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Nokia has released another affordable 3G phone with 3.2 Megapixel camera with 4X digital zoom in India. The phone looks stylish and its an S40 series mobile phone.

It has solid set of features like sharing photos and videos in flickr, Ovi, YouTube, Facebook or via Bluetooth. The Nokia 7230 mobile is a compact slider with 2.4 inch color QVGA display and 3.2 MP camera with 4 X digital

zoom. It has nokia music manager, FM radio and also internal memory of 70mb which you can expand up to 16GB. It supports social networks and email services.

Features and Specification of Nokia 7230

  • Looking Colorful
  • Sleek Slider Design
  • 3.2 Megapixel camera (2048×1536 pixels)
  • Share photos quickly
  • 3G network, EDGE , GPRS
  • 2.4 inches display (240 x 320 pixels)
  • S40 series
  • Weight – 100 g
  • Phonebook – 2000 entries
  • Built-in Nokia music manager and FM radio
  • Colors – Graphite, Hot Pink
  • Price – Rs.5999

It’s nice to see Nokia targetting indian markets with low-priced mobile phones.

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Apparently it has been raining patents at 1 Infinite Loop Cupertino, this week. Two days ago we showed you the recently patented MultiTouch Library by Apple. Soon after, Apple was granted the patent numbered D615083 for the iPhone 3G design. [click to continue…]


If you are a blogger than there are few gadgets which you must have. I won’t write about expensive or stylish gadgets or provide the list of such gadgets which you hardly require in blogging. This article will only contain those items which I always prefer to use for daily blogging activities and also recommend you to use these gadgets.

Here is the list of 4 gadgets apart from laptop, which you must have for blogging purpose:

Cooling pad

    We blogger spend our maximum time on laptop and keep our laptop ON for hours which results in heating laptop and also crashing it. To avoid your laptop to be crashed it is important that you must use cooling pad and avoid losing your data.

    minifit cooling pad


      These days there are many laptops available which have built-in UPS in them. But if you are not using such laptop or using desktop, I would suggest that you must use UPS for your system. UPS will help your system from power troubles like brownouts, spikes or power failures.


      External Hard Drive

        External Hard Drive is generally ignored by bloggers, but I always prefer to have external hard drive to take backup of my blogs, folders, and important software. I can carry external hard drive to any place and can work.

        Hard Drive

        Internet connected phone

          Many bloggers might not agree with me, but if you keep on traveling to different places or away from your system for long time, this is best way to keep yourself updated in blogosphere and access social networking blogs, your urgent Emails and blogs.


          These all gadgets are useful for bloggers but when you purchase any of these gadgets make sure you read all the reviews about that product and then use it. It is always safe to use branded products, after all it’s kind of investment to your blogging career.

          Which Gadget you think is must for any blogger?


          Download Firefox For Nokia N900

          The world’s best web browser has gone mobile. Mozilla developers released an updated version of Firefox web browser for the Nokia N900 smart phone. Recently they have also released a pre-alpha edition of Firefox for the Android platform.

          Firefox For Nokia N900

          Nokia N900 comes loaded with the Maemo mobile platform and remains one of the few mobile platforms where you can actually use Firefox mobile browser.

          Firefox is the first mobile Web browser to support add-ons. You can customize your Firefox browser with more than 60 addons for Firefox mobile. You can view the add-ons catalog here.

          Firefox 1.1 mobile beta is built on the same browser engine as Firefox 3.6 for desktop computers with extensive under the hood work to optimize for mobile.

          Features of Firefox 1.1 beta for Nokia N900 -

          • Use volume rocker to zoom in and out on the Nokia N900
          • Download, First Run and Start page redesign to help you find and use your favorite Firefox features
          • Add-ons now auto update and view full add-on gallery from the Add-ons Manager
          • Portrait mode support on the Nokia N900
          • Form assistant improvements, including autocomplete
          • Context Menu with Open in New Tab and Save Image
          • Manage site preferences (clearing passwords and others)
          • Site Menu improvements and additions including Save to PDF, Forget Password and Add Search Engine
          • Web content theme update

          Watch Firefox for Nokia n900 video and download link below:

          Firefox 1.1 for Nokia 900 – Free Download


          Unboxing Pics of Nokia N8 Black

          Recently Nokia has launched the new multimedia monster Nokia N8 with many cool features like 12 mp camera, HDMI connector and other features. You can read Nokia N8 Review here. Yesterday a website called saudimac.com had a chance to try out the Nokia N8 in its black and has published some pictures of unboxing it.

          Here are the Pictures of Nokia N8 in Black Hands-on -

          1. Box content -

          In the box you can find Nokia N8, a charger, a USB cable / USB microphone, In-Ear Headphones, HDMI adapter.

          2. 3.5″ 16:9 nHD OLED screen

          3. HDMI port

          4. Direct micro USB connector

          5. 12MP Carl Zeiss camera

          Already few days back, Nokia N8 gray hands-on pics has been released. You can look out here.

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          If you bought a new iPhone, then I am sure you won’t even let others touch it. You might be taking care of it more than you take care of your loved ones. But are you sure you are taking care of your iPhone in right way? Many iPhone owners don’t have exact idea how to care their iPhone or they have lots of myths when it comes to protect their iPhone.


          Here are few tips to protect your iPhone:

          • Cover it:

          This is the basic thing to do as soon as you get your iPhone. A hard cover is best to cover your iPhone, especially from the scratches which generally appear around the places where the plastic is thin and increases chances to get more cracks and scratches, which makes your iPhone dull.

          • Keep it cool:

          If you use your iPhone too much then you must take care that it not heating much. Heating of iPhone is not good sign. If you are facing such problem, switch off your iPhone immediately and even after that if your iPhone is emitting heat then better to service it.

          • Battery:

          Many people have bad habit to keep iPhone applications on standby or running useless application in background. All these kind of activities, reduce your battery life. Make a habit of charging your battery properly and switch off when it is charged. It happens many times we forget to stop charging iPhone and get busy in other work.

          • Downloading applications:

          Huge numbers of applications are available for iPhone, but you should only download those applications from reliable source. Applications downloaded from malware websites, might crash your iPhone. If you ever face problem with application, reboot your iPhone again and remove that application.

          Recently iPad is reported as targeted by Hackers using Fake iTunes update.

          The more loaded your gadget is the more care you have to do, it goes same with iPhone. It is loaded with lots of features and thus need more care than other phones.

          If you have more tips to care for iPhone , Do leave a comment.


          Twitter has released the official Twitter app for Android. It says ” Twitter for Android: Robots like to share too “. Right now it appears to require an Android 2.1 or higher device to work. Recently few weeks ago, twitter has released the official twitter app Tweetie for iPhone, now it has done an excellent job for android fans.

          The interface looks cool, on the front screen you can see the trending topics appearing at the bottom, You get notifications alert at the background etc. The cool thing is the new twitter app for android syncs with your phonebook contacts too.

          With this awesome sync, you can see your friends status update right from your contact list. It integrates their phone numbers and email address.

          Features of Twitter app for Android -

          • Quickly access your timeline with the home screen widget which allows you to update your Twitter status without having to launch the app.

          • View a tweet location on a map.
          • Sync with Phonebook contacts
          • Finally sharing is made easy.

          The only drawback is, it doesn’t support multiple twitter account which you can get in seesmic and another one is Twitter Android is only for Android 2.1 and above.

          You can download Twitter for Android from the Android Market by searching for “Twitter”.

          Do share your thoughts on this new twitter app for android ?


          Clicking pictures on iPhone and sharing with your friends is cool and easy due to its internet connection. There are many iPhone application available  which are useful to edit your pictures and share across your friends. All these application are easy and free to use.

          Here are 3 cool applications to share pictures on iPhone:


          Twitxr helps you to share pictures on social networking websites. You can use Twitxr to publish pictures on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa. You can also add locations and status update with Twitxr.



          Kyte allows you to share your pictures directly to social media as soon as you click them. Kyte also offers you to share videos but you would be requiring 3G iPhone. It also allows you to share your photos to multiple devices and computers.



          Fliq is another free social networking application that allows to sync or send photos to your friends. Fliq also helps you to share your contacts on iPhone. It is available for iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC. It is easy to use and free to download.


          If you are a  social media person and love to share your pictures on social media through your iPhone, then these applications are for you.

          Do share with us which photo sharing tool you use for iPhone?

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          We all play lots of games on personal computer and laptops, and there are few classic games which we always enjoyed and loved to play at any point of time. Since the technology is changed and there are thousands of games available online but then also we always love some of the great classic games. I explored few classic games for iPad and thought of sharing it with you.

          Tic Tac Toe:

          We all played Tic Toe in our childhood, why not for iPad? Tic Tac Toe for iPad has few good features like human vs human, human vs iPhone. I like bright backgrounds of the game.


          Rush Hour :

          This is total fun game with sliding block traffic jam puzzle, it is having challenges for beginners as well as expert. So, if you never played rush hour give it a try on your iPad. A classic game packed with lots of new features.

          Rush Hour

          Spider Solitaire :

          Spider solitaire is the best card game for time pass. If you are not good in playing game, iPad version of Spider Solitaire gives you option to do unlimited “undo”. If you don’t like the green color of game then you can change the background and cards color.


          10 Pin Shuffle:

          Like bowling then you will love to play blowing game with 3d effects in iPad. You can play with computer or just go for practice game. The best part is its realistic sound effects which capture every nudge, bump, and collision on the table.


          Pac Man:

          If you like to share your scores online, then this is perfect game. You can play classic Pac Man and share your score online. There are 15 different levels to have a perfect fun on your iPad.

          Pac man

          These all games are free , so download and start having fun. Do share Which classic game you would love to play on iPad?


          Seems like India is going to go for more camera mobile phone as Nokia has come up with low-budget camera mobile phones in India. Till now, you can easily get camera phones for around 3-4K, but most of them will be 2.0 or max 3.2. Nokia has come up with X2 phones, which is a budget 5 MP camera phone.

          I’m very proud to be an Indian, because indians are the first to feel the new handsets from major vendors. Today Nokia has launched a new model in X series, Nokia X2 in India. Nokia X2 Cheapest 5MP Phone from Nokia.

          Nokia X2

          Though Nokia has recently released a variant of nokia handsets C3, C6, E5, N8 which makes social networking easy, Nokia X2 has a candybar model and available in two colors. One with red and black combination and another with blue and white combination.

          Features of Nokia X2 -

          • 2.2 inch QVGA screen
          • 5 megapixel camera (2592×1944 pixels)
          • Series 40 OS
          • Manage music through OVI player or Windows media player
          • FM Stereo Radio
          • 48 Mb inbuilt and 16 GB expandable memory MicroSD card
          • Facebook access from Homescreen
          • Standby time – 540 hours; Talktime – 810 minutes
          • Weight – 82 g
          • Bluetooth/GPRS/Edge and No 3G
          • Price is just Rs.5000 (85 euros / $112 before taxes)

          Features of Nokia X2 -

          Here is a video of this phone:

          Alltogether, Nokia X2 is a thin and chic feature music phone. You can buy Nokia X2 from official Nokia page at the cost of 4903, or you should check in your retail mobile market and you may find it for much cheaper price.

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