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Here is the complete list of links for downloading firmware for your Apple iPad directly from Apple’s Website. Refrain from downloading firmware from sources other than Apple, as they might have intrusive code attached. [click to continue…]


We have all come across times when our iTunes library chooses to punish us with exclamation marks(!) all over the screen when we moved folders or deleted some tracks from the hard drive. If it’s a handful, one can manually delete the dead/missing tracks but otherwise it will take ages. Lucky for you, here’s a script which I have been using for over a year to keep my library free of dead tracks. Meet Super Remove Dead Tracks!

This script works only for iTunes on Macintosh Computers and has been tested to work with Snow Leopard and iTunes 9.2

Doug’s applescripts are very popular on the internet among Mac users. The script itself is very simple to use and understand. It will scan your full music library for dead/missing tracks and then delete them from the library. If a playlist remains with no existing song that will be deleted as well. Since, the process might take a few minutes and there is no progress slider an alert appears after every 500 tracks are scanned.

This script is very popular and when I last checked it had already been download almost 200K times.

How to Use:

  • Head over to this page and click on download.

  • Unzip the archive and load the DMG file.
  • Copy the script to “[username]/Library/iTunes” as specified
  • Restart or Launch iTunes
  • You should now see Super Remove Dead Tracks in the list of scripts. Click on the script and then click on Proceed and you’re done.

The script will also save a list of deleted tracks so you’re peace of mind is guaranteed. You do now know what tracks have been deleted. Check out the screenshots for more help. You should consider running this once you iTunes starts reporting missing tracks or you notice the exclamation mark making way into your music library.

So all you Mac users go get this script if you don’t have it already. You will have loads of time to leave us a note, once this script saves you a ton of time and effort. Enjoy!


Facebook is a great platform to share your likes and dislikes, feelings on status, marketing articles and sharing videos and links. Sometimes music is great way to share your feelings and when it comes to share music on Facebook, there are plenty of such applications available.

You can easily search, enjoy and share music on your Facebook profile. So, check out these 5 great music applications for Facebook:


Pandora will help you to search and enjoy music. You can search the music or artist and also enjoy music on your own customized stations.


[ Link ]


ShareMusic makes very easy to share music with your friends. There are millions of songs to explore and share across.


[ Link ]


GrooveShark is an awesome music application for Facebook to enjoy millions of songs and share them on your Facebook wall.


[ Link ]

Profile Song

You can add a song to your Facebook profile and share your feelings or just have fun with Profile song. Let you friends also like it or post comments. You can also upload your own song.

Profile song

[ Link ]


Music application for Facebook will allow you to search and link YouTube videos to your profile, upload your own music and share along.


[ Link ]

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If you are music lover and Facebook addicted, I am sure you are going to love these music applications. If you are aware of more cool music application for Facebook, do share with us.


We recently reviewed an app that allowed you to transform your iPad into a Secondary Monitor for your windows machine. This time we bring a solution for Mac users and only better with touch enabled interface.

Most iPhone users have already heard the name Avatron Software before. These are the same people who brought us the much functional Air Sharing app. If you’ve used it before you’ll know that these people are aware of what Apple consumers expect from apps and they have delivered in the past. This time we reviewed the Air Display app which was released late June.

Right now we have two similar apps on the app store which do practically the same task, that being, extending the computer display to Apple iPad or in this case iPhone and iPod Touch too. We reviewed MaxiVista earlier which did this thing for Windows. Air Display not only enables this task for Mac users but also enabled touch input. This app again uses Wi-fi for connecting to your Mac so no wires. The iPad’s 1024×768 display doubles the screen area of my Macbook Pro 13″.

You will need to download an additional software on your computer to get started. Link here. There was some noticeable lag when moving windows and the result wasn’t as sharp as what we got from MaxiVista. Moreover, auto-rotation wasn’t as efficient as well. Maybe, these are issues with the video driver and will get resolved with future updates. Overall, the experience is still great with a few hiccups though.

Some great uses of the app as advertised:

  • Fill your iPad screen with your utility apps, like iChat, Mail, iCal, and Calculator.
  • Amaze your friends by playing Flash animations on your iPad!
  • Graphic design: Make Photoshop and Illustrator usable on your laptop by putting your tool palettes on the iPad screen.
  • Music: Use your iPad as the ultimate control surface for Logic or Pro Tools.
  • Programming: Use the extra display area for such auxiliary development tools as Console, Terminal, and the Debugger.
  • Business: Move all of your iWork and Office palettes and inspector windows onto the iPad, and let your document fill the screen.

Why touch input is welcome on second monitor?

Well Michael from MaxiVista’s Dev team posed this question at us. As to why would one ditch the keyboard and mouse and want to have touch controls on the monitor residing on the side of our primary display. I’ll repeat what I told him. The iPad and iPhone are very portable devices. We are not always aiming at keeping them at the side of our computer.

Quoting myself, Personally I will use it less often on the side of my display and instead somewhere else in the room. Suppose my Dad’s come over for the weekend and I wish to leave him in the bed with the iPad while I sit at the desktop throwing windows and apps for him to look at. The display is taken care of. Wouldn’t it be great if he could actually be able to click on the back button in Safari or click on dial again once that call on skype dropped. Do you see some sense in that?

How much does it cost?

This app costs $9.99 which is the same price as MaxiVista however in this case the app can be use on your iPad as well as iPhone and iPod Touch so the ten bucks you spend does get you more in this case. Developers of both apps are working to bring Windows and Mac support to their respective apps thus making them cross platform but at this time neither are.

Here’s the link to one very magical App created for the iPad. This app is the one I’ll recommend to everyone over others once the issues are resolved. Windows users, be patient. An update in the near future will get you hooked as well. Patience indeed is a virtue.

A recent tweet by Avatron said, Early this week: Alpha of Air Display support software for Win XP (32), Vista and Seven (32 and 64-bits). Then open Beta, hopefully in days. Follow Avatron on Twitter here for more updates.


We all love technology because it makes our task easier. It doesn’t matter that it is a simple gadget of old days or a hottest trend going on these days, all are developed to increase our productivity. iPad is one of such stylish gadget which helps us to increase the productivity. Here I have listed few application of iPad which helps to increase the productivity and these are totally free to use.


Dropbox is one of the easiest ways to share the files online. Dropbox app for iPad gives you facility to view, save and share videos and photos. You can also share, export and send files across emails or other app. You can also mark files to “favorite” files and check them offline.


[ Link ]


It is very user-friendly app to take down your notes. It easily sync with web app wirelessly and automatically. You can easily search, sort, create, edit and email your notes. You can customize size and type ( landscape or portrait mode) of notes.


[ Link ]


SkyGrid is for people who are interested in checking out the latest events, people and trending topics online. You can create categories, mark your favorites, share on social networks websites like Twitter and Facebook and email. Apart from this you get alert notifications and live streaming updates.


[ Link ]


SugarSync helps you to sync and access files, photos and music. You can use also share files from your iPad with others. You would love to stream a music library from your systems with this free SugarSync application.


[ Link ]


Evernote don’t need any introduction. Evernote app for iPad helps you to create text, photo and audio notes. It helps to auto-sync notes on your system. Add geo-location for easy search and add favorites for easy access.


[ Link ]

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If you are aware of more free iPad productivity app, then do share with us.

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In the fast moving world, we miss the essence of nature in our daily life. People love to visit sea beaches or spend holiday at Jungle safari just to enjoy the charm of nature. We can’t enjoy the nature in our home but one thing we can do is hear its sound with the help of a tool known as Free Nature Sounds.

It is an amazing tool by which you can compose new sound effects after mixing different sounds. Different sounds are available such as beach, fire, rain, bird, thunderstorm, waterfall, and many more.


You can use this tool to listen natural sounds on your headphones or you can create a natural environment in your room by playing it on your speaker (buy aquarium, some fishes and room plants).

How to play the sound

You’ll see four drop down boxes and sliders which is initially set to 20%. You have to pick a sound from the first drop down. There are various categories available for sounds such as Popular, nature, animals and others.

Choose your favorite sound and slide the slider to increase the sound. Similarly you can play sounds from other drop downs and make a mixture of various sounds. Also you can add stereo effects by panning channels to the left or right.

How to share and download the sound

After creating the composition, click on the “save as link” button given below. It will ask your details. After entering details and clicking on save button, it will generate a unique URL. You can share this URL among your friends via social network. There are many social media button available to share the composition quickly.


To download the video, click on the “Export To File” button. After processing, save button will appear by which you can save the file on your computer in WAV format.

Visit Free Nature Sounds.


How many of you visit YouTube only for watching videos? Probably all. It is easy to use search box to find videos of your choice but what about other top videos and latest released videos. There is a good news for music fans. YouTube recently renovate its music page and added some superb flavors.

On the page you can find the top videos without any fuzz. You can find top music videos on this page. Below it there is a category for “Today’s hits”. Similarly you can find categories for Pop, electronic, country and folk, rap and hip hop, world music, classical, rock and many more.


To play the videos just click on the “play category name” link next to the category name. A random playlist will be created. You can also queue videos by hovering your mouse over video thumbnail and click the play button appeared by the action.

The most appreciating part of this section is it is clutter free, without any ads. You can easily find videos according to your interest. According to YouTube, they will soon release a new feature which will called “Events Near You”. It will help you to find live music happening in your area.

Checkout more about YouTube:

Check out YouTube Music [via The Official YouTube Blog].


This is a guest post by Rajat, if you like to do a guest post for us, read: Guest posting guidelines.

There’s no debate as to how magical the iPad has been. We totally take Jonathan Ive’s word for that. However, the functionality that I’m about to discuss is one that I had never imagined before. But who had? Using your iPad as a secondary display does sound cool and can be put to great use in our everyday lives.

[click to continue…]


We all spent our childhood in reading comics and many of us still love to read comics but we are too busy in our work n other things that we hardly get time to sit down, relax and read comics. If you have iPad and iPhone then you can get chance to read comics in your free time. There are few apps available for iPad and iPhone which will give you same experience as you used to have while reading physical comic books.

Here is the list of 5 best comic reader Apps for iPad

Marvel Comics App

Marvel Comic app has option to download hundreds of comic books to download like Iron man, Spider- man, Captain America and many more. You can use controls to zoom in and out and read in the way you are comfortable with. All your downloads will be saved for next time reading.


[ Link ]

Transformers Comics App

With Transformer Comic app you can check out whole transformer universe. You get 3 books free and you can also add more than 100 books. Transformer comic app is designed in such a way that it becomes easy to read and search for new books.


[ Link ]

iVerse Comics App

iVerse app contains have all the best publishers and provides more than 40 titles for free and more than 100 titles to download. All the comics are perfectly formatted for iPhone and iPad so that you easily read your favorite comics.


[ Link ]

IDW Comic App

IDW provides you 10 free comic books and you can check out more than 400 comic books. Just like iVerse, it is also designed in such a way that you don’t have to zoom in or out for reading the comics, it is already formatted in such a way that you find it easy to read.


[ Link ]

Archies Comic App

This one is my favorite, because I am a big fan of Archies. If you too love to read Archies comics then this is a must app for you. You get all Archies comic books here and it provides you 4 free books and feature more than 50 Archies titles.


[ Link ]

If you are a Comic book lover I am sure you will love these applications. Do share with us which one is your favorite comic book App for iPad and iPhone.

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How many of you know that there are some fonts which are not safe to use? The benefit of safe fonts are they are easier to read, compatible with all the browsers and devices and looks good. There is a tool known as Fontfonter that lets you watch websites with Web FontFonts (Web FontFonts are special kind of fonts that are optimized by hand for the screen). FontFonter lets you preview websites in WebFontFonts.

One reason to use Web FontFonts is they work in every major browser like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, IE in Mac or Windows. They also work on iPads and iPhones.


To get started with the tool , type the web address of any website or blog and press “FontFont it!” button. It will process the website and displays the website along with the yellow toolbar. You can replace San serifs and Serifs fonts  with the available safe fonts.


This site doesn’t support JavaScript, cookies, mobile browsers, Opera and Internet Explorer. So it is not possible to analyze each websites.

Overall it is fun and easier for developers to change and preview the safe fonts one by one on their projects. It analyzes the site very fast and has a very simple interface.

Visit FontFonter and check websites in web safe fonts.