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iPad 2 untethered jailbreak

Finally some good news for iPhone 4S and iPad 2 users! Remember how there’s no untethered jailbreak out yet for the iPhone 4S and the iPad 2, all because they run on an A5 processor. Well, looks like pod2g, the same developer who released the untethered jailbreak for iOS 5.0.1, has sent out a tweet saying that an iPhone 4S and iPad 2 untethered jailbreak may be released next week.

iPad 2 untethered jailbreak

Users who’ve been waiting to jailbreak their all new iPhone 4S and year old iPad 2 on iOS 5 can finally take a breather. iPad 2 last received the jailbreak love with the release of JailbreakMe 3.0, but that was only on iOS 4.3.3. Now, Apple has stopped signing all those iOS versions, including iOS 4.3.5 so people have been really looking forward to such news. iPhone 4S users on the other hand haven’t had access to any kind of jailbreak, because the A5 processor had issues with the latest untethered jailbreak that was released for iOS 5.0.1.

There have been so many Cydia tweaks released for iOS 5 and 5.0.1 that all the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 users are going to be really happy. Also, people working on the Siri to iPhone 4 port will get better things from a jailbroken iPhone 4S.

He has also just confirmed that users who aren’t running iOS 5.0.1 on their iPad 2 and iPhone 4S should upgrade right away. Looks like he just gave us the Go signal indirectly. This means that the iPhone dev team may already be working on a Redsn0w upgrade to support the untethered jailbreak.

Pod2g has gained a lot of respect in the jailbreak community now, as he has been helping the community in figuring out the untether. Now that he has given his word, it’s best that we keep our fingers crossed and hope that the jailbreak is released next week.

irctc mobile site

The Railways is one of the most used transport system in India, probably also in other major countries around the world. However, to book train tickets in India is a pain, as you have to wait in a long queue and even start the reservation process weeks before your actual journey. There is a web portal for the Indian railways, wherein you can book train tickets and pay online. Now though, the whole experience of the web system has been brought to the IRCTC mobile site.

irctc mobile site

Using the newly launched IRCTC mobile site, you can do all the things that you could on the web interface. It’s pretty simple to use, but you do require your login credentials. Once you’re in the mobile site, you can book tickets, check train timing, Pay for the tickets using various payment gateways, check history, cancel tickets and more. Moreover, you don’t need a specially designed or high end mobile device to access the site. You can login using any mobile phone that can connect to the internet and has a browser.

A lot of people use mobile phone to perform tasks such as pay bills, keep in touch with friends and family, look for information and more. An IRCTC mobile set will thus help millions of people to book train tickets with utmost ease. To access the mobile site, one must head to http://www.irctc.co.in/mobile on their mobile device.

Just imagine how easy it would be for a person to book train tickets using his mobile device while on the move. Suppose you’re travelling and want to book a ticket to another place, with the help of the IRCTC mobile site the whole procedure becomes super easy. Give it a try now and tell us what you think of the mobile site. Do you normally book train tickets from the IRCTC website or do you go to the railway station?

record iphone screen

If you remember well, we had done a complete review of this amazing Cydia app in question. Display Recorder is a Cydia application for jailbroken iOS devices that can record iPhone screen. This app is currently the only perfect solution to record the screen on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. All others that are available are no more supported with the new iOS versions or don’t work at all.

record iphone screen

Ryan Petrich, the developer of this app just released an update that makes this app compatible with the latest iOS 5 and iOS 5.0.1. Display Recorder v1.2.5 can perform many functions such as record iPhone screen, upload video to YouTube, record in landscape or portrait and more. You can control the recording with your custom shortcuts, such as the use of the volume up key to start recording and the home button to stop. The update version also has some new features such as:

● Increased maximum and default frame rate
● Improved timing accuracy
● Full support for recording in h.264 on iPhone 4 and iPad
● Fix file permissions on installation (to work around long standing PkgBackup bug)
● Support orientation and grayscale for h.264 encoding

If you’ve already purchased Display Recorder, then you can just head over to Cydia and upgrade to the latest version. In case you haven’t and are looking for an app for recording iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad screen, this is the best bet. You can purchase Display Recorder from the Cydia store for $4.99 and believe us when we say it’s worth the money.

To record iPhone screen means that you can review an app better, showing all the features and functionality with ease. However, you will need to jailbreak your iOS device in order to install this as this is only available for jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Non-jailbroken devices will have to wait for such an awesome app.


DoubleTwist Airsync first began as an iTunes alternative for everyone, but now has transformed in to an Android app that currently brings Apple’s AirPlay extension to your favorite Android devices. Previously, when DoubleTwist was launched it did not have this new feature that enables AirPlay features to be used on your Android phone, but only had the ability to sync your iTunes playlist, videos, photos to your device. Recenlty, we also told you about Shairport4w, the AirPlay for Windows.

DoubleTwist AirSync

DoubleTwist Airsync for Android

Now though, with the updated DoubleTwist AirSync, you can also use your Android device to stream songs, videos to Macs, Apple TV’s and AirPlay supported devices. You can also use the updated version of DoubleTwist to stream music on to Windows Media Player 12, sync just one song or video, sync everything, checked items all with the tap of a button. The app interface is very simple and easy to understand.

AirSync contains two inbuilt features known as ‘Twist to’ and AirTwist that help DoubleTwist in performing some of the above mentioned tasks. Streaming music to an Apple TV, Mac, AirPlay enabled device or Windows PC requires ‘Twist to’ and streaming to an X-Box 360 or PlayStation 3 requires AirTwist. Those are the main features of the new and updated DoubleTwist AirSync.

DoubleTwist AirSync Screens

How to use DoubleTwist Airsync for android

Here’s what you’ll need to setup the whole thing and start syncing wirelessly over Wi-Fi and stream music, videos and photos to AirPlay enabled devices or Windows:

  • First download the DoubleTwist desktop app from here. Works both on PC and Mac.
  • Then search for the DoubleTwist app on your Android device using Market, it will cost you $4.99 so keep your hidden stash ready.
  • Launch the app on your Android phone, hit the Sync button, follow instructions and voila!! You’re all set up.

You can also download DoubleTwist AirSync from the Android Market. DoubleTwist is actually a free app, but this version with the Twist to feature will of course cost you $4.99. The desktop app requires MacOS X 10.5 and above or WinXP SP2/Vista/Windows 7. If you want to listen to your iTunes music collection on your Android phone then this is the app for you, plus think of all the extra features that you now get.

What do you think of this amazing app? Will you spend $4.99 to enjoy some AirPlay on your Android phone or would you rather not?


Anroid is one of the most popular mobile and tablet OS. Though, those who have been using Android for long, they are aware of performance issues. Here I’m going to share some useful apps which will help you to Increase android performance on your phone or tablet.

Recently we trained you on how to root android phones using simple applications that you can download for free. Rooting gives your android phone a complete new agenda and a whole lot of customization. It also makes you want more from your android phone, thus indirectly causing the battery backup, CPU usage and the overall performance of the phone to decrease.

 Increase Android Performance<Image Credit>

At times like this, you can use some applications and tricks to boost up your CPU’s performance and also save some battery life for those emergency calls. Here are a few apps that will help you increase performance of Android phones, manage space, specify RAM usage, Overclock CPU etc.

Increase Android Performance : Useful Apps

Advanced Task Killer

Advanced Task Killer

Use Advanced Task Killer to manage what apps are running in the background and kill them. Android system usually has about 5-6 minimum apps that run in the background like all the time. A normal user won’t know about this and hence the programs running in the background will slow down the android phone and cause sluggishness in some apps and games. Using Advanced Task Killer gives you the advantage to select and kill those apps. It’s available in a Free and paid version, the difference being ads in the free version.

You can download it from the Android Market.

SetCPU for Root Users

SetCPU for Root Users

This is an application specially designed for rooted android phones. As the name suggests, SetCPU is only for root users who want to play around with advanced features like CPU overclocking, GPU overclocking and create custom CPU profiles that automatically increase or decrease your CPU performance depending on the load. This is a very useful and helpful app that performs many tasks while providing easy functionality. But, remember, do not try to overclock your CPU to extraordinary speeds as might end up with a bricked android phone.

You can download SetCPU for Root users from the Android Market.

Super User


Superuser is an Android app that does the job of giving you Super User rights to your phone. It means that you can control your phone rather than your phone/carrier/company control you with limitations and stuff.  This app provides you complete access to the root of your phone wherein you can manage things like User permissions and much more about which you can read here.

You can download Superuser from the Android Market.

Memory Booster

Memory Booster

The name itself explains what it will do to your Android phone! Yes, it will boost the memory and RAM of your Android phone so as to make it perform better and save more battery when its not in use. Memory Booster manages the memory and RAM available on an Android phone by defragmenting and finding lost memory. Some applications use up a lot of memory and then it gets dumped, and this is where Memory Booster comes in and helps save the day. The application has many tricks up it’s sleeve that will help you optimize your Android phones available memory/RAM and make the whole system faster.

You can download Memory Booster from the Android Market.

Once again, all of these applications are free and don’t require any registration or whatsoever. Try these apps and you’ll be get more from your Android phone, also learn how to root your Android phone as these apps require a rooted device.

Do let us know of any other such performance boosting apps like CPU booster or any other that helps you to Increase Android Performance.

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Not only Open Source Applications cut the ties that bind you to a specific manufacturer, like Windows, they often compete with or exceed the features packed into commercial apps. Best of all, they are free. Here are seven apps anyone can and should use.

Open Source Applications

1. Firefox

When it comes to Internet browsers, one size doesn’t fit all, and Firefox understands that. Consider the following benefits of using Firefox:

  • Gain access to over 180,000 customized themes for your browser interface.
  • Customize your home page with the information you want, whether it’s sports, travel, research, or social information.
  • Take advantage of built-in security, such as anti-virus integration.

2. OpenOffice

OpenOffice packs all the power of Microsoft Office Suite, but it’s free. With OpenOffice, you actually get more features — it comes with a PDF creator and better tools for artists, such as Draw. One of the main benefits is that you don’t have to retype your documents. The program allows you to open your Word files and re-save them in OpenOffice format.

3. ClamWin

Anyone who spends time online has the potential of transferring a malicious virus or program onto a computer. Viruses can wipe out the registry, rendering the computer nothing more than an expensive paperweight. Or, they can snag your personal information and transfer your credit card or bank account information to cyber-thieves.The open source solution is ClamWin, a free anti-virus program. It offers the same features as Norton and already protects over 600,000 computers.

4. PDFCreator

If you just can’t bring yourself to make the switch from Microsoft Office to OpenOffice, at least save some money by using PDFCreator instead of Adobe’s expensive commercial product. PDFCreator installs on your computer like a printer. To create the PDF, you hit the “Print” option on the document and select PDFCreator as the printer. Instead of printing the document, a new screen will open with the PDF of the document. It’s that simple.

5. 7Zip

Most free and open source software (FOSS) programs use a welcome wizard to help you install the program onto your computer, but some use zipped files. To unzip the information, you need a zip utility, like 7Zip. Not only is 7Zip an open source program, it also offers you the ability to take advantage of every other FOSS that uses a zipped delivery.

6. FileZilla

As more people and businesses host websites, they have realized the need for a file transfer protocol (FTP) program. An FTP program is what transfers the web pages you have created to your server.

  • FileZilla is free.
  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • The FTP makes uploading and downloading files easy to do.

7. TrueCrypt

Whether you want to protect your family photos, your financial information, or the trade secrets that make your business the sure-win over your competition, you can use an encryption program to increase your security. With TrueCrypt, you get the ability to encrypt USB flash drives, hard drives, or files.

These seven Open Source Applications offer you the tools you need to manage any job, whether you run a home or a corporation. Why are you paying for something you could get free?


SpeedUpTV, from mix1009, is likely to be the video player and multimedia file manager on every iPhone very soon. This full-featured video player does everything iOS users wish the native app did and so very much more.

SpeedUpTV gives users complete control over their multimedia experience on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.  Its video player features are its strongest draw, but the developers of this application went above and beyond to offer users many more value-added features.  The app allows users to watch videos at a variety of speeds, from .05x to 2.0X original speed.  In addition, it functions as a viewer for multiple file types, supporting most image files, and has a built-in folder management system which includes security features like password protection.



SpeedUpTV App review:

The controls are simple, intuitive, and elegantly designed for a great user experience.  The video player controls are similar to those of the native app, giving users a feeling of immediate familiarity despite the many added features and increased functionality.

SpeedUpTV completely replaces the need to use the native app, and makes organizing and viewing other file types a breeze.  One of the multitude of awesome add-ons is the ability to transfer files using the USB cord.  I would like to see this app support some sort of wireless sync, though I would use the USB transfer more—it would just be the icing on the cake for this already fantastic application.  After having the application and using it for a while, I found that the number of features included in the video player alone were even more practical than I’d first imagined.  Scene browsing and slo-mo were perfect for educational videos; the fast forward modes were great for speeding through parts of recorded lectures I wanted to quickly review.  It’s an excellent app for students, and the entertainment functionality should be obvious for anyone who uses their iOS device for watching vids for fun.



The graphics are perfect for a utility like this—non-intrusive and serving the function of the app while providing an aesthetically appealing format.  Playback is excellent, and there’s an added bonus built in with the mult-speed option—the tone of the audio doesn’t get distorted at faster and slower speeds.  This may not seem like much, but when you don’t have to listen to the dull roar of slo-mo audio or the Chipmunks-like squeak of sped up voices, you realize what a great addition this really is.

SpeedUpTV is a new app and if it does well (and it will, offering all this for only $2.99) it’s only going to get better.  It requires iOS 4.0 or later, so if you’re rocking the right device, check out SpeedUpTV app.


HTML website builder software is a pc application which can build a webpage without writing  HTML code. These HTML website builders are very helpful for webs designers as well as any user who want to build a website without web designing knowledge. These softwares can make beautiful and professional looking websites for small business. But these site builders can make only static website not a dynamic website such as WordPress, Joomla or drupal.These softwares use a different type of CSS structure that cannot be applicable for dynamic website such as these tools use absolute positioning which is restricted in dynamic layout  because dynamic layout works with relative position and box model. Here are given top list of  html website builders with brief detail.

5 Useful HTML Builder Software’s:

Webplus x4


It is the best HTML website builder in my opinion and I think no other web builder is around it. With webplus we can build a complete professional website.With webplus you can build a website with all dynamic features such as website search, rss feed, web forms, hit counter etc. The designing power of webplus is awesome and there is no need to use external graphic editor.You can add navigation bars with dreamy looks. You can add photogallery or content slider based on java script or flash.

Top 5 Features of Webplus

  • Complete graphics design studio
  • Unique style navigation bars
  • Dynamic objects such as site search ,web forms,forum etc
  • Master page enabled
  • Easy to design
  • E commerce options

Ez generator

I have placed it on second number. This website builder is quite different from others because it has unique power to generate dynamic content such as guest book,website php search,weblog,podcast and e-commerce. It does not use any mysql server to serve dynamic content. There are a lot of beautiful template available for this site builder users and company continuously launches new templates.


Top 4 Features of Ez generator

  • Create dynamic websites such as guestbook,blogs,podcast,photoblog etc
  • Several web templates
  • E commerce tools
  • Automatic backup of websites

Web Easy Pro


Avanquest Web Easy is much similar with webplus in functionality but it is not so much advanced. When someone use webplus and web easy first he finds web easy better but when he really works with both he finds webplus very much better. Webeasy has many advanced web design feature.You can drag and drop any image or sound file from pc to webeasy. You can move any element on page anywhere. You can see the realtime preview on design board. There is no risk of breaking the stylesheet. Webeasy is also an e-commerce enabled website builder and a shopping cart based on paypal can be build.The plus point with webplus is that it has a variety of free templates available.

Top features of Webeasy

  • Easy to use with drag and drop
  • Import existing html page
  • 100+ free templates
  • Inbuilt graphic editor
  • E commerce

Web Studio

web studio

Web Studio can be placed with webeasy. Both website builders have many similar features but template quality of web studio is better than webeasy. Teamplates of webstudio are more attractive and professional looking.With web studio anyone can build a static website without any html knowledge.Drag drop import,easy to use,e-commerce support,cool navigation bars,photo gallery,form builder and much more you can do with it.It has inbuilt menu maker with which you can build stunning menu bars.Like webplus it also supports master pages with which you can save your time in updating every html page.

Top features of Webstudio

  • Inbuilt menumaker
  • Photo slideshow and galleries
  • Masterpage enabled
  • Paypal shop
  • Easy to use

Website X5

Website X5 is a great tool for making a professional website without web design knowledge. With website x5 you can generate a personal website, professional website or e-commerce website. Website x5 supports email forms,website search,photo gallery,drag and drop.But it does not support  easy editing like web easy,web plus or web studio i.e. you can not move any page element with mouse.

Top features of Website X5

  • Several website templates
  • Email forms
  • E Commerce tools
  • You can create blogs

Do you know more such HTML Website builder software’s? Do let us know via comment.


Android marketplace is no doubt booming but you will be surprised to see that you won’t be able to find quality Android Apps reviewing websites if compared with iOS ones. This lack of Android app reviewing portals is mainly because of the fact that most of the apps on Android marketplace are free, meaning that users can try out for themselves instead of reading the reviews. But if you happen to stumble upon a feature-rich Android app with a certain price tag then you will prefer to read some reviews before spending your dough. So today I am highlighting 3 pretty useful online resources for reviews of Android Apps:

Useful Android App Review Sites

Android AppStorm

Reviews Android.AppStorm

Part of AppStorm network, Android AppStorm is a very useful blog that give users with some quality contents that include stuff like general information about Android and How To’s.

You can access the android App reviews by browsing through categories, but the volume is limited in terms of amount of apps. The thing that I liked about it is that the reviews of all these apps are detailed having loads of photo illustrating in detail the working. The website is having user friendly interface and it also rounds-up best apps from categories.

Android Tapp

Android Tapp. Android App Reviews  Android Apps  News  App Recommendations   Interviews

If you enter a query of Android Apps review in Google search then the most likely result you will see is Android Tapp. Site also has news and reviews alongwith blog posts that are strongly related to Android. As many as 2-3 reviews are uploaded daily offering quite a deep insight of the app. Apart from that some of the reviews also have video footings that show how the apps work. Android Tapp also offers browsing through the categories.

Life of Android

Android app reviews   Life of Android

This page is all about Android’s blogs and app reviews with a slight touch of news related to Android. The front page of the website contains big names from Android marketplace and it also provides a best-of apps list. The rating system is quite good, the review of each app is displayed in a miniature format alongwith a list of pros and cons. Life of Android provide users with the screenshots and on the average 1 review is uploaded daily.

All the Android App Review Sites I have mentioned are pretty good with some potential to them, if you are searching for some cool Android apps and want to read their reviews then do try out these Reviewing web platforms.


If you feel that your online friends are hiding from you or too busy to stay online on Yahoo messenger then there are few tools which can detect invisible yahoo friends when they are online on Yahoo messenger but have their status as offline. All the tools listed here are free and quick to use.

detect invisible yahoo

Useful Online tools to detect invisible yahoo Friends


It’s very easy and quick to find who is online on Yahoo messenger. You just need to enter the Yahoo ID of your friend and press enter, instantly you will get the results that the user is online or not.

invisible ir

[ Link ]

Detect Invisible

This web app is similar to invisible.ir. It also gives you quick access to find out the status of yahoo messenger users. It also saves your buddy list whose status you checked recently.

detect invisible

[ Link ]


4invisible is also a web based tool, you can check your Yahoo messenger friends easily just by typing Yahoo ID. It also provides other information like profile details, avatar etc.


[ Link ]

Invisible Scanner

Invisible scanner do same task as the above web app. No need to register or sign in with your yahoo ID You can easily detect invisible yahoo friends by entering their Yahoo ID. Unlike DetectInvisible, it does not save your search history.

invisible scanner

[ Link ]

Worth reading:


MySpytool is bit different from above Invisible yahoo users detector tool. You need to sign up on MySpytool but it is very easy to sign up and you don’t need to go ahead any confirmation process. It also shows you the status of Yahoo user just by entering the Yahoo ID.


[ Link ]

Do let us know which website do you use to detect invisible yahoo users. How do you handle those people who intentionally stay invisible on Yahoo messenger.