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Uploading and sharing files online is bit cumbersome. There are many services though but few are not reliable, few are paid services and few are not reliable to share important files. And it’s irritating to search for free service which can share files quickly when we want. Thus I have complied list of 5 such free online services which you can use to share file across web.

5 free and quick online services to share files online:


DropSend is good way to share your files online. You do need signup for sharing and online storage of  files on DropSend but it’s an easy and quick process. You can go for free as well as paid service according to your requirements. With free service you can upload up to 2 GB of data and share 5 file per month, if you want to share more you can go ahead with paid service.


[ Link ]


Badongo gives you option for sharing file with signup as well as without signup, of course the services will be different for both but the good point is when you are in hurry and want to share file without registration or login then you can use Badongo. There is free as well as paid service available. In free service you will get 12GB upload and 1 file sharing every day.


[ Link ]


Just like other online file sharing services, GigaSize also offers paid and free services. If you register for free service you will can upload 300MB/file. When you upload the file you will get a URL of the uploaded file which you can share with your friends via social networking websites, forums or email.


[ Link ]


File.ai is another quick online service to share your files. You just need to drag and drop the file in a Folder added on File.ai and you will get a transfer ID and link which you can use to share file with others on email and IMs.


[ Link ]

Share Send:

ShareSend also provide you the URL of the uploaded file which you can share with others. But the good part is that you don’t have to login or register to ShareSend to share your files. It also gives you the option to tweet your link. You just need to enter your Twitter credentials and tweet. You can share up to 100 MB/file.


[ Link ]

These are few online file transfer services which share your files quickly and easily with your friends. If you are using any such services which share files with good speed and easy to use then do share with us and our readers.

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For any web surfer, the option to save visited websites in such a manner that they could be viewed later easily, with no internet is something which everyone wants. One way of achieving this is by converting websites into PDF files which can be saved and then used later. Web2PDFConverter is an extension for Google Chrome web browser which can be used to do this.

Web2PDFConverter and be downloaded and installed via this link. Upon installation, an icon to launch the extension is added to the address bar of Google Chrome web browser.


Using Web2PDFConverter is extremely easy. All you need to do is visit the webpage which you want to save by converting it into a PDF file and click the Web2PDFConverter icon on the address bar of Google Chrome. A popup message will then show where you can click the button saying Convert to PDF.

Web2PDFConverter -2

The extension will then automatically process your request and within a short time the converted PDF will be available for download. From there, you can download the PDF and view the website with the help of any PDF viewer.

Web2PDFConverter -3

Additionally, you can also view the created PDF in Google Docs. You must have a Google Docs account to do so which is free to sign up for.

Web2PDFConverter is a great extension which can help users save their favorite website for offline viewing in a simple and effective manner, and that too, fastly.

Download Web2PDF Converter for Google Chrome


Lately there has been a lot of talk about online presentation and slide show creation tools. Today we’ll be reviewing one such online web app which claims to be one of the best online services to create slide shows and presentations. The service is called CU3ER and what sets it apart from other similar online offerings is the fact that it allows creation of 3D slideshows.

CU3ER Title

CU3ER is aimed towards people who want to create content sliders, image galleries or online advertisements and with its powerful 3D customization options, the end product is sure to attract a lot of people’s attention. Although CU3ER can be used for free, its true potential is unleashed when one subscribes for using it. It has two paid plans priced at $49 and $199. The $49 plan supports one single domain and the latter supports up to 5 domains and also removes the CU3ER label from the designs made using it.


Using CU3ER to create 3D slideshows, content sliders and image galleries brings one to a single dashboard called the cManager which serves as the heart of the entire service. cManager supports all the basic and advanced functions offered by CU3ER. cManager has 4 tabs which helps user track the transitions and effects in the tween. This gives a realistic 3D look to images when they transform from one image to the other.


cManager has an Image Library icon on the left pane which adds images to the slides being created.


Visual add-ons can also be added in order to give a more realistic look to the slideshow with elements like arrows, auto play options, description of the slide etc. Visual add-ons section provides a nice collection of such add-ons which can be incorporated into the slideshow.

Visual Add-ons

In order to help the viewer to know how much slideshow or the content slider has passed, a status/progress bar can also be added to the slideshow being created which is available in the Preloader feature. CU3ER also supports creation of custom preloaders as well as has a nice collection of default preloaders.


The epitome of 3D effects is shadows as they bring the realism to any 3D slideshow. CU3ER has a lot of support for shadows and allows static as well as dynamic shadows to be added to any image or object within the slideshow. Dynamic shadows are those which change as the transition changes between images and objects.


CU3ER also supports some great transition effects and 3D transitions using the Flip motion at various degrees can be added along with 2D transitions like fade and glide also being available thereby providing a nice mix. The sequence of how the slideshow runs is also completely configurable using the Timeline feature which represents slides by respective images and the transitions by grids.


CU3ER also supports exporting the product created using it and with the high amount of features and customizations supported by CU3ER it can be safely said that it is one of the best online slideshow and 3D visual content creation services available today and is a must try for every professional visual content developer.

Check out CU3ER


Top 6 Tools to Download Online Flv Videos

We watch flash streaming videos but most of the websites do not give the download links for these videos. YouTube, Metacafe, Dailymotion and other websites have unique and interesting videos but these are not downloadable directly. But there are many tools to available to download these videos. Actually the flash video is embedded in web page and we have to extract the video file from page. Also read:

Online Java Based Tools

There are a lot of online tools to grab YouTube and many other websites videos such as Dailymotion and Metcafe. For using these online applications you must have java installed on your OS. On these websites you have to put the video page url and these websites extract videos and give you a temporary download link. Below I have listed some good websites to download mainly YouTube videos.

  • Keepvid.com: You can download videos from many websites such as YouTube. You can read the review of KeepVid. [  Download link ]
  • Savevid.com: Just like KeepVid, you can download video from lots of websites. [ Download link ]


Ashampoo Clip Finder

Ashampoo clip finder is a fantastic tool to download flv videos from many websites. This tool is very easy to use. You have to enter your keyword in search and this software finds videos on YouTube,Dailymotion,Metacafe etc. With Ashampoo clip finder you can also convert flv to other formats. And you can also apply search filter only for HD videos.

[  Download Link ]

Moyea  FLV Downloader

Moyea Youtube Flv Downloader is an excellent application that is able to download online flv videos from Youtube,Dailymotion,Google videos ,Fox videos and many other websites. It is a free tool and it downloads flv speedily. You can pause and resume downloading videos any time. You can also manage downloaded videos with its video library.

[ Download link ]

FLV download with IDM

IDM or Internet Download Manager is the best download booster tool. I have observed that download manager can increase download speed up to 8 times. We can download YouTube and other flv videos with IDM while playing video in Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer (not in Opera).

Download link ]

Speedbit Video Downloader

Speedbit video downloader can grab flv video from internet browsers while playing video. It is also a good flv grabber and accelerator. It is integrated with Internet browser and when a video streams it starts blinking in browser toolbar. It is not free but you can try it for one month.


Download link ]

Do let us know which tool you find best and if you like online tools or offline tools?


Problem with any portable electronic gadgets like Laptops and mobiles are battery life. Specially when you are travelling, first thing which you would like to increase your gadget’s battery power as much as possible. Here I’m sharing few tips which will help you to save your iPhone battery life:

Flight mode:

One of the first reason your iPhone battery dies fast is when it constantly search for network. If you are at a remote area (weak network) or travelling via flight, you might like to enable flight mode. This will make sure your phone will stop searching for network and will save your battery. Though your iPhone will be out of reach so disable flight mode when you get out of that area.

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G:

Like I added in the above point, when you search for network constantly it drains the battery quickly and same holds true for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G. Make sure you have these services enabled only when you need them.

iPhone Auto Brightness:

Auto brightness is setting in iPhone which adjusts screen brightness on the basis of environment light. I suggest you to instead of Auto use manual settings to set your brightness. Keep it low as more brightness means more power usage.

Keyboard Sounds:

Try to minimize the usage of sounds which you don’t need. Like Keyboard click sound is one of them.  Disable it until unless you really need it.

Manually check Email:

If you are using Email service on your iPhone. Make sure it is set to manual check instead of auto check. This helps a lot to save your iPhone battery power.

These are few tips which work for me and I’m sure it would work for you too. If you know more tips which will help to save iPhone battery power, do share it via comment.


There are some really great apps on the iPhone App Store but unfortunately their content is limited to only the US or a few other countries. One such service is Pandora which is a really great radio application whose content is limited to US. Here’s a workaround that will let you listen to Pandora in India or any other country in the world.

This guide is meant for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users. [click to continue…]


Taking screenshots in Microsoft Windows has traditionally been done by hitting the Print Screen key present on the keyboard and then pasting the screenshot in any picture editor (usually Microsoft Paint) from the clipboard. This simple way of taking features lacks the functionality and the details often required by screenshots e.g. when it is needed to capture a specific part of the screen area in the screenshot or show a particular dialog box etc. Fortunately softwares now exist which provide advanced features for taking and managing screenshots. Today we’ll be listing five great free softwares which you can use to take and manage screenshots easily.

1. Snagit

Probably the best screenshot taking and management software since it combines a fully featured photo editor along with its screen capture tool. Snagit captures parts of screens, dialog boxes, zooms in to different areas of the screen and automatically saves the screenshots captured. Its picture editor can be used to modify and enhance any type of screenshot easily.


2. Screen Capture

Another great yet simple to use screen capture tool, Screen Capture has a simple User Interface (UI) which can be used to take, manage and save screenshots of all sorts using just a single window app. It also has some advanced features such as selecting custom area of the screen for capturing and some great screenshot editing options as well.


3. Screen hunter

One of the simplest software to use to take scree captures. Screen captures can be done by simply pressing F6 key and several advanced options such as making the mouse pointer disappear from the screenshot, specific area of screen capture etc. can be setup.


4. MW Snap

Another great screen capture tool which has the option to zoom in certain part of the screen and then take a screenshot.


5. Gadwin

Very similar in User Interface (UI) to Microsoft Office products, Gadwin can be easily used by anyone to take and manage screenshots easily. It also supports adding comment boxes to captured screens and add arrows etc. as well.


Do let us know if you know more free or paid softwares to take screenshot.


Couple of day’s back we announced that Tata docomo is going to launch 3G service in India on Diwali. Till now BSNL is key provider of 3G in India, and Tata Docomo will be the first private network operator to launch 3G service.

At this moment I mostly rely on Wi-Fi connection on my iPhone to get fast Internet connection and my GPRS connection is limited to checking Facebook, Twitter & Email.

Being a professional blogger, Internet is the first thing which I need and for that I always have a Tata photon card but again I always have to carry my laptop to connect to Internet for extensive work. No wonder iPhone is a powerful device and it can be used as full fledge blogging device when you are travelling. But only Dilemma is lack of fast internet connection. I have been thinking about how 3G is going to change my life and here are few thoughts which came across my mind.


3G Life

Video Conferencing with my client:

I have many clients for them I usually do Thesis Theme customization, WordPress SEO, Blog consultancy and various blogging related services. My biggest problem is while handling any running project; I have to stay connected to internet to get in touch with clients and also with my team. With 3G enabled mobile (iPhone), I can get into video conferencing with my team and client and brief them about any current issue and handle it in real time. More over with a prompt response and reply, my business will grow with 2x speed. After all customer service is first thing every one hope for.

TV & movies on Demand:

In this busy life, it’s hard to find time for entertainment. Now in this scenario entertainment for me means TV and movies. The only time when I can think of watching my fav. Episodes and movies is when I’m travelling and despite of carrying a power pack multimedia mobile, it’s impossible to stream videos using current GPRS speed. With 3G speed, I can order my fav serials and movies instantly and watch it while I’m travelling.

My personal blog:

I have 4 professional niche blogs where I share various news and tutorials & along with it I have one personal blog, which I use to post my daily pictures and thoughts. It’s a personal blog and usually I update it when I get leisure time. Now with 3G service enabled mobile phone ( iPhone or Nokia N8), I can quickly update my blog with my latest click. I can do the same with my current GPRS speed but connection is always breaking and while uploading images taken from Nokia N8 12MP camera, it takes ages to upload.

Mobile Technology and Multitasking:

Most of high end mobile phones are capable of multi-tasking and with slow internet speed multi tasking social networking software’s does not make much sense. Imagine when you can seamlessly switch between Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Email and IM on your mobile phone without breaking any of this app connection. More over when 3G is available in every part of the country, I’m expecting to see some useful 3rd party applications which will change the way we use our mobile.

Free Phone Call and SMS:

There are various online tools and software’s which allow you to make free call. Lets take Google voice or iPhone facetime or Yahoo messenger as an example. So if we will have some unlimited 3G plans, It will again help me and others to lower down their call and SMS bills and utilize the power of internet for free voice calls and SMS.

What more?

Potential of 3G is unlimited and practical implementation can go to mobile shopping, mobile banking, mobile booking and for many day to day usage. Being a power mobile user, I’m expecting to see 3G services in my hand soon.

So do share your view on how 3G life is going to change your life and what do you expect more out of 3G?


VPN ( Virtual Private Networks) service allows you to access information securely over public networks. A lot of people use it to securely access their work related email and documents on laptops and iPhones as well. Another great use of VPN is ability to access restricted content. For example, you can use Pandora from outside US by using VPN. This tutorial shows you how to configure your iPhone to use a VPN Server.

We will use the example of HotSpot Shield which is our favorite VPN server and it’s free too. You’ll remember how we used this server earlier to use Google Voice from outside US.

Here are the steps to configure VPN on your iPhone:

Firstly, turn Wi-fi Off. Now Go to Settings > General > Network > VPN and choose Add VPN Configuration. Select the IPSec Tab and fill the following details:

  • Description: HotspotShield
  • Server:
  • Account: Get it here
  • Password: Get it here
  • Use Certificate: OFF
  • Group Name: hss
  • Secret: hss

Configure iPhone VPN

You’re done now. Hit the save button and turn on Wi-fi now.


To activate the VPN go to Settings > VPN > Click on On button. The status will change to Connected in a few seconds and a VPN icon will appear in the status bar of the iPhone. It’s that simple, really.


Switch it off whenever you don’t require the VPN as it does seem to slow down the network speed a bit. Moreover, there are many apps like Hulu, which are not available in countries outside U.S, by using an U.S. based iPhone VPN, you can take advantage of service like HULU or Netflix. Let us know which are your favorite VPN Servers or check out our list of five free VPN Servers apart from HotSpot Shield.


Twitter has already launched apps for iPhone and iPad and now Twitter has announced its official application for Windows 7. The app is loaded with all the important features to have full experience of Twitter that too for free.



Apart from having fun with all the features on Twitter app the good part is that you can even signup from the mobile app itself. The interface seems to be user-friendly and easy to navigate from left to right or different categories. The platform’s design and user interface is called as Metro.

So, finally you can enjoy Twitter on Windows 7 phone also. You can download the new official Twitter app from Windows 7 Marketplace.

So, try it out and do let us know which Twitter app you would prefer for your Windows 7 mobile, official Twitter app or any other app?