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How to Minimize uTorrent Upload Speed

uTorrent is the most popular torrent client. When we download a torrent then after downloading a part mostly it starts uploading. Some time upload speed exceeds download speed. Seeding a torrent is good to alive torrents but if you have insufficient bandwidth then it affects download speed. In this condition we want to stop uploading and only want to download a file.

In this tutorial I am telling you how to limit uTorrent Upload Speed. With this trick you can limit upload speed up to 1kb/s. I want to clear that limiting upload speed does not affect download speed because some people thinks that if they limit upload speed it will decrease download speed. Also make sure you do it for torrent files downloaded from public site and not private torrent sites, else you might get ratio banned. Also if you have enough bandwidth, try to be a seeder instead of a leecher.

Recommended reading:

  • Open utorrent and open preference window by going to options > Preference ( shortkey Ctrl+P )

  • In “preference” click on option “bandwidth”. Change global upload rate limiting from 0 to 1 kb/s. It means you can limit upload speed upto 1kb/s.

uTorrent Upload Speed

  • Now Click on alternate upload rate when not downloading and change it to 1kb/s. This will limit alternate upload speed to 1kb/s.


  • Now move down to the bottom at option “bandwidth” and here look at the last option “number of upload slots per torrent”. Remove tick from this option.


  • Now go option “queuing”. Here move down to bottom and see the option “when utorrent reach the seeding goal”. Tick the option and change the upload rate to 1kb/s.


  • And now it is the final step. When you add a torrent then make right mouse click on added torrent and select option bandwidth allocation > set upload limit >1kb/s

This will be applied only for selected torrent and you have to change bandwidth allocation for every torrent separately.

Similarly for other Torrent clients, you can control torrent upload speed. Though, uTorrent being one of the most popular client, we used it as reference. If you need tutorial for any other client to control torrent upload speed, do let us know.


Earlier this month Yahoo’s Messenger App for iPhone arrived with video calling functionality over 3G and Wifi. We had been eagerly waiting for the update from Yahoo to enable the video chat on iPod Touch 4G ever since our iPod Touch shipped. The update is finally here. [click to continue…]


Online video editing apps have taken the internet by storm since their inception. There are now many online video editing services available which provide state of the art video editing options. Today we’ll be reviewing an online video editing application called JayCut.

Although JayCut isn’t a free service, it can be used freely to check the feature it provides but the content edited using the Jaycut demo version cannot be saved for later usage.

How to use JayCut Video Editor?

Videos can be added to jayCut by clicking the Add Media button from where the option to upload media from the PC, URLs or even Webcam is available.



Once the media is uploaded video can be cut and modified by accessing the timeline ribbon at the bottom which shows different parts of video and how video elements in it transit. This ribbon can be zoomed in and zoomed out of using the Zoom In and Zoom Out buttons located on top of the ribbon. If two videos are being merged then their timelines can be arranged in a similar manner to allow for overlap etc.

Jaycut-3Click on Image to Enlarge

Different effects can also be added to the video by clicking on the settings button which has several options such as contrast, brightness, hue, saturation etc.

jaycut-4 Click on Image to Enlarge

Audio volume and video speed can also be changed in the settings menu.

jaycut-5 Click on Image to Enlarge

Different transition effects can also be added to videos and text elements can also be incorporated into the video using the Transitions and text tabs from jayCut.

JayCut is a fully featured and great video editing software to edit your videos online, although the non-free nature of the service might put off some users.


RSS feeds are a great way to keep updated on the content changes happening on a website. A good RSS reader can help you stay updated on the latest updates without bothering to look for it.

Feedly is a great add-on for Mozilla Firefox web browser which serves as a fully featured RSS reader.

Installing Feedly is very easy, following the standard procedure for installing Firefox add-ons.


Feedly has a fast and interactive magazine like interface which can import your RSS feeds from sources from Google Reader, Bloglines, Netvibes or your bookmarks. Once you install feedly, you can customize your RSS reader on what type of content you want to see after which you create your own Feedly.


Feeds can also be arranged in tabs and categories and has multiple views which enable feeds to be shown as title only, title and summary, image grid, video grid, entire content. The feeds read through Feedly can also be shared on various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc.


One of the great features of Feedly is that it overlays search results from various search sources like Google, Yahoo, Bing and supports a wide variety of RSS and ATOM feed formats.


Feedly is a great way to organize your RSS feeds coming from various sources online on a single magazine like clean to view interface. With its ease of use and utility by being a browser add-on, Feedly is highly recommended RSS reader for everyone.

Download Feedly for Mozilla Firefox

You can also download Feedly for chrome from here. Do let us know if you are using feedly or any other addon which can transform your web browser into feed reader?


There might be some programs you installed on your Mac which start up automatically every time you switch on your Mac. For example, Skype or Hotspot Shield. We don’t need each of those to start up by itself at login and here’s a simple way to disable them.

Ease of use is the best part about Mac’s operating System. Most operations are intuitive and a few clicks via simple interfaces are all that take to configure the Mac. That’s one of many reasons why we love the Mac computers. [click to continue…]


Photo sharing is the top hit on the charts of web activities these days. Everyone is doing it. With the popularity of social networks also increasing, photo sharing via social networks is also getting popular. Plixi is a web service which acknowledges this fact and provides great photo sharing on social networks.

With Plixi, anyone on the go can share the photos almost instantly on their social networks while on the go. Plixi is targeted towards mobile platforms as one often needs to quickly upload photos while moving (e.g. on a vacation trip etc.). This where its open APIs of mobile SDks come in handy. APIs are made available to developers of Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Foursquare to create apps which allow users to share photos via their smartphones.

Apart from the APIs, Plixi already has a full featured photo sharing and uploading mechanism on its website. Users can simply login via their social network profiles and upload pictures on Plixir which can then be shared on the social networks with a single click of a button. Also, Plixir allows users to search for photos uploaded from others or the native library which can also be shared. The Activity Feed area of Plixi shows all the recent activity you have been doing regarding photo sharing.

Different feeds can be setup which includes the Friend’s Events feed, other’s Activity feed and so on. Plixi in this ways gives a wholesome view of what activity is going on regarding photo sharing on social networks you’re connected to.

Plixi is a great way to remain updated and share your own photos online while on the move. Its simple usage and wholesome coverage of the entire picture sharing domain is a must have for everyone who loves to share pictures today.

Check out Plixi


This tutorial is for people who earlier got tired like me in search of Google dialpad to make Google voice call.Earlier we shared tutorial to get free US based phone number and use Google Voice in any country outside US including India. Not all users need incoming call or SMS facility in Google Voice and instead only make free outgoing calls to US/Canada. So, here’s a very simple method which will allow you to make outgoing calls using Google Voice. Easiest hack ever.

[click to continue…]

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If you are addicted to technology and internet, I am sure you would be having more friends and clients online then offline and they would be around the entire world. Sometimes chatting or PC to PC calls are not enough, you need to call them on their landline or mobile phones which are costly for sure.

Here I am going to share few websites and apps which will allow you to make free international calls that too for free. Here are 5 such websites which allows you to talk to your friends even if they are far from you and save your lots of money.

Eva Phone:

EvaPhone is one of the popular services to make free international phone calls. You can call to almost all the countries worldwide. You just need to use your computer to start making VoIP calls to phone. Before connecting to call you will get a small promo video. There are chances that you may exceed the free call limit that time you can register to EvaPhone.


[ Link ]


Jaxtr works on your own phone without revealing your mobile number. To use Jaxtr, you need to sign up to Jaxtr by entering your mobile/ landline number after which you will receive a local Jaxtr number. Now you need to call Jaxtr and dial the destination number. You will need to listen to prompt before the calls get connected.


[ Link ]


iCall is a software which allows you to make international calls for free as well as at very low rates. You can make free PC-to-Phone calls as well as PC-to-PC calls. You can also make free calls from your iPad or iPod Touch. There are features like customizable voicemail, incoming numbers, call forwarding, caller ID and many more.


[ Link ]


AdPhone is an application which you will need to download to make a call internationally. After making a call you will have to register yourself which is free. And now you can start making calls anywhere. You will get 30 minutes free calling everyday in the list provided by AdPhone. You can check on its website.


[ Link ]


FreePhone2Phone service allows you to make calls around the world with free of cost. You don’t require any registration process. You will get a guest code and after entering it just make a call, before calls get connected you will hear a 10-12 second ad and you can enjoy your free call after that till 5 minutes, later you can call again whenever you want.


[ Link ]

Check out the free calling service and enjoy with your friends. If you are using any such free calling service then do share with us.

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Yesterday, the VLC media player for iPhone was released and we could not keep our hands off it. While we really loved the VLC player’s abilities we came across an error which all iPhone 4 users are facing currently. When you play any video without headphones the player says “No Volume Available” and speakers don’t work. Here’s a temporary solution. [click to continue…]


Last time when we shared VLC media player for iPad is available we also informed you that VLC for iPhone is coming soon. This is for all those who have been waiting for Video Lan player a.k.a VLC media player is now live on app store and you can download it.

I just downloaded VLC for iPhone from App store and playing with it, before I will add my review and feedback about VLC for iPhone, I wanted you to know about this awesome multimedia player is available for all and that too for free.

Download VLC media player for iPhone


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