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Gmail does not allow us to send a file with extension .exe, .dll,bat etc due to security reasons. Gmail virus scanner stops these file types even these files are zipped or in any other type of archive. It is good for security purposes but sometime we needs to send an exe file such as setup file which is clean. In this condition we feel helpless and search any alternative to send this file. Here is a simple to use trick how to send executable file or any other file type using Gmail.

  • Download and install winrar [link]
  • Now make right mouse click on an exe file you want to send. You will find an option “add to archive”. Select this option.


  • You will see a screen named “archive names and parameters”. Here find the option “split to volume,bytes”. Enter the half or more than half-size of exe file in mb as shown in figure below and then press ok. The exe file will be split in two rar parts.


  • Now login to your Gmail account and attach both files and send them. You will find that the files will be sent without any problem.


winrar-splitting-file3 winrar-splitting-file5

How to extract the original file from these two rar parts

  • Select both rar parts and make right mouse click then select option “extract here”. And you will get the original file.


Thus you can send any file type via Gmail. The other  benefit to split a file in parts is that you can send a big file by splitting it in small parts.


We were all pretty amazed by the amazing refinements made on the Macbook Air that Apple recently released. Now it’s the iPad’s turn to be updated. While the iPad did make record sales a lot of people were refraining from purchasing one until Apple released the second generation iPads with the camera being the most sought after addition to the iPad line. Hit the break to find out what else we are expecting in the iPad 2. [click to continue…]


Sothink is a flash editor and creator software that works for beginners as well as experts. Creating a flash animation with Sothink SWF Quicker is quite easy. Besides you can also import existing flash and can edit it. If know nothing about flash programming then you can at least impress your friends by simple editing of an existing flash card by adding your own text and images to it. With this software we can build highly advanced flash banner and animations and if you are interested in making flash animations then it may be a very useful software toward your business.

What we can do with SWF Quicker. Lets see Some Examples

Create Incredible Flash Websites

With Sothink SWF Quicker you can build 100% professional and great looking flash websites. These type of websites are full featured having contact forms etc. You can see the live examples. These are the examples you might never see before.

See Example

  • Build Flash Photo Albums

You can create flash photo albums with music and several special effects. You can also add many controls for visitors.

See Example

  • Build Special Page turn Engines

With SWF quicker you can generate an electronic book having page turn controls by mouse i.e. when you click on page it turns to next.

See Example

  • Special Text Effects

You can create special animated text with SWF quicker and it is very useful in banner advertising.

See Example

  • Image Tween Animation

It is a very cool effect. It means the transition of a face to another one very smoothly. SWF Quicker can do it easily.

See Example

swf-quicker3 swf-quicker1 swf-quicker2

Express Features of SWF Quicker

  • Import any flash file of Adobe V6,7,8,9 and 10 and CS5
  • Able to edit text,shapes and script files of imported movie
  • There are a lot of ready-made text and animation effects you can use
  • Advanced action script editor to make professional and advanced flash
  • You can also draw and design using all essential drawing tools such as pen,fill,crop etc
  • Able to import many media formats such as avi,mp3,mp4,wmv,mov,rm and mpeg etc
  • Able to export in swf,avi,gif,exe or flash lite

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Overall if anyone is interested in flash creation and  flash programming then Sothink SWF Quicker is not less than a Pandora.

Get SWF Quicker Free Trial


Helpmejailbreak is a new site for iPhone users which will help you to see if your iPhone is jailbreakable or not. This website got very simple layout and you can quickly follow the instruction to see if your iPhone (any model) jailbreaking and unlocking is possible or now. If possible which software you can use to jailbreak & unlock your iPhone on windows or Mac.

HelpmeJailBreak Link

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5 Best iPhone Apps for Bloggers

Apple iPhone ApplicationApple iPhone is probably, one of the most used Smart Phone on the Planet. The iPhone is considered as the revolutionary Mobile that created great hype to Smartphone Industry, to be clear fact that, today the existence of Smartphone was made possible by iPhone. Till 2006-07 its the Nokia and Sony Ericsson Mobile Phones ruling the Industry and there was no other Mobile Company is the race excluding the Motorola Mobiles with few good pieces here and there. But, after that on Jan 7th 2007 the sales of Nokia and Sony Ericsson’s sales were down suddenly over 200% because of mighty crazy jaw dropping record breaking sales from iPhone.

Slowly as time passes, Symbian OS lost its prominence and its was MAC and Andriod OS currently ruling the Industry. Ofcouse the Blackberry OS with over 21% of Market share too one of the most preferred OS. But accepting the fact that iPhone is such a crazy device that most of the people can’t take  their hand of it, which made it such a popular device in the history of Mobile Phones. Currently Apple MAC OS Powered iPhones and Android OS Powered SmartPhone were feeling the heat because mutual steps taking by each other. Android OS is currently leading the Industry with Millions of Applications, but Apple is still having the strong Fan base.

In contrast, Blogging is yet another field which is such an addictive field that once you catch the soul of it, you are gone. Nobody can help you to get out from blogging.

So, How will it be if we integrate the properties of 2 mighty powers in the world one which doesn’t let you to take you fingers off it and other don’t let you to get away from it. Pretty interesting isn’t it? Yea I’m talking about the iPhone Applications for Bloggers. Every Blogger must consider few aspects in blogging like SEO, Social Networking, Marketing techniques seriously for best results.

So, Here are the 5 Best blogging apps for iPhone

#1. WordPress for iOS

  1. WordPress the Powerful Blogging Platform is integrated to iOS and now compatible within Apple iPhone  with which you can moderate comments, create or edit posts and pages and images or videos comfortably.
  2. Its a free application and download The WordPress application for iPhone

Wordpress iPhone application

#2. Byline iPhone Application

  1. The Byline works like RSS. Its allows us to read the latest news from our Favorite websites/blog. It synchronizes with the Google reader and allows us the offline browsing.
  2. You can buy it for 4.99$ else you can download Byline iPhone Application with Fusion Ads

Byline App for iPhone

#3. ShoZu iPhone Application

  1. ShoZu is one of the dream iPhone application that every Blogger with Apple iPhone would love to have. It enables us to use multiple social networking sites to promote our blogs. It supports over 50+ Social Networking site like Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, WordPress, Photobucket, Myspace, Picasa and many more.
  2. You can buy this for just £2.99 from iStore.

ShoZu iPhone Application

#4. Adobe Photoshop Express Application

  1. World’s Most used Image Editing, Manging, Organizing and best Image Orientation Software, The mighty Adobe Photoshopis available for free iPhone and iPad.
  2. Adobe Photoshop Express software helps us to use Photoshop as our online photo sharing, editing, cropping, rotating, etc and lets us to enjoy photo and video library right in our hands. Its enables us to upload and store 2GB of photos and videos online.
  3. Download Adobe Photoshop Application for your iPhone.

photoshop app for iphone

#5. Idea Organizer for iPhone

  1. No more losing of your thoughts because you are not having a pen or paper.
  2. Every time you get an idea, you can quickly switch to iPhone Idea Organizer that lets you to record your thoughts in the form of voice or text entires which makes our organization very simple.
  3. You can buy it for just $1.99 and download Idea Organizer for iPhone.
Idea Organizer iPhone

Idea Organizer iPhone

Hope, Liked this article express your views by posting your valuable comments.

This is a guest post by Siddharth who blogs at GadgetCage. if you would like to write for CallingAllGeeks, check our adsense revenue sharing program.


Operating systems are becoming heavier day by day. We can observe it in Windows Vista and Windows 7 and in this condition little machines such as NetBooks are affecting and these performance is becoming down i.e. these heavy operating systems are really affect the speed of PC NetBooks.


Fast OS for Small NetBooks

Jolicloud is an operating system specially created for small hardware machines such as PC NetBooks. This Operating system is designed by Tariq Krim. Jolicloud is a fast working OS for small systems and now it is supporting many applications such as Facebook,twitter,Gmail,Skype and media players such as VLC media player.Jolicloud is a quick launching OS and it works like a directory of applications. You can launch any application which is already installed in Jolicloud or you can also get 700+ free applications for this operating system. Jolicloud can also be used with your Windows OS i.e. you can install it without uninstalling your existing OS.

What we can do with Jolicloud

Jolicloud is an easy to use OS and it can be installed with Windows. It automatically creates a drive to install. You can also boot it from a USB memory. With Jolicloud you can use all important applications such as Mozilla Firefox,Google Chrome,Skype,Google Docs,Gmail,VLC Player etc. You can get many other applications on Jolicloud website for free. Jolicloud works very lightly for NetBooks and makes work easy with this type of hardware. Jolicloud also works as an emulator for many Windows applications and these application can be used with Jolicloud.

How to Install

Installation of Jolicloud is very easy. It can be installed directly with your windows XP or 7. Just download its 16mb exe file and install it like an pc application. You can also install it without your existing OS directly via  bootable USB device.

But not perfect

Though Jolicloud is in beta and we can only prefer it in emergency condition such as if our hardware acceleration is not enough for heavy operating systems or our main Os is encountering a problem. We can’t use more than one application at the same time besides it does not support all types of NetBooks till now.

Download Jolicloud

Overall it is a good approach and Jolicloud is a very useful OS for NetBooks and we hope  it will be a very powerful Operating system in future.

This is a guest post by Khushdeep Singh who blogs at NiksGadget. If you would like to write for CallingAllGeeks, check our adsense revenue sharing program.

Here is a good news for those who love iPhone as well as Dual Sim Phones. You can now convert your iPhone 4 into Dual Sim Phone.
USBfever build the Dual Sim Adapter for the iPhone 4 which is capable of holding Dual-Sim. You don’t have to use microsim’s because Dual sim adapter accepts normal sim’s.
But there is one bad news that only one sim will be activated at a time. You can only switch between them without having to turn off or on your phone. It involves some setup inside your iPhone 4.  You have to do is to navigate to Home –> settings –> Phone -> SIM Applications and then select your desire Sim card.
It works only with the iPhone 4 on firmwares 4.00, 4.01 and 4.02. It’s a transparent back cover case which protects the Dual-Sim card and the iPhone 4. The price of adapter case is $30.
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BB FlashBack pro is a fantastic video demo builder. It is difficult to find a demo recorder which works properly according to our needs. If any recorder works well it makes videos in large size and if it is capable in making small size videos the resolution quality is not good. Well Camtasia is the most popular screen recorder and tutorial maker but it has runtime issues with Windows XP. But BB FlashBack pro is light and works great. It has all features Camtasia have.

Here is the brief detail of Flashback pro features:

  • Support different video formats

With Flash back pro you can record screen in various formats according to your requirements such as avi,mp4,swf,quick-time,wmv etc. You can also export your recording as an executable file.


  • Full control over video size

Flashback pro is able to minimize the size of video keeping its resolution almost same. In swf format you can get high quality at minimum size.

  • Direct upload on web

You can upload your made demos directly on different media websites such as YouTube,Blip etc.

  • Able to record game-play

Its powerful graphic acceleration system enable its users to record high detail PC games play.


  • Record sound from speakers

Not only from microphone with flashback pro we can record any sound which is played in speakers.


  • Web cam recording

While creating a screen demo you can also its feature to add a small screen from the webcam video capture.

  • Custom Hot keys

We can define our own keyboard shortcuts such as “record”,”quick record”,”pause recording”,”stop recording” etc.

  • Add text anywhere

We can add text captions anywhere in recorded video. This way you can make your video more interactive.

  • Buttons for visitors control

We can add buttons with which visitors can control video such as “continue” button after a text message.

  • Much cheaper than Camtasia

Its latest price is $199 which is $100 less than Camtasia. Besides you can also try this software for free.

  • Zoom pan

It is a pro feature for every recorder such as Camtasia. In Flash back pro we can zoom any area of screen by zoom pan.

Besides these features BB FlashBack Pro has all other essential options which an ideal screen recorder should have such as custom frame-rate,pause and resume recording,auto scroll etc. Overall BB FlashBack screen recorder is an advanced and very easy to use software and it makes pure professional quality video demos. It is a very useful application for creating professional blogging tutorials, web- design and graphics design tutorials.
You can watch demo videos built with FlashBack recorder [link]
Get BB FlashBack


Some time back we shared about nudeit iPhone application which promise to show living people nude when seen using this iPhone app and later on we busted this iPhone app advertising was fake.

Here is a new iPhone app call Wobble which is marketed in a way that I can only consider it as NSFW (18+), though this app can also be used as fun app when the spot selected is face.

This application let you select any point on selected image and you can shake your phone to make that part shake.


Here is a video preview of this app which will make you understand why it’s strictly NSFW app:

Wobble iPhone app come in two versions lite and pro. You can download any of them from given link:

Download Lite | Download Pro


We can bookmark any web-page with our internet browsers such as Opera,Firefox,Internet Explorer etc. Page bookmarking option is available in every browser and with this feature we can keep our favorite webpages in browser memory. Most of internet browsers have a bookmarking button and by clicking this button we can easily bookmark a web-page url and can revisit anytime with this bookmark. Here is the ways to backup your bookmarks so that if you lose your bookmarks then you can restore.

Backup with Opera

Go to File > Import Export>Export Opera Bookmarks


Backup with Mozilla Firefox

Go to Bookmarks > Organize Bookmarks >Import and Backup


Backup with Internet Explorer

Go to File > Import and Export > Import Favorites


Backup with Safari

In safari there is no direct option to save bookmarks but you can make backup of Application Data folder of Safari to make bookmarks backup

You can access this folder in document and settings >User >Application Data > Apple Computer > Safari > Here you will find a file named “Bookmarks.plist”. Copy this file and save this anywhere  instead of OS drive.


In-fact browser bookmarks are working like an address book for web urls and just like address book we should also keep a backup of browser bookmarks.