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For being active online doesn’t mean that you keep on tweeting or change your status on Facebook only. It is important that you be in touch with others on IMs like Yahoo, Gtalk. IF you don’t like to download and install Yahoo messenger when you are not at home and you want to use Yahoo messenger than you can simply use few web tools to access Yahoo messengers.


Websites to use Yahoo Messenger on Web:

There are many websites and tools, which will let you use yahoo messenger. Personally, I prefer tools like Meebo, as it let me login to multiple Chat account. Depending upon your preference, you can use any of below mentioned tool to start using Yahoo messenger online.


I like the layout of Meebo, it is user-friendly. Just enter the username and PWD and you can start chatting with your friends. Many of the users might not like the ads on Meebo, I guess that it is a negative point.


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Kool IM

Kool IM is another web application which supports Yahoo messenger and other IMs. It supports features like email notifications, title bar alerts, notifications while typing, formatting and many more. It also gives you option to use pop up or embedded client.


[ Link ]


ebuddy is like Meebo and with few advertisements around. Features of eBuddy are good such as managing contact, using emoticons, window tabs etc. Like Meebo, ebuddy also have ads added in it.


[ Link ]


Imo IM gives you facility of link accounts features which allows you to link to your other IM accounts by signing in one account and when you want to log off you just need to log off from one account and all other accounts will close automatically.


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Worth Reading:

I Love IM

I Love IM is one of my favorite. It is easy to use and consist of all basic features and there is no clutter in layout. You can also hide the advertisements if they are irritating you while chatting.


[ Link ]

Apart from Yahoo messenger all the above web messengers provide you the facility to use popular IMs like Gtalk, MSN, AIM etc to use online without any installation. Now you can easily be in touch with others if you are using someone else PC who don’t have IM installed.

If you are aware about more websites to use Yahoo messenger online then don’t forget to share with us.


After the dust has finally settled for the iPhone 4, rumors have started to appear about a CDMA based iPhone’s possibility, which many believe is being designed by Apple for launch on Verizon Wireless.

GadgetsDNA is reporting via a legitimate source that there is a CDMA version of iPhone 4 coming up this November which would boast several new features. This includes a faster A4 System on Chip, running at 1.2 GHz, a larger screen size, up to 3.7 inches and a new internal antenna design to save from any Antennagate sorts of problems.


The CDMA iPhone 4 can be made available for customers to buy as early as November 2010 and might be renamed into Apple iPhone 5, iPhone HD or iPhone 4S, no one knows.

Reports also suggest that releasing iPhone 4 on major US wireless carriers such as T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless etc. Apple can increase the market share of smartphones in US significantly following Google’s popular policy for releasing and launching new smartphones across all carrier platforms.

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If Apple does so, it will provide strict competition in the smartphone market of US. Verizon Wireless currently has a customer base of more than 93 million users and Apple has a huge market they can target with a CDMA version of iPhone.


voice-action-for android

Yesterday, at a press event in San Francisco, Google unveiled a very unique feature known as Voice action. By using this feature you can operate most of the features of your mobile by using voice command. Features include sending SMS, making call, searching on Google, finding direction for the near place, setting alarm, opening apps and many more.

Users can download voice action for Android on their Android phones running on Android version 2.2 which is also known as Froyo.

voice-action-for android

How to get Voice actions for Android

Getting voice actions on your Froyo 2.2 Android phone is easy.


  • Select your country and enter your mobile number.


  • Shortly you will receive   a text message from Google having link of Android voice search. Click on the link and follow the instructions.


Features of Voice actions for Android

There are many features offered by this application. Here I am compiling all those features and commands you need to give to your phone to execute those tasks.

  • Send text messages: Send text to [recipient] [message]
  • Get directions: Navigate to [address/city/business name]“
  • View Map: map of [address/city]
  • Listen To music: listen to [artist/song/album]
  • Set alarm: Alarm 8’o clock.
  • Write a note: note to self [message]
  • Search Google: query
  • Go to websites: go to [website name]
  • Call businesses: call [business name] [location]
  • Cal Contacts: call [contact name] [phone type]
  • Send email: send email to [recipient] [subject] [body].

Here’s the video presentation by Google Mobile’s Mike LeBeau:

These are some commands given on Google Voice website’s. I am pretty sure there are some other commands exists. So why don’t you find out and mention them in comments.


After a traumatizing 10 days when hackers exploited a loop hole in iPhone’s mobile Safari web browser and released a web-based jailbreak utility using that security loophole. Apple responded to the situation and yesterday released the latest update to its iOS operating system running on the iPhone, iPad and the iPod Touch urging users to update their devices to version 4.0.2 of iOS in order to close that security hole. After the hack has been shut by Apple via the official iOS update, the hacker who developed the jailbreak using the loophole has released the source of his exploits, which enable users to install unauthorized apps.


“Impressive. And dangerous,” said Mikko Hypponen, chief research officer at antivirus company F-Secure, on Twitter early today of the exploit code. The exploit code can enable hackers to gain access to the iPad, iPhone or the iPad of a user by luring them to visit a malicious website containing the source code or asking them to click a link or open and e-mail and then gain root access to their device. “@comex thanks, using it to make malicious s*** now,” tweeted someone identified as MTWomg on Twitter. Also, a popular Mac vulnerability researcher, Dino Dai Zovi noted that, “Now that @comex released his jailbreak source, any bets on how long before it is ported to Metasploit?” on twitter.

After the release of the source code for the jailbreakme hack, it is strongly advised to all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users to update their iOS to 4.0.2 as it correctly solves the problem. This includes those users as well which have jailbroken their devices.



To-do list is a nice medium to reminding you about pending work which you have to do in future. There are several web tools available to create to-do list. FishMemory is one such service but it comes with extra features which others might not offer.

First of all it is not complicated in comparison to other tools. Secondly it offers other features like reminders and notes. Starting with the tool is easy. You need to create an account. Then go to dashboard tab and enter the name of list in the box next to “Create a new list”. After creating list, you can add new list as a child of parent list you created.


You can print and share the list easily. It can be also exported to a CSV format. You can set reminder and add notes with the help of nice inbuilt editor. There is a facility to mark those tasks which have been completed.

You can either keep your list private or make it public. Public lists can be accessed by clicking on “Browse” tab.


Here is a nice video which demonstrated the working of this tool.

Check out Fishmemory to easily create to-do list and don’t forget to share your feedback.

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Chrome OS is yet to come but iOS has already been released few months back and it came with an important feature, i.e. web apps support. It means you can browse web apps without installing it to your computer. These web apps are awesome, providing lots of advantages over native iPhone apps.

But finding web app is not an easy task. You won’t find them in Apple’s app store. There is a nice website through which you can access most of the available web apps. This site is known as OpenAppMarket.


You can find almost all the available web apps, free and paid. It is a kind of app directory. The apps are distributed into various categories such as games, entertainment, music, social networking, etc.

Check Out:

Sign up to the OpenAppMkt, install the iPhone app on your iPhone by visiting the site and you’ll have access to all the apps. All details are given in front of app, i.e. it is free or not, its description and screenshots.


You have to note that for accessing these app internet connection is must. You can add shortcut to the home screen to instantly access any app. Apart from iPhone, developers are planning to jump into other mobile platform too, probably Android. Overall it is nice and easy to use web app store to browse several available web apps for iOS.

Check out OpenAppMkt to browse various iPhone web apps.


Ever wondered to follow all those famous celebrities who regularly tweet and share their thoughts with all their fans and people around the globe? Well the first choice for everyone in doing so is to create a Twitter account. But now you don’t need to worry if you want to follow your friends’ family and everyone else’ tweets or Twitter feeds, you don’t need to have an account on Twitter to do that.

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Seems like Android is being hit by First Trojan virus named Trojan-android SMS.AndroidOS.FakePlayer.a. As reported by Kaspersky team

“The new malicious program penetrates smart phones running Android in the guise of a harmless media player application. Users are prompted to install a file of just over 13 KB with the standard Android extension .APK. Once installed on the phone, the Trojan uses the system to begin sending SMSs to premium rate numbers without the owner’s knowledge or consent, resulting in money passing from a user’s account to that of the cybercriminals.”

This virus doesn’t install automatically but you need to give permission to access send SMS messages, read data and so on.

So if you are an Android user you should give permission to any application when you know what it is. According to mashable:

“The Trojan “media player” that’s causing concern today isn’t available in the Android Market. Rather, it is “being distributed from a malicious website,” according to Kaspersky researcher Denis Maslennikov. “You have to click it manually, there is no drive-by download. If you try to install it, the Smartphone will ask you to grant permission for the application to send SMS messages, read or delete data from SD and collect the data about the phone and phone ID.”

Kaspersky team is working on building an Antivirus for Android powered device and we hope to have it some time soon.


Torrent search engines are very useful to find any desired torrent. Mostly, these torrent search engine search for torrent on popular torrent sites and show you the results. Torrents are best way to transfer files form one system to other. But while downloading the files from torrents it is important to take care that the torrent is reliable and you should always select the website having more number of seeders and less number of leechers. If you find it difficult to decide which website is good for downloading Torrents then here are few torrents which I prefer to use.

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Though, you can always search torrent on any private or public torrent sites but I recommend using Torrent search engines like Torrentz, which shows results from almost all popular torrent sites along with number of seeders and leechers. This will help you to pick fastest torrent and you can finish your downloading soon.

My favorite Torrent search engines:


YouTorrent have neat and clean layout. It provides you a little bit information about features torrents. So, before downloading you can read about the torrent and decide you want to download it or not. You will also get categories to search for torrents you want like movies, music, ebooks etc.

Torrent Search Engines

[ Link ]


Torrentz is user-friendly. The best part about this torrent is that it shows you results from various torrent websites but never shows the duplicate results. Now Torrentz also introduced iTorrentz for personalized search which makes your search easy and fast.


[ Link ]


Torrent Finder is a awesome multi search engine. You can search more than 163 torrent sites from their homepage itself. Just enter the keyword and start the search. You can also hide your personal activities while downloading the torrents.

Torrent finder

[ Link ]


Toorgle is an easy search engine for torrents which helps you to search more than 250 torrent websites and have more than 7,500,000 torrents indexed.


[ Link ]

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isoHunt is a bit torrent having more than 1.7 million torrents in its database and 20 million peers from indexed torrents. You can check out the categories to search your torrent fast or simply use the search box on isohunt.


[ Link ]

These are few Torrent search engines which I prefer to use. If you are aware of any torrent search engine which is reliable do share with us.


Jailbreaking and Unlocking tools and software for the iPhone have always been free. However, not everyone is as net savvy and aware of the free tools and guides available and they fall prey to con-artists who resell the same set of free softwares in a new package and expensive prices. This posts aims at spreading some awareness in this regard. [click to continue…]