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A lot of people, including me, got the iTunes error 1013 during the iOS 4.2 update leaving iPhone stuck in recovery mode. This error is more likely if the device was previously jailbroken. Here’s a quick solution to solve this problem and exit recovery mode. [click to continue…]


Twitter is one of the best ways to keep ourselves updated with news and all the trending topics around the world. In fact search engines also prefer to provide real time search results from Twitter. So, why to use search engines to get real time results, instead search directly from Twitter.There are many Twitter tools which helps you to make your search for any topic easy on Twitter. Here are such 5 useful Twitter search tools:

Twitter Search:

One of the best tools to search Twitter quickly. You just need to enter the word you need to search and you will get Twitter real time results. You can also go for advance search which will give search results according to people, places, dates and even attitudes.

Twitter search

[ Link ]


Twitscoop provides you the real time search results of your Twitter search. The good feature of Twitscoop is that you also get a graph of the number of tweets done for specific word. In fact, it also saves your previous search results. Apart from Twitter search it also provide you options to check out trending and buzzing topics of Twitter.


[ Link ]

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Whos Talking:

This is all in one search tool that is, it search almost all popular social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook etc. It also searches blogs, images, videos and lots more. The best part that even having so many options the interface is user-friendly and search is quick and easy.


[ Link ]


Twellow is Twitter’s yellow pages. It a directory where you can search through categories, people, followers, places, suggested users and lot more. I found the tool not too user-friendly as other Twitter search tools are.


[ Link ]


Trendistic helps you to analyze any topic just by a click. It will provide you relevant tweet search with Twitter stats. You can check out the popularity of any topic over any period of time that it is 7 days, 24 hours etc.


[ Link ]

If you are aware of any such Twitter search tools, do share with us.


There are many free file hosting websites on which you can upload your files and share these files on internet but most of these file hosts such as Rapidshare,Megaupload etc delete your files if not downloaded for a certain duration so your shared files are not secured with these file hosts if you are using free or anonymous uploader. Here we are mentioning 4 best file hosts those keep your uploaded files secure and undeleted forever even for a free user.



It is my favorite file host. You can get 1GB free file hosting and 5GB monthly transfer with 100Mb file size limit. I like it very much because it supports resume in downloads and users are not redirected to any secondary download page. [link]



It is also like Fileden offering 2GB free file hosting,10GB monthly transfer and 50 Mb file size limit. But it does not support resume in broken downloads. With this file host you can also upload a file directly from any other internet location. [link]



With box.net you can store your files without any fear of deletion and you will get 5Gb file hosting,10GB monthly bandwidth and 25 Mb file size limit. Box.net file hosting supports resume for broken downloads and you can pause and resume your download anytime. [link]



It is another excellent file hosting service for free users to. You can get 10GB huge file hosting with 10GB monthly transfer and 200Mb file size limit. Thus 4shared provides more for free users but it does not provide resume support in downloads.[link]

With these free file hosts a user can store,share and manage files and there is no risk of file loss or deletion.


The main problem with bloggers is to keep themselves updated even if they are away from their computer system. Thus we have shared with you few gadgets for bloggers and smartphone with internet connection becomes the necessity out of those gadgets to keep your updated on go. If you own an iPhone then you must check out blogging apps for iPhone and Nokia Blogging Apps but if you are using Android phones then here are few applications which you consider installing so that you can manage your blogs even when you are out.

Here are 5 blogging applications for Android:


WordPress is a free application for Android which will allow you to edit post, add images, publish it and even easy to manage comments too. With latest version you can easily add pages and media to your post to make it more useful and you will receive comment notifications feature too. It’s a user-friendly application.


[ Link ]

More Useful Android Apps:


Images always enhances our blog post and what would be better than Photoshop? Photoshop app will provide you all the features which can edit your image and you can add them in your blog post. You can easily crop, rotate, color correct, add different texture and effects to your images and upload it online.


[ Link ]


Blogaway is useful for users who use Blogger. It provides you features like multiple account support, tags and labels, interlinks, managing drafts. You can even add images from Picasa and videos from YouTube. The new beta version is providing you WordPress facility too. If you are Blogger user, it’s worth trying out.


[ Link ]


Evernote is must for all the bloggers, on your laptop or mobile phone. We get ideas anywhere and thus it’s important that as soon as any idea clicks we can note down and what would be better than Evernote? Evernote gives us options to save text, snaps, voice memos and more.


[ Link ]

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is awesome application for those who want to keep track of their Google Analytics data. You can check out the summary of your blog. It provides you features like Date range comparison, custom reports, reports via geolocation, regex enabled searches and many more.

google analytics

[ Link ]

If you are using any blogging app for Android do share with us.

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It’s time for shopping season so how online shopping giant can be behind. Amazon is up with its new application which will allow you to check and compare the price of any product in online stores so that you can get the product at cheapest price.

price check app

The name of the application is “Price Check”. Price Check allows you to compare the price of any product from stores with less price from online stores including Amazon. There are various features with which you can easily compare any product. Such as:

  • Snap it: This feature allows you to click the picture of product and try to match Amazon database to provide you compared prices. Works best with books, CD, DVD etc.
  • Say it: With this you can speak up the name of the product name into your iPhone mic and Amazon will try to find out but better not to use this option because due of speech recognization problems, you might not get relevant answers.
  • Scan it: This is the best one, you can click the barcode of the product and then allow Amazon to search to get accurate results because barcode of all the products are unique so it provides relevant results.
  • Type it: You can type the name of the product to get the comparison of prices from different stores.

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  • Get Crazy Deals with Groupon App on Your Phone

Apart from comparing prices, you can also save the recent check list and share it with your friends via social networking websites and e-mails. This application is handy and useful if you believe in getting products in cheaper price. So, next time whenever you are heading up any store, don’t forget to use “Price Check”, to get best deals.

Price Check is a free app and requires an iPhone or iPod touch running iOS 3.1 later. You can download it from iTunes Store.



What We Should do to Optimize PC for Gaming?

PC games are becoming heavier day by day due to increased graphics details. So maintaining a PC for best gaming performance is necessary if you are a serious gamer. Below are the guidance how to accelerate your Windows PC for best gaming experience.

  • Antivirus Silent Gaming Mode

Suppose you are playing a game and antivirus detect any threat then your running game is paused and its window is minimized to taskbar. Thus your game will be interrupted. Most of antivirus software have silent gaming mode i.e. after enabling this mode antivirus automatically fix security problems and do not prompt you to take an action.

  • Use a Complete PC optimizer

While playing an advanced PC game your PC must be dedicated to it and it should not be slow due to defragmented hard drives,registry and RAM. You must scan and optimize your PC daily with a good system optimizer software such as System mechanic or Iobit Advanced system care.

  • Free the most of RAM

There are many idle processes run in background and waste PC RAM. For best gaming performance most of your PC RAM should be free. Use a RAM optimizer software to free RAM. Chilly memory optimizer is a very good tool to optimize RAM and it can also optimize RAM for any running process.[link]

  • Increase the Virtual Memory

To increase the gaming performance you can increase the virtual memory of hard drive in which the game is installed. You can increase the memory: by:-

Right click on my computer icon and select properties > Advanced > Virtual Memory

Here you can change the virtual memory of any drive. You can increase the virtual memory and also undo this action anytime. It will boost the computer gaming efficiency.

More for Gaming Addicts:

What should be the hardware configuration for different type of PC games?


  • For low detail 3D games ( e.g GTA Vice City )

Intel 1.6GHz single core processor, 512 mb RAM, 128 Mb on board video memory and 80GB hard drive space

  • For medium detail 3D games (e.g. GTA San Andreas )

Intel 2+ GHz Single or dual core processor, 1Gb RAM, 512 mb video memory ( XFX 9400 GT card or any other) and 160 Gb hard drive space

  • For High Detail 3D games ( e.g. GTA4)

Intel 2+ core2duo processor, 2+Gb RAM, 1GB  video memory ( GTS 250  card or any other ) and 360Gb or more hard drive space

  • High end PC hardware configuration for gaming is given below

Intel Core i7 920,Nvidia Geforce GTX 480,8GB RAM ( supported ) 500+ GB Hard Drive space

Note: More is the free hard drive space and better is the gaming performance


Apple’s iOS 4.2 went live yesterday and finally the iPad is on par with the iPhone and iPod Touch. The update brings a good deal of new and enhanced features to the iOS devices but it’s the iPad owners who will rejoice the most. Let’s take a look at what’s new in iOS 4.2. [click to continue…]


We just told you about the announcement by the iPhone Dev Team about the release of latest Redsn0w update. Here’s the complete Guide to Jailbreak iOS 4.2.1 on any iOS device be it iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. [click to continue…]

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Hot on the heels of the iOS 4.2 firmware release by Apple, the dev team have announced the iOS 4.2.1 Jailbreak for all devices with updated version of Redsn0w. All of this in less than 24 hours. Impressive right! [click to continue…]


Last evening my iPhone 4′s screen suddenly went off and it started vibrating non stop while it was kept on the table. A lot of other users have also reported this issue of iPhone 4 vibrating continuously. While Apple hasn’t yet provided the reason for this occurance, here’s what to do to reset the iPhone immediately to prevent damage. [click to continue…]