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Technology is for making you productive and thus we have already shared few apps to increase your productivity on Mac, iPad, BlackBerry and here comes few useful applications for Android which will save your time and make you productive. All these apps are free to use and worth downloading.

Goals to-do:

To- do list is best way to use your time effectively. Goals to-do is an app which offers a perfect to-do list. It also helps you to remember projects, project categories, an inbox, integrate with Google Calendar, Google Maps, contacts and much more.

Goal to-do

[ Download Link ]


Evernote is unrivaled when it comes to take notes, upload files, snapshots or audio files. Evernote is one of the must have app if you want to take notes, text your ideas anywhere with your Android mobile phone. After creating notes you can easily search them on Evernote without any clutter.


[ Download Link ]

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Time Tracking

If you have a problem of managing time then TimeClock will help you to track your time as you are working and send you the data into a spreadsheet to create your invoices. Each time record stores client, notes and a secondary data field that defaults to “Location”, but you can change it according to your requirements.


[ Download Link ]


DropBox app for Android gives you all the useful features helpful to upload, sync, view and share your content in your Dropbox. You can easily upload photos from your phone and share it with your friends quickly and easily.


[ Download Link ]


GDocs is available in multiple languages and you can use it as a notepad to create, edit, view, sync documents from your Google Docs account. Google docs is already providing lots of new feature and this app comes handy when you need to sync documents.


[ Download Link ]

If you are using any free app to increase your productivity for Android smartphones then do share with us.


Video downloading is one of the most practiced things over the internet these days. Anyone who uses internet downloads his/her favorite movies/videos every now and then and most internet users are always looking for free movies for download. FreeMoviesTheatre is an online web service which provides users with the ability to download all their favorite movies for free.


The best part about FreeMoviesTheatre is that it has indexed all movies completely in a single package, which means one does not has to jump from one part to the other in order to enjoy the movie. The homepage shows a lot of good information about the movies listed with new flicks being shown, their high quality thumbnail images, reviews, how many hits they’ve received and much more. The search engine for movie search also works flawlessly as movies can be searched by ascending or descending order according to their release, or even searched by keywords. Once you search a video, up to 8 different viewing links will show up where you can view movies by streaming them or downloading them from the host websites as well.


Movies can also be embedded to your own blog/website with the embed link given along the movie. Sharing the movies is also easy and fun as all major social networks are supported and friends can be interactively told about the great free movies you’re watching. If you want to download any movie, browse it and you will be given few links (e.g Version 1, Version 2 etc) as shown in the screenshot below. Just use the one which does not ask you to download any software or anything.


FreeMoviesTheatre is a one stop destination for any internet user who is interested in watching free movies online.


Here is an awesome application for students for iPhone to keep your assignments, class schedules, tests, projects, homework and lot more organized. So now students can keep all their to-do lists handy.

The interface is user-friendly and have nice notebook like design and colorful too which is going to attract students for sure. There are lots of useful feature but the good part is that it is very easy to access these features.


The application launch with very colorful design which includes sticky-notes and colorful tabs for homework in yellow, classes in green and info/preferences in blue. Late assignment will be marked in red, upcoming task in orange and upcoming task in blue which makes you classify your task properly.

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You can also prioritize the tasks with different colors. You can also add the details like day, time, class title, teacher, due date, room etc. You can also share your schedules, course with your friends via emails.


This tool is for all the students or parents who want to keep track of their kid’s assignments, schedule and classes. The application is free to download and compatible with Mac, iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later. So no more noting down your plans on paper, get techy with MyHomeWork App.

Download link from iTunes


By usin Cydia Make my life easier, thanks button you can quickly save your iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, iPad and iPod Touch 3G SHSH blobs. In this tutorial I will be guiding you how you can use TinyUmbrella to save iOS 4.X+ SHSH blobs.

Download and install Tinyumbrella app. < Win, Mac>. Open TinyUmbrealla, connect your iPhone and select your iPhone from the list of devices on the left screen.


Click on Save SHSH and if you wish you can change location of file by going under advanced tab.

Within Seconds your SHSH blobs would be saved. If you have a jailbroken iPhone with 4.x+ iOS, make sure you do this step ASAP. As iOS 4.2 is coming soon for everyone. You can check under logs to find if your SHSH blobs was saved in cydia or not.


How to Use Task Scheduling in Windows XP

What is task scheduling

If we want to run an application automatically at a specific time then it is called task scheduling. Suppose we want to play a mp3 file at 5:03 pm automatically then we can schedule this mp3 file play for this time.

How it works

Scheduling an application or any file is an easy to do work in Windows XP and it can be done in only few steps. Here is a little demo to show how schedule task option works.

  • First locate the schedule task option by doing this

start menu > control panel > scheduled tasks. You can also locate by typing following command in win explorer bar c:\windows\tasks\


  • Here right mouse click and select “new >scheduled task”
  • Now you can customize the task settings. First browse the file to schedule


  • Then set execution or playing frequency,time and day then apply settings. All done now your scheduled application or media file will work at the specified time automatically


  • You can also set stop time or duration of application run



You must set the Windows log on user account password otherwise task scheduling will not work.


Need of Boot scan

Boot time scan is run before starting any pc application by an Antivirus software. Some time our PC gets infected by a threat due to our own mistake such as if we disable real-time Antivirus protection or our Antivirus is unable to detect threat due to outdated virus definitions. In some cases it may be possible that Antivirus is unable to delete or quarantine the threat in running condition. In this condition scheduling a boot time scan can remove the threat.

How it Works

When we schedule a boot time scan the Antivirus asks to restart PC. When PC is rebooting than Antivirus don’t allow any application to run instead of Windows files and starts scanning Windows and other files. Due to inactivity of threats Antivirus can easily delete or quarantine the infection. Boot Scan function is rare in Antivirus softwares and here are two good Antivirus programs having boot scan capability.

Avast 5 Home edition

We can schedule Boot scan with Avast. Avast is one of the best Antivirus program having a comprehensive virus database. Avast Home edition is free and working like a paid Antivirus such as Kasperky or Nortan etc. To enable boot scan with Avast :-

  • Double click on Avast tray located in bottom right corner of desktop (task-bar)
  • Click on the option “scan computer” and then “Boot-time scan”

Get Avast


QuickHeal Antivirus

Quick is another Antivirus software with which we can schedule a boot time scan. But the only difference that you must be sure about your boot scan scheduling options because after starting the scan Quick heal don’t allow you to control scan i.e. you can’t stop or skip the scan unlike Avast. Besides QuickHeal is not free and you can use only its one month trial for free.

Get QuickHeal


Overall Boot time scanning can save your system from re installing operating system. And if your Antivirus program have this utility, it is a  plus point regarding your system security.

Do let us know if you are using any antivirus which scan at boot time?


We all addicted to get all kind of information from internet weather it is searching any place, buying any stuff or want to search for a partner. Our maximum time is spent on searching new things and websites online.

While searching, we generally prefer to search for similar websites to the ones we like. For example if you like to buy products through eBay then you will search for more websites similar to eBay. Searching for similar websites in Google becomes quite tough thus there is a search engine which will help you to search similar websites as soon as you enter any website name. This search engine is Similar Site Search.


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Similar Site Search is quick, easy and free to use. You just need to enter the address of website for which you want similar websites and press search and you will get the list of all similar website.


You can also edit and filter the tags of the website to get more relevant results and you can even share search results with your friends on social networking websites.

Similar site search is very useful when it comes to find the alternative to any website, blog or online tool. Here is the link to Similar Site Search.


This is a guest post by Sajitha who blogs at SajithaPramod. If you would like to write for CallingAllGeeks, check our adsense revenue sharing program.

Don’t trust your friend today, if he shares a blogspot.com link with a message in your Facebook inbox.  It is a Virus which auto-sending messages to all Facebook contacts from the infected Facebook profile.

“I got you a surprise, www.qwert**op.blogspot.com”.

DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK.  If you were to click on the link, it will lead you to a virus.

The blogspot link will redirect you to a online photo sharing website which shows a photo-album download link contains photo.exe virus.  I have collected some details about this Virus. Origin of this Facebook worm is still unknown. ( Fb Users from Greece and United Arab Emirates are early affected). It hasn’t caused a “global epidemic” as one would expect.  For example, not many people in the USA have heard about this yet and no one has written any tutorials on this issue. Also, most antivirus applications still have not been updated to stop the photo.exe virus file and every day more and more people get infected.  If you think your system is affected, check here for the virus removal and some precautions to stop spreading the Virus.  Do  you have any information or experience about this virus?  Do share with callingallgeeks.org readers and also check back to this place for more updates.

Are you also getting such messages on Facebook? Don’t forget to share this post on Facebook and Twitter to warn your friends about this virus.


This is a guest post by Prabal who blogs at Pricearena. If you would like to write for CallingAllgeeks, read our guest posting guidelines.

Here comes another leaked Nokia device in form of FULL QWERTY keyboard. Few months back, Nokia X2 was launched at just Rs. 5700 which proved to be absolute amazing in terms of the specifications. This time its X2-01 which looks like an entry-level QWERTY phone. Here are few specs:

  • Camera: 3 megapixel
  • Resolution: QVGA (320 x 240 pixels)
  • Memory: 42 MB with expandable memory
  • Connectivity: EDGE, Wi-fi and Bluetooth
  • Measurements: 119.4×59.8×14.3 mm
  • Weight: 114 g
  • Colors: Gray, White, Red, and Purple

Although these specifications are not final, but at this moment we can say that this phone has no extra features and design also looks dull. The phone is expected to be priced at around Rs. 4500 and will be launched in first quarter of next year.

I would rather suggest you to go for Nokia C3-00 which is also a FULL QWERTY keypad and optimized social networking featured phone. This phone looks to be more promising than X2-01.

It runs on Series 40 which is a rather dated platform. With the following specifications Nokia C3 is priced at Rs. 5745

  • Camera: 2 MP (Upto 4x Zoom)
  • Screen Size: 2.4″
  • Resolution: 320 x 240 pixels
  • Memory: 55 MB internal memory expandable up to 8 GB additional memory with microSD card
  • Battery: Up to 7 hours of talk time.

Do you like Nokia X2-01 ? Do share your views on it ?


This is a guest post by Prabal who blogs at Pricearena. If you would like to write for CallingAllgeeks, read our guest posting guidelines.

We have already shared with you few websites through which you can send free SMS in India. These website are really nice but ends up with few cons. like displays an ad in your message or we can send limited characters (Below 140) and so on.

Whozzat is another service through which we can send free SMS to any mobile in India. Like other websites, we can send upto 160 characters, but without annoying ads. When a message is delivered to recipient it shows the name of the sender. You can send upto 100 sms per day which I think is sufficient for anyone.

This service works really well and is fast & easy to access. After registering you will get your own url something like this http://whozzat.com/username so you can also send unlimited sms to your friends available on Whozzat after there approval.

The unique feature which I have not seen in any other website is ‘Flash SMS‘. A flash sms appears directly on screen instead of going to inbox (Like when balance gets displayed after making a call). It will catch the recipient attention immediately.

There is also a seperate page designed specially for sms included with various categories like Friendship, Funny & even Rajinikanth. :D You can directly send sms from the page.

Connect your twitter & facebook account to post an update through Whozzat. More features like Synchronize Mobile Contact is still on the way to come.

This service has everything expect the limitation to send sms upto 160 characters. Whereas, you can even try SMS7 which is a great way to send message up to 440 characters.

Do share your views on Whozzat & if you are using any other services to send free sms In India or outside India, do let us know.