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Back in August, we reviewed the iWebcamera App which will turn your iPhone into a webcam that can be used with your computer running Windows or Mac OS X. The latest update brings iOS 4.0 support, iPhone 4 dual camera support and loads more. To top that, we are giving out some promotional codes to our fans. [click to continue…]


Today we are showcasing three websites which will help you find free and useful applications for Mac OS X. There are a lot of amazing applications made for the Mac but not everyone is aware of places where they can find them. This guide will help you with just that. [click to continue…]


We all know Android 2.2 Froyo has been ported to many devices including HTC HD2, iPhone 3G etc. But, imagine iOS being ported to devices other than iPhone. Yes, you heard me right. Recently, some hackers managed to port iOS on an HTC device, HTC Magic. All the features of iOS works absolutely find including folders, quick app switching etc.


Everything seems to be original but it has been reported that the performance of the device is like iPhone 3Grunning iOS 4.0 and is really slow. But still this is an excellent developer in the process of reverse engineering.

According to iSpazio, the people who managed to clone iOS on HTC device said:

The operating system is perfectly identical to that of Apple, in every particular. The language set should be Chinese and is so well reproduced that seems to be a sort of port, as with Android Frøya iPhone. Technically, however, think they can not be true then porting the hypothesis of “cloning” IOS 4 remains the most plausible. Despite the enormous slow, everything works the right way.

Anyways, here is the video showing HTC Magic running iOS 4:

[Via – 9to5 Mac]


This is a guest post by Shariq who blogs at Homology. If you would like to write for CallingAllGeeks, read: CallingAllGeeks revenue sharing program.

I think privacy is a potential need for every person and if we talk about mobile phone it worth more. There may be some content in your phone you want to hide from others like if you want your photos or videos not available for others or want your messages and contacts hidden from others.

Suppose someone is disturbing your privacy by making spam calls or sending you spam messages, you will definitely want to get rid off. If you are using blackberry mobile then following applications will be very helpful in maintaining your phone privacy.

iLock – Password App Photo Folder

blackberry privacy applications

This is a free and powerful software to guard your blackberry phone content. You can lock any application with this software. You can set a password which protect all your phone content from strangers. You can lock single folder or even a single application with this protector. It can also hide your messages and contacts too. Get this Software for free. Hurry because in future it may be paid.

Application Page

Privacy Manager

blackberry privacy applications

It is a powerful call filter software. With this software you can block unwanted calls and can maintain your privacy. You can also block spam emails with this software. This application set several actions for blocked calls such as number Busy, signal failed, voice mail, call divert etc.

Application Page


blackberry privacy applications

This BlackBerry application is for hiding contacts and hiding caller ids. This software can also block specific call, messages and emails. This software can increase the length of sms messages upto 1400 characters. It can creates pseudo caller ids if you want to keep caller private. Besides you can send attachments with emails.

Application Pag


blackberry privacy applications

It is a free BlackBerry application. This is a spam blocker application. This application has its own online database of spam callers and it automatically blocks spam callers and also blocks spam messages. This software detects spam number from your phones and alerts you. Its database has more than 50000 spammers so this may be a very good spam blocker for your BB mobile Phone.

Application Page

App Lock

This is another device locker application for BB. It is cheap and good working application. With this app you can lock any folder or application with password and you do not need to lock entire phone.

Application Page

Few more useful BlackBerry Apps:

Do share, Which application you are using to secure your BlackBerry?


Surely iPhone is most loved mobile of all time, this multitasking device play multiple roles in its users life, now we have one more reason to bring iPhone more closer to your life.

Simple Drive is a small iPhone application to turn your iPhone into hard drive. This easy to use application help you to keep and move your files in your iPhone, exactly like a pocket hard drive.

This 99¢ application can be downloaded from App Store. Its interface is easy , self narrating and very clear. Once installed in iPhone you can directly access your iPhone from browser and send images, videos or any other file to iPhone. Very similarly you can also download your files back to our computer directly from iPhone.

Now carry your iPhone with more ease and naturalness.

Do you know any free iPhone applications which turn your iPhone into Hard Disk?

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If you are addicted to TV then I am sure you would miss it wherever you go so why not to have TV facility on your gadgets such as iPod Touch 3G, iPhone 4 or iPhone 3G. There is an application called CoolStreaming for TV addicts which allows you to watch free webTV.

The CoolStreaming app very popular and is available for free. Cool Streaming app channels server available on web like few of the categories are educational, games, news generic, regional, HD, reality, weather, music etc.


Watching WebTV on your iPhone or iPod Touch would be more fun and easy with this application as it has few good features like:

  • Fast Buffering
  • Live streaming of hundreds of channels
  • Set favorite channel list
  • Check out exclusive channels
  • Browse TV channels by Country , recent or categories
  • Fast channel update interface with API
  • Get new channels everyday

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You can watch more than 500 channels with Coolstreaming app and supports WiFi and 3G mode so start having more fun on your iPhone and iPodTouch.

Here is the download link of CoolStreaming App for iPhone and iPodTouch.


As a blogger we need to register on many forums, websites or web applications to try different tools. As soon as we register, our Inbox starts getting mail from that web app, forums etc. Because of lots of spam mails sometimes we miss many important mails and clearing up those spam mails is again time consuming.

Thus to avoid such mess in our inbox and to save time, its better to use temporary emails which gets destroyed themselves and we can use them whenever we want to try any new online tool or register on any forum. Here are 5 such useful email disposable services which you can use for creating temporary email IDs.

10 Minutes Mail

As the name suggests 10 Minute mail provides you a email address for 10 minutes and after that it gets destroyed. The process is very easy and quick. The only thing which you might not like is that the email Id is auto generated thus you don’t get any choice to select the email ID. This is for people who want to create and destroy the email id quickly.

10 mins mail

[ Link ]

My Trash Mail

MyTrash Mail gives you option to select your email ID which you were not getting in 10 Minute mail. The format of Email id in My Trash mail is [email protected] and you can also create a phantasy email with one of the active domain names like [email protected] The email stays up to 30 days.

trash mail

[ Link ]


Temp Email is another temporary email service. It allows you to create email Id after entering the CAPTCHA. The format of this email ID will be something like whiztechy@ TempEmail.net and it will get expired after 14 days. It also provides you the time when it will get expired on 14th day.


[ Link ]


Mailinator requires no signup or CAPTCHA thus creating an account is very simple and quick. You can access the email through the website, RSS feeds as well as customized widget. It removes all the email having images or doc attached. Mailinator destroys the email ID automatically after one hour.


[ Link ]

Also Read:


SpamBox supports 12 multi-languages and also provide different expiry time for the email ID you create. You can select any time according to your requirement like 30 minutes, 1 hour, 12 hours, 1 day, 1 month etc.

Spam Box

[ Link ]

There are few more services available but I prefer above ones because they are user-friendly and free to use. If you are aware of any of such useful and free service do share with us.

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A lot of people (including me a short time ago) thought that website development is a job for a professional web developer who knows web scripting languages. However, with the recent advances and mass usage of website, this is no longer true. Basekit is one such app which proves this wrong. It is a great and easy to work with tool designed to build websites using Web 2.0 technologies without having to substantially code!


With Basekit, making the layout of the website has become very simple. It automatically lets you select your Photoshop images and then slices and converts them to meet the standard requirements of HTML and CSS. This is done with a very fast, robust and efficient mechanism in just a few clicks. Effectively, Basekit enables a website to be built just by dragging and dropping items which you want, where you want. The app has an environment which lets you draft out the layouts of new websites and work on multiple drafts at a time. All you current under construction websites can be viewed together in a thumbnail view. The width of the website pages can be altered and so does the column layout on a single template. This means different web pages have different columns depending on how you set them.




You can also add widgets like video, downloads, social media feeds etc. to your website using Basekit. Also you can edit your website’s CSS content and preview it before finalizing and once finalized; a single click will take your website from under construction to up and running. There are literally hundreds of features, widgets, customizations offered by Basekit which can be truly explored once you start developing your website with it. If you’re planning to do so, do give Basekit a shot!


Test the service and let us know. You can also check the sample web pages made using BaseKit here.

Visit Base-Kit


Google is one of the most used services in the world today and despite all the great advantages it provides, a sour fact remains that Google monitors a lot of its users’ web activities. However, if you’re a careful web surfer, you can avoid this by taking a few simple steps with Google History. Google has different ways to monitor your web activities depending on if you’re signed in while searching or not.

When you’re signed in to your Google Account, One such way is the Web History which is used to personalize your searches. Follow the steps below to deactivate it so your search activities are not recorded by Google anymore:

Step 1. Go to the My Account page and click on the Web History link.


Step 2. Click on the Pause link on the left to pause your Web History function. Your search history will not be recorded any more until you resume the service.


If you are not signed in to your Google Account, even then you can turn off Web History function by doing the following:

Step 1. Do a Google Search and on the results page, click the Web History link on the top right corner.


Step 2. Click on Disable customizations based on search history link which will turn the feature off.


Another way you can do that is by manually clearing your browser’s cookies so that Google doesn’t have your previous search data to customize your search results.


These days every one uses Internet browsers, some on their laptop, computer and some on Tablets. NO matter, where ever you use it, it’s important to understand internet browsers privacy options to maintain security and privacy of your browsing activities.
Here I’m not going to talk about Incognito mode of Chrome, private browsing or no traces browsing options by different browsers, but we will look into some of the options most popular browsers like IE, Chrome, Opera, Firefox Offers.

While you are surfing on public computer you might need privacy to make sure your details like password, credit card information and other sensitive data doesn’t land into some wrong hands. Every internet browser has privacy options and by using these options you can keep your internet browsing private and secure.

Privacy settings of Popular browsers:

Privacy Options in Internet Explorer



To customize Security in Internet Explorer go to tools > Internet Options

Here you will find different tabs such as General, Security, Privacy etc. First we customize General settings .

  • Here you can change the Browser Homepage
  • You can delete cookies and temporary internet files according to your privacy level
  • You can clear IE browsing history
  • Now click on Privacy Tab
  • Here you will set the privacy level medium ,high or more
  • You can also enable or disable popup blocker
  • Besides you can add websites those you want to keep free from the action of popup blocker
  • You can directly on or off Popup blocker by Tools > Popup Blocker

Security and Privacy Settings in Opera



Opera Offers tons of privacy option

You can sweep all browsing history, cookies and every thing by a single command

Tools > Delete Private Data

Another cool Privacy feature is Private Browsing .you can do private browsing in private browsing tab .For this go to file > New Private Tab .All information and browsing detail is deleted by Opera after closing this tab .

  • You can delete browsing history from tool >History
  • You can delete browsing cookie from tools > Advanced >cookies
  • You can delete any wand password saved in opera from tools >Advanced >Password Manager
  • You can Block any website by tools >Advanced >Blocked Content
  • You can check any website with Opera Fraud Protection .tools >Advanced >Page Security Info
  • You can block or Open Popups by Tools > Quick Preference

Privacy Options in Mozilla Firefox


private Browsing firefox

Firefox is very advanced in privacy and security options

  • You can use private browsing by going to Tools > Start Private Browsing ( shift+ctrl+P)
  • You can clear Browsing history any time by Tools > Clear Recent History ( Shift+Ctrl+Del)
  • You can change Homepage by Tools >Options >General
  • You can block or allow Popups by Tools > Options > Content and you can also set exception urls for popup blocker
  • You can set history Options by Tools > Options >Privacy .Here you can set history never remember if you are very much sensitive for your privacy .Here you can also off history suggestion while typing any where in browser .
  • In Tools> options > Security you set
  • Block Harm websites Option
  • Save or do not save website passwords

Privacy Options in Safari


apple Safari Internet Browser is not so advanced as Opera and Firefox and it has limited security and Privacy Features

  • You can delete history by settings > History
  • You can start Private Browsing by settings > Start Private Browsing
  • You can clear all cookies ,urls and every thing by settings > Reset Safari
  • You can enable or Disable Popup Blocker by settings > Block Popup Windows
  • You can Change Homepage and scheduled History by Settings > Preference > General

No matter which web browser you are using, always set your Internet Browsers Privacy settings to make sure your sensitive data never fall in wrong hands.