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People who are use to iPhone 3G are familiar with how to remove SIM card from iPhone by putting pin in the upper part of Sim tray but if you are planning to but an iPhone 4 you might get confuse to find Sim tray. More over iPhone 4 uses Micro Sim card instead of normal Sim card and you need to use Sim card cutter to cut Sim for your iPhone.

Here I’m sharing a useful video which I found on YouTube which will teach you how to remove iPhone 4 Sim and how to insert iPhone 4 Sim.

Also check out previous tutorials on:


In one of my earlier post I shared  How to Install Windows on MacBook using Bootcamp and running Windows as a stand alone OS in Windows is better than running windows using parallels or Vmware. After some time using Windows as a stand alone OS on my MacBook pro, I have decided to remove Windows completely.

Here is a quick tutorial which will be helping you to remove Windows partition which you created using BootCamp.

Open BootCamp assistant:



Click on continue and click on create or remove a windows partition:

On the next screen click on restore:

Insert your password and you will get this screen:

And now partition which you created using Bootcamp is removed. If you have any question or queries regarding the same. Do let us know.


See you in 20 years is an online service which will help you to find how you will look after 20 years. (Age my face). This tool will ask 3 questions like Gender, age and Drug addict and you need to upload a frontal photos of your face and in no time it will show how you might like after 20 years.

This is a fun website and you can use it for some fun with your friends.

age-my-face Link

Also check out Photofunia which adds effects into images. If you know more such cool online tools, do let us know via comment.

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I’m a windows and macBook user and I have one Dell inspiron 14″ and 1 MacBook Pro. Finally I decided to completely do a shift to Mac system but I have many softwares which are windows based and many of them doesn’t have Mac version.
One option was to install Windows on my Mac using Parallels software which let you run any version of Windows inside. Or we can use BootCamp to install Windows as a different operating system and this will give your system a dual boot. So you will have an option to boot on your Mac System or on Windows.
I’m outlining the important steps which you can use to Install Windows as a separate OS on your Mac machine using BootCamp.

On your Mac OS, run Bootcamp Assistant:

bootcamp assistant

Windows Partition size:

Click on continue and give the size to your Windows Partitioning. Depending on your usage of Windows and Mac, you can make changes by dragging the size column

Click on Partition and Boot Camp assistant will create one partition for Windows. Now Insert an authenticated CD of windows OS which you want to install on your MacBook.

After that process is straight forward. You should know how to Install Windows OS and once your Windows is installed and you booted on Windows OS, insert Mac OS X install CD, to install drivers for your Windows OS on Mac.


While booting up keep pressing option button to see dual boot option. After long press option button, you will be able to select OS between Mac and Windows.

I hope this tutorial will help many Mac users who are looking forward to Install Windows on their MacBook. If you have any question regarding this, ask in our Support forum.


Our iPod Touch 4th Generation arrived last week. Since the iPod Touch 4G will not be available in Indian Apple Stores until November, we had pre-ordered the device from Singapore. Unboxing pictures after the break.

As you will be noticing in the pictures for yourself, the iPod Touch 4G is incredibly thin and even gives my iPhone 4 a complex. The retina display and Facetime are the features which mainly set this iPod apart from the ones from previous generations but more on that later. [click to continue…]

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All of us love to have animated GIF images as your display pictures on our Instant Messengers, social network profiles and what not. However, very few can actually create their own GIF images according to their own liking. Today we present to you five of the easiest online tools which you can use to create your own GIF images and then use them wherever you like:

Free Websites to make GIF’s:


Probably the easiest tool to get hold of in order to make animated GIF images, Imator just does that and more. The great thing is that there seems to be no limit to how many images you can upload and convert them to GIFs. Also, you can create animated banners and avatars for use on blogging websites and forums to let everyone see your creativity. Images can be uploaded from your PC and/or any URL. The simple drag and drop interface easily lets you work and animation speeds of your images can be selected from a pre-defined drop down list. <Link>




Another great website which allows for creation of animated GIF images, Loogix helps you create your own animated GIF in just three steps. First you need to upload an image (PC or URL). Next, you are required to select the size and speed of the animation you want to apply and finally generate the desired animation and that’s it. Your GIF animated image is ready. Maximum pixel size which can be set is 400 pixels using Loogix. <link>



The great thing about Gickr is that it allows you to upload images from YouTube as well, making it easy for you to make animated images out of video clips. Simply Specify a YouTube video URL and you’re on the go. There is a limit of 10 pictures maximum for Gickr which might be a turn off for many. Also a YouTube video converted will only contain a maximum of 45 frames. However, the ability to make animated images from YouTube videos is just amazing. Created GIF Images are downloadable to PC as well. <link>



Picasion gives you the ability to resize your images before you actually turn them into animations and also lets you upload pictures from many services like Facebook, Twitter, Bebo, MySpace, Flickr etc. Moreover, you can also rotate the pictures and add color effects to them while turning them into cool animations. <link>


Make A GIF

The best thing about Make a GIF is that you can add multiple images at the same time up to a maximum number of 12 with each image not being more than 1MB in size. Also, you can edit and resize the image before applying the animation and animation time can be set even in milliseconds for some more precision. However, one bad thing about Make a GIF is that it doesn’t provide the user with the ability to one-click download the created GIF and you have to manually save it from your browser. <link>


Do share more such online free tools which will help us create animated GIF images?


Apple’s FaceTime has received widespread popularity. We use it ourselves for both our professional and personal communication needs. We saw several rumors about FaceTime before and here’s another which gives us reason to believe that FaceTime might allow multi user video chatting in the near future once Apple pushes that update. [click to continue…]


xtra-normal-1If you want to create movies out of text and wander off into a little bit of extra normal things, Xtranormal is the perfect web service for you to create free animated movies. Designed for people who like to imagine beyond the realms of normal thinking, Xtranormal provides two great services.

State and Text-to-Movie are two services provided by Xtranormal which enable you to type text and as a result generate great movies. Not only this, you can edit and share these CGI movies with your friends and fans over social networks as well. In order to create movies from text, first you need to select a ‘showpak’ which outlines the number of characters in your movie.


After choosing showpaks, you can get started with movie creation. You can create series in which you can add multiple movies to make an entire collection of Xtranormal text-to-movies. From there on you can create your own movies or have a look at the movies created by the Xtranormal studios to get a feel and know on how the movies should be themed and so on. Xtranormal movie creation also features a downloadable tool for your text-to-movie making adventure. Withh State, a client designed to optimize movie creation, you can integrate and generate movies much faster when typing in text and the process gets a whole lot easier with State.


Although the webservice of Xtranormal is also very good and fluent to use because of the presence of guides every now and then along with a great and simple User Interface (UI), the true power of Xtranormal’s text-to-video creation lies in State.


Download State today and give it a try. I’m sure you’ll love it.

Checkout Xtranormal


Mozilla Firefox is probably the most loved browser right now by internet users all around the globe. It has such a great success because of its awesome security features which helps keeping users safe from online threats. Firefox has a great feature to save your login and passwords for websites which you access often e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo etc. so that you don’t have to enter username/passwords every time you access these websites. These passwords are saved in Firefox’s memory. However, one must make sure to keep the stored passwords safe as well. Here’s a guide on how to secure your website logins and passwords in Firefox:

Step 1: In Mozilla Firefox window, click on Tools in the menu bar and then Options from the drop down menu.

Step 2: In the Options window, navigate to the Security tab and and then check the option “Use a master password”.

Step 3: A new window will open and you can specify a master password and confirm it. Press OK and exit.

Step 4: Your passwords will now be secure and no one can access them. Next time when you press Show saved password, you will be required to enter the master password.

Are you using master password feature in Firefox to keep your password safe and secure?


Freerecharge.in is an online website which offer a deal which will make your online prepaid mobile recharge for free. Technically you won’t be getting free recharge but instead you will be getting free coupons for popular Indian outlet like MacD, Barista, Baskin Robbins, Croma, domino’s pizza and many more.


Freerecharge.in offer free discount coupon on the recharge of popular prepaid networks like Airtel, Idea, Docomo, reliance, Aircel, Vodafone and few more.

This website works in following manner:

Suppose you need to get a recharge of 200 INR, you do an online recharge from their website, select your coupons and within few days those coupon will be delivered at your address. Though having a virtual coupon or coupon by SMS would be a better option.

If you recharge your Airtel, Vodafone or any other mobile phone online, you should consider using this service.


If you a user of freerecharge.in, do let us know your review and feedback about their service.