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Most of you do download movies from the internet. No matter whether the source is p2p or some other file host, all internet releases use a common naming method. This guide will tell you how to tell apart DVDRip from Telesync, Cam etc. [click to continue…]


As a blogger or even as a normal internet users, there are times when I need to take screenshots. There are many sites to take screenshot online and here I’m going to list down some of the free websites available. Though, I prefer software’s like Snag it, Windows Sniping tool (Windows 7) for screenshot capture, but these online tools are very handy at times.
Take Srceenshot Online

Whenever you want to share any useful tool or software in tech blog, it is always recommended to add images to that post so that readers can easily understand the software and its utilities. But if you don’t like to download softwares to take screenshots then you can use few web applications which are free to use.

5 Web application to Take screenshots online:


Bounce helps you to take screenshot of any website and also allows you to add comment with the screenshot to make it a perfect screenshot to share with your friends on Twitter, Facebook or email. To take a screenshot, you just need to enter the URL of the blog to take the screenshot. The best part you don’t have to register on Bounce.


[ Link ]


For using Websnapr you need to do a quick registration and need to enter website URL. It gives you option to select the size of screenshot you require. This online screenshot service is free but if you want options to customize the screenshots then you can go for premium account.


[ Link ]


Snapcasa also provide free and premium services. Free service includes good features like selecting screenshot size, adding watermark and many more. So, even if you choose to go for free service you will get all basic features.


[ Link ]


Thumbalizr lets you to take screenshot by entering URL and clicking Thumb-it button. It gives you option to select the size of screenshot which you can enter manually also. The qualities of images are good with Thumbalizr.


[ Link ]

Super Screenshot:

Super Screenshot is again an easy to use web app without any clutter. You just need to enter URL and there is no need to register before taking screenshot of any website. You can select between taking snap of full website or just the visible area.

Super Screenshot

[ Link ]

With these tools you can easily take screenshots of any website and share with your friends on social networking websites or use it on your blog.

If you are aware of any other alternatives to take screenshots online, do share with us.


Smartphones have all kind of apps for playing games, get social, be productive.They are most useful when we travel and when the smartphone is iPhone, you will surely get awesome and reliable applications. From checking out important mails to check out next flights, iPhone travel applications makes all the task easy and with just few taps. Few of these are for free and few are paid but those applications are worth paying for.

Here are 5 useful and must have travel app for iPhone:

Appigo Todo

While planning to travel it is important to make a to-do list. Apart from travelling purpose you can also use it in managing your daily task. It is a user-friendly app which can manage and organize all your task easily. It also shows the incomplete task of the day, so if you are on business trip then this could be a life-saver.


Price: Free

[ Link ]


TripIt helps you to import all your program from airlines, hotels, ticket and other travel companies. You just need to forward the confirmation of these to [email protected] to build a trip itinerary. You can also share your travel plans with friends via linkedin. It also displays daily list of flights,car rentals and other essential things.


Price: Free

[ Link ]

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Translator with Voice

Communication becomes a problem when you are planning to move abroad. Translator helps you to solve this problem. There are many language available and you can translate them easily. The best part is there is the voice support is built in the application for many languages.


Price: $ 2.99

[ Link ]

AT&T Navigator

AT&T Navigator allows you to convert your iPhone into voice-guided navigation system while travelling. It keeps you guiding onscreen directions, automatic rerouting, real-time traffic updates and more. You can also check out the local fuel prices.

AT&T navigator

Price: Free

[ Link ]

Currency Converter

When you are planning to go abroad either on business trip on vacation it is important that you keep track of currency exchange in that country. Currency Converter supports more than 220 currencies, up-to date exchange rates and easy calculator to convert currencies.

Currency Convertor

Price: $ 0.99

[ Link ]

You will get many travel app for iPhone but the above applications are must have for any iPhone user who love to travel. It will make your task easier from making your To-Do-List to checking out currency rates.

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If you are using any other useful travel app for iPhone then don’t forget to share with us.


I find typing on QWERTY phones easier and faster than on touch phones that lack the classic tactile feel. But recently, I have been feeling strongly inclined towards the touch phones primarily because of the revolutionary technology called Swype.
Some of you might have been already using it without even knowing that it’s Swype at work. Just like iPhone has been declared a revolution, I would say Swype has every bit of chance to be declared a revolution soon. Okay, but what is it? You want to know, right?

What is Swype?

Swype is a new patented text input mechanism, introduced by Swype Inc., that allows you to input text in a easier and faster way while using the standard QWERTY keyboard layout of your touchscreen phone. In fact, it is so fast that you could possibly achieve typing speed of 40 words or more per minute which is simply phenomenal.

But why Swype?

  • Innovative, faster and easier way to type text using standard QWERTY layout
  • Offers word suggestions for corrections
  • Learns new words automatically
  • Easy switching to regular keyboard
  • Supports foreign languages
  • Inserts spaces automatically
  • 65,000 words database

How Swype Text input works?

In contrast the way we use the QWERTY keyboard in touch phones, Swype allows you to type words without typing or pressing a single key. When using Swype, you simply need to trace a path across the screen keyboard and Swype does the rest. Is it that simple? Yes, it actually is. And you can use your finger or your phone’s stylus whatever your preference maybe.

The moment you trace a path across the keyboard, Swype’s patented algorithm analyzes the path pattern and immediately recognizes the word you intended to type. For example — if you were to type the word “quick”, you simply need to connect its letters by moving your finger over letter ‘q’ through ‘u’ then ‘i’ followed by ‘c’ and finally stopping at the letter ‘k’ on the keyboard; see a graphical representation of the same below.


At first, this may sound too time consuming but once you get used to it, it would take merely a second or less in fact. Check out a video demonstration below —

Best of all, you don’t need to be accurate, Swype is quite forgiving and understands completely that to err is human :)

So next time when you go shopping for a new touch phone, look for Swype support for sure. Till then, happy typing.


Have you been wondering if you could purchase cellphones online in India? Is shopping online safe and what websites could you rely upon. This post will answer all such questions and more like where to get best prices from. Other than that we keep sharing deals of the week with you regularly. [click to continue…]


Since few days HootSuite is working on application for Blackberry. Finally HootSuite shared screenshots and access to beta HootSuite app for Blackberry.


Looking at screenshot it seems that HootSuite application is user-friendly and with nice layout. The beta app for Blackberry is fully featured and it also shows the statistics as shown in the screenshot.

Here is what HootSuite wrote:

Blackberry fans are adamantly vocal about their desire to Hoot from their beloved ‘berrys — and the wait is almost over! Soon fans everywhere will have a ‘berry-ready Owl with Facebook and Twitter in your hand — just don’t squish it!

To quench your desire, here are the first screenshots of HootSuite for Blackberry to share with your colleagues.

The pilot batch of HootSuite for Blackberry beta users are testing the first iteration with more invites going out soon (we haven’t forgotten about the thousands of you who signed up to test).

There are already thousands of sign ups for beta HootSuite app for Blackberry. If you want to try the application you can sign up from this official page. I can’t wait anymore to check out the HootSuite application and if you are also trying it out don’t forget to share your views.

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Of course this application is in beta version and just a glimpse yet. We can expect more in final version, so keep in touch with CallingAllGeeks to get more updates about HootSuite application for Blackberry.


We all are addicted to Facebook because it’s best way to have fun and make friends but when it comes to chat with friends on Facebook I just quit. I always prefer to stay offline when it comes to Facebook chat. But to stay in touch with my Facebook friends I prefer to use few tools which are user-friendly and easy to install.

Here are 5 best Facebook Chat Instant messengers:


Digsby is one of my favorite. The main reason I love Digsby is that I can use all useful messengers like Facebook chat, Gtalk, Yahoo etc. Thus you can login to all instant messengers simultaneously. The layout looks good and a user-friendly chat client. Worth giving a try.


[ Link ]


ChitChat is a Facebook chat messenger. It is especially for Facebook chat. A simple layout and provides you all basic yet useful features like notifications, chat tabs, status alerts, saving history etc. If you are looking for an easy to use chat client for Facebook then you can surely consider Chitchat Instant messenger.


[ Link ]


Pidgin is bit similar like Digsby which supports other instant messengers also apart from Facebook. It is good when you are looking for a many networks like Yahoo, Windows Live Messenger, AIM etc in one messenger. Pidgin doesn’t support audio and video feature while chat.


[ Link ]

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  • Facebook Voice Chat Application Vivox Chat


Meebo is bit different than above messengers. Meebo is a web based messenger that is you don’t require to download or install any software, you can chat instantly from Meebo website. You will get all required feature on Meebo like status alerts, emoticons, notifications etc.


[ Link ]


Gabtastik also supports Facebook and Gtalk chat. It is having good interface and easy to navigate between messengers. Unlike Disby, it takes less memory and display is also small so don’t distract you from work.


[ Link ]

If you are one of the Facebook fan who don’t like to chat in Facebook browser then above chat clients are useful for you. If you are using any other chat tool then do share with us.


Few days back we shared with you about RSS reader apps for iPhone. Now here are few best RSS reader apps for Android. There are so many Android Smartphones available on which you can download these RSS feed reader applications and keep yourself updated anywhere.

Here is the list of 5 best RSS feed reader applications for Android:


NewsRob is a popular RSS/Atom reader. The best part of Newsrob is that it allows you two way sync with Google Reader. It has capacity to sync around 1000 recent articles and also read them offline. The layout of NewsRob is very good and easy to navigate.



GReader keep on providing you notification about unread feeds at specified interval while synching with Google reader. It is a good RSS feed application for Android users who prefer to read less feeds because organizing large feeds in folder is not that user-friendly. You can easily share RSS feed with your friends on email, Facebook, Twitter Etc.



Like other RSS app, FeedR also sync with Google Reader and you can read the feeds by categories. But many of you might not like the navigation part from one feed to another. You can create a shortcut to FeedR on your homescreen to get fast access to feeds or set the app on homescreen as a widget.


Fast Reader

The good part about Fast Reader is that it allows you to view all the feed at once which is not possible with Greader or FeedR. It allows you to Zoom IN and Zoom OUT easily and you can easily navigate to another article. You can share your feeds on Social Networking websites or email.


Pulse News Reader

Pulse News Reader is suitable for the readers who like visual presentation. It displays all the items in Thumbnails which you may find attractive. You can check out only 20 feeds at a time. It also allows you to open links in the browser and the navigation is good.


Check out few more interesting Android applications.

You can get all these applications in Android market and if you are aware of more Android app useful for RSS feed do share with us. Meanwhile don’t forget to subscribe to CallingAllGeeks RSS feed to get updates about more useful Android apps.


Customising your computer is always fun. It’s quite possible that after months of logging in to your Mac through the same screen you might get bored and wished you could change it. There’s an easy and free way to do it. [click to continue…]

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My last post was iPhone 4 unboxing pictures and here are images of Sim cutter which I used to convert my Airtel Mini sim into Micro sim.

In iPhone 4 you can’t use normal sim and you need to cut down Sim into Mini sim in order to insert your Simcard into iPhone.

If you have a Sim Cutter, it can be done within minute but in case if you don’t have access to Sim cutter, you might like to check out Ihackintosh post on manually cutting your Mini sim into Micro sim.

iPhone-4-Sim-Cutter (1)iPhone-4-Sim-Cutter iPhone-4-Sim-Cutter (2) iPhone-4-Sim-Cutter (3)

Well I still need to buy 1 iPhone Sim cutter which I will be ordering from EBay or Amazon.