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Online tools are really useful but having a desktop version of online tool are more useful and handy, for example we have tweetdeck or seesmic for Twitter, gReader for Google reader and so on.

We have been talking a lot about Google voice and how can we miss desktop application for Google voice. Here is a adobe air based desktop application which will bring GVC into your desktop. Before we talk more about this application, have a look at :

gVoice is a useful and small adobe air based application which will let you make Google Voice calls right from desktop. This application does almost everything what you will do with online site. Here are screenshots of this application:

google-voice-desk-app google-voice-adobe-air

You can change settings and making calls using this application. This application has all the feature which you are looking in your desktop version of Google voice.


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Blogging apps for iPad

iPad is one of the most amazing work done by Steve jobs and if you are a Blogger, with amazing collection of apps, this could be your favorite gadget.

Things just got better with new blogging applications you can play with in your sleek Apple iPad. Just as the tablet PC industry is becoming livelier and healthier with the introduction of new models from different powerhouse brands like Amazon and Toshiba, Apple is confident that it can keep it’s lion share of the market by keeping users busy with more and more useful iPad applications.

Blogging is by no means a new thing in the cybersphere, but making it much easier for people to publish their thoughts online via their tablet PCs is definitely a big step towards pushing blogging to greater heights. Let’s see the newest apps that Apple has developed for iPad users who love to blog, blog, blog. Specially, if you like reading with The new iPad, retina display you will find it really worth spending time on.

Useful Blogging apps for iPad


The blogger is inherently a multitasker. As soon as he learns of a juicy bit of gossip from friends, he logs on to the Internet in the soonest time possible to tell the (online) world about it. But of course he can’t just blog—he also has to be updated on the latest happenings and news.

The good thing about Multitask is that it allows the user to make the most out of the one-application-at-a-time limit of the iPad by letting you do many things at once. It is basically a displaying application that affords the user the capability to check his RSS feeds and Twitter timeline at the same time. The big bonus is that it also incorporates a fully-featured browser, making it possible for you to do three things in the otherwise single-application only environment of the iPad. At only $1, it’s the best bargain for the multitasker.


Do you find it a problem to use your iPad to surf the Internet because you are forced to use tabbed browsing only but can’t open two windows at a time? This is the perfect solution to help you have more of what you want and need.

With Splitbrowser you can have two web pages open at the same time, just like that. There’s a division bar that allows you to resize pages and use either the portrait or the landscape view. With two windows open, you have double the productivity rate. The best thing about this app is that each window keeps track of the pages you visit, and the last ones you view before you close the app will still be there the next time you go online.


This native Twitter app on your iPad may possibly be the most logical thing that Apple has incorporated into their cool tablet PC. Of course every blogger tweets as well, and of course every blogger relies a whole lot on Twitter for their quick fix of fresh news.

This mobile browser was just once available on the iPhone and iPod Touch, but now that it’s on the iPad as well, Twitter may become just that more popular. The app boasts of a multi-account capability plus page views within the app itself. As regards user-friendliness, the buttons have been resized to allow easy tap-input.


If you own a Free WordPress.com blog or self hosted WordPress blog, this is one must have Blogging app for iPad user. WordPress is not just one of those blog sites where you open an account and forget that you ever had one. This app is especially useful for personal and professional bloggers alike, allowing them to post pictures and links, moderate comments and create new entries anytime, anywhere. And because this app is absolutely free, hardcore blogging on your tablet PC couldn’t be better, at least for the moment. WordPress has announced that this app is just the first step towards developing a fully-featured application that will allow it to remain king of the market.

Latest version of WordPress app also integrated some cool features like reader and you can check complete WordPress.com stats.


Want the morning news straight on your tablet PC screen? Of course, anything that will enable you to read on your iPad better is an app worth downloading, even if it costs you $5.

That’s why nothing beats an RSS reader that has the look and feel of the real thing. The newspaper layout of Early Edition allows you to check on the latest news without smearing your fingers with black newsprint. You don’t just fetch news round the clock, you also categorize them under familiar headings and save everything in a powerful archive.  Best of all, you can email or copy the link for sharing on your blog or Twitter. I also suggest to check out Zite as personalized feed reader.


By far the most expensive app on the list, Things (at $20, it’s already a discount for the iPad) promises you great functionality that will lead to better productivity. If you want a digital organizer that combines amazing features with great ease of use, you can count on this app to deliver.

Its stunning interface allows you to zip through your to-do lists, schedule, notes and projects with ease. If you’re the type of person who has to get tons of things done everyday without fail, this app is a good enough bargain.


Keeping track of your everyday memories and tasks can be hard on a device that won’t allow you to run more than one application at a time, but now that Evernote is available on your iPad, you don’t have to forget anything anymore.

Notes, pictures, ideas, recordings and thoughts tend to get lost if you jot them down on your planner or scribble it on a Post It. With a free Evernotes app on your iPad you can collate everything and tag them for future reference. The app has been optimized to make the most out of your touchscreen iPad.



Blogging on your iPad can be kind of a bummer if you can’t follow the progress of your blog’s popularity ratings every hour on the hour. Every blogger obsesses with his analytics, and for this reason, Analytics HD was developed.

Google Analytics has made it possible for bloggers to check on their blogs stats and progress charts in a brilliantly simple and efficient user environment. With the number of accurate and up-to-the-minute reports you get, shelling out $6.99 for this app is no big deal. Just imagine: now you have full touchscreen capability for as much as 55 charts at any given time.


Just one of the many things that iPad can’t do is to let you save your files in a flash drive, but Readdle Docs skirts around the issue by providing you with a document viewer, file manager and attachment saver in just one application.

File sharing has never been easier on a device that doesn’t have a USB port, with or without Wi Fi. There’s even a built-in browser that allows you to save stuff directly into your device and easily retrieve and view everything later when you’re offline already.

Well there you have it, if you’re a blogger with an iPad these are the Blogging apps that you need, they will help to save you time and make you Ipad more functional, it may not be the biggest ever but these apps have everything you’ll blog to your heart’s content, if you use some Blogging Apps For iPad that haven’t been mentioned please drop a comment and let us know


iPhone has a very useful application call Remote which let you control your iTunes on your PC from iPhone. If you use iTunes to manage your songs, this is one of the application that you should consider installing on your iPhone.

In this tutorial I will be sharing how you can configure this application to connect with your iTunes.

To get started with this install remote application on your iPhone. It’s a free iPhone application. Once you are done installing remote iPhone application, open it on your iPhone and you will see a screen like this


Click on choose a library. On the next page click on add an iTunes library and you will see 4 digit passcode. That you need to enter into your iTunes. FYI, your iPhone and iTunes should be connected to same Wi-Fi connection.

Here are screenshots which are self explanatory, In case if you have any question, feel free to ask via comment:





That’s it and within 5 steps you will be able to control your iTunes using your iPhone remote application.

Do let us know what all application you use to control your computer software via your iPhone?


We have talked a lot about Google voice in recent past and in case if you have missed it, I would suggest reading following articles:

For those who already started with Google voice and for those who haven’t tried Google voice yet, I’m sharing 7 official Google voice video tutorials which will guide you more about it and you can make most out of your GVC account.

How to make cheap international call using Google Voice:

How to forward GVC SMS to Email:

How to conference call using Google Voice:

How to block unwanted called in GVC:

How to send caller to Voicemail :

How to read transcriptions of GV voicemails:

Personalize Greetings message for different caller:

For new Google voice user, above tutorials will be very handy. Do let us know if you find this list useful or not. You might like to share this tutorial on Facebook and join us on our Facebook fan page.

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Gmail and Google Chrome web browser go hand in hand. It is a common observation that Gmail runs much smoother and better on Google Chrome as compared to other web browsers. However, the Gmail experience can be further enhanced on Google Chrome by an extension called “Better Gmail”. This enhancement provides some really cool userscripts and userstyles which can be used to make Gmail a much better place. It has several features which will make your life easier e.g. hiding/showing menus, removing ads, chat features etc.

Better Gmail can be installed easily via this link and installation is pretty much standard procedure.

Once installed Better Gmail will take you directly to its option page where you can tweak several settings. We discuss them below.

Gmail Better lets you do a great deal with Gmail’s User Interface (UI). Footer and Invite friends are two most common things which most Gmail users rarely use, and these can be removed with a whim courtesy Better Gmail.

Similarly, you can move the New Window, Print all, & Create a document commands and of course Better Gmail lets you completely remove the Sponsored Links section as well.

You can similarly tweak other settings such as enabling/disabling chat, options buttons etc. with Better Gmail and once you are satisfied on what you’d like to see on your Gmail, hit the Save button on the Better Gmail options page and it will prompt you to reload Gmail. Once reloaded, Gmail will look much cleaner and easy to use than before.

Better Gmail also works with other Gmail extensions such as Folders4Gmail, HideBuzz and HTML Signatures which makes it a very good Chrome exntension to use for anyone who uses Gmail as their e-mail.


In this tutorial I will be helping you with transfer of music collection from your iTunes library to iPhone. There are few methods using that you can transfer music collection from your iTunes library to iPhone but in this method I will be taking help of playlist method which will also help you to organize your music library in iPhone.

Create a playlist in iTunes:


The idea is to create a playlist in iTunes and add all songs into that playlist.  You can press Cntrl+N to create a playlist and give it a name. In my case I have given it iPhone songs name.

Add Songs into your playlist:

Now add all songs which you wants to transfer into your iPhone, add those songs into your iPhone songs playlist.

Set sync between iPhone and iTunes for playlist:

Connect your iPhone to your iTunes and go to songs settings and put a check mark in front of the playlist which you want to sync with your iPhone.

sync Now simple sync your iPhone and iTunes and all the songs which is a part of that  playlist will get transferred into your iPhone.  If you use Cydia or Installous to download iPhone application on your Jailbroken iPhone, don’t forget to read my earlier tutorial before starts transferring music from iTunes to iPhone: How to transfer applications from iPhone to iTunes.

Also read: how to create ringtone for iPhone using iTunes.

In case you find any  issue transferring songs to your iPhone, ask us on our iPhone support forum.


In my previous tutorial I shared how to get Google voice Account outside U.S.A and how to get permanent Incoming U.S.A number now for all who used above two tutorials to get their Google voice account, here are few settings which you should do to receive all Google voice calls and SMS on your Gmail account.

I believe by now you have your Google voice account set up and you have a Google voice number where we can call you. Now all you need to do is, login to your Google voice account and click on Settings> Voice settings at the top right.

Forward Phone call to Gmail:


First setting which you will be configuring is forwarding all your calls to your Gtalk Id. This way when ever someone will give you a call on your Google voice number, you will receive call on your Gtalk.

Under Phones settings, select forwards to Google chat.

VoiceMail and SMS forwarding:


Next setting is to receive an Email alert on your Email account when ever you receive a SMS on your Google Voice account and receive an Email alert for Voice mails.

Under Voicemail and text settings select Email this message to {email address} and under text forwarding select Forward this messages to my Email.

Missed Call alert:

You can also set missed call alert from Calls setting. Select the last option under calls settings which says Send missed calls to my email and click on save.

Now you are all set with your Google voice account. Don’t forget to join us on Twitter @callingallgeeks and on our Facebook fan page to receive more such updates.

If you are an iPhone user, you would love to check out: 4 Cool Google Voice applications for iPhone.

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Google voice is one free service from Google which will let you make free voice call in U.S.A. This service is currently available only in U.S.A. In this tutorial I will be sharing how you can get Google Voice account and number if you are in any other country including India.

To get started with first you need a U.S.A based incoming number to verify your Google voice account. To get a Free U.S.A based Incoming number, read my previous tutorial on How to get Free U.S.A. based incoming phone number.

Getting started with Google Voice Account:

If you will try to open Google Voice website from any other country apart from U.S.A you will  be prompted with message that Google Voice is not available in your country. To get rid of this issue, you need to use a U.S based proxy. You can either take help of any of  these free VPN service ( Do check which VPN service offer U.S based IP) or you can use proxy software like HotSopt hotshield and Ultrasurf.

In this tutorial I used combo of HotSpot hotshield and Ultrasurf. <Download Hotshied> <Download Ultra surf>

Install Ultrasurf and Hotshield. Start Hotshield and after that Ultrasurf.

Google Voice Account:

Now you are on a U.S based proxy site and you can access Google Voice website. <Link>. Now use your Gmail account to login to your Google voice account and follow the  steps mentioned to get a Google Voice account for yourself.

Select Google Voice Number:

First step is to select a Google voice number for yourself, which you can do by adding a word or your desired number. Follow screenshots:

google-voice-number harsh

Set Pin number for Google Voice account:

Next step is to set a PIN for your voice account so that you can use voicemail feature of Google Voice account.


Add a forwarding phone:

In this step you need to add your incoming U.S mobile number which we already got using my previous tutorial. That number will also be used to verify your Google voice account, so make sure you enter the number which you have and keep your softphone open, as you will be receiving a call on your phone to verify.


Verify your Phone:

Now on the next screen you will see a code and link to call on your phone. Click on the link and you will be receiving a phone on your softphone. You need to type that code after accepting the code and instantly your Google voice account will be activated.

10-4-2010 8-54-35 PM incomin-call


That’s it and now you can make free phone call to U.S.A and receive call from U.S.A for free using your Google voice account.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in comment form and if you like this tutorial, don’t forget to stumble and share it on Facebook with your friends.


Google voice is not available in every part of the world and I have been trying to get Google voice account for me in my country (India) and one thing which I need the first is a U.S based number. One way which can help me is I can ask any of my friend in U.S. to use his number to register a Google Voice account for me else second way is take help of online tool to get a U.S. based phone number for free.

In this tutorial I will be sharing how you can use online websites to get a free U.S phone number for yourself.

1) Sign up for Tpad:

After signing up for Tpad, you will be getting a SIP number which is require to login to Tpad. FYI, signing up for Tpad is free


2) Login to Tpad:

Now login to your Tpad user account by using Tpad number you received in Email and password you specified while signing up.


3) Download softPhone and configure it.

Now download software from this link and install and configure it. To configure Softphone, you can use this tutorial.


Sign up for IPkall


Next step is to sign up for IPkall. While signing up for IPkall, you need your SIP phone no, which will be your Tpad username and SIP proxy would be sipx.tpad.com.

Once you sign up is done, within couple of minutes you will receive an Email with your U.S based no.


That’s it for now. Now wait for next tutorial on how you can use this number to get a Google voice account for countries where Google voice is not present.


For those really fond of the very capable Safari browser on your iPhone, here’s something that’s even better. Digital Poke has released a new app 360 Browser which makes browsing experience on iPhone even better. The features that we loved the most were full screen browsing and ability to mimic desktop browsers. [click to continue…]

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