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iTunes AddonsWhen I started using iTunes , it was kind of mess up to select songs from library, manage those songs , sync them up. It used to take lot of time to organize iTunes library, for this reason I started using few iTunes Addons, which made my task easier, more organized and easy to sync with my iPod.

Here I have something for iTunes fan and who wish to extend the feature of iTunes.

Useful iTunes Addons for Geeks:


Moody is one of my favorite add-on. It helps you to play music according to your mood. You can search songs according to your mood rather than genre, you just need to tag songs. If you don’t want to tag your songs, you can download them from their database.


iTune sync:

iTune Sync allows you to synchronize any iTunes playlist with all popular MP3 Player. IT is available in multiple language if you are not comfortable with English. This is freeware and only for windows.


MP3 to iPod Book convertor

Mp3 to iPod convertor is again a useful iTunes Addons for windows. It helps you to convert your MP3 audiobooks and converts them to iPod format. The best feature is that you can start listening to the songs where you left when last played.


iTunes Remote Control

ITunes Remote control is for Mac users. It helps you to control the playback of iTunes on another computer on your network. It is great way to switch from one song to another from other computer and at your comfort.

iTunes Remote control

iTune monitor

iTune Monitor is very important for all iTunes addicted. If you use iTunes , you would also want to know who is connecting your iTunes shared library. iTunes monitor provides you the hostname and status of all the computer gets connected to your library.

itunes monitor

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These iTunes Addons are best way to make your iTune experience fun and great. Do share with us which iTune Add-on you use?


The HTML5 is one of the most promising upcoming standards. It has been faring very well against Flash and I am largely in favor of it. Niels Leenheer has come up with a new site that tells you approximately how well your browser renders HTML5.
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iPadThe latest tech buzz these days is about iPad. Here at Calling All Geeks we had quite many articles covering iPad. We had an interesting iPad video review followed by 15 pros and cons of iPad.
Going further ahead, here is a list of improvements that I think are required in iPad:

  1. Need of a webcam: I don’t understand how Apple missed this. Having a web cam is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity. Steve Jobs claimed during the launch that an iPad is “way better than laptop or smart phone”. But with no web cam to let me interact with friends around the world, I am skeptical about this claim.
  2. Support for flash website: iPad doesn’t support flash websites. Though many flash websites are coming with iPad compatible versions, still there are a lot of good small websites that might not offer iPad compatibility. Instead of asking websites to change from flash, Apple should start supporting flash based websites.
  3. USB connectivity: With no usb connectivity, iPad users will find themselves at a loss when it comes to connect some external peripheral device. Apple provides a single dock connector, though. But it can’t replace the usability of sd cards/usb ports.
  4. Apple Applications: You can only install applications provided by App Store. Since it’s my iPad, why not let me decide which application I want?
  5. Weight: With a weight of around 2.4 pounds (that is around 1.1 kg), it will be difficult to hold it in one hand and have the other hand do the typing using the on-screen keyboard.
  6. RAM: With a ram of just 256 MB, multi tasking will not be easy. Ram upgrade option could be amazing.
  7. Storage: iPad offers a maximum of 64 gb of storage, with no support for SD cards. Considering that many smart phones can hold that much of data, Apple will certainly have to work on this area.
  8. Battery Replacement: The battery of an iPad is not detachable or replaceable. So when the battery finally gives up (though various tests have confirmed that it has a long battery life), you’ll have to pay $99 + $6.95 shipping charges, for a replacement. The happier side is you’ll be getting a new iPad- ‘technically’, with a new battery. The down side is that it will result in doing a data backup. But with just 64 gb that should not be of much concern.

Are there any other areas you feel iPad should improve? Do let us know, through your comments. Maybe we can forward it to Steve Jobs then :).


Xmarks offers bookmark synchronization; that is you can access your favorite bookmarks from anywhere, for simplifying the process there is an Add-on for Firefox, Chrome, Safari (Mac), Internet Explorer, which helps you to synchronize your bookmarks across multiple computers and even multiple browsers. I would suggest you for using this Add-on with Firefox .


Credit: Flickr

This is very useful Add-on for all the people who work on multiple computers at home and office; they can easily sync their bookmarks and passwords from their home computer to office computer. Xmarks Firefox is quite easy to install and just with not much configuration you will be able to synchronize all your bookmarks.

Here are quick steps to sync your bookmarks and passwords through Xmarks:

  • Register yourself on Xmarks website.
  • Download Xmarks for Firefox from here.
  • Once you installed Xmarks in Firefox, you just need to Run Setup Wizard as shown below.


  • Click on the Next Button shown below.


  • If you have not created an account earlier you can create now, or skip through if you have already created an account. You will skip this step ,if you are setting it up from another computer.


  • Enter you’re your username, password in the screen shown below.


  • Once you enter username and password, it will ask you whether you would like to synchronize passwords, select no and click on next.


  • A Dialogue box will appear and you need to click ” Next”.


  • Following windows will appear.


  • After that your bookmarks are uploaded to the server. Now whenever you want to sync your bookmarks or passwords and just click on “Synchronize now” as shown below.


Xmarks also gives you options like synchronizing as soon as you open your browser or close browser, saving passwords and automatic synchronization. You can choose your preferences according to your requirement.

Hope you found this Add-on useful. Which add-on you use to synchronize your bookmarks from one computer to another?


Few days back I told you about latest iTunes 9.1 and yesterday when I was connecting my iPhone to iTunes, it was not recognizing my iPhone 3GS 32 Gb. For an instance I find it big issue for me as I was stuck nowhere.

itunes9.1 Here is the simple solution to this problem:

  • Restart your iPhone and Reconnect Else
  • Restart your iTunes and connect Else
  • Restart your Laptop/PC

In my case last one worked and I’m sure it will help you, if you find yourself in such issue.


iPad pros and consJoin CallingallGeeks on Twitter @callingallgeeks and Facebook @callingallgeeks to keep receiving free iPhone/Apple Updates.

The Apple iPad is a revolutionary tablet and no doubt almost all the products Apple launched under their brand name in last few years, has become a huge success. Not only, technical people but also general brand conscious people are jumping for Apple product and buying it.

Without any doubt, Apple iPad is an amazing piece of device and if you happen to be a Tech savvy user, you can easily utilize iPad for it’s maximum productivity. Though, newbies who are just planning to buy an iPad, they are not sure of iPad pros and cons and if they should really invest money into buying an iPad. Specially, when there are many cheap android tablets are available in the market.

Before, I start let me tell you I’m an Apple lover and I don’t hare android. In fact some of the app on Android are truly amazing but when ever I talk about usability, I always found issues with Android tablets in term of app crashing and so on. Where as, iPad usability and user experience is amazing. I initially bought iPad, then upgraded to iPad II and now I’m looking forward to grab the new iPad. For a geek, Apple iPad worth every money and if you are a frequent traveler, having an iPad with data plan will keep you on all the time. And you will be able to do many important office work on iPad screen.

Here are few Pros and Cons of iPad , which you must consider before buying iPad:

Pros of Apple iPad:

  • 10 hour battery life
  • Built in Speaker and microphone
  • Awesome App Store with Pandora of iPad apps.
  • Wi-fi + 4G
  • Good inbuilt storage: 64 Gb, 32Gb, 16 Gb
  • Retina Display
  • A5 CPU for great performance
  • 5 Mega Pixel Camera
  • Facetime for Video conferencing
  • Video chatting at 30/fps
  • Assisted GPS

Cons of Apple iPad:

  • Missing Flash support
  • No USB support.
  • No Multitasking
  • No Drag and Drop file management
  • No SD card reader.
  • iTunes dependent for syncing with system
  • Can”t connect as disk drive to computer without apps.
  • Expensive compared to other tablet in the market.
  • Supports HD connector Kit but another $39 for the same.
  • Quick update will make your iPad look like old generation stuff.
Well, these are some of the pros and cons of iPad that I can think of. For budget conscious people, Android OS is great but if budget is not an issue and you need a tablet for performance, productivity, design and look, The new iPad has no compeition. It”s worth each and every penny you spend on it. After using it for one and half year, I have no second thought recommending you to buy an iPad as your first tablet.

You won’t get all the features in single device and iPad is no exception, What is your insight about iPad? Is it worth buying?


This is a useful Chrome browser extension for people with Apple iPad, iPod, iPhone. This application will let you browse iPhone Application store quickly using your Chrome browser. According to official page:

View applications for iPod and iPhone. Browsing categories, top25, top paid and top frees. Also including search.

Here are screenshots of this Apps store extension:

chrome-iphone chrome-apps-store

Install this Extension


How to Watch Videos in iPad

Since iPad launched 2 days back and people started using it, most of users are new to this device and we will help you to grab the most useful tutorial around the web to make you familiar with iPad.

Gizmodo has prepare a complete tutorial on how you can watch videos on Apple iPad. This tutorial will help you to get started with Video feature in iPad. If you are existing iPhone user, you will find this tutorial very simple.


Guide on watching videos on the iPad

Do you own a iPad or planning to get one soon?


iPad is getting mixed reaction from around the web. Few people are loving iPad and few people are kind of ok with what iPad is delivering. I will be waiting for the next update from iPad when we will see some of the useful features, which are missing in iPad. But before that who already purchased iPad, here is collection of 4 useful iPad application which you can try :



I’m a big fan of Twitter and Tweetdeck is first application which I will be installing in my iPad. The tweetdeck iPad application supports almost all the features which native desktop tweetdeck application have. Must have for twitter love with an iPad. <link>

iPad Dictionary Application


Dictionary is one of the application which I Install on my desktop, iPhone and now iPad. With this application you can look out synonyms,antonyms and meaning of 1,000,000 words from Dictionary.com and Thesaurus.com. <Link>

Stumble Upon for iPad


If you are regular internet Surfer, you must be a fond of Stumble Upon. If you don’t know Stumble upon, it’s a useful site which let you discover lots of interesting content. This application is optimized for iPad and you will love to use it on your latest gadgets, to find interesting sites. <link>

iPad Kindle application


Kindle application for iPad is from Amazon.com and it also works with iPhone.  Using this application You can discover and read over 450,000 books in the Kindle Store, including the latest best sellers and new releases. <Link>

We will keep coming with more iPad news and iPad applications for you. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Email updates and also let us know which is your favorite iPad application?


Finally, Apple released the long awaited functionality to gift an app from the iTunes App Store. We have had the ability to gift songs, videos and movies, since long. However, we had been craving since really long for the ability to gift apps to friends and family. [click to continue…]