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Apple Coupon code

So many times you must have come across iTunes and App Store Promotional Codes. If you did not know what to do with them or how to redeem them, this guide will tell you just that. Promotional codes may be used by artists and developers to provide free copied of their work to others as personal gifts or for promotional activities.

The promotional codes work only in the US Store. So if you don’t have one, you will need to create one first. Don’t worry if you reside in some other country. You can still create a free US Store based account without a credit card requirement. Once you are done creating the account you will be able to purchase free apps and also redeem promotional codes.

How to Redeem app Promo Code

Open iTunes. Head to iTunes Store. Now you can either click on “Redeem” on the right sidebar or on the footer at the bottom. If you find difficulty locating the button, take a look at our screenshots.


Alternatively, you can follow our direct link to the redeem page which will open up in iTunes automatically.

Redeeming App promo code on iPhone

Click on App Store. Once the App loads head to Featured and scroll down to bottom where you will see the Redeem button. Click on that and enter your code on the next page and hit Redeem again.

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Creating good looking logos for your website/blog is one of the most difficult tasks to do. Don’t worry If you don’t have knowledge about Adobe Photoshop or any other graphic designing suite. We came across an excellent online tool, Logoease which allows you to make professional logos online for free.


With Logoease, you can create and customize professionally looking logos online without installing any software on your computer. Before proceeding, you can check out some sample logos which you can create easily using Logoease.


Before you start, you have to sign up for an account which is free. Just fill in the details and click Submit. After registration click on Start Your Logo.


It will show list of image categories from you can select the image you want to use in your logo.


It will show you the list of available sample images for the specific categories.


Select the appropriate font and logo design, type the text and select the desired settings.


After you are done click on Save.


You will be given download link from which you can download you create logo.


And you are done. Do try the service and  share your views using the comments section below. Also, if you know any better alternative, please share.

Visit Logoease

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Apple has already made the iOS 4.1 firmware live for everyone to download and upgrade. The question is should you take the leap or not? What are the advantages of upgrading to 4.1 and what do you stand to lose. iPhone 3G users might be tempted for performance fixes. But should you risk losing your unlock? [click to continue…]


Just  now we shared that Apple has released an update and now you can upgrade your iPhone and iPod to iOS 4.1 but  we already informed you that if you using a jailbreak device or planning to jailbreak iOS 4.1, wait for a while.

You can easily update your iPhone via Apple but in case if you need direct download links to download iOS 4.1, here are direct download link for iOS 4.1:

Do let us know if you are planning to upgrade your iPhone or iPod to iOS 3.1?


Whenever we sign up for an account on any website we need to go through the registration process where we give alternate email ID for verification mail and then we need to click on confirmation link to get that account activated. This becomes bit frustrating when we are in hurry to open an account.

But now if you want to sign up for Google account with your exciting Yahoo, Hotmail or other email address then you don’t have to go through the lengthy process. By using Open ID or OAuth authentications, you can now create a Google Doc, Google Reader or any other Google Account with the help of Yahoo credentials.

Yahoo mail

This Open ID is supported by Yahoo, Google and few more mail providers. Instead of going to whole registration and confirmation process, you can sign up with Google from your Yahoo credentials with a button that sends you to Yahoo for verification. Once Click on Agree button you can start using your new account. This will surely help Google to get more users who are fan of Yahoo.

Isn’t it simple and quick? I love the new feature and I would also like to know your views about this new sign up process.


This is some really good news for all the people who purchased iPhone in India from Airtel. There were rumors that post 1 year of customer’s contract period, Airtel, which has been empowered by Apple to do so, can unlock the iPhone. We decided to find out how true this is and the hardwork paid. If you have used the Airtel iPhone for more than a year, read on for instructions to get it officially unlocked forever. [click to continue…]


This is a guest post by Ankit who blogs at GettingMoneyWise.  Do check out our adsense revenue sharing program.

Facebook among other things is one of the largest photo sharing site. It is therefore obvious that we spend a lot of time on Facebook in watching photos shared by people in our social circle.Facebook has not really worked on enhancing the user experience when it comes to viewing photos. To browse photos in an album you need to click every time or press the arrow keys.  We had recently shared a  Lightbox feature for viewing Facebook photos but that feature is apparently not rolled out for all the users. So, how can one enhance the photo viewing experience on Facebook which helps you view larger version of images easily

If you use Google Chrome as your preferred browser, we have just a solution for you

Facebook Photo Zoom Extension For Google Chrome

Facebook Photo Zoom is a very simple lightweight google chrome extension that integrates automatically with your Facebook. After installing the extension, anytime you login to your Facebook account and hover over an image, the image is zoomed out for you. It does not get any simpler than that. You do not have to click anywhere to see the enlarged images in the photo album. The extension does it for you and also provides easily customizable options for you.

How to install Facebook Photo Zoom Extension?

  • Open Google Chrome browser and Click Here
  • Once you click on ‘Install’, you will be prompted with a screen asking you to confirm the installation. Those who are extra careful of their privacy settings might think before installing the extension since the extension apparently requires access to your Facebook dataFacebook_Photo_Zoom
  • The extension will install and a small menu item gets created in the Chrome below the Customize Google Chrome bar as shown. This allows you to customize the zoom settings based on the extent of zoom that you require


You are all set to see the beauty of Facebook zoom in action. Here is how the Facebook Photo zoom works as soon you hover on any images on your Facebook wall or in the photo albums

Facebook Photo Zoom In Action

  • Switching the zoom off is also very easy. The extension creates a small icon just next to the ‘Chat’ notification bar you get after logging into Facebook.One click and you can enable-disable the zoom feature. The installation link shared above also provides some nifty keyboard shortcuts to play around with the settings of the extension

Need I say more. This is one of the simplest extension I have found to simplify the photo viewing experience. The best part about the extension is that integrates seamlessly and the response time to zoom the image is very small.So, as soon you hover on an image you instantly get to see the enlarged version of the image.Give the extension a try and let us know


With the boom in smartphone industry and millions of iPhones sold worldwide, things are gradually changing. We’re experiencing service on the go like never before. Just a week ago, SEBI approved stock trading Apps on Mobile Phone for Indian stock market investors. Today, we have reviewed the top five iPhone applications which will provide you live market quotes. These apps work for Indian as well as International Investors. [click to continue…]


Last time we informed you about Latest facebook Spam I’ve added smileys to this comment. Wanna see them? and here is another Facebook Spam which is spreading on Facebook virally. This new spam method will share a link on your Facebook wall and will appear on your friends timeline. This spam message says “Hilarious! Girl accidentally sends dad SMS about her FIRST TIME and he REPLIES BACK!” Here is an Image of this spam message: facebook-spam When you click on the link it will take you to one site and you have to click on continue and spam message will appear on your Facebook Wall. hilarious-girl Do let your facebook friends know that you should not click on any such link and if you already did delete this message from your Facebook Wall.

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Top 5 Hindi Torrent Websites

When it comes to Torrent sites, there are many but for hindi torrent, there are very few desi torrent sites and most of them are invitation based site like Desitorrents and Bwtorrents.

Torrents are best way to download any file from Internet. You might not be lucky enough to get direct download link for all software, freeware but on Torrent sites you will find every possible data. We have already shared few tutorials and list on torrents and if you have missed it, you can read them here:

In this post I will be sharing few Indian torrent websites from where you can download all desi torrents. Do remember some of them are only invitation based torrent sites so you need to ask for torrent site invitation or may be donate to those site to grab an account.

Popular Hindi Torrent Websites:



Bwtorrents is one of the oldest Indian torrent site and popular one. This site is strictly invitation based or you can donate something to maintain the server cost and become a member. Bwtorrents is very active forum and worth checking out. <Link>



Desitorrents as name suggest a desi torrent site which is also a famous site in India.  This is also invitation based and also you can book a spot for yourself by becoming a doner. You need to maintain the ratio but good thing about this site is many HD content are ratio free. <Link>



DesiBBrg is another active forum which not only focus on torrents but also building a forum. You will find lots of content for mobile as well. At the time of writing this post, registration at DesiBbrg was open and you might like to grab one right now. <Link>



I’m not a user of iDesiR but heard many of my friends recommending this site also. This is another site which you might like to check out for your Torrent need. <Link>



Dctorrent is another popular torrent website and one of the oldest one. There was a time when this site used to be more popular than desitorrents. You will find a good forum at DcTorrents.<link>

Well I don’t have any invitations to this desi torrent websites so please don’t request for invitations.

If you know any other popular Hindi Torrent websites, do let us know via comment.

Note: This article is for information purpose only. Downloading pirated content is illegal in many countries. Do go through cyber law of your countries before downloading and pirated content.