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Like iPhone applications for difference platform , Android application are becoming very popular.  Yahoo announced the launch of Yahoo messenger for Android which has some nice features like:

  • Easily message friends, check friends’ status updates and availability and update their personal status and availability
  • Multitask and stay connected with the App working in the background; with push notifications, consumers can easily catch new messages and friend requests
  • Full use of emoticons and rich text formatting
  • Send photos to friends directly from the phone’s camera or the photo gallery
  • Chat with MSN/Windows Live Messenger friends
  • Send instant messages to friends via SMS text message*

yahoo-androidYahoo IM is already a popular Instant messaging service and with it’s Android version I’m sure it’s going to catch more attention. You can download it from this link.

If you are trying any other IM on your Android powered mobile phone, do let us know your feedback.

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Few days back we shared with you about the launching announcement of Firefox Home application for iPhone. Finally Firefox Home application is available for download. The application is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Firefox App 2

Firefox App 1

As we discussed earlier that Firefox Home application will allow you to sync between your PC and iPhone. But remember you can’t sync from your iPhone to PC, it is only one way synchronization that is from PC to iPhone.

This is cool application and can be used in similar way you use Firefox. You can access the tabs easily, get bookmarks and use shortcuts for your favorite sites so no need to type long URLs. So, if you want to be productive every time you can carry your Firefox everywhere you go on your iPhone.

You get all this that too for free. You can download the Firefox Home App from iTunes Store. If you want to know about setup details you can check out Mozilla Support .

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Give it a try and do share your feedback with us.


Android being one of the smartphone OS can be used for multiple purpose including downloading torrent. Here I’m sharing list of some free and best Torrent clients for Android.

Your Smartphone is of not any use unless you enjoy and download movies, music or other useful stuffs. Torrents are best way to download stuffs easily. There are few remote torrent clients for android users to help them in downloading, organizing and managing their torrent downloads. I selected 3 such remote torrent clients which are free of use and are user-friendly. If you not aware of torrents read: What are torrents and how do they work.

Torrent is one of the best ways to download files and we have covered quite a lot of tutorials and tips on Torrents, if you missed them, here are some of the articles which you can refer to:

Free Torrent Clients for Android:

On my Windows OS, I prefer to use uTorrent and here I’m listing some free bitTorrent apps for android, which you can consider trying.


aBTC is one of my favorite BitTorrent clients for Android. It supports Android OS 1.6 version or above and loaded with all features which a BitTorrent client must have. Its feature includes DHT, downloading while sleeping and in-built app search.

Best Torrent Client for Android

Link to Download


When AndTorrent was launched there were few bugs which repel users but now the bugs are fixed and now you can enjoy AndTorrent in user-friendly way. Apart from just searching and downloading torrents, you can also organize the file priority and queuing of files. Only thing which can be improved in this is downloading speed, which I found bit slow.


Link to Download


Transroid is another open source BitTorrent client which supports uTorrent, Vuze, Transmission, rTorrent and more. Thus, you can check out any of your favorite one. Apart from searching torrent with in-built search feature, Manage your URLs and you can also add your favorite websites to download the stuffs whenever you want in future.


Link to Download

If you are Android Fan you might be interested in reading:

Another one which you might like to try now is aTorrent, as it offers torrent search feature right from the app. Something, which is going to be useful for quickly search and download torrent file on your Android tablet or mobile. AndroidAuthority has written an extensive list of best torrent clients and you can check it out here. For me, it’s always one client which I’m accustomed with become my favorite. Do let us know which Android bitTorrent client are you using?

If you are aware of more useful torrent clients for Android, do share with us. We would love to know your favorite one.


I’m addicted to Facebook and one of the favorite time pass which I have on Facebook is to watch all videos shared by users. Since most of the videos which I have found on Facebook are user selected and not just another spam bot videos, I like the collection.

One sad part is Facebook don’t allow you to download videos directly. Here I’m sharing a simple Greasemonkey script which will let you download any Facebook Video with one click.

Facebook Video is one handy Greasemonkey script which will let you download any Facebook videos.


This Greasemonkey Script also give you an option to convert any video online into your desired format using Online Video converter site ZamZar. If you not very familiar with Greasemonkey Script, here is link to Firefox addon which you can install with one simple click.

I’m sure you will love this little trick to download Facebook videos. If you like this post, Do share it with your friends on Facebook.



Dell Inspiron 1545Having won a brand new Dell Inspiron 1545 Laptop from a contest about a month ago I have had a good chance to put it through its paces as a portable writing / Internet surfing notebook plus one which is used for various platform gaming.

If you have a some extra money and are looking for a laptop, when considering the Dell Inspiron notebooks make sure you opt for the Intel® Pentium® Dual Core™ T4500 instead of the less expensive Celeron processor which won’t give you enough performance to do anything but Internet browsing and basic office applications.

Personal review of Dell Inspiron 1545

The Dell Inspiron 1545 with the T4500 processor loads Windows 7 64bit in less than 20 seconds by default and is able to handle multitasking with ease.  With the 15.6″ screen you get a bit more screen space than with a netbook though the (1366×768) has a bizarre effect on some games that have to size to this unusual pixel resolution.

The Intel X4500HD video card does a decent job rendering games using Direct X 10 and even with using shared memory with your systems 3GB default RAM it does a good job of allowing you to play online RTS or RPG games with decent frame rates.

  • Tested games include: Runes of Magic, Age of Empires II, GuildWars and various other Flash based games on websites online.
  • Tested Applications include:  Nero, MS Office, Outlook, FireFox, Chrome, Pinnacle Studio 14, WonderShare DemoCreator, Thunderbird, Tweetdeck and Picasa

Under all tests all applications and games performed very well although the resolution and details in the graphics for Runes of Magic had to be scaled back a little bit to prevent staggering and frame rate loss.  The laptop overall performed better than any other sub $500.00 laptop I have tested over the years and better than my $1,100 Dell D800.

The built in Wireless for the Dell Inspiron 1545 works well and has never lost a connection in over a month of using the device, I had many problems with USB Wireless keys and to see the built in wireless of the Dell so stable is refreshing.

The one downside of the Dell Inspiron 1545 is that the keyboard is slightly compressed and Dell decided to omit the Pause/Break key on the keyboard.  Since many games and some programs require the pause key to (pause or unpause) without the inspiron pause break key you could be stuck with no ability to perform these actions.   There is a work around and you can find ways to work around a missing pause key to find alternatives which include remapping another key on the keyboard or using the OSK (On Screen Keyboard) built into the Windows Operating System.

In Summary: Dell Inspiron 1545 is decent buy

If you are looking for a laptop that won’t break your budget but give you enough power to run most primary applications and some extra power to have some playtime on the side, you can’t go wrong with the Dell Inspiron 1545.  Though remember to make sure you choose the non Celeron model which doesn’t have the CPU power and would only be ideal if you wanted a netbook with a larger screen.

Do you own Dell Inspiron 1545 Laptop? Do let us know your review ?

Find dell Inspiron on Amazon

This is a guest post by Justin who Blogs at DragonBlogger. If you like to write for Callingallgeeks, read: Become a Guest author at CallingallGeeks.


If you love to watch videos from video hosting sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Megavideo, Vimeo etc.and you intended to download those videos on your computer then there are several ways to do that. Most of the tools supports YouTube videos only. There are only fever tools which supports most of the video services.

ClipNabber is free to use web application by which you can download YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Megavideo videos easily and quickly. All you need to do is open the Clipnabber website, paste the URL of the video of any video sites and click the “nab” button.


Three download buttons appear. You can download the videos in FLV, MP3 and mobile phone format.

There is a Clipnabber bookmarklet available to quickly download the video. Just drag and drop it on your browser’s bookmark bar. Now open any video on your browser and click the bookmarklet on the bookmark bar. You’ll be redirected to the Clipnabber website and it will display the download buttons. Click on any download button to quickly download the videos.

This service is free to use and there is no sign up required. It supports videos from more than 100 video sharing sites and it also supports HD videos.

Check out Clipnabber to instantly download videos from more than 100 sites.

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Yahoo Messenger is one of the oldest and popular messenger. I have been using Yahoo messenger from years. Yahoo messengers come with default emoticons which are very useful. Just to let you know yahoo messenger is full of hidden emoticons which you can use to spice your chat experience.

Here is a view of Default yahoo messenger emoticons which you can use :

yahoo-default-emoticonsNow here is a screenshot of hidden yahoo emoticons which you can to enhance your Yahoo chat experience:


Initially you might need to take help of the chart but later on you can use shortcuts to quickly add emoticons.

You can find the full list of hidden emoticons here.

Do let us know which messenger you are using more? Is it, Yahoo or MSN?


Skype is one of the most popular VOIP software and you can also make free video calls using Skype. Here I’m sharing Skype offline installer , which will help you to save your bandwidth.

Few days back we shared link to Skype Offline Installer shared why offline installer is important to save your bandwidth. Here I’m sharing Skype full offline Installer which will help you to Install Skype on multiple systems and saving your bandwidth.

If you not aware, Skype is one of the most popular IM client and used worldwide for free voice calls from computer to computer. Latest version also let you have conference call which is real life saver for meetings.

Click on below link to download full offline Installer of Skype.


Do let us know if you need more offline installer for any software and we will get the direct download link for you.


There are many software’s which will let you share your screen remotely and most free and popular one is MSTSC (Windows remote desktop sharing). Though this free one is limited in terms of feature. Here I will be sharing software which I use when I work with my friends or clients remotely.

Team viewer is one of the most popular free (Also Paid for commercial use) remote screen sharing software. TeamViewer is available for multiple platform like Windows, Mac, Linux and also for iPhone.


Team viewer is feature rich and in the latest one they added voice chat and file transfer option. If you have very fast Broadband connection, you can give it’s additional features like File transfer, Webcam sharing, Voice chat a try.

I like this software for it’s basic features and that is remote screen sharing. Team viewer comes with Free and paid version. For commercial use you need to get Paid version of this software else you can use free version.

While installing Team viewer you have two option: You can install this application and use it or you can simply run it without installing it. If you going to try this with your friend, I would suggest use the second method.


Do you use Team viewer? If yes, do let us know your feedback about this application? Which remote screen sharing Software you suggest to others?

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Stumble Upon launched its URL shortener Su.pr long time back and personally I enjoy using it because it lets me see the stats, schedule my post on Twitter and Facebook and also see the retweets.

I used to be big fan of bit.ly but I moved to Su.pr because it offers stats + additional traffic when any post gets viral on Stumble Upon.

Stumble Upon rolled out another Important feature which will let you update your Facebook Fan page directly from Su.pr. So now Su.pr URL Shortener can be use for multi-purpose.

How to Update Facebook Fan page from Su.pr

Here I’m sharing a small tutorial which will help you to connect your Facebook fan page with Stumble account.

Login to su.pr. Go to Settings and connect your Facebook account.



Now under su.pr setting page you will see list of your Facebook pages. Now you need to give permission to individual pages to allow su.pr to publish directly to your Facebook page. Click on any page name and you will be taken to permission page directly.


Once done click on refresh list. Head over to Su.pr home page and update your facebook fan page. Here I tried with one test message:



You can see this message live on our Facebook fan page. Personally I’m loving this update as this will help a lot to update my Twitter, Facebook status and now Facebook Fan page from one place.

Do let us know your feedback about Su.pr. Are you using Stumble Upon URL shortener?

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