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We can take a screen capture by windows default Print-screen button and many other softwares available to capture the visible computer screen or web-page but if we want to capture full webpage then what should we do. Sometime we need to save entire page as image but we are unable to do this with most of screen capture softwares.

Here is an easy solution to capture webpage screenshots. This article has been written after taking a comprehensive test over desktop and webpage screen capture tools.


Fireshot is a lovely add-on for Firefox and it works fantastic to take screenshot of visible page area or entire page. Just get this add-on and activate it. After restarting Firefox you can capture any webpage by making right mouse click > Fireshot > entire Web page > save. With Fireshot we can also create image tutorials with its image editor. We can edit a saved webpage capture and can save it to different image formats. We can also compress generated jpg image.

fireshot-webpage-captureDownload page


It is another webpage to image converter Firefox add-on. It also works nice but we cannot edit image with screengrab add-on. With this we can only capture a webpage as image and can save it as png or jpg image.

screengrab Download page

DuckLink Screen Capture

DuckLink screen capture is a free and fantastic tool for windows. It can capture any window even scrolling windows too. There are many other tools having option to capture scrolling windows such as webpages and computer scrolling windows but these do not work well. DuckLink can pass this test and capture a scrolling window including webpages without any error.

Download Page

These three tools are free and can solve all problems regarding full web page capture or capturing a scrolling window either webpage window or any computer application window.


In my earlier post I told you about iPhone Error 1603 issue and here is another issue which I faced while  updating my iPhone to iOS 4.1. After few unsuccessful update, I started getting message on my iTunes:

iPhone Update server could not be contacted.


This is again an unusual error as everything was working fine for me and all of a sudden I started getting this error. To resolve this issue I followed following steps, which might help you to resolve iPhone update server issue:

  • Check your Internet setting. You should not be connected via Proxy.
  • Restart your modem.
  • Restart your computer.

Out of above three, for me restarting my computer fixed the issue. If you are also stuck with iPhone update server could not be contacted issue, I would suggest restart your laptop/computer and it might work for you as well.


I was trying to upgrade my iPhone 4 to iOS 4.1. Since it’s an unlocked iPhone, upgrade should not be an issue, but my iPhone started giving error 1004 and error 21. Initially I was trying to update using Windows system but after this issue, I moved to Mac.


While trying to update my iPhone, I started getting Error 1603 which is unusual error. I tried lots of time to restore and fix this issue (As suggested by many other forum) but it didn’t helped.

Luckily after some hit and trial I was able to fix this issue by removing my sim card and sim tray and updating it again. Voila! within minutes my iPhone 4 is updated to iOS 4.1.

So if you are also stuck in the same situation like me, I would suggest remove your sim tray and try updating your iPhone.

Do let us know if this doesn’t helped you in your case.

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Backing up your data is one of the most important tasks. You don’t know when your PC will be attacked by any virus or some error which may result in loss of important data. So, it is really important you make backups from time to time. These days, there are many excellent online services which help you backup you data online so you can access it whenever you want. Today, we have gathered a list of some excellent online services which can help you backup your data online.


iDrive is an excellent online tool which enables you backup your data online. With iDrive Basic plan, you can upload 2GB data online for free. Other features include automatic data backup, true archiving, iDrive Explorer, manage multiple accounts, retrieve data from any location and much more. If you are satisfied with the service, you can also upgrade to paid plan on which you can upload data of up to 500GB.



ADrive is an online storage service which enables users to upload 50GB data online for free. With ADrive, you can share files with other people, upload folders/directories, search files, remote file transfer, edit documents online using Zoho Editor, access uploaded files anywhere and much more.


Windows Live SkyDrive:

With Windows Live SkyDrive, you can upload 25 GB data online for free. With Skydrive, you can make online backup and share files with other people online. SkyDrive also gives you access to free Office Web Apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint so you can create, share and work online with others. With SkyDrive you can also create Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents, even without having Microsoft Office installed.



Humyo is another online storage service which allows users to upload 10GB data online. You can upload media files up to 5GB and the remaining 5GB is dedicated for other files. You can access the files online anytime, anywhere. However, there is no desktop client for Humyo right now.



With Mozy, you can backup 2GB data online for free. You can even go for paid plans and test them for free for certain period of time. With Mozy, you can easily upload/manage files, automatic/schedule backups, file support service, multiple restore options and much more.


How you take backup of your data? Do share with us.


How many times have you received calls or SMS from unknown number. Some time it’s a genuine call and many times some one is playing prank or called to disturb you. Finding the location of number, might help you to determine the identity of the caller.

Here I’m sharing list of Websites to trace mobile number in India. Obviously these websites won’t tell you the exact location of the caller but at least it will help you to find the originating state.



This is the first site which will help you to find the location of the caller. It’s one of the oldest site and very accurate with updated database of new mobile prefix.  <Link>

Trace Mobile Phone location:


This is another useful website which give useful information about any Indian mobile number like State, service provider and signaling. <Link>

India Trace:


Indiatrace is another site which represent the number you are tracing in graphical form. <Link>

Do let us know if you know more such sites which helps in tracing unknown numbers in India. Don’t forget to join us on Facebook. Click here.


Some time back we have shared few desktop messengers for Facebook chat and seems like it’s time to update that post by including Yahoo Messenger. Yahoo messenger released Yahoo messenger 11 Beta which is now turning into a social chat messenger. Yahoo IM 11 beta supports Facebook chat (Chat with your Facebook friends using Yahoo IM).


Apart from Facebook chat, they have also added following

  • Play socially – Play some of the most popular social games with your friends, starting with offerings from Zynga, Elex, and OMGPOP. Games include:
    • Fishville and Mafia Wars from Zynga – Coming soon
    • Balloono, Pool, Draw My Thing from OMGPOP
    • Happy Harvest & Happy Manor from Elex
  • Get your friends involved – Share your game activities and play-status so that friends can join your game and you can join theirs.
    Manage multiple social networks: With Yahoo IM 11 beta, you can update various social networking profile like Yahoo! Pulse, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter and many more.

Personally I’m loving the integration of Facebook chat with Yahoo messenger. I believe many other users will love this integration.



The main reason why people love Android is it’s useful applications which are available for free and with lots of options. We have share many Android apps to increase your productivity, for checking out RSS feeds,GDocs, Yahoo messenger etc. and today I am going to share few popular photo editing applications for Android which are free of cost and have different features to enhance your images.

Here are 5 Free Photo Editing Apps for Android:


PicSay is one of the most popular photo editing apps for Android. It gives you options to crop, edit colors, add balloons or titles, applying different special effects and it provides stickers graphics to add on photos like for Thanksgiving, Halloween etc. You can also go for pro version which gives you more options for enhancing your photos.


[ Link ]

Adobe Photoshop Express:

Adobe Photoshop express is an app from Photoshop software. It provides you option to edit and share photos. You can crop, rotate, edit colors and add special effects. Even it’s a Photoshop product but it still have few less features than other photo editing apps but it have an advantage that you can access all your photos from photoshop.com account.


[ Link ]


If you like to give different effects to your pictures then you must give a try to FxCamera. FxCamera app provides you different options for ToyCam, Polandroid, Fisheye, SymmetriCam, Warhol, Normal etc. It is good and easy to use application, worth giving a try.


[ Link ]

Camera Illusion:

Camera illusion helps you to edit the pictures in real time. You can easily give different effects, mask, and filters including ASCII to your photos. Thus if you want to have total fun with your photos in real time then go for this application.

Camera illusion

[ Link ]

Finger Paint:

This application is useful for kids or elders who love to draw with their hands. Finger Paint app is more like paint brush software, you can draw images on canvas using your fingers as it has a touch screen interface.


[ Link ]

With these applications you can edit your photos, give different effects and share with your friends that too for free. Try it out and do share your feedback with us.


The iPhone 3GS may not have a processor as good as the iPhone 4 but it itsn’t that bad either. It seems it is capable enough to record 720p HD videos. Some iPhone developers have found out a way to bypass the software limitation to allow this with an iPhone 3GS hack.

There are various ways of installing this iPhone 3GS hack and we will go with the easiest one which will also allow you to change recording resolution from your iPhone. This hack was created by Pierre-André Leclair.

Here’s a quick comparison of the video quality we are going to achieve as compared to the existing resolution on unmodified iPhone 3GS. Image courtesy Mike.


Since, this tweak is to be installed via cydia, you should have a jailbroken iPhone 3GS. Refer to following guides if not jailbroken already:

Here are the steps to Enable HD Video Recording on iPhone 3GS:

Go to Cydia > Manage > Sources > Edit > Add > and enter the repo address http://cydia.iphoneblogr.com and tap on Add Source.



Once Cydia has finished downloading packages select Return to Cydia and then tap on Done.

Click on Official iPhoneBlogr repo and install both the app listed – Mobile Terminal iOS 4 & 3GS HD Video Recording.


After both apps are installed reboot your iPhone and open MobileTerminal.

Type su root

When prompted for password enter alpine unless you changed the default password yourself.

Now, type sh hdvideo.sh

Select the appropriate option from the displayed list. To disable HD Video Recording select (8) and to quit select (9)


Respring your device as prompted and you will now be able to record videos in HD on your iPhone 3GS. Let us know how you like this tweak for your iPhone.


In the recent past, BSNL has done a great deal to change how we rate its customer service. A lot of us still use BSNL’s broadband service Dataone due to the competitive data plans at lesser prices. BSNL has just announced a way to Check Broadband Usage via SMS and also set alerts to get informed when monthly limit is reached.

This is a great new service as a lot of times the online portal is unavailable due to excessive traffic. In such scenarios the SMS service will come to rescue. Also, once you register for the alert you don’t have to check regularly whether your BSNL broadband usage has been exceeded or not.


Other BSNL tricks and tips:

How to Check Broadband Usage via SMS:

Type SMS BBU <space> <STD Code><Landline number>

for example, if your STD code is 012 and phone number is 2342342 then you must send BBU 0122342342 as an SMS to the following number:

  • To 52295 from BSNL mobile
  • To 9448077777 from other mobile

The service itself is free of cost but you may be charged at normal SMS rates unless you have an SMS pack active on your account.

How to Set SMS Alert when BSNL Broadband Usage Limit is crossed:

Type SMS REG <space> <STD Code><Landline number>

for example, REG 0122342342 and send it to the same numbers specified above.

The registration needs to be done only once.

This service works in almost all the states. When we last tested the number for other mobiles was not working but the BSNL number worked just fine.

Let us know how you like this new service by BSNL and what more do you look forward to in the future?

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Love to be creative with your photos then you would surely want to try photo collage tools. There are many collage tools and software available which helps to make a beautiful photo collage but few of them gets hang while using or not user friendly. I have selected few easy and user-friendly tools which will help you to create your collage quickly. Few of them are online tools and few are software, so that you can choose according to your requirements.

Here are 5 user-friendly photo collage making tools:


Photomix helps you to create collage, scrapbook layouts and even calendars quickly. It provides you different templates and graphics to make collage or scrapbook quickly and easily. The Trial version doesn’t have print option but if you will go for paid PhotoMix software you will get print and many more features.


[ Link ]

Shape collage:

This tool is interesting, fun, quick and easy. The best part about Shape Collage is that you can create collage online as well as download the software. You can select any shape in which you want to create collage like Square, circle, heart etc. Shape collage has lots of advanced feature to make your collage attractive.

shape collage

[ Link ]


Photovisi is another online tool which helps you to create collage from your Flickr account or computer. Beautiful frames, templates and ecards are available to make your collage attractive. It gives you options like cropping, changing background, edit size etc and you can also share with your friends via emails. It is a user-friendly online collage tool.


[ Link ]

EM free photo collage:

As the name says, it is free software which is one of the easiest ways to create collage. It have different template you just need to drag and drop your pictures and then quickly create your own attractive collage. Apart from this you can edit your pictures and also share them with friends on Flickr, MySpace, Facebook etc.


[ Link ]


If you want a neat and clean collage without borders then go for AutoCollage. It beautifully merges the pictures and make it easy to collage by just selecting the folder of your pictures and AutoCollage will create an awesome collage for you. You can print and share the collage with your friends.


[ Link ]

Beautiful picture collage is always good to share and make an awesome gift. So, try it out these tools and make your friends happy.

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