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Apple’s iOS 4.2 for iPhone and iPad went live in November and brought some great new iPhone features. We briefly discussed the top 10 new iPhone features in iOS 4.2. One of our favorites among those was the feature which lets us Find text on iPhone’s browser. [click to continue…]


Geeks are said to be always productive because they are tend to use productivity apps and tools to stay organized but then also few of them mess up with work a lot because they don’t have habit to note down their to-do-lists.If you don’t like to use pen-papper to make your work list then do try out to-do-lists apps for Mac. These all are free and user-friendly apps, worth bookmarking:

Simple Task:

SimpleTask is one of my favorite may be because of its interface. I liked the colorful interface of SimpleTask. SimpleTask also keep on remembering your task by notification on your dock, it also helps you to filter your tasks that too with different colors.


[ Downlaod Link ]

Also Check Out:


Backboard is not only a to-do list but it also helps you to remember your tasks. It’s even very easy to search and manage your tasks and reminders on Backboard. You can arrange your task according to priorities and by their types.

[ Download Link ]


Taskmate is a simple tool which helps you to create your to-do-list. One feature which I liked about Taskmate is that it helps me to export my to-do list with simple click. It also provides you customization options like deleting all task together, arranging the task up or down.

Taskmate.jpg[ Download Link ]


Again a cool To-do-list which allows you to synchronize your tasks in iCal and Mac.It is an easy to customize and a light weight software.

[ Download Link ]


EtreTask provides you basic features of to-do-list software but one thing which I found useful is that it allows you to add URL and files in your to-do-list. If you want a basic to-do-list manager then go for EtreTask.

[ Download Link ]
Do you prefer to use to-do-list softwares? If yes then do share your favorite one.


Recently Skype launched the iPhone Video Calling App and now they have confirmed that they’ll be launching a Skype application for the Sony Bravia and the Vizio VIA televisions too. Skype officially said on Skype official blog that they are in the process of releasing Skype Video calling on TV too, like last year they showed us the Skype-enabled Panasonic Viera at CES 2010. This year, at the CES 2011, they’ve decided to partner with Sony and Vizio, to bring Skype Video Calling to the living room.

Skype Video Calling on TV will be a really great deal, although they will only work with the Internet connected TV’s for the time being or when it’s actually launched. If you don’t have an internet connected TV you could also buy one of the Skype enabled Blu-ray players from Panasonic or Sony and webcam to enjoy video calling.

Imagine sitting on your couch and being able to video call your loved ones using the giant TV in front, the future is really getting smaller.

There has been no word about the release or launch of the Skype service for TV’s or those Blu-ray players with webcam, but we can hope that it will be by the end of this year or not. Both the TV companies and Skype are saying that they’ll be shipping Skype enabled TV’s later this year. Well, that’s a start!

What are your thoughts on Skype Video Calling for TV’s? When do you think Skype would launch it?

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Android is currently one of the fastest growing platforms for devices like mobile phones and tablets. With growing popularity its market is growing and thus a lot of developers are launching excellent applications to enhance these devices to meet your personal requirements.

Top 5 applications for your Android powered Smartphone

Top 5 applications for your Android powered Smartphone


So here we have listed 5 must have applications that would enhance the productivity of your smartphone.

Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup Download here

We all know the importance of  data backup and this nifty tool can prove to be a savior. This tool not only back ups your files but the application too. Adding to its value is its ability to backup your tweaks and settings that personalize your android device.

More Android Apps:

Google Sky map

Google Sky map Download here

I personally like this application. If you are a star gazer like me ,this is the perfect application for you. All you need to do is point your gadget towards the sky and then you are on your expedition to sky exploration.

Google Goggles

Google Goggles Download here

Well, google has got up another great application for android and this cool applications enables visual searching. You just need to take a photo of the object you want information about and the app will fetch you all the possible information on the subject.



Download here

This application can be harmful for your gadgets. Well, this small app allows you to share files between to android powered devices. All you need to do is BUMP your accelerometer powered android devices together.

Places Directory

Places Directory

Download here

Going to a new place ? It handy application gets you information about all the local stuff including landmarks, shops and services near your location.

Well, these were some great Android applications that can transform your android device into a super handy gadget. If you’ve any other application in mind do not hesitate in sharing it with us.


Motorola always come up with out-of-the-world advertisements and tag lines for most of their products, one of them being the newly unveiled Motorola Atrix 4G Android phone. Motorola are calling it the world’s most powerful smartphone, though I’d like to add an ‘yet’ to that statement.The phone was released earlier today at CES, and our buddies at Engadget gave out a nice sneak-peak on the phone and what all the hype is all about.

< Image Credit >

Here below is the specifications of the Motorola Atrix and the “worlds most powerful smartphone” statement will now make sense;

  • Comes packed with a dual-core Nvidia Tegra processor running at 1Ghz each
  • 1 GB of RAM for everything to run smoother and faster than before
  • Presently running Android 2.2 Froyo and graced with AT&T’s 4G prowess
  • A 4 inch qHD display showing off 960 x 540 resolution
  • 16GB in-built memory plus up-to 32GB expandable via an  microSD slot
  • And yeah, everything else a powerful smartphone would feature and to run all those a 1930mAh battery
  • Power button also acts as a fingerprint reader for security
  • 5 megapixel camera with dual-LED flash, also a front facing camera

The coolest feature I must say, is the availability of certain ‘docks’ for the Motorola Atrix.

<Image Credit>

First, the HD Multimedia dock that turns the Atrix 4G into a desktop computer when connected to a PC and allows you to use the many features that comes with the dock. You can also use it to playback videos and music from the Atrix 4G with the use of it’s HDMI port that can connect to anything that has an HDMI input.

<Image Credit>

Second is the Laptop Dock, which is more like a laptop than a dock. It has a 11.6 inch display, two USB ports, a full QWERTY keyboard and a trackpad. At the back of the Laptop Dock is where the Atrix 4G docks and controls the Laptop, which functions just as the phone.

What do you think of the Motorola Atrix 4G? Can it be the most powerful smartphone?


Kindle is Amazon’s best selling product of 2010 and Amazon already launched Kindle app for Android, iPad, Mac, web and it seems Amazon don’t want to miss a single platform where users can’t enjoy Kindle and thus released Kindle app for Windows 7 phone.


Kindle app for Windows 7 is available on Amazon store for free. Few features which makes Kindle app for Windows 7 worth downloading are:

  • You can read over 775,000 books in the Kindle Store which includes new releases.
  • You can shop without leaving the app with the help of integrated shopping features.
  • Share URL of the book you are reading with your friends via email that too without closing the app.
  • Allows you to read from the place you left reading.
  • Allows you to customize fonts, background colors for better reading.

Apart from these useful features there is much more to explore on new Kindle App for Windows 7. I am going to explore it right now and if you are Windows 7 phone owner then download the Kindle App right away and share your feedback.


Garmin, the popular GPS device manufacturer and mobile navigation application provider has released a new iPhone App. Garmin calls it the ‘StreetPilot’ and it has some really nice features that would really help you along whenever you plan on getting lost. Although you need to remember that with many features comes some tiny yet tragic mistakes.

The StreetPilot app is a really nice app and an iPhone user will certainly enjoy it, but it only works in US and Canada right now and the maps are directly accessed via the internet and don’t come with the app. Thus, the app only weighs around 7MB and thus saves space on your iPhone, but when there is no connectivity or network you won’t be able to access the maps. I’d suggest not to get lost in no-network-coverage locations. Below is the complete list of features as shown in the App Store.

  • Always up-to-date maps for the U.S. and Canada
  • Voice-prompted, turn-by-turn directions including street names
  • Real-time traffic updates to avoid traffic delays
  • Speed limits for most major roads
  • Integrated Local Search
  • Millions of points of interest
  • Lane assist with junction view for complicated interchanges
  • Address book integration to navigate to contacts
  • Integrated iPod® music controls
  • Multi-tasking on iOS4 for navigating while calling
  • Current weather conditions and forecast
  • Place calls directly from search listing
  • Navigate in both portrait and landscape mode
  • Easy to install with quick load times

The Garmin StreetPilot app is available for download at the Apple Store for a price of $39.99 and it is compatible with iPad too.

What GPS App do you use on your iPhone?


We  get several emails with attachment of different types of office documents and PDF and when we view these emails on our mobile phone then we might have problem seeing or editing these documents. I have no doubt to say that Picsel Smart Office is a wonderful Android application to view and edit office documents easily on your Android device.

Picsel Smart Office

If you are out of station and unable to access your PC/Laptop and you get an email with an attachment of Excel file which requires immediate editing or viewing then what you will do? In this condition this Android software can be a great help for you.

Features of Picsel Smart Office

  • We can access live view of any office format
  • We can edit word files
  • We can edit PowerPoint files
  • We can edit Excel files
  • We can create new office document
  • We can view PDF
  • Localized to many other languages such as Japanese and Korean etc.
  • View 3D documents

License: Shareware

Price: £5.99

Version: 1.2.4

Download Link



It seems that every mobile company is bent on to launch 3G Smartphones in India. Today Hong Kong based Chinese mobile  manufacturing company announced that they would launch 3G mobile phones this quarter in India.

This mobile company declared  they are all set to give strong challenge to already existing companies in  3G mobile market as they said that they would  launch low cost 3G mobiles within the price range of Rs.4000-5000.

G’Five stated that their 3G mobile phones will be dual SIM enabled and decorated with high quality features. They also said that they are planning to set up a research and development unit in India. Launching tablets and net-books are also included in their agenda.

According to IDC G’Five was the second largest mobile phone seller last year in India as it sold 10 million mobile handsets in 2010.

News source


iPad is one of the best gadget when you are searching alternative for eBook reader. Apart from reading eBooks, iPad gives you options to read RSS feeds also. There are many iPad RSS readers available but most of them are paid and if you are looking for free and good quality RSS reader for iPad then you search ends here.

Here are 3 free RSS readers for iPad:

The feed:

Feed is a simple RSS readers with only basic features like Syncing with Google Reader and reading the feeds stared or shared by your friends. The navigation of App is good and user-friendly. So if you are looking forward for a simple RSS reader then Feed is for you.


[ Download Link ]

More useful iPad Apps:


ReadSqaure can be a good option when you are looking for more option apart from reading feeds. It provides you options like reading offline, sharing the feeds with your friends on Social Networking websites, staring the feeds and more. It’s worth giving a try.


[ Download Link ]


The layout of Readerrific is very good and navigation is easy to. It quickly synchronizes with Google reader and you can save your feeds for later reading which is again a good feature. Apart from English, Readerrific provides Japanese language support too. Overall it’s a user-friendly app with good features.


[ Download Link ]

Do you prefer to use free RSS reader for your iPad or go for paid one? If you choose for free one then above RSS apps for iPad are worth trying out.