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Not many people know that now you don’t need a computer (unlike earlier) to locate iOS device and you can do it while on the go with a friend’s iPhone with this free official Find my iPhone app from Apple. [click to continue…]


Top 4 Windows Tools to Convert SWF to Video

SWF is a flash format and if we want to upload a swf file to YouTube then it will be rejected and we will  unable to upload any our flash movie to YouTube. So it is disappointing if we can’t upload flash slide-show to YouTube. YouTube supports only true video formats such as wmv,mpeg,avi,mp4,rm etc and it is unable to convert swf movies to flv format. So if you want to upload your flash files to YouTube or want to convert your flash swf to any other video format then these 4 software may be very useful to you.

What is the mechanism of SWF to video conversion

Actually there is no way to convert swf format to any other video format i.e. these software do not make a true conversion but only record swf movie to any other video format or can extract image frames from swf file.

Sothink SWf to Video


It is the best software to convert swf files to any video format such as avi,mpeg,mp4,3gp etc. You can also convert swf file to image frames ie. you can extract images from swf file and create a gif animation too. You can add your watermark on created video. It gives us the ability to crop the flash movie before conversion. You can try Sothink SWF to Video for one month.


Price for this software: $79.95

Moyea SWF to Video Converter


Moyea SWF to Video Converter is an excellent software to convert flash files to any video format such as avi,mpg,flv etc. It is more efficient flash to video converter than any other flash video converter

You can convert swf to various formats as avi,mpeg,mp3,mp4,move,wmv,flv .It can also convert swf to audio formats such as mp3. You can download trial for this software.


Price for this software: $69.95

iWisoft Flash to Video Converter


It is another very good working swf to video converter software. It can convert swf to various video formats such as avi,mpeg,mp4,3gp,wmv,flv,mov. It can also extract audio from swf in mp3,wma,wav. You can convert swf to image frames in jpg,bmp and png and animated gif too. You can trim or crop the swf file before conversion. It is available to try.


Price for this software: $49

SWF to Video Scout( ByteScout )

SWF To Video Scout

SWF to Video Scout is a tool to convert swf to high quality videos. But its functionality is limited and we can convert a flash movie to avi and wmv formats only. It can also convert flash to image files in bmp and png formats. You can download trial for this software.


Price for this application: $39.95

You have a chance to try all these software so it is better if you try and test these softwares yourself.


We told you about the Free Find my iPhone service that Apple has just announced with the release of iOS 4.2 firmware for all devices. This guide will give you detailed instruction to setup Find my iPhone service for the first time on any of your iDevices. [click to continue…]


Just now we informed you about Apple released iOS 4.2 with iPad multitasking and Find my iPhone service is completely free with this update. Here I’m sharing direct download link for iOS 4.2.

Though for people with unlocked and jailbroken phone, I would recommend to wait for a while before you update your iPhone to iOS 4.2.

We will update you with more alternative download links for iOS 4.2 soon. Don’t forget to join us on Facebook to keep receiving updates.

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With so many ecommerce portals opening up in India, this question crops up in the mind of every customer – Is Online Shopping Safe? We are absolutely pro online shopping. We listed the advantages when we shared the Guide to Buy Cellphones Online. Today we are giving you five tips for safe online shopping. [click to continue…]


How to Play Nintendo Wii Games On Computer

Have you ever thought about playing Nintendo Wii games on your PC ? If yes then you can make your dream alive because you can play Nintendo Wii high definition games on computer. Dolphin is an emulator to play Nintendo Wii and GameCube games on pc. It is the only most successful emulator to play these games. Dolphin emulator is a software which works like Nintendo Wii hardware machine and it can emulate most of Nintendo Wii and Nintendo GameCube games. However there are many bugs in this software and you may face some problems during game play. But at an extent it is good and I have tested Zelda and Mario Cart Racing (gamecube) and DragonBall Z Shin Budokai on it and these games are well played on dolphin.

How to Use Dolphin

Dolphin is a open source free software and you can download it from many locations. It is easy to install and easy to configure. You can get the latest version of Dolphin from its official website Dolphin-Emu. But to use dolphin you must have a Nintendo Wii Game DVD or its image. Here I am telling how to configure and use Dolphin Emulator.

  • After Installing Dolphin run dolphin.exe and got to “config” option as show in figure below


  • Here go to option “general” and set the configuration options such like in figure.


  • Now go to “plug-in” options and select “opengl plugin” for graphics “Hle plug-in” for DSP and “Dolphin gc pad new” for GameCube controllers.


  • With “gc pad plugin” you can set controls for Nintendo GameCube and with Wii-mote plugin you can configure Wii mote settings.
  • After configuring graphics sounds and control settings you can play a Nintendo Wii or GameCube game. You can boot from DVD drive or you can also load an ISO image of game DVD.


Keep in mind that you must have a advanced graphics card such as NVIDIA 9600 GT to use dolphin emulator otherwise it will not wok on your computer.

Get Dolphin Emulator


Some time we need to change information related to file such as its attributes e.g.  date and time when the file was created and modified etc. Sometime we need to change the file extension but we are unable to do this directly by renaming it. Suppose we have an exe file named “stop” and we want to change the file extension to any other such as .example i.e. stop.example instead of stop.exe but we can’t do it by adding .example. So below are the methods to change different identity information of a file.

Changing File extension using folder options

It is the simple method and you can change file type by playing little with folder options. First open “My computer” and locate “Folder Options” in upper option-bar (tools > folder options).


  • Here you will find 4 tabs “general”,”view”,”file types”,”offline files”. Here select tab “view”
  • In “view” see the option “Hidden files and folders”. Here remove the tick from option “Hide extensions for known file types”.


Now you can change the file type by just renaming a file.

Changing file extension by using File Extension Changer

You can also change file type without disturbing your windows default folder options  using this free software

  • First download the File extension changer free. [link] (312kb in size)
  • Install it and make right lick on a file you want to change and select option “change file extension”


  • Now easily change file extension whatever you want

Changing files attributes

  • You can change different file attributes such as time and date of file creation,modification etc by a little tool named Attribute changer. You can download this software for free.[link]
  • To use this software after installation make right click on a file and select option “change attributes”.


Also read:

Changing file extension may be irreversible some time so your should be careful in doing this task and you should do it only in emergencies.


If you are a Google Chrome user, you should know that you can search Google or any other search engine by typing in the address bar. You can even search the keyword by highlighting and going to the context menu to search for that term but this can be time consuming. Recently, I came across an excellent Google Chrome extension, Highlight to Search, which allows users to search keywords by just highlighting instead of typing it in the search box.

Installing the extension is really straight forward. Go to Highlight to Chrome page and click on install.


After installing the extension, just highlight the word you want to search and a small magnifying glass will appear.


Once you click on the magnifying glass, it will open Google search suggestion box where you can add or edit the keyword you want to search for. You can later search for any keyword if you want to without opening Google page or going to context menu to search for the specific keyword.


You can customize the extensions as well by going to its options. You can select whether to open the search results in a new window or display the magnifying glass at the bottom or not.


Highlight to Search is excellent extensions for Google Chrome which can reduce the time u spend on searching for different keywords while browsing.

Download Highlight to Search for Google Chrome

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Twitter usually does not show tweets from over a week ago when you try the search on twitter homepage. But that doesn’t mean twitter has deleted them. There are several tools out there to help search old tweets. Let’s look at 3 such free twitter search tools to find old Tweets. You can also use Timehop app, which shows tweets which you posted exact one year back.

More Tutorials for Smart Tweeting:

You might want to search old tweets for various reasons. Sometimes you want to refer to something you tweeted in the past but forgot the link. So it might come handy as a bookmark for later use. You may also want to know what someone said previously about a particular topic on their twitter timeline/microblog.

3 Twitter Tools to find and Search old Tweets:



This is one of the most robust twitter search tools I have come across so far. Offers a very simple no-fuss interface to search anyone’s timeline for any term or phrase you want. Searchtastic will also give you the ability to export the twitter search results in the form of CSV spreadsheet.


snapbird-search old tweets.png

Call this the big daddy of Twitter Search. Not only does this tool help in searching old tweets very fast but also adds the ability to search through anyone’s favorites and also your sent and received DMs. For searching through DMs you will have to first authenticate using Twitter.



Bloggers should find this extremely useful. You can see all the recent tweets that link to any website URL including your own. Its mostly the same thing that a normal twitter search does unless you opt for the premium plan which offer deeper history and detailed twitter graphs. Look at an example search for CallingAllGeeks.

Apart from the above Topsy also deserves mention when it comes to searching old tweets.

I tried to add as many tools I could, which will help you to search your old twitter archive, and find old tweets. If you know more such twitter apps, feel free to let me know via comments.


Everyone who is on the lookout of a good home theater system does come across this dilemma of choosing best display between an LCD TV and a Projector. Projectors are less common in households and hence we have answered the most common questions relating to this topic.

In India we don’t get much content in HD(High Definition) quality. So, unless you are going to watch bluray movies and play high resolution PS3 games you won’t be able to enjoy much from a big HD TV or projector.

But if you do have access to HD content, be it console games or movies downloaded from the internet, then the investment will be absolutely worth it. Both LCD TVs and projectors have their own pros and cons. They are both capable of high definition(1080p) content but that’s not all we need to look at for choosing best display solution.


LCD TV vs. Projector comparison:

  • Display Size

TV sizes range from 22 inches to 65 inches generally even though you will find some expensive very large LCD TVs but we are talking products for the general crows here. On the other hand, normal projectors range from 40 inches to 300 inches. There’s no fixed size for projectors so you get a freedom to change sizes as per need with projector and also a bigger display for same price.

  • Life of Product

This is where a huge difference sets in. If you are going to watch videos for a few hours everyday your projector lamp will need to be replaced approximately once every two years. You might have heard this already from people who own projectors. Let me explain why. Typically, projector lamps have a lifetime of 4000 – 6000 hours whereas LCD TVs have that of around 40000 hours. So, if a projector lamp will last you two years that of the LCD TV will last five to ten times more. So obviously, cost of ownership is high with projectors.

  • Durability

A projector screen is obviously far less fragile than an LCD TV. Even the projector unit is very small and thus less prone to damage. The screens are cheaper to replace and if you have a good wall surface, just repainting will do the job at times.

  • Viewing Angle of Display

Nowadays viewing angles of LCD TVs have increased with the introduction of better technology like IPS. But still even though the manufacturers quote upto 160º viewing angles, the quality will get reasonably bad at those angles. Projectors are free from this defect as the light is projected from the front on to the screen. So as long as surface is high quality no need to worry with projectors.

  • Room Setting

LCD TVs will work fine in almost any lighting conditions but projectors require low lighting to give you acceptable display quality. So you must have dark curtains for daytime is there’s sunlight coming into your room. This again might be a deciding factor for a lot of people.

  • Setup Procedure

Installing a television is easier than a projector. You need to configure projector height, distance, lighting etc. and also the connectivity options. LCD TVs on the other hand can be set up in less than two minutes.

We have tried answering most common LCD TV vs. Projector questions here. Both of the devices have advantages as well as disadvantages. So you should purchase the one that suits your needs best. In case we missed any or have a related question feel free to ask via comments.

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