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Google chrome is gaining popularity because of its sleek design and clean interface and if you do use Google chrome here are 5 nice extensions that will enable you to get the most of your browser.

Google chrome

Google chrome




Well, do you like a 3D interface, I do. It is currently the coolest thing in technology and Cooliris is an extension which gives you the power to view your images in a 3D interface.

Download Cooliris here

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Turn off the Lights

This is an extension which enhances your video viewing experiences.It darkens out the background so that you can watch your video without any disturbance.

Turn off the Lights

Turn off the Lights

Here are all the features which this extension offers :

  • Icon to appear in the URL bar
  • Turn the lights back on, by clicking on it
  • Support multiple video sites: YouTube, HTML5 video,etc.
  • Support multiple image sites: Google Images Search, Picasa,etc.
  • Option to make the screen dark if the user click on the play button
  • Option turn on/off fade in and fade out effect
  • Custom colors
  • Option Flash Detection
  • Option Show Dimness Level Bar

Download here

Webpage Screenshot

As the name suggests, this plugin enables you to take a picture/screenshot of your webpage with just a click.

Webpage Screenshot

Webpage Screenshot

Here are all the features which this extension offers:

  • Drawing Tools: Line, Ellipse, Rectangle, Arrow
  • Add Text.
  • Fast Crop
  • Start Edit before image ready.
  • Upload and share: Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, MySpace
  • Print: Send directly to printer
  • Save to HD: The only extension that let you save large images to your HD, (not 2MB limit)
  • Color Picker: Remember the last color you used.

Download here

Download master

Download Master

Download Master

Developed by Nick Zorin,  Download Master simplifies the downloading process.This plugin facilitates downloading with just a couple of clicks. But the only drawback is that you need to have the download manager application before you can install the extension.

Download here


This extension lets you customize your facebook profile and lets you enhance social networking like never before.



Here are some features that Social Plus adds to Facebook :

  • Album Slideshow
  • Keyboard Navigation
  • New Notification
  • Color statuts
  • Emoticons
  • I don’t like button
  • Skin your profile
  • videoChat
  • skin Creator

Download Social Plus here

These were the best extensions that I could find for Google chrome. Personally, I like Social plus and I am pretty impressed by the flexibility that it ads to our Social networking experience.

Do share you favorite extension with us and why is it so?


Apple’s beta version of iOS 4.3 Released to Developers. It Includes updates for AirPlay, iAds and HTTP Live streaming. But the most exciting are the new multi-touch gestures coming to iPad. If you are a developer you can now donwload iOS 4.3 beta to test the new features with your apps. [click to continue…]


You might have already noticed in the AT&T iPhone 4 vs. Verizon iPhone 4 comparison we did yesterday, that an exclusive feature “Wi-fi Mobile Hotspot” is present in the Verizon iPhone 4. Rumors have suggested that this feature is coming to GSM iPhones too this March when iOS 4.3 is released. [click to continue…]


Android market is increasing at such a faster rate that these days almost all mobile phones and tablets are based on Android OS. But on the other hand due to cheap price of these gadgets there are some disadvantages Android Phones too.

Android Battery

Android Battery

Let me explain you about the problem, the problem is companies are introducing cheap Android phones and they are also adding good speed processors but the battery capacity is not upto the mark. Due to which phones loose their battery power soon, but don’t worry we can still manage our battery power by some changes in the settings and using style.

Following are the tips with which you can improve your Android Phone’s Battery life

Keep Control of Features

There are various features available in the Android OS, which drain your battery power quickly. Make use of Android Power Control Widget, the widgets on the homescreen must be controlled like things which are related to Data calls (Internet). Keep them in limit.

Disable 3G when Not in Use

If you do not use 3G make it turn off, because 3G needs more battery power. 2G network works smoothly for making calls and messages. If you need high internet speed, you can switch to 3G.

Android Battery Usage

Android Battery Usage

Minimize Screen Brightness

This is one of the most effective ways to improve your battery life. The LED light in the screen consumes the most part of battery power; you can install Brightness widget on your desktop. It will make things smooth and easy.

Turn-Off GPS

GPS also adds to battery eater utility. Control you GPS usage and keep it turn-off when not in use.

Delete Unnecessary Apps

Always install only those apps which are most useful for you, don’t install useless apps which are specially battery eater.  Allow your Android Phone to breath in open air.

Manage Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is also responsible for less battery backup. For controlling your Wi-Fi usage and activities, you can use semi-hidden “Advanced” Wi-Fi management screen. You can manually select a time-out option.

Avoid use White Pattern Wallpaper

White screen= bright screen=more power consumption. It’s always a better practice to use dark pattern wallpapers. They will increase your battery life and look beautiful too :P

Charge Your Phone in Switch-Off Mode

I don’t think it will be possible for you, but if you want to increase your battery backup you have to make it possible. Make your phone charging in switch off mode, you will surely notice change in the battery backup time.

I hope after implementing all the tips, you battery will surely support your Android Phone life.

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Mac App Store is out now and it is much more like iTunes App store. The First look of Mac App Store is attractive and clutter-free. You can search apps from different categories like Productivity, Social Networking, Lifestyle, Finance and many more but it takes time to search useful apps from lots of apps available in Mac Store.

Thus I selected 5 such apps which is useful for all bloggers, these are free as well as paid. To download these apps you need to create an Apple account. It is a simple and quick process like providing email ID, Payment details etc. and Once you created account, you need to login to download app.



Here are 5 useful apps which you can download:


Mindmapping is the best tool for bloggers to avoid writer’s block. MindNode helps you to create a neat mind map with colorful nodes, option to resize nodes, you can create multiple mind maps on single canvas. It is very easy to export your mind map with others in different file formats. This app is free of cost.



Evernote is the best app to note down your ideas, useful notes, creating to-do lists, creating PDF files, easy to sync file and do provide different formats of files like Word, PPT, Excel etc. You can also share your notes easily with your friends. This app is free of cost.



Image improves the presentation of articles and pixelmator provides all useful features which will help you to enhance your images for blogging purpose. It is packed with lots of features like different gradients, different styles, improving colors, adding effects and lots more. But you need to pay $29.99 to grab this app.



Translator helps you to translate any page in different languages. It is very useful for bloggers who want to read blogs having different language which they don’t know. It is very easy to use and you can translate any page with the help of small icon on Menu bar. This app is free of cost.



Shrook is a free app which is a feed reader, Shrook is a good feed reader and the app is also useful. It makes your feed reading easy and clutter-free. It allows you to sync your feeds and because of multiple columns it becomes easy to access feeds.


These are few useful apps for bloggers, if you are using any useful apps from Mac App Store then do share with us.


Google launched it’s URL shortening service few months back and now Google has launched goo.gl API in Google Code Labs. Many developers are using Google URL Shortening services and were waiting  eagerly for goo.gl API.

Goo.gl API.jpg

Even lots of other URL Shortner services like Bit.ly, McAF.ee coming up with new features but then also Goo.gl can be used in more useful ways. Now developers can easily customize goo.gl URL according to their requirements. They can easily shorten and expand URLs, check the history and analytics, auto-shortening for applications like Twitter or Google Buzz and lots more. Thus developers can use googol URL shortener in more efficient way for their applications. Here is what Google shared in blog post:

You could use these features for a wide variety of applications, enabling behaviors ranging from auto-shortening within Twitter or Google Buzz clients to running regular jobs that monitor your usage statistics and traffic patterns. You can check out the Google APIs console to get started.

To get more details about how goo.gl works, you check out TechieBuzz’s detailed article about Google URL Shortener API.


Now that the Verizon iPhone is here for real after yesterday’s announcement we decided to do a full comparison of both the AT&T iPhone 4 and the Verizon iPhone 4. Let’s see what are the differences and what is new? What changes are going to matter and which ones will go just unnoticed. [click to continue…]


2 Effective Ways to Download Free Google Books

There are lots of free books available on Google Books and if you want to download these free eBooks then it is 100% legal. But if you have no idea how to download these eBooks, it will be disappointing for you. Here are two awesome tools with which you can download free Google Books easily.

Google Books Downloader


Google Books Downloader is a fantastic tool to download Google free books. This Windows application can download a free Google Book automatically. You can download free it from Softpedia [link] or from many other download websites. To use Google Books Downloader you must have service pack 1 installed with .net framework 3.5.

  • After installing Google Books Downloader go to option “file” and select option “add book”
  • Then paste the Google Book link and press search and this downloader starts showing book pages to download

Greasemonkey and Google Book downloader script


It is another very effective way to download Free Google Books. This method adds a download button above every Google Book.

  • Open you Mozilla Firefox browser and Install Greasemonkey add-on
  • Restart Firefox and  enable Greasemonkey by clicking Greasemonkey icon at the bottom right corner
  • Then use this link to install Google Book downloader userscript and install script using Greasemonkey
  • Open the Google Book page you want to download and you will see the download button above E-book image
  • Press this download button and it will show the available book’s png images to download

Now do let us know, if you have any other effective idea to download free Google Books?


Few days back, I have purchased an iPhone 3G. In first few days I didn’t like the phone, but as soon I got knowledge about its app store, I fall in love with it. I started searching for various apps and games in store. I have already downloaded about 45 apps for my iPhone (all free ones :P).

One day my friend told me about an app which talks, for the first I was not able to understand what he is talking about (as he told me on phone), then I searched for it and I found one Entertaining app known as “Talking Tom Cat”.

Talking Tom Cat

Talking Tom Cat is really an amazing app for iphone/ipod/ipad. Talking Tom repeats everything you say with a funny voice. :-) This app is specially designed for children for fun and enjoyment. Now Talking Tom app is available for Android Phones also :)

What Talking Tom Cat do?

Talking Tom copies what you speak, it is just a kind of voice recording app. Let me explain, When you speak something to tom in the app, it will repeat the same words. It just copies your speaking tone. If you laugh, he will also laugh. Sometimes this app becomes very funny and interesting.

Talking tom cat also includes some other touches to which tom responds, like petting him, poking, and grab his tail. Tom responds amazing to various actions.

This app also offers video recording of the session you passed talking and playing with tom and you can share the session on Facebook and twitter with a single click.

You can download this app for Free!!

I am sure you will love this app. Do let me know how you enjoyed & played with Tom? I would love to hear about your experience with Tom.


This  is a guest post by TechGeek who blogs at GeekCyclopedia. If you would like to write for CallingAllGeeks, check our adsense revenue sharing program.

If you want to listen to the music collection of others on your iPhone for free, or if you want to upload your music and share it with other via Facebook, then you must try MoodMusic app. MoodMusic is a free iPhone app allowing Facebook status updates via song.

Using Moodmusic app is very easy. When you launch the MoodMusic app, it asks you to connect to your Facebook account, which is a one step procedure. After connecting, you can listen to others’ songs or upload your own songs.

To add a song, first search it by filtering it on the basis of album, artist or the song itself. Once you find it, add your vibe (status) about it and upload it from your iPhone’s library. You can then choose to share it, as a status, with a specific friend or everyone on Facebook. It can then be listened from within Facebook.

Once connected you can listen to any song uploaded by others in Global Jukebox. You can also buy any uploaded song on iTunes, play it on your iPhone or through Apple TV.

Let us know what you think about the MoodMusic app.