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Contests and challenges normally extract out the best of us in every regard, we often hear about photography contests or challenges but I guess most of us either overlook them or don’t pay attention. Photoshop is no doubt an amazing and a powerful photo editing tool that offers loads of features. Here I’m sharing couple of websites which let you show off your Photoshop editing skills and you can earn various prizes and cash.

A Photoshop professional knows inside out of this tool and usually know that how to interact with a photo. So if you happen to be a Photography enthusiast who loves to work on Photoshop then I have lined up some pretty sought out online challenges and Contests for you that will not only help you to learn but also give you a chance to compete with some of the best Photoshoppers out there:

Photoshop Editing Skills Websites:

Photoshop Contest

Photoshop Editing Skills

First up is Photoshop Contest, the website hosts number of contests offering prize money of $50 and more for each contest. If you have good Photoshop Editing Skills and want to rack up some money in your PayPal account then this is a perfect website to do so. You can choose from scores of online contests offered by the website and participate in anyone of it. Enter your Photoshoped images and see that whether it gets popular or not by other users.



The website has almost 5000+ members and a total of 2000+ contests are being hosted by the site till-date. Website basically runs sort of Graffiti contests that are held three days in a week i.e. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You have to make your entry by uploading an image and thereafter the members will vote. Weekly contests called as Slags are also being hosted by MechaPixel, they are quite competitive with members posting their masterpiece entries.

Photoshop Faceoff

Photoshop Faceoff

The working of Photoshop Faceoff is quite simple, all you need to do is launch the website and download the contest image on your computer. Photoshop that image to your liking and imagination and post it back on the website so that general public and members can view it. A Faceoff winner is decided daily solely by general public voting and the entire month’s leader get the top spot and prize money or gifts.

If you have participated in some kind of an online Photoshop Editing Skills contest recently then do share your experience with us.


If you like to create forms for gathering user data for either your website or even any real life society, you’d be wondering where to find the perfect form creating tool for fulfilling your requirement. Here I’m talking about a easy to use form creator call Jotform. Instead of giving a detailed Jotform review, I will walk you through to all the steps in order to create your first web form.

What is Jotform?

JotForm is a free web based form creator. JotForm provides a handful of features which can be used to quickly create and edit forms. Once accessed, JotForm offers users an easy to use interface with a ribbon styled menu and a left hand pane which contain different tools.


Text boxes and headings can be added along with different types of buttons such as radio buttons, submit buttons and file upload buttons. Different types of menus are also available like selection menus, drop down menus. JotForm also offers a way on formatting the online forms and tweaking the way forms look like. Formatting options include changing the font and style of text which appears in the form, adjusting the background colors and span size. One great feature which can be used to customize online forms is that themes can be embedded into forms giving a great esthetic look to the online forms.


JotForm allows different fields and sections such as Address section, Section for Emails, Phone numbers. Moreover, survey related boxes such as star rating boxes, scale rating boxes, page breaks, sliders, Ranges etc. can also be added. One great feature which is present in JotForm is that it allows users to save different customized versions of a form at different times. This means if you’ve added a few features you can save the form and use the different versions of the same form in different cases.


JotForm is a great online form building tools and matches up with the likes of Google Forms, Flexadex and Notefish etc. JotForm does not require any installation and can be directly accessed via this link for start building forms.


EaseUS Partition MasterAs we install Applications and Games into our Windows system the space gets occupied and one day you may find that your disk partition is almost full and its time to extend the disk partition. I had a similar issue with my system, the C drive was almost full on which Windows was installed and I had to extend the partition. Windows 7 and Windows Vista have a built in Hard Disk management utility with which you can perform basic operations like Shrink and Extend Hard Disk partitions but if you notice it won’t let you extend/resize a partition on which Windows is installed.

While I was searching I found this wonderful tool with you can easily perform operations like resize, extend, merge, copy disk, convert dynamic to basic disk and convert primary to logic partition easily.

To free up space on your drive you may consider uninstalling programs you don’t use, moving large media files to another partition on your hard drive, cleaning temporary and junk files on your system and deleting previous restore points.

How to use EaseUS Partition Master

  • Download EaseUS Partion Manager Home Edition for free by clicking here.

EaseUS Partition Tool

  • [Important]Backup your data to an external Hard Drive. (Note: This is important if anything goes wrong during the process of partition, this never happens usually but it is necessary you backup your data before you proceed.)
  • Open EaseUS Partition Magic and select the disk partition from which you want to add space to your full disk partition.For Eg. : If you are adding space to your C: drive from your D: drive, then select D: drive and click on  “Resize/Move partition”  and move the pointer to the right to Un-allocate memory. Hit “Ok” to save your changes.

Extend Hard drive Partition

  • Now select the drive you want to extend and move the pointer to the right as shown in the image below. (The Un-allocated space will now get added to your selected drive.)For Eg:  You are adding space to your C: drive, select the C: drive and move the pointer to the right.

Extend hard drive

  • Click ok and now a dialogue box will appear asking you to reboot your computer for the changes to take effect, click yes, your computer will restart and EaseUS Partition Master will automatically apply the changes you selected. (Make sure there are no power-cuts when the operation is ongoing, interruption can cause serious damage to your data, the process should complete in a few minutes depending on the amount of data to be moved.)Below is a snap of how the dialogue box which would appear when Windows would reboot of the ongoing operation to give you an idea.EaseUS Partition Tool Snap

Merge Hard Disk Partitions Using EaseUS Partition Master:

  • Open EaseUS Partition master and select the drive you want to merge and on the left pane click “Merge partition”.
  •  Select the drives you want to merge and hit OK, your changes will be saved and the program will ask you for a reboot to complete the process.

Merge Hard Disk Partitions

Links to Videos :

  1. Extend System Partition
  2. Merge Partitions

Don’t forget to drop your comments below and share your views about the application

iPhone Monitoring Software

With the growth of technology, it’s been badly misused. Specially, from parenting point of view, smart phones are widely used by Kids for Sexting and for watching porn. Though, parents need to have some kind of iPhone monitoring software for kids with an iPhone. These monitoring apps, will help you to keep a track of your child activity and what they are using their phone for.

Do you think using iPhone monitoring software like iPhone Spy to monitor a spouse or child is little too James Bond for your tastes? After all, just five short years ago no one resorted to using snooping tools like iPhone Spy to monitor loved ones but that’s only because iPhones hadn’t been invented yet! Because today when it seems like everyone has at least one smart phone, using a mobile phone spy app to monitor a loved one isn’t too James Bond its common sense In fact, here are three reasons why you absolutely need mobile phone spy software in today’s society:

Why you Need iPhone monitoring software:

Starting from ethical to some unethical reasons, any mobile monitoring apps is useful. Though, some reasons fall in the boundary of ethics and some fall away from it. Using or misusing the technology is in our hands, but being a protective person for your loved once and for your family, it’s never wrong to take help of Technology.

 iPhone Monitoring Software

Keep Children Safe

Today, children are constantly bouncing from one activity to another making it almost impossible for a parent to always know where they are at any given time. These monitoring apps provide Real Time Location Tracking using GPS technology so they can see where their children are at any given time. Many mobile phone spyapplications also include a Location History Feature that tracks all cell phone movement so parents can see exactly where their children have been all day. Though, there are moral issues regarding privacy but being a parent, I’m sure you would not want your kid to fall in the wrong hands. After all, our child security is our first goal. Is int it?

Monitor a Loved One

Using tools like iPhone Spy to monitor your spouse is about one thing and one thing only: Getting you the answers you want and deserve! To be sure you get those answers, avoid simple mobile phone spy apps that only track location or provide contact details. You need monitoring software that includes advanced tracking features that can monitor all cell phone activity. Specifically, you need monitoring tools which include advanced surveillance features that tell you: Who your loved one is speaking to; What they are saying and; Where they are going. So to ensure that you can truly monitor all cell phone activity, be sure to use mobile phone spy software that includes these features:

  1. Call Recording
  2. Text History
  3. Web Browsing History
  4. Video Log
  5. Picture Log
  6. Contact Details
  7. Reverse Phone Look-Up
  8. Surround Recording
  9. Location Tracking and Location History

Protect Against Identity Theft

Believe it or not, mobile monitoring tools don’t just help you snoop on loved ones: They can also help protect you against fraud and identity theft. Today’s smart phones are filled with more of our sensitive information than ever before. If this information were to fall into the wrong hands because our cell phone were lost or stole, mobile phone spytools can help protect your identify and personal information if it includes these features:

  • Phone Wipe:If your cell phone spy software includes this feature, you can remotely trigger a “iPhone Wipe” and erase all of your critical information before someone has the chance to use it to commit fraud or identify theft.
  • SIMS Change Notification: If someone tries to steal or replace your SIMS card, this mobile phone SIM change feature will send you notification.

Though using an iPhone monitoring software or in that matter any app to spy your Phone, is based on personal discretion. You can always talk to your kids and make them aware of real world. Though, every kid is not the same and there is no limit to online stalker and people who might like to misguide your child for their own benefits. That’s one someone said: “Prevention is better than Cure”.

Do let us know if your morality stops you from monitoring your child mobile activities and internet surfing habits? Would you suggest it’s not a bad idea to keep an eye on your kid until they become mature enough to take care of themselves?



PowerPoint to PDF ConverterThere are many software’s and online web tool in the market which convert Powerpoint files to PDF file. Here I have compiled a list of Powerpoint to pdf converter, which are professional and used by majority. Every tool mentioned here offers various different features and I have highlighted some of the best one.

PowerPoint files are slides that are used in presentations. Some PowerPoint files are never reused after one presentation but some of these pack so much important data that these cannot be deleted. It is not ideal to store data in the form of PPT files. The best choice to store data that is in PPT files is to convert the PPT files to PDF files. The 3 of the best PDF converter that can convert PPT files to PDF are:

3 Best Powerpoint to PDF Converter:

1. Nitro PDF

nitro PDF

It is a very famous application for working with PDF files. Upon installation, it adds a toolbar to your MS PowerPoint. Any currently active PPT file in MS PowerPoint would be converted to a PDF file when you click on convert button in the newly added toolbar. You can also drag the PPT file that needs conversion to the shortcut icon of Nitro PDF and it would be converted to PDF instantly. Nitro PDF converter is available at the price of $119.



2. Foxit PDF Reader

Foxit PDF Reader

Foxit PDF is another very popular brand for working with PDF files. It also adds a toolbar to your MS PowerPoint that helps you to convert PPT files directly to PDF with a single click. It is able to create brilliant PDF documents with a very good quality. Foxit PDF is available at the price of $99.



3. Classic PDF Editor

Classic PDF Editor

It is an application for creation, viewing, conversion and editing of PDF files. Its conversion method is different from that of Nitro and Foxit PDF but it is as quick and direct as the two. It installs as a virtual printer and allows you to print the currently active PPT file in MS PowerPoint directly to PDF by using the print option. This method has an advantage and it is that you can select the number of slides that are to be printed on a single page. The Classic PDF Editor is available at the price of just $24.95 which is much lower than both Nitro PDF and Foxit PDF and allows you to select the number of slides to be printed on a single page. This makes it the best PPT to PDF converter. To read more visit Classic PDF editor home page.


After reviewing all of the above PowerPoint to PDF Converter, according to my views classic PDF is one of the top converter in the list, because it gives all important features of Nitro and Foxit at very low and affordable price. You may try yourself and find best solution. Don’t forget to share your choice of .ppt to  .pdf converter.


Watching a movie is something one would do, if the person is sitting idle or bored or taking a break from whatever. It’s a very good way to pass time and kill boredom. People normally rent movies or watch them at a theater, but as the days go by, the cost of living increase. Thus, a lot of people prefer to download movies for free from the internet and then watch them at home, either on their computer or TV.

download movies for free

There are many ways via which you can download movies for free from the internet, but not all can be discussed in this post. I’ll talk about some of the easiest and most famous ways that will help you get what you want. Downloading movies from the internet is not legal and is considered as piracy, but people do it anyway. Sometimes, you can also download movies before they’re released to the public. Pirated copies of the movie leaks out and thousands get their hands on the unreleased material.

Read: Websites to watch Hollywood movies online

How to Download Movies for Free

Download Movies from YouTube

We’ve already discussed about how you can download movies from YouTube. Yes, YouTube has a collection of many old and few new movies that you can watch online. But, if you don’t want to watch it online, then you can use a download manager or try one of those methods to download YouTube movies.

It’s better than streaming them online, which sometimes gets interrupted or gets painstakingly slow. Also, they’ll be adding more and more movies to their collection as more people view it. You can also rent movies and stream them online, there are many websites that allow that, but that again involves money.

Download Movies using Torrent

If you want to download a newly released movie or stream it online, you can just Google for it. You’ll get plenty of results, but not all of them will actually let you download movies for free. There is another method, one that is the main causes of piracy, which involves the use of torrents and a torrent client. Torrent websites have a huge collection, that is being updated as I write this, and it will be updated until someone puts a stop to piracy. There are a lot of torrent databases on the internet, for example, Torrentz, The Pirate Bay, Kickass Torrents etc and you can download almost any movie from one of these websites. Of course, you’d have to know how to download a torrent first!

There are other websites like Mediafire, Rapidshare, MegaUpload etc, that can be used to download movies without the need of torrents. But, you may not find what you’re looking for at these websites. Thus, torrents is the best way to download movies for free on the internet. It’s easy, fast and reliable. Within no time, you’ll have downloaded the movie and started watching it in your own little theater.

Note: Always remember that we aren’t responsible for any actions taken against you for piracy. Piracy is illegal and although the number has decreased, people still do it. You can download movies for free from the internet, but this is considered as an act of piracy, so remember that at all times. If you’re for against piracy, then you can rent a movie or buy the DVD in Blu-ray or whatever and enjoy it!


Converting videos comes in handy in a number of ways. Whether you want to transfer videos to your smartphone or upload them to YouTube, normally you have to pass the video through a conversion process. Because of this you never know when you are going to need to convert a video. Therefore having a competent video conversion software installed is a necessity.

While there are numerous software available for the job, very of them are free and cover all the popular media formats used. “Freemake Video Converter” is one of the rare freeware video conversion programs that truly impresses.

Freemake Video Converter

Freemake Video Converter is a free video conversion software for Windows computers. The program has a setup file size of nearly 14MB and installs without any glitches. After installation you can convert not only videos, but also audio and image files to various other formats. A total of more than 200 input file formats are supported. Using the program you can convert the files to AVI, WMV, MP4, MKV, SWF, MPG, 3GP, MP3, and many other file formats. You can even create BluRay and DVD versions of videos.


How to use Freemake Video Converter ?

The files you want converted can be dragged into the program to be added. The output format can be selected from the row of formats available at the bottom. Before conversion you can specify the detailed encoding settings such as the video dimensions, frame rate, bitrate, etc.


All video conversions are followed by a confirmation dialog box.


In addition to being a great video converter for files stored on your computer, the program can download videos from various websites such as YouTube. During installation you can choose to install extensions for Firefox and Chrome that make it easier to download the videos you are viewing in your web browser.

Check out:

Freemake Video Converter has been lauded by numerous tech- websites and you will surely find it to be a greatly helpful program.

Get the converter from here.

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If you are looking to convert file from one format to other then have a look at Online-convert.com, an online web service which converts almost any file type to other format easily and quickly.

There are different converters available to convert different file types. Converters include audio converter, video converter, image converter, document converter, ebook converter and hash generator.


Click on any video converter and you’ll be redirected to that particular converter. From the left sidebar, select the file type into which you want to convert the current file. Now upload the file on its server.

If you are converting videos from one format to another then you’ll get option to choose parameters like bitrates, frequency and channels. You can also trim audio for certain duration. There is an option to enter the video URL (YouTube videos) and convert it directly to any other format.


Similarly if you use any other file type to convert then you’ll get different parameters to change inside the converted file. After conversion, you’ll get an output file. Download the converted file.

Note: If the conversion process outputs more than one then you’ll get zip file to download. Download the zip file and extract all the files inside it using any file compression tool such as Winrar or 7zip.

With easy to use interface and with huge format support, this free to use tool is worth trying.

Check out online-convert.com.

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Android Apps for IndiaAt the Google I/O 2011, it was announced that officially there were more than 200,000 apps available in the Android Market. However, I noticed that there were certain apps in the Market that were dedicated to the users of a specific region only. Apps like Google Voice, VEVO, Google Music Beta, etc. were available only for certain regions like U.S, Canada and U.K.

With so many apps available in the Market, I decided to check out if there were any Android Apps for Indian Users. Well, I was really shocked to see that there were hundreds of apps available for Indian users. Below are 25 of the best Android apps dedicated to Indian users.

News and Magazines Android apps

1. The Times of India – This is an official app from one of the most trusted newspapers in India – The Times of India. The app is easy-to-use, well designed and fully customizable. It provides you full coverage of international, national, local, sports, business, and entertainment news. It easily lets you save news articles for offline viewing and also lets you share articles with your friends via SMS, E-mail, Facebook or Twitter.

The Times of India

2. NDTV – This Official Android app from NDTV, brings you news stories, photos and videos from the NDTV studios directly to your Android phone. It provides you the latest news on Politics, Business, Cricket, Bollywood, and much more. This app also has a widget, that provides you the latest news directly on your homescreen.


3. IBNLive for Android – IBNLive for Android is an official app from the well known Network18 group. This app lets you read the latest news, view news clips and photo galleries, get live cricket scores and much more. One of the best features of this app is that it lets you watch live TV on your phone on three channels – CNN IBN, IBN7 and IBN Lokmat.

IBNLive for Android

4. India Newspapers – India Newspapers is a free Android app that lets you read Indian Newspapers, Magazines and News Sites. It provides you the latest news from various sources such as the Times Of India, The Hindu, Hindustan Times, Dainik Bhaskar, The Telegraph, Mid-Day, Dainik Jagran and much more.

India Newspapers

Finance Apps for Android

5. MoneyControl Markets on Mobile – MoneyControl Markets on Mobile is a another free app by the Network18 group that provides you real-time information about the Indian and Global Markets directly on your Android phone. You can use the application to get real-time stock quotes, Indian and Global Market Indices, manage and keep track of your portfolio and much more. This app is powered by MoneyControl.com, a well known financial and business portal in India.

MoneyControl Markets on Mobile

6. inStocks BSE/NSE Stock Markets – inStocks BSE/NSE Stock Markets provides you real-time information on BSE/NSE Stock Markets, latest business news, stock tips, stock market news, Intraday Charts and much more.

inStocks BSE/NSE Stock Markets

7. IndianMarkets – Indian Markets is a free Android app that provides users with the latest updates and news on their desired stocks, mutual funds and ETF.



8. BookMyShow – BookMyShow is a perfect Android app for movie junkies. It is a simple and easy-to-use app that enables you to get movie listings, movie synopsis & details, check show timings, as well as buy movie tickets directly from your phone. Currently, this app supports only movie ticketing, but will soon be upgraded to offer play, concerts and sports tickets.


9. IndiaTVGuide – As the name suggests, IndiaTVGuide is an app that provides TV schedules of over 170+ Indian channels directly on your Android phone. It lets you set alerts for your favourite programmes and also sync it with Google Calendar. It has a home screen widget that enables you to see what’s airing on your favourite channels. This app makes it very easy to share the programme you are watching on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

IndiaTV Guide

10. Saavn Music – Saavn Music lets you search and instantly play the best songs from Bollywood, Bhangra, Bhajans, Ghazals and more for free. It enables you to create and save your own playlists, get the latest hits, listen to radio and much more.

Saavn Music

11. Raaga.com – A World of Music – This simple app lets you discover and share Indian music in over 18 languages including Bollywood, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Bhangra,etc. It lets you discover new music, connect with friends and other music lovers, share your playlists, recommend and discuss your favourite music and much more.

Raaga.com Android App

Android Sports App

12. CricketNext Live for Android – CricketNext Live for Android brings live cricket scores to your Android phone. It gets you live scores, commentary, batting, fielding and bowling charts and stats, photos, match reports and much more.

CricketNext Live for Android

13. NDTV Cricket – The NDTV Cricket app provides you live coverage of international as well as domestic cricket matches along with latest news, photos and stats. It offers live score updates via push technology with ball-by-ball commentary and much more.

NDTV Cricket

LifeStyle Apps for Indian Android users

14. Sweet’N’Spicy – Indian Cooking – This app provides you access to over 4000+ Indian food recipes spread across 3 major categories – Vegan, Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian. It displays the list of ingredients and instructions for each recipe along with the comments of previous users and also the number of calories in each serving.You can also get interesting and relevant cooking tips in each recipe. It lets save your favourite recipes and also rate and review the recipe with pictures.

Sweet'N'Spicy Indian Cooking

15. TaazzaGo for India – TaazzaGo is a really nifty app that lets you discover things around you in India. It enables you to find news from leading newspapers and blogs, discover local restaurants, get detailed weather report, find offers from SnapDeal, Groupon, etc., movie listings, stage plays, professional events, yellow pages and much more.

TazzaaGo for India

Travel & Local

16. Zomato – Zomato is a simple app that lets you search restaurant menus across 16,000 restaurants in India. It covers 10 major cities that include Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkatta, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Ahmedabad and Chandigarh. You can check the ratings, reviews and discounts of all the restaurants in your city. It also recommends you the best restaurants around your location.


17. Indian Rail Info App – As the name suggests, this app lets you find information about Indian Railways such as PNR Status, Seat Availability, Train Search, Arrival & Departure, Fare Enquiry, Train Running Status and much more.

Indian Rail Info

18. Travelbuddy – Travelbuddy is an official application of Yatra.com. With this app, you can search as well as book your flight tickets right from your Android phone. It enables you to buy flight tickets using your credit card.


19. AutoMeterFare India – AutoMeterFare India is an app that lets auto-rickshaw users calculate how much they need to pay as their fare. It is useful to know if the driver is charging you the right fare or is charging extra. It also has an option to enable night time surcharge. It provides you the option to call the relevant authorities directly from the app. Currently this app supports only a few major Indian cities that include – Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Delhi, Mumbai, Nagpur, Navi Mumbai, Pune and Trivandrum.

AutoMeterFare India

20. Mumbai Rail Schedule – Mumbai Rail Schedule is a simple app that lets you know the arrival and departure of local trains in Mumbai. This app can be a real boon to Mumbaikars who travel by train frequently.

Mumbai Rail Schedule

21. MeterDown – Mumbai Taxi – Similar to AutoMeterFare, this app lets you check taxi fares on your Android phone. It is pretty simple and easy-to-use. All you have to do is select the meter reading to see the corresponding fare, which reflects both regular and midnight fares. However, this app is only for Mumbai users and is applicable for mechanical meter only.

MeterDown Taxi Mumbai

Books & Reference

22. Hindu Calendar – This app shows you all dates according to the Hindu Calendar. It shows the tithi, paksha, nakshatra, rashi and phase of the moon for any given date. You can also convert any Gregorian date to Indian Lunar date. Date of various Hindu festivals are also available in this app.

Hindu Calendar

23. Shrimad Bhagavad Gita – Srimad Bhagavad Gita is free and compact size Gita app in Hindi and English. It integrates with various social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook and comes with “Shlok a Day” widget to help you read Gita every day.

Srimad Bhagavad Gita

24. Hanuman Chalisa – Hanuman Chalisa is a very simple and free app which contains the forty verses of the famous poem Hanuman Chalisa along with audio recital.

Hanuman Chalisa

25. iQuran – iQuran lets you read the Holy Quran in Arabic alongside it’s translation in English. It provides verse-by-verse audio playback, repeat functions, excellent navigational controls, search and much more.


So, what are your views about these Android Apps for India? Do you have any other Android apps to recommend? Tell us about it via the comments section.

Image Credits : Android Market


Torrent Butler is one of those torrent site which I recommend to people who like to pick movie torrents with thumbnails. Specially, when you don’t know which movie you want to see and thumbnail and movie trailer comes as a rescue TorrentButtler is the best site to be.

There are many torrent search engines out there that you can use for when you want to download something, a movie perhaps. Conventional torrent search engines present you with a very simple interface wherein you will have to know what you want to search for. Of course some search engines also show what new things are available in it’s database, but wouldn’t it be better if everything was nicely arranged with Thumbnails of what you’re looking for. Specially if you just want to find out which new movies are available that you can download to kill weekends when everyone is away and you’re extremely bored.

Torrent Butler : Smart way to browse movie torrents

Torrent Butler

Also Read:

TorrentButler does just that thing, it arranges all the new movies that are available around various torrent websites in a very appealing way. It’s a perfect place to look if you’re searching for a movie to watch, with all those listed movies with pictures you’ll definitely download a few. When you select a movie according to it’s poster, it’ll take you to a page where more information about the movie is given with various torrent links, trailers and other information.

Let us know if you find this new Torrent search engine (TorrentButler) any useful?

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