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Sharing links with your friends and family via social networking websites is commonplace these days. Today we’ll be reviewing a web app which is similar to sharing content with your acquaintances, but with a lot of extra features. The service is called blip.fm, a free online music discovery and sharing service which lets users perform person-to-person music recommendation through a social playlist.

This discovery and sharing service is known as ‘blipping’ and consists of two parts, the first of which is searching songs through artists, title, genre etc. and the second part lies with previewing it and then adding a 140 character Twitter like message to that song and share it with friends.

Blipping a track therefore means that someone recommended their friends to an awesome song which they found out and felt was worth listening to accompanied by a personal recommendation message. Blip.fm service can be integrated to appear in other users replies as well, for which all you have to do is to add the character ‘@’ before you send the message. Also, if your friends and contacts feel that you have shared a great songs, the can ‘Prop’ you which is the Facebook equivalent to ‘Like’.

However, one advantage of Prop is that if your blips get Propped often, your credits increase and gets banked and later can be used to give credits to other fellow DJ who blip along you. Playlist formation is easy while using blip.fm and multiple songs can be added in the playlist and once added, you can also share entire playlists with your fellow DJs or listen to their favorite playlists.

Blip.fm is now also integrated with Facebook, making it easier for you to share all those blips with your Facebook friends and contacts. Twitter is already supported so blipping along with tweeting is a lot of fun if you are a music junkie.

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The sign up process is simple as you just need to enter your username or ‘DJ name’ as Blip.fm dubs it, and a valid e-mail to get started and after that, things are pretty simple. Just search your favorite songs and start blipping. If you need more help, the blip.fm FAQ page and/or Blog will help you guide into your quest to blipping.


Some of the cool features of blip.fm can be summarized as follows:

  • Access to millions of free songs along with a following of targeted enthusiasts sharing the same taste in music as you.
  • Full support for Facebook and Twitter so none of your friends will be missed while you blip.
  • Simplified and easy to use user interface (UI) and top-level menu to get users to the three main streams (everyone, your favorite DJs, and user’s own)
  • Support for video blips as well (users with low bandwidth have the option to skip the video blips)
  • Ability to pause/resume the blipstream to take an in depth view of what is being recommended

If you are a music addict then you must try it out Blip.fm and don’t forget to share your feedback with us.


Bing and Yahoo Search mergedIt had been coming for so long; Yahoo! Search has finally merged with Microsoft’s Bing. Yahoo will be incorporating the Big search engine at their back end and although users will continue to use the Yahoo search, the underlying result processing will all be performed on the engine that powers Bing. The transition from Yahoo’s own search engine to Bing has started, as stated by Shashi Seth, Senior Vice president of Yahoo on his blog.

The transition is expected to be complete within a few weeks during which many tools and services will be disabled (e.g. Search Monkey Developer tools, Gallery etc.) and new tools and services will be introduced by October 1, 2010, the time by which the transition to Bing is expected to be 100% complete. The move is believed to be made in order to build a competitor to internet’s most popular search engine Google, which has a major share in the internet search market by far. By joining forces, both Yahoo and Microsoft hope to topple the giant which Google is. However, from the look of how the search market is titled in favor of Google, it seems unlikely, at least for a start that Yahoo and Microsoft’s Bing could do anything significant to drive the user base away.

However, good thing for us the internet users is that with the dawn of a unified search engine from both Microsoft and Yahoo will result in more competition which will enhance the search quality.


While the latest version of Microsoft Office is still settling down after its release a few weeks ago, news has already started to pour in for the next version of Office. Wzor has reported that Microsoft has already started work on the development of its next version of Microsoft Office suite, the successor to the currently released Office 2010.

This version, also being called as Office 15 or Office 2014 had its first screenshots released today from a possible pre-alpha build under testing and development. The build has MSO_v15_1, MSO_v15_2 as internal name so it is safe to assume that work on the next version of Office is still at its beginning stages.

In the leaked screenshots, it is also noted that a new feature being dubbed as “Microsoft Limestone Application Integration” or simply as Microsoft Lime, detailed on which cannot be found as of this time.



Note: Click on the images to enlarge.


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If you are looking for a nice website to stream your favorite music then you should bookmark Grooveshark, an awesome website to search and listen to songs online. This site comes with an easy to use user interface. There is a search box at the top to search your favorite songs. While searching the songs I came to know that its database is so intense and it gave all the results I searched for. [click to continue…]


Many Mac help forums have this complaint from macbook users when their dvd won’t eject from the macbook disk drive. If you face this situation here are 5 ways to remove a stuck cd, dvd from macbook’s super drive.

Macbook Eject ButtonPress Hold Eject Button

This is the basic step to be done, when you can’t eject the dvd from the Disk Utility. The eject button is usually located at the top-right corner of your keyboard.Press and Hold the button till the cd, dvd ejects. If it doesn’t work read on…

Drag Send SuperDrive Disk Icon to Trash

If the keyboard eject button doesn’t work, this might. Simply Drag and Drop the the Disk Icon to the Trash Can within the dock and it will auto eject the disk inside it.

Ejecting Stuck CD DVD from Command Line

Launch the Terminal and type following command: drutil eject . This won’t fail. This works always.

Press Hold Mouse Button while Reboot

Restart your Macbook and hold down the mouse button (tap trackpad multiple times) as the system reboots. Hold it down until the system boots, again the stuck disk should come out.

Manual Process of Removing Stuck DVD

Step 1 : Take a piece of paper or thin card long enough to be inserted far inside the drive. The dvd cover page works well.

Step 2 : Insert the paper slowly into it and press eject multiple times till you feel a light pressure.

Step 3 : Gently, pull the paper and the disk will come out with it due to friction. You can also keep the Macbook at an angle to make the drive opening face down.

You can also take help from this video which will show you the exact manual procedure of removing a disk from the SuperDrive.

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clip_image001Vimeo is a popular video sharing and streaming website similar to YouTube in functionality. Recently, Vimeo has launched a universal non-flash based video player for Apple iDevices (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) so that they can run Vimeo videos without Adobe Flash support. This new player is based on the HTML 5 standard, something which YouTube has been supporting for quite some time now.

This universal video player differs from the one previously launched player as the recent one is capable of detecting the device which the user is using to access the Vimeo service and then provides an optimized playback and video feed according to what it detects. The Flash free HTML 5 based player also means precious bandwidth can also be saved and H.264 encoded video can be sent directly to devices like the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. However, service to iOS users is not free. In order for users to avail the Vimeo service on their iOS enabled iDevice, they must have a paid Vimeo Plus account which costs $60 per year in subscription fees.

In a report published by USA Today, Vimeo president talked about the capabilities of the new universal player by Vimeo, saying “The videos will be playable in any browser and work with future platforms as well.” So if you are interested in getting Vimeo content on your iPhone or any other Apple device, you can get it for as low as $60 a year.


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If you are addicted to stay online whole day and using Windows then I would to suggest you to have following windows software to save your PC from virus, saving time or to be more organized. The best part is that all these applications are free to use.


Here are 10 must have free windows applications:


Ccleaner is one of my favorite application when it comes to clean up my computer system easily and quickly. It removes all temp and useless files and helps to run your windows run faster. It can also cleans the trace of your online activities.


[ Link ]


Fences is a software without which I can’t imagine my desktop. It helps me to organize my all file and folder in proper fence so that I can easily search any of the files easily. You just need to use your right mouse button and create a fence by dragging it on desktop.


[ Link ]


TrueCrypt is a reliable application to encrypt and hide data. It helps you to hide encrypted data so that no one can even know that it exist. It works with USB drives also so even if your USB drives gets lost then also no one able to use your confidential or important data from USB drive. You can read more about TrueCrypt on Shoutmeloud’s article about Truecrypt.


[ Link ]

Revo Uninstaller

Revo Uninstaller helps you to uninstall programs fast. It gives you option of Advance uninstall which helps you to uninstall the unwanted programs completely without leaving any temp files or registry key behind.


[ Link ]


7Zip is an good option to consider when you are looking for an application to compress files. The best part about 7zip is that it doesn’t require any registration or sign-up. It supports multi-languages that too more than 74 languages and it is very quick when it comes to compress multiple files.


[ Link ]

Irfan View

Irfan View is a free image viewer. It consists of many useful features which makes it a user-friendly application such as image editing, rotating, resizing, slideshow, batch coversion and many more. There are few plugins available which will help you to add more features to it.


[ Link ]

Tweak UI

Tweak UI helps you to change system settings which are not easily done by default Windows UI, thus making your computer system more faster and secure. There are many useful features of Tweak UI to customize taskbar, desktop, mouse, my computer etc.


[ Link ]


It becomes frustrating to unlock the files which gives you error like “Cannot delete file”, “File is in use by other user” and other similar errors while deleting, renaming or moving files. Unlocker helps you to unlock such files easily and quickly. Thus with Unlocker, you don’t need to again restart your system or close the files.


[ Link ]


Launchy helps you to launch applications easily and quickly with simple shortcut. It is quick and easy to install and it gives you option to customize with your own shortcuts. Whenever you want to open an application you just need to enter shortcut or Alt+space and you will get quick access to the application.


[ Link ]

Free Download Manager

If you stay online whole day and keep on downloading lot of files then Free Download manager is must for you. It is best Download manager available for free. It supports torrents and have awesome features like adjust traffic usage, schedule downloads, downloading websites with HTML spiders and many more.


[ Link ]

Apart from these applications, you must have a best Antivirus software to secure your computer system.

These are few Windows app which I am using and if you have used any of these then don’t forget to share your feedback with us.


All the Macbooks manufactured by Apple have a Sudden Motion Sensor in built for preventing damage to the hard drive due to sudden movement. The same hardware can be put to some simple yet fun applications. While you won’t go around shaking and slapping your laptop everyday, these apps surely are very engaging, even if just for a few minutes.

Note: Most of these apps work with all Macbooks. I tested all of them on a Macbook Pro, mid 2009 model. In case the app doesn’t work for you, check the developer page for notes. Usually they have a different version for different hardware. Otherwise, just have fun with the ones that do work. You need a laptop running Snow Leopard and enabled with an SMS(Sudden Motion Sensor) for these applications.

Liquid Mac


This application adds some physics to the particles apart from the motion sensing. Once launched, tilt your laptop to either sides to see the effect. Play with the different parameters and have fun. Gravity level adds most fun to the app. Download LiquidMac from here.



This software renders the orientation of your Macbook and displays it on screen. So basically if you tilt your laptop to the left or rotate it in a circle in the vertical plane you will be able to see the same on screen. However, the movement of the display was not smooth and isn’t as great an experience as the other apps featured on this page. Download here.

Carpenter’s Level


This app is very similar to the Shelf Leveler app and just adds a graphical approach to the same idea. This application is in the form of a dashboard widget. Note that the position of the bubble will indicate whether the surface your laptop is kept on, is perfectly horizontal or not. Link here.



This app is the dorkiest of the lot. Does nothing but make sounds and lights up your keyboard everytime you shake your laptop around yourself. Before you head out to play Jedi with the new light saber make sure you hold the Macbook securely so that you don’t drop it. Link here.



So you already must have guessed from the name that this will be your personal edition of the seismograph to keep at home. This app is done pretty well and shows vibrations along all the three axes. Stomp hard at the floor or tap the table to see the graph change in realtime. You can increase or decrease the speed of the graph refresh rate. Link here.

I personally liked LiquidMac and SeisMac best. Tell us how you like them in the comments. We’ll be back later with more fun apps which make use of the motion sensors. By the way, make sure you don’t hurt your precious Macbooks while you play with these apps.

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If you have an external drive in NTFS format or a BootCamp partition, you must have run into this inability to write to NTFS drives on Mac. While Snow Leopard allows you to read NTFS file systems you cannot create, delete or modify files or folders natively. Paragon’s NTFS for Mac OS X offers a solution.

Firstly, Why do we need NTFS write access?

FAT32 drives don’t let you transfer files larger than four gigabytes over USB so what if you have larger files to transfer or store this system fails. So, you could go for either HFS or NTFS. While NTFS atleast can be read on Macs HFS will not even be detected on your Windows PC. So, NTFS does seem like a better option here. All we need is write access.

In another scenario, if you have Windows installed in your Mac notebook or desktop you might at times want to write some files to the NTFS partition while you are running Snow Leopard.


NTFS for Mac OS X 8.0 provides you full read/write access to NTFS with the same high speed as native HFS+ files. The built-in “HFS+ for Windows” (read-only version) completes an effective two-way communication channel between Mac® OS X and Windows. NTFS for Mac® OS X 8.0 is the first NTFS driver to support Snow Leopard in 32 and 64-bit mode!

Key features

  • Full read/write access to NTFS. Mac® OS X provides limited support of NTFS, the primary file system of any Windows PC. With Paragon’s NTFS for Mac OS X, you’ll get full read/write access to any version of NTFS under Mac OS X
  • Let Windows start up at the next launch. Choose your Windows volume in the Mac® System Preferences pane to start Windows at the next launch
  • Easy to install. The driver is easily installed through a user-friendly wizard, the same way it’s done under Mac® OS X
  • Easy to use. Mount any NTFS partition like a native one – no need to perform special commands to get access; just attach a disk or other media with NTFS partition and use it as you wish
  • Create and repair NTFS partitions under Mac® the same way you usually do with HFS/HFS+
  • Non-Roman characters and languages. File and folder names in national languages, including Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Russian
  • No limitation to maximum file/partition size (within Mac® OS X and NTFS specifications)


How It Works

Easy to install:

The drivers are easily installed under both Mac® and Windows through user-friendly wizards, the way software is usually installed under each operating system. No additional configuration is required after installation. Just restart your computer and let it go to work for you!

Easy to use:

Under Mac® OS: After installation every Windows partition works like a native Mac® partition! Mount any NTFS partition like a native one – no need to perform special commands to get access – just attach a disk drive or removable media formated as an NTFS partition and use it as you wish.
Under Windows® : After you’ve installed the dirver, you get access to Mac-disks to browse contents, read and copy files and folders on HFS/HFS+ partitions under Windows.


I’ve been using this software for more than a year now and it has never brought up an issue so far. Never failed a data transfer. So far I haven’t come across a cheaper alternative which does the job just as well. So I would recommend this to every Mac user who needs NTFS write operations. You can go for a free trial of the software and see what it is like for yourself here. The license costs $39. 95

If you like to share things with your friends through text messages from your mobile phone but hold yourself back because of SMS sending cost then here are few web services which allows you to send SMS free to your friends. Most of them need simple and quick registration and then you can start sending SMS. All the web services supports different number of characters so you can choose any service according to your requirement.

Here are 5 websites to send free SMS in India:


Way2SMS is very popular way to send SMS on any mobile in India. You need to register on Way2sms and you will get a 4 digit password on your mobile. Now whenever you want to use the service you need to use your mobile number as Username and 4 digit number as password. You can send 110 character messages.


[ Link ]


To use 16by2 SMS service you need to follow the same procedure as of Way2sms. You can send around 50 SMS in a day and only 10 SMS to same person. Users are only allowed to send 80 character messages and other 80 characters are for Advertisers who append a contextual advertisement to your SMS.


[ Link ]


SMS7 is great way to send messages up to 440 characters. To get register you just need to enter your with your mobile number and you will receive password on your mobile phone. Login with that password and you can send SMS for free. Like 16by2, you can only send 50 SMS per day.


[ Link ]

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This is another free web service to send SMS in India. You need to register to this website to send free SMS. You can send up to 80 characters.


[ Link ]


This service is one of my favorite. It is very easy to use and have very neat layout. You don’t require any registration or login. Just enter the mobile number, text you want to send and you are done. You can send up to 120 characters through FooSMS services.


[ Link ]

All the above websites are user-friendly to send free SMS. So start texting your friends with such free services. If you are using any other free SMS service online do share with us.