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5 Best USB Flash Drives

USB flash drives are always useful for everyone for moving data, applications or portable softwares. If you don’t own USB flash drive then I would recommend you to have one as soon as possible, it is one of the important gadget for all the bloggers and technology addicts.

USB Flash drives are portable and available with different memory capacity, you can select them according to your requirements. For making your search easy for checking out USB flash drives, I handpicked few of them which I prefer to recommend.

Here are 5 Best USB Flash Drives:

Sandisk Cruzer:

Sandisk Cruzer is a retractable USB Connector with capacity of 1 GB to 4 GB. Sandisk Cruzer Titanium consists of and Skype software, which helps you to place phone calls from any computer with internet connection. It is having U3 Software to make your task more easy and makes you productive.


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Edge DiskGo:

Edge DiskGo is another stylish and sleek USB Flash drive with capacity of 256/ 512 MB and 1/2/4/8/16/32/64/128 GB. It means you can choose according to your requirement and it really has good speed and loaded with features like encryption, hiding or lock folders. It is compatible with both Mac and PC.


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Lexar Jump Lighting:

Lexar Jump Lighting has capacity up to 8 GB. It also Includes Secure II software which will help you to protect data. As the name says, it is very fast when it comes to transfer data with speed of 24 MB/s read and 18MB/s write.

Lexar Jumpdrive lighting

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Transend JetFlash:

Transend JetFlash comes in different capacity of 2 GB/ 4 GB/ 8 GB and 16 GB. It is a ready boost and Retractable Connector. It also contains software for password protection and data encryption.


Link to Buy

HP v125w:

HP needs no introduction, HP V125w is available in 4 GB/ 8 GB and 16 GB storage capacity. It consists of Software for Virtual Application platform. It is also shock resistant and ready boost.


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The rates of all the USB flash drives are different according to their storage capacity, you can check out the links to know more about specific product rates.

These were few of my favorite USB flash drives, do share your favorite USB Flash drives.


We mentioned external Hard Drives last when we told you about useful gadgets for all the bloggers. An external hard disk has really become a necessity for most of us irrespective of our profession. The necessity arises either out of need for more space or the peace of mind when you have a backed up copy of all your important data and those photos you don’t wish to lose. This post will guide you on the process of choosing an external HDD(hard disk drive) that’s perfect for your needs.

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Chinese mobile market is famous for cloning popular mobile and tablets and I’m sure you must be aware of iPhone 4 clone and iPhone 4S chinese clone which is available to buy in chinese market for less than $100. The design and look of these iPhone 4 clone looks exactly the same as original iPhone 4.

Infact now, iPhone 4S white color clones are also available in the market. Though, I really doubt if we can use it to run SIRI or not but for sure you can run Android. I have added a video below and you can check it out yourself.

Though, I don’t have any official specs of these iPhone clones, but it comes with Normal li-ion battery, dual Sim card slot, and there are 3-4 variations in the market. Some of the allows battery to be replaced and some of them have design like Apple iPhone, which don’t let you replace battery easily.

Image of iPhone 4 Clone:

The Chinese clone makers has started developing copies of iPhone 4clone. The newly spotted clone of the iPhone 4 from China is called the ePhone 4GS and just cost $85.

iPhone 4 Clone

When comparing the cloned iPhone 4 with the original one, one thing is very clear. China is developing so much in cloning skills. They are genius in making all these stuff. Although its made of cheap plastic, not able to find difference that easily.

It has lower resolution when comparing to iPhone 4 retina display. But the ePhone 4GS comes with front and back facing cameras and 16GB memory.

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Well, if I’m someone who just need an iPhone in hand to show off, I would not mind buying these fake china iPhone, as they also work and if you are getting the joy of holding an iPhone for less than $100, it makes complete sense to me. But, if you are buying it to get all the amazing features of iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, you are going to miss out a great chunk of fun and it will be  a bad investment.

Here is a video review of one of these Fake iPhone china phone call SoPhone:

Here is an image showing an original iPhone and other one of fake iPhone from China, can you spot the design differences:

iPhone 4 Vs Fake iPhone 4

I will update the link to buy iPhone clone soon, meanwhile you can join us on Facebook for updates. Would you prefer spending your money on one of these fake chinese iPhone or you planning to buy an original iPhone?


How many of you are a fan of Digital cameras from Samsung? Samsung released it’s first camera into series of mirror-less interchangeable lens camera segment. The Samsung NX10 has the heart of a DSLR embedded inside the compact frame of a digital camera, successfully integrating the APS-C size CMOS sensor with a mirrorless interchangeable lens, in a small, light and ergonomically designed body that ensure maximum portability for users. With the launch of its flagship, next generation NX10 camera model, Samsung is looking to establish itself as an innovator in Digital Still Camera market.

Samsung nx10

Samsung nx10

Samsung NX10 is 14.6 MP camera along with fast and decisive Auto focus, Large 3.0″ AMOLED screen, lets you view images even in bright light,

The NX10 ensures users never miss a moment, as the new DRIMe II Pro engine and advanced AF algorithm, provide ultra fast AF speed with the higher precision of contrast AF. And consumers are not just limited to taking shots but can also tell their own stories in video format with HD movie recording (H.264 codec).

The 3.0” AMOLED screen facilitates by providing easier viewing in bright sunshine or at acute viewing angles, meaning users no longer need to shield their screen with their hand. The AMOLED screen also provides 30,000 times faster response rate than conventional LCDs, has lower power consumption and a higher contrast ratio – 100,000:1 vs. 500:1.

Added by Mr. Ravinder Zutshi, Dy MD, Samsung India Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

“The new Samsung NX10 marks the start of the next generation of cameras. For the first time in the market, Samsung has successfully integrated an APS-C size sensor into a compact body by eliminating the mirror box, meaning that our users can now be as creative as they want to be on the move without having to compromise on image quality,”

NX10 is slim and light camera and weight almost 350g, the phone is released in black color with two sub models:

  • 18-55mm lens kit -Rs 42,990
  • 30mm Pan Cake lens -Rs. 44,990

It will be good to see, how this new camera from Samsung is going to perform when we already have well established brands like Nikon and others.

If you are one of those who are using NX10 Samsung, do let us know your review about the performance and features of this camera.


We have already talked a lot about Nokia N900 in the past and if you missed you should check out 4 must have applications for Nokia n900 for bloggers, Nokia N900 India price .

Today one of reader of CallingAllgeeks contacted us via Contact form to ask what is the unlock code for Nokia N900. He accidently clicked on secure device while trying to switch off the phone. Most of Nokia phones have default lock code and they are 12345, 00000, 0000.

For Nokia N900 12345 will work. I hope this will also help who will get into such situation.

Do let us know if you have any other queries regarding your mobile phones.


Yesterday we showed you how to Jailbreak your iPhone 3g running iOS 4.0 using the RedSn0w app on Windows. Hot on the heels of the jailbreak here’s a very quick but immensely helpful unlock solution for you.

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In time for the iPhone 4 launch and a few days since the iOS 4 was released to all of us Apple has posted a User manual covering a vast multitude of topics to do with the new iOS 4 and the upcoming iPhone 4.

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We had just told you about the public release of the iOS 4.0 for iPhone and iPod Touch and in no time the Dev Team has made available to us a working jailbreak. So all of you who were awaiting a Jailbreak solution before you upgraded your firmware now is the time to take that leap.

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Microsoft officially announced Windows Live Messenger for the iPhone, version 1.01. The windows live messenger includes all the features which your expecting and it comes in english and french.

From the Official press release
” Windows Live Messenger for iPhone and iPod Touch is the best way to connect with the people that matter most and keep up with the things they are doing across the web. Use your iPhone to instant message your friends list, view and comment on your friends’ photos and status updates from Windows Live, Facebook, and MySpace, and at a glance, see what your Messenger friends are sharing from Flickr, YouTube, and many other social and photo sharing sites. Make sure to visit http://profile.live.com/Services today and setup Windows Live to bring in your social networks. Messenger is simply the best way to connect with your closest friends.

The Four Features -

Chat – Instant message with your WLM and Y! Messenger contacts on the go. You can even receive IM notifications when your app is closed so you never miss a message.

Social – sharing from social networks like Facebook, Flickr, MySpace and more

Photos – Upload photos right from your phone. Create albums, add captions, and let your friends and family comment on your photos.

Hotmail – Access your Hotmail account without leaving the app to read, reply to, and compose emails. Get email notifications within the application so you know when you have new messages.

This works on your iPhone and iPod Touch with iOS 3.0 or newer.

Download Windows Live Messenger from iTunes


I recently got a gift from Nokia team in the form of Nokia N900. Being an iPhone user initially I find it different but ultimately I started loving this phone. I have been trying to get my hands on all best possible applications for Nokia N900 and finally decided to come up with the posts for the applications which I’m installing on my N900 phone.

Here are collection of 4 Must have Nokia N900 Applications/Widgets I suggest for every bloggers and social media lovers. Do remember, applications which I have mentioned in this post are not only for bloggers but also for people who are active on Social media sites.

WordPress for Nokia N900


WordPress is most widely used platform for blogging and if you have not started with WordPress yet, you should read this post on getting started with WordPress on Hostgator. To use WordPress blogging platform, you don’t need to install any application. You can use default WordPress.com for blogging and it will work without any issue. You can read more about this on mynokiablog.

Facebook for Nokia N900


Imagine life without Facebook and Twitter. At least I can’t think myself without them. Nokia n900 has a great facebook widget which will update you about latest updates from your friend on your Nokia n900 desktop. For more Facebook related news check our Facebook blog fbknol.


Evernote Sharing Application:


Evernote is one of the tool which I use in day to day life. I have Evernote Installed in my Mac book, Windows, iPhone and how can I miss it for Nokia N900. Read official excerpts from Evernote:

Evernote makes it easy to remember things big and small from your life using your Nokia N900. Chances are, if you can see it or think of it, Evernote can help you remember it. Type a text note. Clip a web page. Snap a photo. Grab a screenshot. Evernote will keep it all safe. Evernote is fully integrated into the N900 allowing you to take notes and snapshots and then easily send them into Evernote. Do this by using the ‘Share via Service’ option found in most applications. Download

Twitter Application for Nokia N900


When it comes out to Twitter application for Maemo platform, I found Tweego to be the best. You can read more about Tweego and how to install it on themeegoblog.

There are many other applications for Bloggers for Maemo platform which I will be covering in future posts. Do let me know more applications for Nokia N900 which you believe, every blogger should install.

Don’t forget to share this post and subscribe to our Twitter account to get latest updates.

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