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This guide will help you unlock and jailbreak your iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS using a software called BlackRa1n on Windows.

This tutorial has been tested and works for iPhones having 3.1.2 firmware and 05.11.07 baseband. If your iPhone firmware version is older you can get 3.1.2 firmware here LINK and upgrade in iTunes and then proceed as follows. If you have a firmware newer than this, this guide will not work for you.

, in brief, is the process of freeing your Apple device from the restrictions imposed by the manufacturer. It’s a software installation which will hence give you ability to install third party applications including those unapproved by your carrier or Apple.

Unlock Once you unlock your iPhone you can use it with any carrier worldwide. Jailbreak is not the same as unlock.

Step one:
Head over to www.blackra1n.com and download the software for windows by clicking on windows icon.

Step two:
Connect your iPhone using the USB cable. Run the executable file you downloaded in previous step. Click on make it ra1n.

Step three:
Wait for device to go into recovery mode and blackra1n to run. You will see the blackra1n image on your iphone’s screen. You’ll get a confirmation on your computer screen. It took me less than a minute.

Step four:
After your device has rebooted there will be a new app icon called blackra1n. Make sure you have EDGE or wifi connectivity before you run the app.

You have three optional packages. Check Cydia(for third party application downloads) and sn0w(for unlocking your phone) and click on the Install button. Click on the close button once sn0w is installed. If you chose Cydia it will take a while to download and your phone will respring and be ready to use.

Step five:
You will not need this app now so remove it. Swipe across uninstall and click on delete.

If you benefitted from this app please consider thanking Geohot and donating to him.


While the following guide has been tested to work for the suggested devices, please proceed at your own risk. Apple classifies this process as illegal and you may void your warranty. We’re also not responsible if your phone starts calling distant planets. :)

Note: This process is reversible. You can simply restore your device in iTunes and set it up as a new one. You may want to do it before you take it to the Apple store for repairs.


Here is the complete list of links to Download iPhone Firmware for your Apple iPhone directly from Apple. Refrain from downloading firmware from sources other than Apple, as they might have intrusive code attached.

Download iPhone Firmware

Other Authentic Direct download links for  iPod Touch / iPad Firmware IPSW from Apple:

Download Device Codes:

  • 1,1 = iPhone 2G
  • 1,2 = iPhone 3G
  • 2,1 = iPhone 3GS
  • 3,1 = iPhone 4 GSM
  • 3,3 = iPhone 4 CDMA

iOS 1.0 to 3.1 Firmware Download Links:

iOS 4.0 Firmware Links:
iOS 4.1 Firmware Links:

*This list is up to date at the time of publishing of this post, and all links have been checked to be active and functional. We will keep updating the list with latest version of iOS firmware download links.


I hope most of here knows what’s Google411. Using Google 411 ( 1-800-466-4411) you can make free calls to any business listing in US and Canada. I just tried this IMG_0180 application and called Dell and other business unit in US. To use this service all you need to skype application installed in your iPhone and you can call 1-800-466-4411 from your iPhone and follow the voice command to make free call from your iPhone.

They have complete business listing of US and Canada, in case if you not sure about the complete name of the business unit, you can take the first name and voice response will automatically give you the list of business unit with that name. This is fun and working trick.

Do let me know how you found this free iPhone call trick?


Google Picasa desktop software is one of my favorite desktop image management tool. I also use it to upload my images to my Picasa album instantly from desktop. Picasa also introduced the face recognition technology sometime back.

Here is a cool tip which you can use to create collage from your photos quickly.

Open Picasa, select multiple images by holding CTRL and click on create photo collage at the top of it.

Watch this screenshots for more info :

photo_collage colllage_option

You can change lots of settings here and fine tune your photo collage.  One done click on create collage.

Now go and create collage of your friends and stick it on your facebook wall.


If you are like me who shifted from old Nokia phones to iPhone, I’m sure you must have missed the bluetooth sharing feature. Wasn’t it cool to share your photos, music or any other files from one phone to another using Bluetooth technology of the phone. This is something I always missed until now. Here is a good news foryou ifwanted to have an iPhone app which enables bluetooth file sharing on your phone.  The application is called iBlueNova and it was first launched in Cydia and now it’s also available in app store to download. (Links at bottom).

When we purchased a device from Apple we did not quite know that the hardware was capable of much more than what the brochure said. As time passed since the launch of the first iPhone we have come far and seen firmware updates enhancing our iPhone and iPod experience each time. Talking of which, the developer community outside Apple deserves great credit too who have helped us make better use of our devices.

Bluetooth sharing app

Interface The interface is very simple and intuitive. So you won’t quite need a tutorial to use this app. However if you face any difficulty sharing files for the first time do buzz us back. We might be able to help you out. I personally test drove this app and must say I’m totally loving this.

What can you Share? The best part about this app is that it lets you share practically everything on your iPhone. From pictures in the photo library to even songs that you synced using iTunes. The list goes on to videos and podcasts. You can even receive files. However, the songs and videos that you receive will not feature in iPod yet so you will have to use them with iFile.

Transfer Speeds I was totally blown with the transfer speeds. While a file transfer to a motorola phone gave me 18kbps transfer speeds, another transfer to my macbook gave me average speeds of 90kbps. You can see that in the above screenshot.

Price This app cost $1.99 and you can download it right now from app store..

Download iBluenova

So go ahead and try it out for yourself. We’d love to help you out to out best capabilities in case you are unable to transfer. Install the app on your device and share your experiences with us.



Earlier in our previous discussions on the Apple iPad, we only contemplated upon reasons to like and dislike the iPad. We largely agree that Apple itself has raised the bar for device standards and user expectations and it is indeed a difficult task to sell a new device. That apart we did not quite look into the competition that the iPad might already have in the market, so let’s see how the iPad fares against its rivals.

As we mention rivals to the iPad the first picture formed in our minds is that of the Amazon Kindle. So we shall first look how the iPad compares to the Kindle.

Beyond e-books

The Kindle does allow the reader to effortlessly read ebooks but beyond that? In today’s world we need access to media that goes beyond books. We regularly follow blogs, newsfeeds, screencasts, podcasts and even the twitter feeds from those who interest us. This is where the iPad has significant advantages over the Kindle.

Battery Life

While the iPad may beat the Kindle at other multimedia features it still is way behind in terms of battery life for obvious reasons. Owing to the E Ink technology the Kindle can offer more than a week of reading time against ten hours on the ipad, and that is largely going to appeal to the book readers. Book readers don’t need simultaneous applications while they are reading a book of their choice, so the iPad has yet to appeal to this segment of the consumers.

Price factor

The Kindle is priced similarly to the iPad. So it does make us feel that the Kindle is overpriced. Amazon would have to definitely revamp its device to be able to match up to the price tag. Also, the iPad’s prices will further come down in the future like the iPhone. It may be subsidized similarly by network providers as well as publishers.

Choice of store

While the iTunes store might have an upper hand over Amazon in terms of music and videos the same cannot be said about books. Amazon has a well developed catalogue for books and its recommendations are very helpful. The iTunes store is going to take a while to appeal as much as Amazon to the book-loving community.

So this comparison leads to more than just one conclusion. Firstly, the iPad and Kindle are not exactly targeted at the same consumer segment, at least not yet. The iPad is neither a netbook nor an ebook reader so it has to build for itself a new category as Jobs stated at the device launch.

Tell us what you feel about the iPad and the other ebook readers in the market.

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iPhone Sim contacts

When I bought iPhone 2G for the first time I was a complete newbie to iPhone. The first thing which I look for a way to import all my sim contacts into my iPhone contacts.  FYI iPhone has inbuilt feature using it, you can quickly import your Sim Contacts into iPhone.

To use this Sin contacts transfer feature all you need to do is.

Go to Settings > Mail contacts and calender > scroll down > Click on Import Sim contacts

iPhone Sim contacts

Make sure your iphone is charged enough before performing this feature.


iTunes is a complete management software for your iPhone. Though one thing which I never liked is when ever I connect my iPhone to my laptop, itunes start syncing music folder with my iPhone 3G s.

To stop this automatic syncing, you need to make a small change in the settings.

Follow the simple process :

Connect your iPhone to your laptop. Open iTunes and click on your iphone name. In the summery field , put a tick mark on the option which says :

Manually manage music and videos.

Find this screenshot to see how you can do it.


From now on, your itunes will not automatically sync music with your iPhone.


I’m a big fan of custom ringtones and despite of famous iPhone pre built ring-tones, I always prefer to create ringtones for iPhone by myself.  There are many iPhone apps which let you create ringtone directly from iPhone but here we will be using iTunes to make ringtones for our iPhone. I have been using this tutorial for my iPhone4 ringtones .

iPhone ringtones can easily be created using iTunes. To create ringtone for your iPhone follow these simple steps.

So lets get started with simple 1-2-3 step and create our first ringtone. All you need to pick is a nice song, which you want to convert into ring-tone.

Create Ringtones for iPhone with 1-2-3 step:

Select a song for which you want to create ringtone. Right click and click on get info.

In the option tab , select the start and stop time for your ringtone. Keep it lower than 35 seconds.

Create ringtones for iPhone

Now right click on song and click on Convert To AAC. In this case it will create a 30 second Aac file. Now right click on newly created aac file and click on show in explorer. Rename the file with extension .m4r

For example if your song name is songs.aac rename it to song.m4r , once done, all you need is to transfer the audio file to iPhone and from settings on your device, you can select the newly created ringtone. I’m sure it’s not something tough and anyone with little computer how to knowledge can end up making unlimited songs.

You can also upload these custom tones for your iPhone on file sharing sites and forums. Do let us know if you are stuck in middle or finding it hard to create one for your phone.


After I jailbroked my new iphone 3G S 32Gb youtube on safari browser stopped working. Since I was a newbie to iphone , I thought I might need some addon to play youtube videos, but I was wrong. To play youtube videos on iPhone we need to install an application from Cydia name “pushFix”

If you don’t know how to find Pushfix in iPhone you should read my previous post on

iPhone Cannot connect to youtube Error fixed. I have already mentioned step by step process to install pushfix from cydia.

After Installing Pushfix you need to restart your iphone . This will resolve the youtube not playing in safari browser in iphone issue.

Here is a working screenshot of youtube in my iPhone 3G s.

Youtube Iphone Safari Working

Youtube Iphone Safari Working

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