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Facebook is most popular social networking site and Flickr is most popular image uploading site. Few days back Flickr added an option to share your uploaded images on Flickr directly to Facebook. You can link your Facebook account and Flickr account by following this link.



How to Link your Flickr account with Facebook Account?

Follow the link given above and click on Connect button. Facebook Connect window will pop up and you need to login to your Facebook account to connect flickr and Facebook.

Facebook-Flickr-connectThat’s it , in 3 steps you will connect your Facebook and Flickr account. Do let us know if you are going to connect your Facebook and Flickr account.

You can connect with me on Flickr here. If you like this tip, do share it by sharing it on Facebook or Twitter.


YouTube, YouTube is an awesome site for watching music videos online. Wouldn’t it be great if you can join different YouTube videos into one. You can play those videos in the birthday parties or any other function.

MyTube60 does exactly the same. You can join various YouTube videosto make a Power Hours. The other great feature of this tool is that you can specify the start time and end time of any video or you can choose it to play for a minute.

To use this service you have to sign for the account. After signup click on the confirmation link sent in your email. You will be redirected to the mode where you could create power hours video.


After creating the power hour, you can preview it before publishing. After publishing you can watch it anytime while visiting the my videos section. Your published video is viewable to other users of the site. One thing to note that you must have to add 20 videos in the list before publishing.

You can also register using your Facebook account and add as many friends you want. There is an option to view power hours created by other users of the site and also you can rate them. You can make your watch list and favorite video collection.

Here’s a video tutorial of using this tool. Don’t forget to login before using this tool.

Check out Mytube 60 to join various YouTube videos.

Do you know any other site which combine multiple Youtube videos into one?

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Meep is a software application by which you can download YouTube videos on your computer easily. On installation it automatically adds Meep.com toolbar to your Firefox browser. If you don’t get it, then go to Tools -> Add-ons -> Meep Media downloader and click on the “Enable” button.

By visiting the drop down given on the right of the toolbar you can immediately visit top videos of the top artists. Also if you want to watch video of certain category then go for Hip-hop, rock, country videos and funny videos.


There is an option to save the video in various file formats. Just click the “Save video” button at the toolbar. Also you can save the video in MP3 format.

Apart from toolbar you can use downloaded software on your computer. Open the Meep media downloader application you installed on your computer. Copy the link inside the box given and click the “Save video” button.


There is an option in this tool to import the downloaded video to iTunes. Keep the iTunes box checked. You can download videos from sites like YouTube, Megavideo, Dailymotion and Hulu are supported by this service.

T he only thing I don’t like this too is the integrated search engine. It is very crappy search engine which can’t search for any videos. You have to visit the sites like YouTube, Megavideo to search and download the videos.

Download Meep media downloader to immediately search and download for your favorite videos.


PDF is a file format which you can take in a pen drive or send it through mail. Due to ease of export and readable capabilities, it is widely used as an ebooks and guide format. There are web services by which you can convert the html web page into PDF format easily so that you can later read it offline.

Pdfcrowd is one such awesome service that lets you convert the web page into PDF quickly. This service is free to use and it doesn’t require any signup.

To use this service, go to pdfcrowd and enter the URL of webpage in the given box. Click on “Convert to PDF” button.


On the save file pop up, select the save file option and click on OK button.


After saving, open the file in any PDF reader installed in your computer. Here’s a look of Callingallgeeks page in PDF format. Similarly you can convert any other web pages.


There are many options available such as page size, page orientation, page margins, PDF security and HTML options but before using these features signup is required.


This tools also comes with many other features such as online WYSIWYG Editor, to edit the HTML document online and directly export it to PDF. It also provides API for developers to improve the product. Bloggers and webmasters can enter the code in their websites to provide the option to convert web pages directly to PDFs.

Check out Pdfcrowd to convert web pages to PDF quickly.


Customers often find themselves in a fix when they go out to buy any hardware. Whenever, we spend some money on a new gadget we try our best to future proof ourselves by making sure we are buying the latest and the best available piece of hardware out there. It would be very disappointing if an updated model was released just a week after. This guide will help you solve this problem for Apple products.
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Reading is not always an easy job for readers. Especially when there are lots of distractions present like Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites. Why don’t you try out some tool for effectively reading and improve your reading speed instead of trying the basic method.

Speed reader enhanced provides you the option to read the text in an interactive manner. It doesn’t let you distract because it display each word of the sentence one by one in a clear interface. It can also help you to improve your reading speed because you can set the time of display of the every word.


Download the free application. Extract the zip file on your computer. This application doesn’t require any installation. Just double click on the Speed Reader Enhanced.exe file to run it.

You are required to play with the settings first. Set the Word interval between 200 to 300 ms initially. Later you could decrease the interval. Set the background and foreground color of your choice. I preferred white and black colors for cleaner interface and clear visibility. Set font of your choice.

That’s it. Paste the text from any webpage to the large box given on the tool. Click on the “Show reader” button to launch the reader. You’ll be redirected to the full screen mode reader where it flashes each words of the sentence one by one so that you can read it properly.

The tool is smart enough to detect symbols (full stop, exclamation marks, commas) and reduce the speed at that place automatically. You can pause the text display anytime by clicking any key of your keyboard. You can exit the reader mode by clicking the “esc” key.

Download Speed Reader Enhanced to quickly read any text document.


You might be surprised after reading the title of this article. Probably you had seen many games video on YouTube but playing games on YouTube is bit indigestible. But it is possible with latest Google creation, Google Chrome Fastball, a flash-based game for YouTube.

This game starts with a small ball moving from one place to another by taking various path. In the path various obstacles come in the form of questions and you have to answer them in minimum time. The game is integrated with various services like Google map, Twitter and Last.FM and the flashed questions are answered by using these services.


There are total 5 obstacles in the games and you’ll be asked one question in the each obstacle. Answer the question and clear the path. You can also skip the obstacles by clicking on the skip link but you will pay penalty for each skip.

Penalty comes in the form of time (in seconds) which is the prime factor for this game. You have to complete this game in minimum time. The current record by the Chrome team is 1 minute, 20 seconds. You can check the time at the top right of the video.

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Chrome recently rolled out with integrated Flash player. The main motive behind this game is to represent the Flash flash feature of Chrome. Along with Chrome it also runs on Firefox pretty well.

Check out Google Chrome Fastball, [via The Official Google Blog].


This guide will help you jailbreak the iPod Touch 2G device running the iOS 4.0 using a software called RedSn0w using your Windows based computer. [click to continue…]


Many Microsoft Applications are developed on .Net framework and many applicationsmicrosoft-dot-net-new-logo can’t work without .net framework. .net framework installer which we get from Microsoft is online installer and for people with slow Internet connection or Breaking Internet connection it is impossible to Download complete .net framework using online installer.

Here I’m sharing Direct download links of .net framework 3.5 and 4.0 which you can use to install it offline.

Direct download link .net framework 3.5


Direct Download link .net Framework 4.0


This is very useful specially when you need to install net framework on lots of system and this will help you to save your bandwidth.


The iPhone 4 incorporates a lot of new features and it has done away with quite a few too. One such feature is the presence of the hold button during a call with the arrival of the Facetime button. However, you can still place the call on hold. This post will tell you how.

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