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We warned you about Apple’s limitation on the number of free Find my iPhone accounts that can be created on one device. But if you need to setup this service on your own iPhones or the ones in your family you don’t need to create another account. Track multiple iPhone or iPod Touch with the same account. [click to continue…]

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If you have an Android smartphone you can check out lots of applications on it. There are tons of applications available for Android to make you productive, enjoy games and blogger applications. We on CallingAllGeeks, keep on sharing with you all the useful applications to experience your smartphones to fullest. Today I am going to share media player apps for Android which are worth trying out and it will surely enhance your music listening experience.


Mixzing media player is one of the advance media player applications for Android which gives you few good features like Mood play which plays songs related to the current song you are playing. It also provides Home and Lock screen widgets with album art. Download missing album art and lots more. It’s my favorite media player for android.


[ Download Link ]


It’s a simple media player for people who want a simple application. It can play lossless files as well as files supported in android. Here are few files which Andless audio player supports, FLAC, APE, MPC, WV and M4A. It works perfectly well with Cue files.


[ Download Link ]


Just like Mixzing, Meridian is also a media player having lots of advanced features with user-friendly interface. It allows you to browse music by artist, genre, album, playlist etc. It does support audio books also. It can create playlists on the fly and browse SD and storage of any media type.


[ Download Link ]

More Android Apps:


TuneWiki is not only a simple media player rather it’s a social media player which have Facebook and Twitter Integration. Apart from that it provides lyrics to the music you are playing, stream songs, playback widgets and you can also check out music videos.


[ Download Link ]


DAAP allows you to play songs from DAAP share such as iTunes, Firefly, Rhythmbox etc. It also supports Android tablets. If you get call in between it automatically get pause and do take care of list positions.


[ Download Link ]

If you are an Android users and a music lover then do check out the media player app on your smartphone and don’t forget to share your feedback.


The much awaited iOS 4.2.1 unlock has been released moments ago by the Dev Team. The Ultrasn0w unlock works on the latest iPhone 4 as well as iPhone 3G/3GS though not all basebands are supported on the newer iPhone 4 yet. For everyone waiting for working iPhone 4.2.1 unlocking solution, the wait is now over. [click to continue…]


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Browser turns editor is a Firefox add-on,which help you to change the background color of the page or any other similar changes you need to go to IDE make change there and view it in the browser.  This is very tedious one if you are making a minor change.  Of course  nothing beats using IDE for editing web pages, but  this add-on will be a quick solution to edit web pages.

This Firefox add-on comes in handy if you don’t know HTML.  Learning HTML is not a difficult task, but what if you don’t want to ?  This Firefox add-on is the only  easiest solution for you.

How to use this add-on?

Go to ‘Tools’ ,select ‘Toggle Design Mode’

Toggle Design Mode Browser Editor

Now start edit any part of the page, with the help of editor present at the top.

Editor in Firefox

You can turn off this editor by clicking the ‘Toggle Design Mode’ again.

There is no Keyboard shortcut to toggle editor.  This is the only negative point I found in using this add-on.  Developer may introduce this in future versions.

You can install this Firefox add-on from Mozilla add-on site.   Don’t forget to share your experience through comments.

Do let us know more such Firefox addons.


We all love music and sounds. And we always try to get the best sound hardware while choosing a PC or laptop. The very basic method to boost audio quality in any computer is getting a good sound card and speakers. Further its possible to  adjust the bass, fidelity and other sound properties at the operating system level, by using Digital Sound Processing plugins. These plugins work behind the  media players and produce the best audio output for games, movies and music.

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It sounds bit odd but really a software  exists which works like a real graphics card and can emulate video memory to play high detail pc games. While surfing cyber world I found a wonderful tool which works as a virtual graphics card but I did not believe on the story and decided it to test on my PC. I  unplugged my real graphics card in my Pc which was already installed and install this virtual graphics card and I find it really working. However it does not support all games but I have tested it on Alarm for Cobra Nitro.

How it Works

3D Analyze a utility which is capable in producing video memory and it uses your PC RAM for it. Suppose you have physical memory of 1GB then it converts a part of it to video memory. Currently it can emulate Nvidia TI 4600 and NVIDIA FX 5900 ,Ati Radeon 8500 and Ati Radeon 9800 Pro .

  • After opening the program you will see many options. First you have to select the exe file of that game you want to run.
  • Then see the option vendor ID and device ID
  • Here enter the vendor ID and device ID of any of the given graphic cards i.e. if you want to emulate the Ti 4600 then enter its ID.
  • Below is the configuration of 3D Analyze virtual Graphics Card

virtual-graphics-cardDownload link

3D Analyze may be a good alternative of real graphics card for gamers it is free so why not you try this before buying an expensive graphics card.

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Love the “Like” feature of Facebook? Would you like the same feature on Twitter? Now you can make other like your tweets. I came across a cool application which allows you and others to like Tweets. It’s free, cool, easy and it’s “Like My Tweets”.


Check out how it works:

  • Go to Like My Tweets. Allow the access.


  • Now get the Like My Tweets Button.


  • You can change the button settings if you want.


  • Once done, whenever you will tweet you will get a “Like” button with your tweet. Like this:


[ Tweet Deck ]


[ Web ]

Now anyone can like your Tweet by clicking on the link. You also get a DM whenever anyone likes your Tweet, you can change the setting if you don’t want to receive DMs.

And if you want to remove the “Like” button from your tweet, you can simply go to settings of your Twitter Profile, then Connections and click on “Revoke Access” and you are done.


So now no more boring and old way to retweet, try out the new way of sharing and liking tweets.


Are you a movie freak? If yes, then you would surely keen to search new and interesting movies but few of the interesting movies are in different languages which we don’t know. Luckily we always have option to download subtitles for such foreign movies but again searching and downloading required subtitles can be time consuming sometimes.

Recently I came across software which makes downloading subtitles very easy and quick, its SubDownloader. SubDownloader helps you to download the subtitles for videos like DIVX,MPEG,AVI,VOB,etc ) and DVD’s .


The installation is very quick. Once you will install SubDownloader, you will see 3 Tabs.

1. Select for Video: You need to select the video file which needs subtitles. SubDownloader will try to find subtitles.

2. Search by movie name: If you don’t have video on your PC hard disk, you can search subtitles by entering title of video.

3. Upload subtitles: Helps you to upload subtitles from your PC.


Here are few feature of SubDownloader:

  • Supports Mac, Windows and Linux
  • Stay away from Spyware and adware
  • Fast hashing algorithm (27 GB movies/7 seconds)
  • Autodetect language of the subtitles
  • Upload entire series seasons subtitles in less than 1 minute

I would recommend this software to all movie freaks who like to watch movies of different languages and keep on searching for subtitles because SubDownloader do it for you quickly and easily.

Link to download SubDownloader.


It’s by the method of hit and trial that some of us got to know this early. Apple has laid down a limit such that we can create 3 Find my iPhones account per iOS device. Earlier we told you how to enable free Find my iPhone on older iOS device by creating accounts on the latest generation iPhone 4 or iPod Touch 4G but we must create these accounts wisely now. [click to continue…]

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Sometime we need to record calls on our mobile phones. Most of mobile phones even java mobiles have an option of recording calls but we have to do it manually. Symbian OS has some very fine working call recorders those can record call automatically without taking manual actions besides there are many other options such as call record prompt and recoding without beep. Below are the top 2 call recording apps for Symbian.

Best Call Recorder


This is an amazing application to record calls for Symbian with a lot of options. It supports most of Symbian phones such as Nokia N series mobiles.With this you can also record call from selected numbers.


  • Record calls for limited or unlimited time
  • Set any location for call storage
  • Record call without beep
  • Lowest use of available memory

Examples of Supported Phones

Nokia 3250,Nokia 5700 XpressMusic,Nokia 6110 Navigator,Nokia 6730 classic,N95,81,82.85.86 etc.

Price: $9.95 , Free to Try


Total Recall


Formerly it was known as Spy Call but now Killer-Mobile replaces Spy Call with improved Total Recall. Total Recall is really an impressive call recorder and largest selling recorder for Symbian Os. It records calls with high sound quality in AMR and WAV format.


  • No beep recording
  • You can set automatic call recording
  • Record lengthy call up to limit of your phone memory.
  • Password protection
  • Lifetime update from its website

Examples of Some Supported Mobiles

Nokia 3250,E50, E51, E60, E61, E61i, E62,5320 XM, 5800 Xpress Music, T-Mobile Nuron etc.

Price: $16 , Free to Try


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