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Yesterday we posted about Skype 5.0 integrated Facebook and we tested new Facebook skype integration into our lab to see how smooth Facebook is with Skype. To get started with this download skype 5.0.

If you already have skype installed on your system click on help> check for updates under skype. Install skype 5.0 and click on tab which says Facebook. Click on see news feeds in skype.


On the next screen click on login and allow access to your facebook account:



One thing which I like about Facebook skype integration is they have a link to facebook phonebook. From there you can find phone numbers of your Facebook friends and you can directly call them using Skype. ( You need to buy Skype credit).

Facebook should add an option to add skype id into Facebook profile which will make this integration more useful.

Facebook news feed in skype 5.0 is slow and not very smooth for accessing. More over if I’m not wrong, we manually need to update news feed. If you try to play any video on Facebook in skype, it will open the video in your web browser. I would also love to see Facebook list feature being integrated in Skype, so that I can keep a track of important updates from particular Facebook list via skype.

From a user perspective I won’t be happy with this integration as it’s not as smooth as it could be. I will rather stick to my web version of Facebook.

I will rate Facebook skype integration as 2/5. Are you using Facebook in skype? Do share your views and feedback.


Angry bird is one of the top popular paid application for iPhone and symbian mobile phones. Company behind Angry birds has released full version of Angry birds game for free for Android phones. The requisite for Android phone is Android 1.6+.

Though the free full version of angry birds will support ads and company is planning to give an option to users to remove ads by paying some amount.


Here is a cinematic trailer of Angry birds:

Download link for Full version of Angry birds:


Do let us know your review about this game. Do you love playing angry birds?


Saving web pages for later access is commonplace. However, sometimes one might require to view web pages offline in this case converting your HTML page into PDFs is a great help for portability later read it later feature. Today we have a list of tools using which you can pages your online web pages as PDFs which can be printed offline and/or taken while you’re on the move. The services listed below are all online and require no installation whatsoever.

PDF Download

PDF Download offers a range of services including saving pages as PDFs. There are multiple ways to do so, but a simple approach is to submit the URL of the page which you wish to convert into PDF along with your e-mail and PDF Download will e-mail you the converted URL as an attachment. It also features a bookmarklet which will convert URLs to PDFs from the browser and also has add-on for Firefox and Internet Explorer web browsers allowing viewing PDF as HTML. <Link>



A simple to use URL converter to PDF which offers both a free service and a paid service with advanced features. The free version doesn’t allow any change in options for rendering HTML content conversion to PDF, whereas the paid version does. The paid service costs $9.95 per year and the conversion quality is far superior when compared to the free version which is often cluttered with un-needed material. <Link>



Along with the standard feature of converting URLs to PDFs, HTML2PDF also features converting raw HTML content and rendering it as PDF files. This feature can be of additional help as web-mail pages can also be easily converted to PDF using this feature. Once you supply the URL and hit the convert button, the URL is converted and the PDF is made available through a download link. The output PDF is very clean, free from most of the unwanted stuff and can handle PNG based transparencies pretty easily. <link>


If you know about any other online tool or software, please share with us.


One of the benefits of having Google Groups is to share, discussing information and files within your group. But now Google is no more giving you the option to share the documents in Google Groups.

According to Google,

We have decided to stop supporting the pages and files features. We believe that this move will improve your experience storing and sharing files as other products, such as Google Docs and Google Sites, are designed specifically for file storage and page creation.

From November 2010, you won’t be able to create, edit or share file and pages in Google groups. You will able to view the content and you can download the existing file but no more uploading and sharing files will be allowed in Google groups. And after February 2011, you won’t be able to access the files and content thus you can now extract all the files with new zip-download feature.

This is the message which we have received in our Group:

Google Groups will no longer be supporting the Welcome Message feature. Starting January 13, you won’t be able to edit your welcome messages, but you will still be able to view and download the existing content

So now if you want to share files you have to go for Google Docs or any other file sharing product. I know that if you always share files and pages in group then you will surely miss the feature but you can try Google docs which is again a user-friendly product from Google.

Do you think this is useful step by Google or you are not happy with stopping sharing feature? Do let us know in comments.


Google Chrome offers many great extensions and plugins for its users which can be used to enhance their productivity online. One such chrome  extension is Stay Focused which helps web surfers improve their productivity online. Stay Focused lets users dedicate part of their working day to the websites they visit in leisure time and when the allocated time is up, the websites are blocked for the rest of the day.

For example, if a software programmer has allocated 2 hours a day for Facebook, after he uses Facebook for two hours (whether in chunks of 20-25 minutes each or a single 2 hours sitting), Facebook will be blocked on Google Chrome for the rest of the day.

Installing Stay Focused is the same as with all Chrome extensions.


Once installed, you can access the icon to setup Stay Focused.


Clicking the Stay Focused icon popups a dialog box which shows the time you’ve spent on the particular website in the current tab.


You can set the time allowed per day for a website from the settings page and once you’ve set the time, whenever you visit the website the timer will automatically count down and when the countdown ends, the website will be blocked from access. The icon shows the time remaining in animation.


As soon as the time is up, a notification comes up blocking the website and asking you to actually work.


The settings page on stay focused lets you set the amount of time you allocate for each website, maintain blocked and allowed websites.


A special nuclear option is also available in the settings page which will disable ALL websites on Chrome web browser after a set amount of time.


Stay Focused is a great way to optimize the time you spend online and is a recommended extension for everyone.

Download StayFocusd for Google Chrome


If you have iPhone I am sure you would love to click pictures and do share that with your friends on Twitter, Facebook or any other social networking websites. But again just clicking the pictures and sending across is not happening, it’s always cool to try few photo editing tricks and make pictures more attractive and funny before sharing.

There are many paid as well as free applications available for iPhone which makes editing your pictures easy and fun too. Here are 5 free photo editing application for iPhone.

SP photo fix lite:

SP photo fix lite is a simple and easy app which will help you to fix brightness, contrast, sharpness, hue, saturation etc to make your picture perfect. After editing the picture you can easily share it across Facebook or via email. It is overall a useful photo retouching tool.


[ Link ]


iRetouch is again a retouching and editing app. The navigation is very good and using different editing features is also easy. There are many tools available such as Smudge, Brighten, Hue, Eraser, Pencil, Color etc. and you can also save image with resolution up to 1024×786.


[ Link ]

Photonasis 4.0

If you want to lots of tools apart from just retouch to the images then this one is for you. This application provide you around 33 different tools to edit your images such as emboss, oil paint, gray scale, negative, swirl, edge detection and many more. The good part about this app is that it allows you to save unlimited images.


[ Link ]

iFunto Lite

As the name says ifunto lite is an application for iPhone which adds fun to your images. You can choose the background and then add your image in that background to give it a different look. There are different backgrounds available and if you choose the paid version you can get more backgrounds for adding images.


[ Link ]

You might be interested in:

Bill Atkinson PhotoCard Lite

This app is useful for creating beautiful postcards with your images as well as you can use images from the app. There are cute stickers are also available to enhance your images and make postcards. You can edit the images as well as write the text and share them with your friends.

Bill Aktinson

[ Link ]

Be creative and enhance your images on your iPhone with above apps. If you are using any such free photo editing app do share with us.


We had recently posted the unboxing pictures of the Speck Fitted Case for iPhone 4. Now let’s look at a full review of this iPhone Accessory. This is a two piece case offered free as part of Apple’s Case Program.

Speck is a well known name when it comes to iPhone Cases and also Macbook cases and bags. [click to continue…]

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The Speck Fitted Case for iPhone 4 that we ordered shipped sooner than we had expected. Out of the free cases provided by Apple through the Case Program we liked the Speck Fitted Case best because of its durable design and also the neat and sophisticated appearance. Check out the unboxing pictures after the break. [click to continue…]


In my last iPhone tutorials post I shared how to SSH your iPhone and now I believe all of you know how to get access to your iPhone using SSH client. If you are using WinSCP you have a graphical access to your iPhone.

Transferring photos from your computer to iPhone is more like a drag and drop using WinSCP. All you need to do is access this folder on iPhone using WinSCP.


Under this folder you will see all the images on your iPhone and you can download images from iPhone to your computer or you can also upload your images from computer to iPhone.

transfer-photos-iphone-computer So all you need to do is select the file you want to move to your iPhone. Drag and drop from left panel to right panel.

Do let us know if you face any problem or have any question regarding this. You can also take help of our help forum.


Facebook customization is one of the most fun things to do for any social network freak. By customizing how your Facebook pages look, you can attract fans, show the world what business you mean and so much more. Facebook TabSite is a free online web app which lets you add new tabs to your Facebook profile where you can add customized content or you can even create your own website under one of those tabs.

The basic service of Facebook TabSite is free, which allows you to create a two page website under a new tab on your Facebook profile. In the tabs, you can embed video and audio clips either uploaded from your PC or linked through a URL. More than one tab can be maintained and for every fan page or personal page which you manage, you can have a TabSite page for it. The paid service allows multiple tabs and sub-tabs for more flexibility.

Adding the TabSite app to your Facebook account is easy by simply signing up for the service. With facebook TabSite app integrated, you can also integrate the hugely popular “Like” feature of Facebook so that people can Like your custom made content on your personal/business tab. Content can be added in different fonts, colors, backgrounds and a lot of other options also come along when using Facebook TabSite. The User Interface (UI) of the TabSite app is really nice and it is quite easy and fun to use for anyone who likes to play around with things of Facebook.

TabSite is a great way to glamourize your Facebook page and attract a greater fan following. It’s a must try for everyone.

Check Facebook Tabsite

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