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7 Useful Apps for the iPhone

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If you counted to the total number of iPhone apps, it would take you nearly a full decade — and by then, there would probably be millions more. As such, it’s important that you narrow down your search to only those mouth-watering applications that are truly worth your time and attention.

Here are seven apps that you absolutely have to check out that the majority of people are using (and you should be too)


Yes, obviously Facebook has a lot of its own appeal. It’s nice that you can obsessively check in on your friends, post status updates, and get notifications while you’re on the move. However, the reason it’s on this list is that it enhances your iPhone’s phone book like crazy. All of the listed friends and their contact information can be automatically imported into your contact list.

[ Link ]

Google Maps and/or Mapquest

You really, really don’t need to get lost anymore. While there are many GPS options, Google Maps is especially powerful since it gives so many different options. You can get your standard driving navigation from the friendly lady-voice of Google, but you can also get step-by-step directions, access to local public transportation routes, and even directions for those traveling on bike or foot.

When Mapquest was for only online, I didn’t trust it very much for directions. This new and awesome app for the iPhone though makes up for it. Turn by turn voice directions, and integrated location finder so you can look for restaurants/bars/coffee shops all around you. Or whatever geeky place you hang out :)

[ Link ]

Dragon Dictation

Let’s be honest: the iPod’s voice recognition for text input isn’t amazing. Luckily, there is an app that fills this need while Apple gets their act together. It’s called Dragon Dictation, and has what may be the most stunningly accurate voice recognition to date.

[ Link ]


There are some places where the AT&T network isn’t outstandingly strong. Line2 immediately rectifies this by letting you make phone calls using any local WiFi connection. However, Line2 also allows inboud and outbound phone calls over either the 3G or standard carrier network.

You can also take into consideration the abilities to send and receive text messages, make international calls at outstandingly low rates, and access advanced features like conferencing and call forwarding.

[ Link ]

Atomic Browser

Safari is a decent mobile browser, all things considered. However, there are better alternatives. One of them is called “Atomic Browser,” and it brings a near-desktop browsing experience to your mobile platform. Features like a private browsing mode, tabbing, and agent spoofing make this a far more versatile way to access the web.

[ Link ]

Plants vs Zombies

This simple yet addicting game called Plants vs Zombies features a unique press: Use your plants to kill all the zombies. This immensely popular time-waster is just one of the many great games that you can find on the iPhone, and they all come in at an amazingly good price.

[ Link ]


Want to go catch a movie but don’t know what’s playing, where? Want to kill a few hours watching all the movie previews available? Want to check out reviews from IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes before deciding which flick to check out? You can do all that and much more thanks to Flixster’s excellent “Movies” app.

[ Link ]

This isn’t a full selection of the great apps currently available, but even that would take some time to tally. These seven amazing apps make for a great starting point as you explore the possibilities for your iPhone.

What are some of your favorites iPhone Applications? Any alternatives to the ones mentioned?


DOSBox: Run Windows 98 on Your Symbian Mobile


Now it is possible that you can use Windows 98 on your Symbian S60 mobile phone. With a software named DOSBox, you can easily run Windows 98 successfully  on Symbian smartphones such as N95 and Nokia 5800( 128MB RAM required).

How it Works

  • First Download DOSBox latest release from here [link]
  • Create a directory in your phone memory card e:\dos\windows\’
  • Extract and copy all files of Windows 98 in this directory
  • Now create a directory E:\data
  • Install DOSBox in E:\data and set this path in dosbox.conf file
  • Modify image mount path in dosbox.conf as ;

Imgmount c e:\cdos\win98\w98.img -t hdd -fs fat -size 512,63,16,518
Boot -l c

(you can modify or add image mount path by opening dosbox.conf file on Notepad)

  • Run DOSBox and enjoy Windows 98 on your Symbian mobile

Note: It will not affect your Symbian OS because it is just an emulator and not an installed Windows 98

Get DOSBox now


Google Chrome Offline InstallerI’m one of those Internet kid, who have used almost all the popular browsers, that includes : Chrome, Opera, IE, Firefox and now from last 3 years I have been using Google Chrome as my official browser. I open almost 25-35 tab at one time and unlike Firefox, my browser doesn’t hang or crash. Though, unlike other browser Chrome mostly offers online installer, that means you need to download a small file and it will connect to internet and download complete Google chrome executable file after that. My suggestion is to use Chrome stand alone installer, which will save your time and bandwidth when you have to install on multiple computers.

Why you need Chrome Offline Installer?

I realize, every time I reinstall OS or if I have to re-install Chrome, I need to download Chrome online and it’s time consuming and also waste of Internet resource.  If you are installing any software which needs you to be online to download & Install, Full offline installer are very helpful to save your bandwidth in such cases.

Google officially offers Google chrome offline installer for single user and multiple users and you can download the complete chrome installation package. So, all you need to do is to download the installer file once and later on you can install it on any number of computer. Even if you have old version of Chrome installer, you can always hit the wrench icon and update your chrome to latest version.

What’s new in this release

Besides fixing a lot of bugs Google has added some awesome features such as PDF viewer i.e. you can now open a PDF in Google Chrome and there is no need to take help of external PDF reader such as Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader.

Besides PDF viewing option there is another new feature addition of Syncing. Now you can store your important browsing stuff on your Google account. You can sync Apps,Autofills,Extensions,Preference,Bookmark,Themes or you can select sync everything also.


This Chrome offline installer is available for both Windows and Mac and I have shared the latest working download link below.

Also check out:

.Net framework direct download link

Well, if you have 24*7 internet connection, you might not bother downloading this file and install chrome online most of the time. But, if you are one of those who travels a lot and work offline, it’s highly recommended to keep the complete Google Chrome offline installer package for quick and hassle free installation.


Two Best Internet Browsers for Java Mobiles

Java based mobiles lack advanced Internet browsers but still there are two very good mobile browsers work well for Java mobiles. These two Internet browsers support most of website functions such as login,YouTube and other online flash video streaming,form filling etc nevertheless these are unable to support JavaScript functions.



Bolt is a powerful Internet browser for Java mobiles. Browsing experience with it is much like with PC browsers. Bolt support flash streaming such as YouTube and other video websites.

Main Features of Bolt

  • Fastest Java mobile browser
  • Tabbed browsing
  • Supports YouTube video streaming
  • Webpage save option
  • Support downloads

Download Latest Version of Bolt

Opera Mini


Opera Mini is the prevalent Java mobiles browser and in most of the mobiles it is pre-installed. It play YouTube and other online FLV videos but play of videos depends on screen resolution of mobile. Opera Mini is a very quick surfing and more friendly for touch screen phone then Bolt.

Main Features of Opera Mini

  • Light weight and fast surfing browser
  • Support tabbed browsing
  • Webpage save support
  • YouTube compatible
  • Support resume action in downloads
  • Opera releases updates frequently

Download Latest Version of Opera Mini


Drives of computer go missing many times and downloading or searching drivers again can be a headache and time consuming when you are not sure which one is suits your requirement and where search? But there are few software available which can help you to search your missing driver for Windows PC efficiently and quickly.

There are so many Windows OS variation: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows vista, Windows 8 and many old one, now the problem is most of new laptop comes bundled with a stock OS like Windows 7 or Windows vista, and on their official driver download page, you will not find the compatible windows driver. This is sometime, become a headache as many system parts like audio, graphics doesn’t work properly. Specially, when I tried installing Windows XP on my Dell inspiron laptop, I had a tough time finding all the drivers. So, to help you out, here I’m listing some of the programs and softwares, which you can use to download drivers in Windows.

How to find missing Windows Drivers?

The best way is to search in Google and find the links from Tech forum. My suggestion is, always read the follow up comments and download any driver, when some body confirmed the same. As, I had not so good experience with this. Another way is using Driver finder software’s, which scans your hardware and find the compatible drivers. Also, it checks for updates and let you directly update your windows OS drivers.

It’s always recommended to keep your driver up to date, as it helps in smooth and improve the performance of your computer or laptop.

Driver Easy:

Driver Easy software is useful for you when you want that your drivers get update automatically or when you want to search for missing driver. It is very easy to use and search for drivers with just 3 steps. It also provides you features like driver restore, backup and uninstalling features.

Missing Drivers in Windows

[ Download Link ]

Driver Magician Lite:

Driver Magician Lite helps you to locate missing Windows drivers of your PC and you can also keep a backup of all the drivers easily and copy them to any location you want so that if you miss any of your drivers in future also, you just need to open the saved drivers and re-install it.

Driver magician lite

[ Download Link ]

Driver detective:

Driver detective is another software which solves your widows driver problem that means it do installs the perfect updates of your PC drivers, backup drivers, take care of registry and re-install corrupted or missing drivers.

Driver detective

[ Download Link ]

So don’t waste your time in updating and searching for drivers, let the above software do that. You just need to download the one which suits your requirement. If you are aware of any such software which can search, backup or install Windows drivers then do share with us.

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If you have to deal with clients than you might always want to keep track of projects, invoice or bill. What if you are out and you want to enter or view data of any client? I came across an iPhone app which will help you to keep track of all important data of your client. It’s Timewerks which efficiently handle your client information, project details, Billing and more.



Here are the useful features of Timewerks:

  • It helps you to track time which you spend on each project with the help of stopwatch, even if application is closed
  • Easy to track and ass timesheet hours
  • Help you to keep invoice, bills, expenses etc handy
  • You can create, print and send email to your clients with your company logo.
  • Supports multiple currencies and easily calculate sales tax.
  • It also accepts credit card payments with the help of integration with CC terminal
  • Manages clients records

These are just few useful features, there are more features in Timewreks. It is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The only factor which you might to think about is its price which is $ 9.99 but there is lite version of TimeWerk is also available and if you think that it’s worth spending and suits your requirement then here is the download link of iTunes to download Timewerks.


Twitter is best way to keep in touch with information and blogger. Everyone wants lots of followers on Twitter, it seems to be a kind of status symbol online. Sometimes you do have lots of followers on Twitter but suddenly they start decreasing. There might be many reasons like spamming, useless tweets, too much of personal tweets etc.

If you want to know who has unfollowed you on Twitter then here are few tools which are free and quick way to find out who has unfollowed you.


Tweeteffect don’t require any auth login or registration, it’s too quick to find the number or Twitter user unfollowed us. It also gives you the final update that how many followers you lost and how many you have gained. Apart from your account, you can also check other’s account details also. So if you want to spy on someone, do try this out


[ Link ]


For accessing GoodByeBuddy, you need to sign in with your Twitter account. It provides you the graph of your account details like followers, friends etc and also provide you the list of Twitter users unfollowed you. It also gives information when you checked the stats of your Twitter account.


[ Link ]


Quitter is bit different than other tools, it will provide you an email which you give you number of Tweeps unfollowed you and give the names of those Twitter users. You will receive daily email for the list of unfollowers and for this you just need to enter your Twitter ID and email ID and you are done.


[ Link ]

Lost a follower:

Lost a follower tool is same like Quitter, it will send you an email whenever you will lose any follower with Twitter user name and your last tweet before they unfollowed you. This feature will be helpful for you when you want to analysis why people are unfollowing you.

Lost a follower

[ Link ]

Who unfollowed me:

This tool will provide you the list of the unfollowers in every 15 minutes. You don’t need to wait for emails or direct message. You even get an opportunity to call out when someone unfollowed you.


[ Link ]

Do you keep track of followers who quit? If yes then do try out these tools and if you are aware of more than do share with us.


iPhone apps are to increase your productivity. If you are blogger you must be aware that what how it feels when we miss any important update to share with our readers. But if you have an iPhone, use it efficiently and publish the post right from your iPhone. Here I have listed 5 blog editing applications which will help you to publish your post from your iPhone.


BlogPress is one of the popular apps for iPhone. It supports Blogspot, WordPress, TypePad, Drupal, Joomla, Tumblr and many more. Apart from editing and publishing articles, it also provide features like Twitter and Facebook integration, Geo tags and Google Maps, ease to upload pictures and edit articles.


Price: $2.99

[ Download Link ]


iBlogger is compatible with Blogspot, TypePad, WordPress, Movable Type, Drupal etc. It also supports the plugins to provide you ease in configuration and compatibility for blog hosting services. Easy to configure and you can also change the signatures in settings. It does allow you to add pictures, edit and publish post too.


Price: $9.99

[ Download Link ]

Blog Writer:

Blog Writer provides you both blog editor as well as RSS feed in one application. It supports Blogspot, WordPress, MSN Live Space and Metaweblog. Provides multi-language support, edit and publish post including pictures. Supports Geotag feature and embed it in posts.


Price: $1.99

[ Download Link ]


I don’t find TypePad so useful when we compare it with other paid blog editing apps but if you want to choose for a free app then you must give a try to TypePad. It is useful to connect with TypePad and do provide all basic features like writing post, editing post , adding images etc.


Price: Free

[ Download Link ]

More iPhone apps for Bloggers:


As the name suggests, WordPress app for iPhone only supports WordPress blogs. It does provide all useful features which you want while publishing any article via your iPhone or other iOS devices. It supports editing or publishing posts, adding images, tagging etc.


Price: Free

[ Download Link ]

These apps are free as well as paid, you can download any one of them according to your requirement. If you are already using any blog editing app for iPhone, do share with us.


4 Excellent Data Recovery Tools For Windows

Sometimes we delete an important file by mistake. It may be possible that a partition is deleted while re-partitioning of hard disk or during creation of a new partition. It is very disappointing when we lost our important data. But there are few very effective data recovery software available which can restore your permanent deleted files. You can try a good data recovery application to recover your data.

Total Recall


Total Recall is an effective data recovery program for Windows. It can restore your accidentally deleted files. Total Recall is a very advanced data recovery application which can recover data with most of the possibilities.


  • Drives and partition recovery
  • Deleted files and media recovery
  • Extract data from a damaged CD/DVD
  • Recover lost emails from Outlook Express and Thunderbird

Price: $99.95 Download Trial

Recover My Files


It can recover files which are deleted accidentally or corrupted data due to malware infections or lost data due abnormal PC shutdowns. It is really a good data recovery tool.


  • Restore permanent deleted files
  • Disk recovery tool if a hard disk is crashed
  • Recover lost partitions
  • Recover videos,music files,emails
  • Recover USB drive

Price: $69.95 Download Trial

Also Read:

  • How to Recover/Restore a Deleted Partition
  • How to Resize partition for free in Windows XP

Advanced Disk Recovery


Advanced Disk Recovery is really an advanced data recovery software which is able to restore most of deleted files. It can recover data from hard drives,USB drives,CD and DVD.


  • Able to recover any type of data
  • Data filtering option to recover selective type of files
  • It can also repair damaged deleted files

Price: $39.95 Download Trial

Handy Recovery


Handy Recovery is a small size awesome tool which recovers deleted files very fast. It scans a drive or folder and gives results within seconds.


  • Scan hard disk very fast
  • Browse hard disk with deleted files
  • Recover partition,USB drive and any file type
  • Advanced search filtering

Price: $49.00 Download Trial

These are paid tools but worth paying for. If you are using any data recovery tool then do share with us.


10 Websites to Download Free eBooks

Internet is a gold mine of free eBooks available on several websites. You can search and download many free eBooks available. Below are the 10 awesome websites those offer free eBook search and download at a very large scale. On these website you can also download eBooks for your mobile phone in mobile compatible formats such as ePub and Mobipocket.

Project Gutenberg


Project Gutenberg is a large source to download free available eBooks. With Project Gutenberg you can download  not only eBooks for PC as well as specialized mobile formats such as Mobipocket. You can also get eBooks for iPad,Kindle,Android etc. [link]

Google Books


Google  Books is a rapidly growing online free and paid eBooks source. You can read free eBooks on Google Books. You can also get preview of paid eBooks on Google Books. [link]



Mega-PDF is online eBooks search engine which shows eBooks from various sources. You are not redirected to any third party download page and you get download link directly. [link]

Read Print


Read print is a knowledge database for teachers and student or anyone eager to gain knowledge. You can read books online here. [link]



Free-eBooks.net is a huge resource of free eBooks available. You can download books in PDF,Mobipocket,ePub or plain text format. [link]



It is also a very good source of free online books and it does not redirect you to any third website. [link]



It is an incredible source of free eBooks. It provides detailed information on a book and you can browse eBooks by authors,titles,genres,language. It offers eBook download in many formats such as ePub,iPod,Mobipocket,Rocketbook,Sony reader,jar,HTML,PDF etc. [link]



With Smash-words you can download a lot of free eBooks and also buy paid eBooks in different formats e.g. ePub,Kindle and Palm doc. You can also publish an eBook on this website if you have rights to publish it. link

PDF geni

pdf geni

PDF geni is an internet eBooks search engine. It searches free PDF eBooks available on different websites and shows the direct link of eBooks. [link]

Feed Books


Feed books is a good website to get free eBooks. You can download eBooks in different formats such as ePub,kindle and PDF. Besides you can also register and publish your own eBooks on this website. [link]

I am sure that now your search for ebooks will get easy with above websites.