application is available for every facebook users.

This application supports up to 100 people at once.Till now we got some great review about this VOIP application related to its voice quality. Soon we can expect more features to be added into this application like Voice mail, voice poke.


For now this application support popular Internet explorer versions and Firefox. Soon we can expect the support for Chrome browser as well.

Install application


There are many tools which talk about sending free sms from mobile and many of them actually work, but iPhone is different than normal symbian phone and this is good news for iPhone users that they can now send free sms using an iphone application call Ping.

Though Ping will allow you to send free SMS from only iPhone to iPhone and only people who are using this application. Earlier Ping used to be a free application but now it’s costing 99cents and can be downloaded from iphone application store.

ping-screen Source

This application support iPhone and ipod touch and perfect to stay on touch with your friends via text. It uses push technology and you will get feel of real text (SMS) messaging using this application.

<Download application>

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Yahoo has released its 10th version of Yahoo messenger. Though Downloading Yahoo messenger online may be appropriate for users with high bandwidth but if you need to install yahoo messenger on more then 1 computer , online yahoo installer may not be what you need.

Yahoo messenger 10 has come up with some great features like

  • New Icons
  • Better way to Organize contacts
  • High quality Video calls
  • Hover menu to quick IM


See this video of yahoo messenger 10

You can download the Yahoo messenger from Official website

Download Online installer

You can download the Offline installer from Rapidshare link

Download complete offline installer


Remove USB write protection error

The other day, my Kingston 2GB USB Pen Drive started showing up this weird error every time a Write operation was performed. I couldn’t rename, delete or write any file or folder. Even format operation was not being performed saying the disk is write protected. Just as I was about to give up thinking the Pen Drive had died I found out a solution.

You need to Low – Level Format your USB pen drive. Windows or even GParted in Linux does not perform a Low-Level format. They just do a normal one. Here I give below 2 such free utilities which will help you to format your USB drive and get it to work.

Run any of these and after format is complete. Reformat using the windows utility. It’ll start to work again. Be sure to recover all files before running a low level format as no recovery is possible after that.

Download : Apacer USB Repair Utility

Download : HDD Low Level Format Tool

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For all those who wish to learn or enhance there skills in SQL using Microsoft SQL Server, the following 13 part video series will prove very beneficial.

It starts from scratch and takes you from What is a Database? all the way to building your own database driven application.

The first few videos focus on the theoretical aspects of a relational database, normalization, primary key, foreign key concepts.

Download SQL Server 2005 Express video tutorials


One of the most common advice which you will get to download files from Internet is by using Torrent. Though many people are still are not aware “What are Torrents” and here I’m sharing basic guidelines for Torrents which will help people to start downloading torrent files.
What are Torrents
Most people use torrents to download music, movies,  ebooks , software etc. Copyright violation and piracy are rampant in the torrent world. Most people I know, just don’t care. When you can get something for free why would you consider spending even a nickel?

So, how do they work and how different are these from the regular downloads?

Unlike, sites from where you can download stuff directly from the web server. Torrents just keep record of what is called a “Tracker“. A Tracker is the server which keeps track of the swarm. The swarm consists of many seeds and peers.

What are Torrent files

Torrent files come with .torrent extensions and there are many popular clients like uTorrent, iTransmission which will help you to download torrent files from internet.
A torrent file may be just 16KB while the file it contains the tracker to i.e the file which you wish to download might be over 1GB. For example Movie torrents or linux OS torrent which is legally available on LInux site.
There are couple of basic torrent terminology and we will look popular once:


A seeder is the one who has completed the download and has 100% of the file you want. Normally any torrent file is uploaded with 1 seeder and once other people start’s downloading torrent, they become seeder too.

Leechers and Peers:

A peer is the one who has completed only a part of it, and is currently downloading just like you. He downloads and uploads. Where as leechers are those who have finished downloading the file but they are not uploading any more. Most of them control Torrent upload speed or stop the torrent after downloading.

In that sense, the larger the swarm, better are your chances of downloading the file. A 2:1 ratio of seeds and peers is considered great while 1:1 although fine may not give the best downloads speeds. Anything less than that means its not worth the time.

When you start downloading, bits and pieces are downloaded one by one and combined together at your end by a Torrent client example utorrent for windows/linux, transmission for MAC.

The speed at which you upload is called upspeed and the speed at which you download is called downspeed. Downspeed is what is important to you while upspeed is of importance to the peers who are downloading the same file.

The reason why torrents are so popular is because people are compelled to upload while they are downloading. If you cap your uploads speeds, your download speeds are automatically reduced! If you wish to do some social work, you can continue seeding after your download is complete.

You can easily search torrents using Torrent search engines and one site which I perticularly like a lot of Torrent butler for downloading movies.

Two direct torrent sites which I prefer are :

I hope this tutorial will give you basic knowledge about Torrents and if you still have questions regarding How torrent works, do let me know via comment.


twitter-logo_000.jpegA lot of my friends use facebook status updates, most are either not aware of Twitter or its the complacency getting used to yet another service. Most are in the dilemma whether that constant need to tweet will take over there lives.

On the contrary, I wonder why people use facebook status updates when they can do it on twitter. After all, Tweets are much more flexible and gives you a wider reach. There’s a whole new phenomenon where Twitter is being used as a mini search engine (It actually indexes quickly than Google)

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Absolute Beginner’s Video Series

vbnetThis video series is designed specifically for individuals who are interested in learning the basics of creating applications using Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition. The series includes over 10 hours of video-based instruction that walks you through creating your first “Hello World” application to a fully functioning RSS Reader application. Learn how to write your first application today.

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Windows Forms Controls Series

Lesson 1:  How to Add Audio Part 1

This video shows how to use the SoundPlayer control to play wav audio files in your application.

Duration: 7 minutes, 9 seconds

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30 Best Free WindowsXP software

Every couple of years or so, I format my PC’s hard drive, reinstall Windows, and start again with a clean slate.  Instead of automatically reinstalling all the programs I had running before, I start working, and reinstall applications on an as-I-need-them basis. Here are the Windows apps I run on my clean new Windows desktop now.

Primarily I use Windows XP Pro; never quite made the full-time switch to Vista. Many of the apps below are directly related to what I have do to as a tech writer, so as always, your mileage can and will vary. All items are free to download unless otherwise noted.

Web Browsing software for Windows

  • Firefox (primary web browser) with many extensions:
    • Foxmarks (bookmark synchronizer)–must-have for anyone who uses more than one computer
    • Adblock Plus (advertisement blocker)
    • Auto Copy (skip Ctrl+C)–saves keystrokes while blogging
    • Better Gmail 2 and friends–these are extensions I authored, so I dogfood ‘em
    • CoLT (link copier)–another blogging timesaver
    • Evernote Web Clipper (web clipping)
    • FireFTP (FTP client)
    • Google Gears (offline webapp access)–use this for WordPress and other webapps
    • Greasemonkey (user script manager)
    • Read It Later (web page reading shelf)
    • Ubiquity (universal browser commander)–here’s a little of what Ubiquity can do
    • Web Developer (webdev tools)

Windows Enhancements and Utilities

  • FileBox eXtender (open/save dialog customizer)–ugly as sin, but great for making your file list also show in details view, sorted descending by date (for example)
  • TeraCopy (better file copying)
  • Google Desktop (file search)
  • FoxIt (PDF reader)–lighter than Adobe
  • 7-Zip (archive manager)–handles more archive file types than Windows built-in ZIP extractor

Backup software for Windows

  • Mozy (online backup, offers limited free storage, with paid subscription options)
  • SyncBack Freeware (local backup)

Media software for Windows

Remembering Crap

Getting Things Done

  • EditPlus (text editor, $35)–fell in love with EditPlus years ago, paid for a license, and never looked back, even though there are strong free alternatives
  • Microsoft Office 2007 (office suite, not at all free)–use only when absolutely necessary


  • Digsby (instant messenger)
  • Thunderbird (email)–I use Gmail’s web interface for email, but POP my mail to Thunderbird once a month so I have an offline backup


  • Synergy (keyboard/mouse sharing software)–there’s a MacBook and a PC at my desk; Synergy lets me share a single mouse and keyboard between them
  • WinSCP (SCP and SFTP client)

Blogging Apps for Windows

  • SnagIt (screenshot-taking utility, $49)–lots more options than Alt+PrintScreen
  • Camtasia Studio (screencast-taking utility, $299)–excellent screencasting software
  • Texter (auto-text replacement utility)

via Gina Trapani