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I have been searching for any free iPhone application which let me sync my Facebook contacts with iPhone. Though I was not able to find any Free iPhone application but got my hands on Smartsync which is a paid iPhone application which will let you sync your Facebook contacts with iPhone contacts.


Images of this applications:

IMG_0291 IMG_0287 IMG_0288 IMG_0289 IMG_0290

After installing this application you need to give permission to this application to access your Facebook data and after that steps are pretty much straight forward.

Features of SmartSync:

Here are list of features of Smartsync: Facebook iPhone contacts sync application:

  • View your contacts profile pictures from Facebook when they call you and when you call them.
  • Enrich your contacts with missing information from Facebook (birthdays, current address, company & job title).
  • Birthdays list – View all your contacts birthdays in one convenient place.
  • Smart matching algorithm automatically finds the matching Facebook friend for each contact.
  • Data protection – SmartSync will not overwrite your existing contact pictures or information unless you want it to.
  • Easy conflict resolving with best match suggestions in case a perfect match is not found for a contact.
  • Visual contact list with Facebook integration – Access your friends profiles or send them messages with a tap of a finger.
  • Option to fix contacts names with the correct names from Facebook.

Application Price: $3.99

Download now

Do let us know if you know any other useful free iPhone application to sync iPhone and Facebook contacts?

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All active social users prefer to use desktop applications of social networking websites such as TweetDeck for Twitter. Such desktop apps helps you to get notifications on your desktop itself and you don’t have to open the browser again and again.

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking website but then also yet there was none desktop application for it but now there is an application which will help you to get notifications on your desktop itself. This application is Facebook Desktop, you can download this desktop app for Windows as well as Mac. This is an adobe air based application.


Once you download the Facebook Desktop application, you just need to configure the notification settings and you will start getting all the notifications like friend request, group invities, friend requests etc. on your desktop itself.

You can check out the video for more details:

If you are the one, who is active on Facebook but hate to open the browser to check the notifications again and again then this Facebook Desktop application is for you.

Try it out and do share your feedback. And if you are active on Facebook, you can follow us on Facebook.


Social networking integration to different other web apps and utilities is now happening at a very fast pace. Adding Facebook and Twitter feeds to websites or vice versa is commonplace now. Twistory is a web app which integrates your Twitter backlog freed to your calendar application such as Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, and Thunderbird etc.

Twistory works simply; it simply adds the tweets you make to your calendar apps for a record to see when you tweeted about what. If you want to keep a log of all your tweets, Twistory is the perfect app for you. It works well for not only public but for private Twitter accounts as well. Twistory is completely free to use and does not requires any registration, you can directly attach your Twitter account with it and get started easily.

Twistory has no time delay whatsoever in posting your tweets to your integrated calendar apps, tweets are available almost instantly as you write them. Also, there is a feature called “Timetracking tagging” which lets Twistory monitor and keep track of what you’re doing and when you’re doing. In order to use the Timetracking tagging feature, all you need to do is start your tweet with either t or /t and Twistory will do the rest.

Using Twistory is just like keeping a dairy of all the tweets you make. It’s fun and easy to use and is recommended for everyone to give a try.


Yesterday we posted about Unboxing pictures of Tata Docomo One Touch Net Mobile Phone and phone first impression is really good. Here I’m sharing few more specifications and my review of this phone.

tata docomo (6)


  • Social networking integration via Social Pulse
  • Access to Yahoo Mail and Messenger free for lifetime on Tata DOCOMO
  • One touch access to Yahoo Search, News, Homepage
  • Special designated Dive In key
  • Special designated Y! key
  • Stereo FM radio with RDS
  • Short key access to My Song, CMT
  • One click access to Tata DOCOMO Facebook, Orkut and Twitter communities


  • Screen: TFT, 65K colors, 320 x 240 pixels, 2.4 inches, Full QWERTY keyboard, Optical trackpad
  • Size / Model: 111 x 58.2 x 13.9 mm, 102 g / QWERTY phone
  • Memory: Internal 80 MB, external microSD, up to 8GB, 4GB included
  • Camera: 2 MP, 1600×1200 pixels
  • Battery: Standard battery, Li-Ion 850 mAh
  • MP3/WMA/eAAC+ player, MP4/H.263/H.264 player

Press release:

ALCATEL has introduced the uber coolALCATEL OneTouch Net on Tata DOCOMO.It’s offering Free Y! Mail means the user can access his Yahoo mail from anywhere and free Yahoo messenger would allow him to stay in touch with his pals at all times. It specially designated ‘Y!’ key keeps the user updated with all the latest happenings in the world. Further as the handsets name suggests, the user has ‘One Touch’ access various Yahoo services including Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Messenger with Tata DOCOMO. This means that Tata DOCOMO has ensured that the user can literally access his Yahoo mail from anywhere and keep in touch with his friends on the go.

Having had the opportunity to use this phone, it probably seems right to say that the ALCATEL One Touch Net on Tata DOCOMO has got the looks and features of a high tech cellular phone. Primarily it’s the looks that make this handset stand out from the rest. It will be available in 4 different trendy colour combinations; black- silver, black-purple, white-silver and white-purple. It’s got a nice curvy shape to it which also makes it easier to grip in your hand as you type away on the QWERTY keypad. Another aspect of note would be that unlike other handsets with similar features, the ALCATEL OneTouch Net is surprisingly affordable priced at below Rs. 6,000. Overall it’s like buying a trendy blackberry that is especially designed for youth.

Extra Incentive for buyer:

As a promotion of this phone, Tata DOCOMO are offering some exciting prizes and incentives for buyer.

Tatat DOCOMO are offering two options as a prepaid and postpay connection and people who opt for prepaid connection will get free Yahoo Messenger and Yahoo Email access for lifetime and also 250MB bandwidth usage for 1 year.

People who will be opting for Postpay connection will be getting Reebok watch worth 2499/-, with some exclusive plans like free STD and local calls.


With the price tag of 5499 INR, i.e $120 the price is just right. In terms of design and look, this phone looks pretty neat and well crafted. One thing which I really liked about this phone is you can expand memory slot till 8GB, while will make your phone a music player with decent music quality. If you are one of those who likes to click pictures everywhere, this budget mobile is for you as 2MP camera gives clear pictures. Though flash is missing in the camera.

QWERTY keyboard is nice but new user might take some time to get use to it’s joystick.


Overall I will give 4/5 to this phone from Docomo, looking at it’s features and price tag. With the price of 5499/- INR, I can’t expect this phone to have more.

It will be good to see how Tata Docomo phone will perform in this competitive market when we have more budget phone from well established mobile manufacturer like nokia and Samsung.

What do you think about this phone? Do you think it’s price tag and extra incentive like free Yahoo Email and messenger access, will appeal users.

We will also be running a contest which will help you win this phone for free by answering one simple question.


Apple pleased millions of Google fans when it approved Google Voice for use on its iOS platforms. Users with iPhones, Apple iPads, and iPod Touchdevices can now communicate over the 3G data network or WiFi to save voice minutes and to attach a phone number to their device. This is particularly attractive for iPad and iPod Touch users whose devices really aren’t phones to begin with. The power of Google Voice is well known: beyond the extra phone number, the system offers robust call management features and a highly customizable voice mail service.

Google Voice for iPhone

Google Voice iPhone Applications

Listed here are 4 cool Google Voice for iPhone apps that you can start using today to make your life easier and more productive. Remember: an active Google Voice account is required in order to use these applications. If you don’t have one, you can add one to your Google account for free.

Useful Google voice iPhone apps:

GV Connect [$2.99) -


A behind the scenes manager for handling Google connectivity on iOS. GV Connect works behind the scenes to connect to Google services faster than you can on the Web interface alone. With this app installed you can make phone calls from your Google Voice number, sent text messages through your Google Voice account and access your mobile device’s phonebook and contact list. With GV Connect you can also define custom voice mail messages for each of your contacts or contact groups. You can also use Google Voice to route calls from your Google voice number to one of several phone numbers normally associated with you. This allows you to keep your personal numbers private while eliminating the confusion caused when your friends, family, and coworkers have multiple numbers to juggle while trying to contact you.

Google Voice [Free] -

Google Voice

Where once Google seemed banished forever, you can now enjoy voice based searches, find maps, and “just talk.” This is one Google add on that you won’t want to miss, featuring multiple languages, and location based services.

GV Mobile+ [$2.99] -

Provides essential Google Voice services to Apple mobile platforms. This is an updated version of the GV Mobile client that was banned from the iPhone earlier. This app features a powerful keyboard for messaging and an easy to use interface that connects you with Google Voice voicemail, call screening, call recording, and other important features. This is the flagship interface for Google Voice on iOS, so try it today.

Google Voice Web App [Free] -

An official Google App designed for iPhone users to connect with Google Voice. When you browse to the installation site, you will receive instructions based on the mobile platform you are using. Now you can make cheap international calls, make calls from within Gmail, and do other cool things via your Google Voice account.

Google Voice is an innovative service that offers powerful calling features that formerly were available only to the most expensive commercial phone systems. Now, call screening, call recording, and text messaging can all be done through one interface on your Apple iPhone.

Although the selection of Google Voice iPhone apps right now, be sure to check back frequently with the iTunes App Store so you don’t miss out when new applications are released. The Google Voice API has a lot of potential for enhancing apps on the iPhone, so new apps are not far away. Meanwhile, try these 4 cool Google Voice for iPhone Apps and harness the power of Google to make your life better.

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Popular cellular network like Airtel and Vodafone send lots of promotional SMS to keep you updated but such promotional messages starts annoying when you receive them in bulk.

A lot of people are irritated with unwanted calls and SMS from their Indian networks. This article tells you how to activate DND. The consumer has the right to register for DND(Do Not Disturb) service at will. The process for most popular Indian networks is listed here. [click to continue…]


Tata Docomo is getting into mobile industry with One touch Net mobile phone. They rolled out this phone in partnership with Yahoo and ALCATEL. They sent me a review copy of the phone and before I come with a proper review of One Touch net mobile, here are unboxing pictures of Tata docomo mobile:

Color which I received was Lavender, probably not the best color for a guy. But a girl will definitely like to hold this phone as phone definitely looks cute.

Boxed Images:

tata docomo (8)

tata docomo (7)

tata docomo (4)

Phone Start up Images

tata docomo (1)

tata docomo (2)

tata docomo (10)

Default Installed applications:

tata docomo (3)

Overall I like the design and look of the phone and for first impression, I will rate it as 4.5/5.

Do subscribe to our Email newsletter for more updates about this phone. We will be posting hands on review of One touch net mobile from Tata Docomo soon.

Do let us know what do you think about this phone? Just to let you know, this phone comes with a price tag of INR 5500.


Did you ever imagine searching songs by the mood you were in? If not, then take a look at Playlistnow.fm, a free web service which allows you to listen to free online streaming music according to what your mood is or what you’re doing currently.

Playlistnow.fm is a music streaming service with an edge over the others. It not only allows you to search songs, but also allows you to find playlists created by others according to specific moods.

A bit tricky to grasp at first, Playlistnow.fm allows its users to share playlists with others and you can search playlists according to songs, users and the tags which were added to playlists. For example, if I search for “I am working on my computer”, it will show me all the songs that come under the specific category. The number right next to the playlist shows the songs that are in that specific playlist.


Using Playlistnow.fm is completely free. You can log in with your Facebook, Twitter or Google account and started using the service right away.


You can search for playlists; create your own playlists according to the mood you’re in so people who’re doing the same as you are may listen to the music you listen when you’re doing something. You can even alter existing playlists and add songs to them which fit the description or the scenario. It’s all very easy with Playlistnow.fm’s extremely user friendly interface.


You can follow people so that whenever they publish new playlists you can immediately listen to the songs which they listen to. You can create your own account and start adding friends and making playlists for others to follow.

The leaderboard section displays the best playlists according to how many times they’ve been listened to. The list gets updated regularly so you’ll never end up from getting bored.


Playlistnow.fm is a great way to share music with everyone else according to the mood or the activities which you’re doing. Also, its seamless integration with social networks makes it a great and fun to use service.

More for Music Addicts:

You can check out the video for more information:

Check out PlaylistNow.Fm

If you are aware of any such music sharing websites do share with us.

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Sometimes watching interesting YouTube videos alone is boring thus we always keep on sharing YouTube videos on Facebook, Twitter or other social networking websites. But it’s always better to watch funny, interesting or useful videos together and knowing friend’s reactions while watching.

Now you can do it with YouTubeSocial. An I/O accelerator company SocialVision, Launched YouTubeSocial. YouTubeSocial combines Facebook’s Social Graph with IM like chat, to view video content with your friends.


You can use two ways to watch videos online with your friends either you can use the Facebook Connect intergration where you need to drag and drop your Facebook friends to “Viewing Party” to invite them to watch video or you can copy URL to invite your friends.

For watching YouTube videos with friends you just need to type “Social” before “.com” in YouTube URL like “http://www.youtubesocial.com/watch?v=x1iuqHdNfGo”.

More about Youtube:

Link to YoutubeSocial

You can check out more detail about YouTubeSocial  by Himanshu about YouTubeSocial.


Best part about the iPhone experience is that there are tons of free as well as paid applications available for you just a click away. You don’t have to make do with just stock applications. Here’s a list of five must have free music application for iPhone users.

[click to continue…]

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