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Symbian OS is not so lucky in case of good PDF readers. There are not many options for users because most of PDF readers are not working well. After reviewing many PDF viewer Symbian tools I have selected two good working PDF readers for Symbian S60.



It is an excellent tool works on sereis60 3rd and 5th both editions. This tool is free. It is a fast working PDF reader having advanced pro features.It is compatible to large PDF files. You can read any specific page i.e. you can jump to any page of PDF. You can search text in PDF file. It supports most of touch screen Symbian mobile phones. It is also available for iPhone and iPod touch.

Some example supported Phone Models

Nokia E72,Nokia N95,SAMSUNG i8910 HD,Nokia 5233(touch),Sony Ericsson Satio etc.

Download this Application

Adobe Reader LE


It is developed by Quick Office in collaboration with Adobe. It is not a free S60 application.It supports large PDF files. It works on Symbian S60 3rd and 5th versions.Besides English You can read PDF in French, Italian, German, and Spanish. It gives a cool experience of PDF reading on mobile phone with smooth scrolling,keyword search,zooming etc.

Some example supported Phone Models

Nokia N97,Samsung i8910,Nokia 5800 etc.

Buy this Application

If you are using any PDF application then do share with us.


If you are the one who prefer to have different accounts online for different needs then I am sure you would be having lots of accounts for personal emails, official emails, messengers etc. And if you are a person who spent your maximum time online then you would be using lots of useful online tools.

Remembering password of so many accounts is difficult but if you have saved your password in your browser then you can reveal any password which is seen in asterisk (*****). Here are such software which can reveal the password behind the asterisk.

Asterisk Key:

This is one of the most popular software to reveal asterisk passwords. Asterisk is so easy and user-friendly that there is no surprise that people prefer to use it. You just need to open the program for which you need the password and click on “Recover” and you are done. It also provides you multilingual option for recovering passwords.


[ Download Link ]

Worth Reading:


MessenPass can recover all popular messengers including Gtalk, Digsby, Yahoo messenger, Windows live messenger, MSN messenger, AOL, Trillian, MySpace IM and more. The best part as soon as you will start MessenPass, it will automatically detect the messenger and displays the password by decrypting it.


[ Download Link ]

Show Password:

It is a simple and quick way to find hidden password in aksterisks. Just open the tab or window having the password to be recovered, move the mouse cursor to it and you will get the password in characters. You can also set the password and set it in hidden asterisk for security.


[ Download Link ]

Password Viewer:

Password Viewer is portable executable thus don’t require any installation. To reveal the hidden password, you need to just need to click on “Hand” icon and drag that to the password input field in browser. As soon as you will drag, it will provide you the character in the password box.


[ Download Link ]

Password Spectator:

Password Spectator is quick to install. To reveal hidden asterisk password with Password Spectator you just need to open the browser/tab having the password you want to reveal and then press and hold the ctrl Key. Now move the mouse to mouse to password box and press the left mouse button.


[ Download Link ]

If you are the one who often forget your password then don’t forget to try above software and if you are using any other software do share with us.


3 Tools to Convert PDF to ePub

ePub i.e. “electronic publication” is a mobile friendly eBook format and supported by iPhones but not all eBooks are available in this format. Below are 3 tested tools to convert a PDF to ePub.

PDF to ePub Converter


It is a windows application with which you can easily convert a PDF file to ePub format supporting iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Sony Reader. PDF to ePub Converter supports batch conversion. Its easy to use wizard enables you to convert PDF to ePub and ePub to standard ePub format. You can also convert html and text files to ePub with this tool. It is free to try.

Download Link

4Media PDF to ePub Converter

It is a powerful and easy to use Windows PDF to ePub converter. It is a fast working tool with which you can convert multiple files at a time and thus you can save your time. You can also convert and extract selective pages. You can download the trial of this application.

Download Link



It is a simple online tool to convert PDF files to ePub format. It is able to convert an uploaded video ( a PDF available on internet) i.e. you have to give the online PDF link to it and it will convert PDF to iPub.

Go to epub2Go

You can download PDF to ebay converter easily and quickly. Do share any other ePub converter in comments.


As you might have already heard the Ultrasn0w iOS 4.2.1 unlock has been released and the iPhone 3G users benefit the most. The Jailbreak + Unlock process may look hectic and confusing at first glance but it actually is very simple and anyone with no jailbreaking experience can do it using this guide. [click to continue…]

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There are many offices, countries where few websites like Twitter, Facebook etc are blocked but we do need to check out such websites for some work. In that case proxy software allows you to check out blocked websites. There are online proxy applications which also allows you to surf blocked websites but those are slow as compared to proxy software. Thus I prefer to use proxy softwares to access blocked websites.

Here are 3 fast and free proxy software:


You can use Ultrasurf with browsers like IE, Firefox that too very easily. The default browser is IE but you can change the settings according to your requirements. You even don’t have to worry about your username or passwords hack. It is safe and reliable to use. It also hide IP addresses, browsing history and cookies.


[ Downlaod Links ]

Your Freedom:

Your Freedom is both for Mac, linux, Windows and any other which can run Java . Before you install Your Freedom software you will need to register to Your Freedom website. Once installed, its very easy to configure the settings. After done with settings, you can easily access the blocked websites.

Your Freedom

[ Download Links ]


JAP stands for Java Anonymous Proxy and can be used on all OS which runs Java. It take care of your username passwords and IP addresses so that you need not to worry about privacy. You can turn ON or OFF anonymity. There are many advance features available in Jap and you must give Jap a try.


[ Download Links ]

Are you using any proxy software, if yes do share your feedback with us.


4 Best Graphics Cards For Extreme Gaming on PC

If you are a hardcore gamer then I am sure you won’t like any interruptions while playing an advanced PC game. Now most of PC games run only with the support of graphics card due to their fine graphics i.e. extreme gaming requires graphics card mandatorily.If we talk about GTA 4, Farcry ,Crysis types of games then we can’t imagine to play these games without a graphics card. So to enjoy these games perfectly you must have a good graphics card installed in your PC motherboard. While buying a graphics card, you must purchase a good quality graphics card so that you don’t have to repent or rethink afterwards.

Below are the 4 best graphics cards for extreme gaming on PC:


ATI Radeon HD5970

It is an expensive but powerful graphics card having a (graphics processor unit) GPU 725 MHz with 5Gb DDR5 memory. It can be used to play games on 30 inch monitor. Actually it is a graphics card for almost endless gaming and if you can spent a lot of money on gaming then you should buy it because this an expensive graphics card and will not let your money go waste. It is the most powerful graphics card supports DirectX 11.

Amazon Price: $794.91 Buy Now


ASUS GeForce GTX 470

It is an economical graphics card with high performance. It has 607 MHz GPU with 1.28 GB memory. If your pocket does not allow you to pay much money for buying a costly graphics card then you can easily satisfy yourself with this inexpensive and great working graphics card. Its performance is equal to Radeon HD 5870 but at comparatively low price. It supports DirectX 11.

Amazon Price: $298.47 Buy Now


ASUS GeForce GTS 450

It is more economical graphics card having NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 GF106 processor. Its GPU is 783 MHz with 1GB graphic memory and supports DirectX11. It has a special processor cooling system ( DirectCU ) to reduce heat with the help of pipes.

Amazon Price: $137 Buy Now


XFX ATI Radeon HD 5770

It is another inexpensive and great working graphics card with an average price of $150. It has 750MHz core clock processor and 1GB memory. This graphics card is fully compatible with DirectX11. It gives a complete gaming satisfaction at an affordable price.

Amazon Price: $154.23 Buy Now


These 4 graphics cards are useful for every type of gaming requirements. ATI Radeon HD5970 is capable to run every game at maximum detail but it is costly. Asus GTS450 is cheapest but it can run most of PC games on full graphics detail. Undoubtedly you can buy any of these cards  according to your budget.


We shared the iPhone 4.2.1 unlock with you as soon as it became live. This guide will show you how to unlock iOS 4.2.1 on any iPhone (3G/3GS/4) using Ultrasn0w. Ultrasn0w has been updated to version 1.2 and is now live on cydia. [click to continue…]


It’s been a month we have been playing with Nokia N8 in our headquarter and no doubt this phone has everything which Nokia is boasting about. Now let me be honest with my review and lets go step by step review of Nokia N8 You can grab Nokia n8 official specification from official site.

Now instead of getting into normal review, let’s focus on some out of the box features of Nokia N8.

HDMI compatibility:


This is the first thing which I would like to talk about. Using HDMI capabilities of Nokia N8, you can play your fav. videos on a TV through HDMI cable from your Nokia N8. Connecting your TV and Nokia N8 doesn’t take more than 10 seconds and you will have your Nokia screen output on your TV.


This is one useful feature which you would be using if you have a HD LCD TV with HDMI input. Overall Viewing experience is excellent.

USB charging:

This is not  new feature but this is one of those must have feature which I always want my phone to have. Apart from traditional charging, you can also charge Nokia N8 using USB cable. So no more running for mobile charging while you travelling. As a user this is very useful, while travelling you can take advantage of it’s 12 MP camera and multi-media capabilities and later on you can charge your Nokia N8 from any laptop or desktop.

12 MP camera:

This is one of the most talked feature of Nokia N8 and this one deserve a mention. No doubt Nokia N8 12 MP camera is out of the box. We have spent one evening to try out Nokia N8 camera quality and its’ excellent. Though while clicking pictures in dark (landscape) you need to play with settings to click nice shots.One particular notable thing in Nokia N8 12 MP camera is it’s digital Zoom which is worth a mention.

USB on the go

While talking about some of the out of box Nokia N8 features and how can we miss Nokia N8 USB on the go feature. This particular feature will let you connect your USB peripherals like Pen drive, flash drive directly to your Nokia n8. Using this feature, you can access all your multimedia item from your pen drive into your Nokia N8 and you can watch movies, listen to songs without actually copying them into your Nokia N8. This feature is a life saver for serious traveler as they will have unlimited storage in the form of USB to go feature.

There are other few notable features of Nokia N8 and one of them is design which is so far one of the best I have seen. Nokia N8 have anodised aluminium body and you would hardly notice and scratches and marks after dropping your phone. Nokia n8 comes with BL-4D 1200 mAh battery which has a good battery life and this is something which you need while using its 12MP camera. I have spent one complete evening clicking pictures with Nokia N8 and surprisingly after 4 hours of extensive use, I was left with 2  battery bars.

Pros and cons:

As I mentioned above Nokia N8 is equipped with something which you always wanted in your Nokia device and if you are an existing Nokia N8 user, you have all the reasons to get your hands on Nokia n8. When we compare price and it’s feature, it’s a win win situation for consumer.

One thing which is good and bad from a user experience is Nokia N8 doesn’t allow you to take off your battery, so no more battery exchange. This is good feature as backside of your Nokia phone is now accident resistant and unlike other Nokia devices, you can drop your phone without worrying about collecting parts of your phone.

Coming from an iPhone user, I would not rate Nokia N8 much because of it’s Emailing and typing experience, though when phone was tested by one of my friend who was using Nokia device, he instantly loved this phone.

Overall if you are looking forward to buy a Nokia N8, it’s a good phone and also value for the money. After Nokia N95 this is one phone which grabbed my attention (Nokia N series).

Though I would love to know your feedback and views about Nokia N8. Are you planning to buy Nokia N8?

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This post is a response to Wired’s article titled “Apple’s ‘Find my iPhone’ App Almost Impossible to Use” Apart from the fact that Wired needs a better editor, I’d like to impress upon how this is a security feature introduced by Apple and not a hindrance. [click to continue…]


Due to continuous use of windows and due to installing and uninstalling applications it becomes slow and gets a lot of registry errors resulting in poor PC performance. However your hardware machine is powerful but it requires optimization after a period of usage. There are many software available to optimize windows but we should select best tool for our PC.

What happen during constant usage of Windows:-

  • Registry fragmentation and errors
  • Hard Drive fragmentation
  • Backup and temporary files deposition
  • Junk file deposition

Due to these problems Windows is become slow and corrupt. Here are one of the best Windows maintenance and optimizations software.

Iolo System Mechanic Professional

System Mechanic is a fantastic windows optimizer and repairer. It has a lot of individual and compound tools to make PC faster and cleaner.


  • It tells the system status i.e. if any problem persists then it shows it on system status
  • It has many automated tasks i.e. if you enable an automated tasks then it will works automatically
  • You can defragment registry, any hard drive and recover memory.
  • It can check Windows and hard drives for possible errors and able to fix all errors
  • It can clean unnecessary files such as browser’s cache,windows temp files etc.
  • It can backup your registry files.
  • It can optimize internet settings and can accelerate internet.

system-mechanic4 system-mechanic2


This application has different tools for different needs such as PC accelerator,PC repair,PC cleanup,PC security,total registry revitalizer,energy booster,memory booster etc and no need to run full scan if you do not want.

Download free 30 Days Trial of System Mechanic Professional

Do let us know more such softwares which helps in fixing windows errors.