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Asha 300 Buttons

Nowadays, all major companies are spending most time developing the best smartphone and are not giving enough though for the mid-ranged feature phones. These feature phones are normally aimed at the larger population, who just want to use their mobile device to make phone calls, text and maybe listen to the Radio or Music.

There are so many smartphones being released these days, that people are forgetting about the smaller and less powerful feature phones that actually started the whole thing. Nokia, however, are still at it and are still making some good devices in the sub $200 price range. And here’s a review of one such device, the Nokia Asha 300, that was recently launched along with the more powerful Lumia series of devices.

Nokia Asha 300  is a touch and type, candy-bar mobile phone that has modern design and styling. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get on with the review!

Nokia Asha 300 Review

Nokia Asha 300 Review

Firstly, let’s start off with the specifications, the pros and the cons of Asha 300 and then talk about each in detail. The Asha 300 is a workers phone and yes it delivers!

Nokia Asha 300 Features

The Pros:

  • 2.4″ QVGA touchscreen
  • 1GHz processor
  • 128MB RAM, 256MB ROM
  • 5 megapixel camera
  • VGA video recording at 30fps
  • Stereo FM radio with RDS
  • Bluetooth v2.1 (with A2DP)
  • 3G Support
  • Standard microUSB port (charging enabled)
  • USB On-The-Go support
  • microSD card slot (32 GB supported)
  • 3.5mm audio jack

Nokia Asha 300 Cons:

  • The 5 megapixel camera has a fixed focus and is not that great
  • No Wi-Fi!! 
  • No video calling camera 
  • No multi-tasking
  • Symbian OS

Nokia Asha 300 Design and Build

Nokia Asha 300 Design

The Asha 300 is supposed to be the replacement for the older C3-01, but does a poor job at proving that. At the design end, however, things look good, but the plastic feels like it came from one of those old Nokia phones that aren’t around anymore. The keypad on the other hand, is nice to use, but things sometimes get rough because of the touchscreen. Whoever thought that both a keypad and touchscreen would be a good idea, wasn’t thinking straight. Finally, I love the form factor, I’ve always preferred candy bar to flip or slide and the Asha 300 does have a good design. From the frontside, the device looks pretty nice, but the back looks cheap!

As for the buttons and connectivity ports on the device, you’ll find the volume locker on the right side along with a lock/unlock button. The left and the bottom side of the device have no ports or buttons.  On the top, you’ll find 3 ports, one for charging, a 3.5mm jack that will let you enjoy music and a microUSB port that can also be used to charge the device. The 5 megapixel camera on the back doesn’t have a flash and is left alone. The speaker is housed at the back of the device on the bottom left. The microSD slot is hidden on the left side of the device and is only accessible if you remove the back cover.

Asha 300 Buttons

Asha 300 Ports

microSD Asha 300

I’d give the Nokia Asha 300, a 3/5 for Design and Build.

Display and User Interface

Nokia Asha 300 Display

A 2.4 inch TFT display is pretty sufficient for a regular user and a non touchscreen device. But, this does have a touchscreen and that’s one of the reasons why I do not like the phone very much. A 3 inch touchscreen and a keyboard would’ve been a better choice, but the combination used here is not. The display is alright in terms of colors and brightness and because it is resistive, the response is not very good. For a feature phone, however, these features stand good, but I really doubt if anyone would enjoy the touchscreen with the keypad.

Because of the small display size and the use of a UI that packs lot of widgets, the whole thing looks crammed. If you’ve ever used a Symbian device, then you should have no trouble whatsoever. Navigating through the device is very easy and there are some pretty good shortcuts too. If you swype left to right on the homescreen, you’ll be directly taken to the games folder. I did not find any settings for using that action, so I believe it was a surprise for the users.

Main Menu Asha 300

A 3/5 is the best I can give ! Your opinions may differ.


Nokia has given the Asha 300 a 1GHz processor and 128 MB of RAM. WHY? WHY? WHY? During all the time I spent using the device, I didn’t come across any app or program or feature that would require a 1GHz processor. The special edition Angry Birds game for the device didn’t look like it needed a 1GHz CPU to run. I’m not saying it’s a waste, but there’s no point of it because the Asha 300 doesn’t really require it. The transitions, games, apps, browser, camera and everything else worked really smooth. But for a phone that doesn’t cost so much, I enjoyed playing Angry Birds on it!

Asha 300 Performance

I’d give it a 3.5/5 in performance and I bet it would be same with a 600mhz processor.

Functionality, Nokia Music and Apps

Again, if you’ve ever used a Symbian device running the S40 or S60 operating system, then this should be super easy for you. There’s one main menu that houses everything, the apps, settings etc. A Go To menu for shortcuts and another Names menu for contacts. It’s very simple, the functionality of this device, anyone can understand without any problems. As for the apps and goodies, Nokia is giving free music for a limited period of time. There aren’t many apps though, but yes, you can try your luck at the Ovi store to find some for this device.

Nokia Asha 300 Music

The Angry Birds game developed for Nokia Asha 300, consists of 15 levels and like always is fun to play, even on the resistive touch display. The graphics are okay and nothing very surprising and I did not face any sluggishness. The music quality is good enough and is nothing more than what one would expect from a feature phone.

Nokia Asha Game Angry Birds

For functionality, music and Apps, I’d give it a 3.7/5 because of the ease of use.

Battery, Usage and Others

For the time the device was with us, it had to be charged only twice. The battery life, however, isn’t amazing because the powerful processor keeps using the juice all the while. One thing I noticed though, the standby life is pretty good, which means that if you don’t use the device you’ll probably get up to 4-5 days of backup. But, that isn’t very practical, as these phones will be used rigorously by users to make calls, send messages etc. Thus, a maximum 2 days of backup is what we’re looking at!

Asha 300 battery

The lockscreen looks like it has been lifted off from the iPhone. The typical Slide to unlock found on iOS devices is also found on this small Nokia device, but without all the text. But, there won’t be any suing business here as it doesn’t look similar to the Slider on iOS, however, it does use the same concept.

Asha 300 Lockscreen

In terms of practicality, the Asha 300 is a very good device. The audio quality was good, the camera is alright for daytime use, video isn’t bad either and the overall functionality and easy usage makes this a really good buy for the price it sells at. You can check out some sample images of the 5 megapixel shooter on this device, it did okay inside the house under normal lighting.

Nokia Asha Image quality:

Nokia Asha 300 Camera Sample 1

Asha 300 Camera Sample
Because there is no auto focus, the images can be blurry, as seen in the sample image above!

Nokia Asha 300 Review : video

Here is a 3 minute video, showing features of Asha 300:

Final Verdict, Pricing

The Nokia Asha 300 is designed and built for the everyday working class people and also for the budget constraint ones. If you’re in either of those categories, want a phone for the sole purpose of call, texts and music and don’t want to pay a lot at the same time, then you should get the Asha 300 without thinking twice. I’m pretty sure that the extra CPU, the 5 megapixel fixed focus camera and the old operating system won’t bother you at all! There are other phones that come with Android and have better features, more apps and are available at a similar price.

You can buy Nokia Asha 300 for as low as INR 4,800 or $102 from various mobile retailers. Will you be buying the Asha 300? Let us know how you liked the device if you did buy one.

I hope this Nokia Asha review will help you to decide about this phone. If you are gadget manufacturer and need a gadget to be reviewed, get in touch with our Submit gadget page.


ResumeBakingOne of the most important factors to impress employers is to create a professional resume. While users can create their resume in Microsoft Word but it’s too much time consuming compared to different tools which can help users create resume online in minutes. You have to first fill in your details, than design it and a lot more. ResumeBaking can solve this problem and help users create professional looking resume in few minutes.

ResumeBaking is a useful online utility for job seekers who are looking for an easy way to create a professional resume. To start using ResumeBaking, click on Create Resume button on homepage and it will redirect you to the registration page. In order to create your resume, you must make an account on ResumeBaking by filling out basic details.

Create Resume Online

How to create Resume online using ResumeBaking?

After registering, it will redirect you to resume builder dashboard where you can specify you start making your resume by filling out your contact details like your name, phone number, address etc. After that, just scroll down and fill out the remaining details required for your resume like your objectives, education background, work experience, your hobbies, skills and other relevant information. After filling all the details click on Save All and Continue button.


After filling out the details, you can select the template and design of your CV from list of samples provided by ResumeBaking and click on Finish Resume button.


You can later view your online resume from your dashboard and share it on different social networks or download the resume in PDF format so that you can print it out and send to different companies and employers around the globe.


In the past, I tested many online tools to create resume online but this one is one of the best tools I have used so far. A person can easily create his/her resume in few minutes.

Checkout ResumeBaking

Do you know more such online tools like ResumeBaking which let us create resume online for free?

Smartphone YouTube Advertisements

Smartphone YouTube Advertisements Here at CallingAllGeeks, we have covered some awesome innovations in smartphone technology. While technology in the smart-phones took a great leap forward, the advertisers weren’t far behind. Today’s post takes a look at some of the top Smartphone YouTube Advertisements campaigns of 2011. Some “smart” , some funny and some just plain bonkers.

As it is social media campaigns are getting popular among smart phone companies. Every big companies like Nokia, Samsung, Micromax comes with seperate budget for social media campaign, including blogger outreach. Companies, have started sending exclusive review devices to Bloggers and journalist to play and come up with review. This all comes in the social media marketing campaign of any company. Specially, in this process, World largest video channel “Youtube” plays the major role.

Most of the official video commercial and advertisements done is uploaded on Youtube, as it makes it more reachable and bloggers and other online media can share and embed those videos easily. Though, this is the technical side but to make a kick-ass campaign, first requirement is creating a video advertisement, which actually make it sharable and people will talk about it. For example, Airtel campaign on “Har ek friend Zaroori hota hai” or Epic Vodafone “Zoozoos‘”.

Here we will look into some of the Youtube advertisements and campaign run by these smartphone companies in the year 2011, and I would love to get your reaction on, which is the best advertisement according to you.

Quick look at Smartphone YouTube Advertisements

Samsung Galaxy Note-Feel Free

The Samsung Galaxy Note is a power packed superhero among smart-phones and this is amply proved in its advertisement. The beautiful panoramic view of the hills and rivers and beaches beautifully orchestrated into the 5.3” screen of the Samsung Galaxy Note is scintillating. The subsequent jugglery with the images and creation of the new idea is not just engaging but also shows the viewer the sheer potential of the device.

Made for dreamers by dreamers, Samsung Galaxy Note may just replace most of the enterprise smart-phones out there. You may feel free to explore the immense opportunities the phablet provides.

Samsung Galaxy Y-Change to smart

Smart, peppy, and can’t take nonsense,thats the youth of India today. They are go- getters and people who are resourceful and require things as fast as possible. The Samsung Galaxy Y has come out with the perfect advertisement to target this burgeoning class of youngsters in India aspiring for the best in the world, at the most affordable price.

The Ads feature two funny premises of an angry boss and a lost business man. The young go-getters who own Samsung Galaxy Y show us that the “Uncles” and “Chiefs” of the world are getting fast outdated. Enter the new “Smart” and young India of android and smart Phone users.

Samsung takes on the Uncles

Samsung mocks the Chiefs

Nokia Lumia 800- Amazing Everyday

Targeted at the social networking users, The Amazing Everyday campaign is both delightful and engaging. With a peppy background score and brilliant visuals, the ad represents everything Nokia Lumia 800 is about; Getting connected, admiring the small things in life, and telling everyone about it. The visuals of the Ad seem just a great metaphor to the exciting and engaging look of the Windows Mango OS, on the exquisitely designed Nokia Lumia 800.

Samsung Galaxy S2- greatest smart-phone

Samsung Galaxy S2 has been a game changer both for Samsung and Android phones around the world. Packed with specifications that rival the Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S2′s ad shows just what your Android Galaxy could be like. Incredible special effects in the ad makes this perhaps the best smart-phone ad in terms of aspirational value. Targeted at not just enterprise users but also the youngsters, the advertisement portrays the multiple needs of a smart-phone customer, Music, Movie, Internet, Games and Work all packed into one powerful package. Truly, Samsung Galaxy S2 is the greatest smart-phone out there.

HTC Explorer- Fingers do the talk

HTC’s shy entry into the Indian smart-phone market has been made with great wit and ingenuity. Targeted at the youth, the Fingers do the talk campaign is focused on exploring the one touch feature of the android enabled HTC explorer . While the Television Ads focus on the efforts of a young boy wooing his sweetheart, the print ad campaigns show the full range of uses of HTC explorer.

Blackberry-Welcome to the family

Welcome to the Blackberry family focuses on the Blackberry messenger feature and the fact that if you want to “belong” to a family you are probably looking for the Blackberry clan of PIN holders and Push messengers.

Karbonn A1- Ahem!!

Karbonn A1 was made for all the aspirants and the dreamers who wish to hold a sleek Smart-phone with all the fancy applications the more luxurious buyers are used to. The ad, perhaps one of the smartest pick at (clears throat) iPhone,sends a clear message: you needn’t miss out on the Smart-phone bandwagon anymore. While I may consider Karbonn to be extremely brave to take on a giant(ala David Vs Goliath), we are not entirely convinced that the Ad would do much to convince anyone Karbonn is even remotely as good as an iPhone. Buy a Karbonn A1 if thats all you can afford.


The year 2011 was most exciting for Ad makers and smart-phone enthusiasts alike. While it was clearly a year of aggressive marketing by Samsung with its plethora of “smart” options for its users, the other players too came out with exciting and interesting way to show their presence. Nokia’s saving grace was its Lumia both in the ad word as well as its real world presence. 2012 presents itself with more opportunities for companies, everyone has a role to play especially the ones that missed the plot in 2011.

This is a guest post by SitaKanta from MySmartPrice. If you would like to write for CallingAllGeeks, check our Guest posting criteria.

Samsung Galaxy Y

iOS and Android phones are becoming the OS of this generation and owning mobile phone powered with any of these OS, makes your phone look more of new generation. Today, we have compiled a list of Entry level Android Phones 2012 Edition, which you can consider opting for,when you want to stay limited in budget and hold this awesome OS.

Entry Level Android Phone

The smartphone bug has bitten the nation in a big way. According to IDC’s mobile tracker data, smartphones have made a whopping 68% YoY (Year over year) growth in India. Among the smartphones, Android has the largest market share making it synonymous with smartphone OS for most laymen. While previously The Micromax Andro A60 was the only android phone below 10,000, the recent drop in prices of phones have made a long list of phones available at the entry level price points. In this post we have put together a list of smartphones that cost below Rs 8,000 to help you choose the best entry level android phone for your own use.

Samsung Galaxy Y/Color Plus (Branded Pleasure)

Samsung Galaxy YSamsung Galaxy Y is arguably the best entry level android smartphone from a big brand company in India. Aimed at the young aspiring feature phone users, the Samsung Galaxy Y comes packed with everything a smartphone should have: A sleek 3” TFT capacitative touch screen, a 832 MHz processor and a 11.5mm body. The phone is a beauty to hold and with the Galaxy Y Color Plus, you get various colorful cover options. Samsung Galaxy Y runs on an Android2.3(gingerbread) OS which makes it one of the most capable entry level smartphones. Provided with mobile tracker, GPS, 3G, Wifi capabilities and a 2 MP camera and 32 GB expandable memory, the Rs 6,800 price tag is practically a steal.

Motorola Fire(Touch and Type Android)

Motorola Fire

Motorola Fire is the only Touch and Type Android phone to feature in this list and for good reason. Motorola Fire comes with a 3 megapixel camera, a qwerty keypad and a whopping 2.8” capacitive touch screen. The phone runs on the Android 2.3 gingerbread OS and can communicate through Wifi, GPS, 3G and Bluetooth technologies. The phone comes with Motorola’s unique call history interface that lets you see conversations and calls between friends as a series of cards as well as the facility to make different modes for work and play. At a price tag of Rs 7,875, the Motorola Fire is one of the most ideal choices for those who want the full blown smartphone experience.

LG Optimus Me

LG Optimus Me P350- Ideal for Women

Launched in early 2011, the phone promised to deliver a great Android experience with its Android 2.2(Froyo) operating system and 2.8” TFT touch screen. The phone has a nice curvy design and is quite compact, making it easy to carry. LG offers several interesting color options for the body. The 3MP camera provides decent picture quality but may not delight anyone. LG Optimus Me comes with a battery of 1250 mAh that provides 5hr talk time. The phone also comes with features such as Geo-tagging and proximity sensors and accelerometers making it ideal for navigation. For a price of Rs 7500 the phone does fall short of the Samsung Galaxy Y but makes up for it with a unique design which is ideal for teenagers.

Entry Level Android phones from Indian companies (Below 5000)

While the Android phones from Indian manufacturers come for a considerably cheaper price, for some people the lack of quality and lack of responsiveness may be a problem. If you can afford slightly higher price point of the android phones above then go for it. On the other hand if you must get an android phone below 5000, then go for one of the following 3.

Micromax Andro A60 (First Android… Literally)

Micromax A60Micromax A60 is perhaps one of  the cheapest android phones available in India. Priced at a measly Rs. 4,000, the phone provides great value for money for the first time Android user. Packed with a 2.8” resistive touch screen, 600 MHz processor and Android v2.1(Éclair), the phone offers Wifi, GPS navigation and Swype input method. The device provides you with a decent camera, good loudspeakers as well as a great web browsing facility. The phone comes with an accelerometer which aids in motion gaming.

Karbonn A1

Karbonn A1Karbonn A1 is yet another entry level android phone with a 2.8′ resistive touch screen, 2.2 android (Froyo) OS and all the Google applications such as Google maps, Google search and youtube. The phone comes with its own set of nifty applications such as the Aldiko(Dictionary), Accuweather and an application for  call blacklisting. Karbonn A1 has stuck to the basics of making an attractive and affordable smartphone with a decent 3.2MP camera that’s useful in taking photos in the daylight and GPS with voice assist. For a price tag of Rs 4000, the phone is a good bargain from Karbonn.

Spice Mi 310

Spice Mi-310

Spice Mi 310 trumps the Karbonn A1 on mainly its 3.2”  capacitive touch screen making it a better option than most entry level smartphones. The capacitive screen means it’s easier to browse and type on this phone with lower response time.  The phone comes packed with Android 2.2 (Froyo). The device comes with one of the best screen resolutions in the entry-level smartphone category rivaled probably only by the Samsung Galaxy Y. Spice Mi 310 loads and streams live flash content and videos with great ease and is highly responsive while browsing. The phone comes with a proximity sensor and an inbuilt compass feature making it both ideal for navigation and location tracking.

Priced at Rs 5,000, Spice Mi-310 is a great bargain for someone looking for all the features of a high end smartphone at the price range of a branded feature phone.

So, finally you picked one of these Entry level android Phone, and now time to pimp up your device, here are few articles, which will help you:

And most important don’t forget to learn how to recover deleted files from Android, as it’s going to be very handy at data crisis time.


The future is bright for the entry-level smartphone user. Falling prices and greater choices are expected in the year 2012. Players like Samsung and Motorola have made a great phone affordable to the teenagers while the local small players like Micromax and Karbonn will keep posing difficult challenges to them. Expect more players such as HTC and Sony to bring in affordable Android smartphones as well. Samsung Galaxy Y may have just redefined the role of the entry level smartphone and it will be interesting to see how the local manufacturers respond to this power packed offer.

This is a guest post by SitaKanta from MySmartPrice. If you would like to write for CallingAllGeeks, check our Guest posting criteria.


Internet has moved from .3gp to HD and now print media is going digital with Youtube channel integration and so on. To enjoy the life of online media, it’s important to have a good broadband connection. Now, a good broadband connection doesn’t mean only faster speed, but the DNS should also be faster for better speed. Here I’m sharing few online tools to test Internet speed, which will give you an idea about how your internet connection is performing.

I usually do internet speed check, thrice at one time and use the average to calculate the upload and download speed. Being a Blogger, I not only opt for a broadband connection with higher download speed but also look for decent upload speed.

We do need to download useful software or torrents very often thus it is important we should be having good internet speed. Either you want to download files, browse files or watch videos online it is very important that you must have good internet connection.

Free Web tools to Test Internet Speed


SpeedTest is a tool to test your internet speed and you can share the results with your friends also via social networking websites and email.

[ Link ]



Speed.io doesn’t require any kind of information to enter before starting a test. As soon as you will land to Speed.io website and click Start it will begin internet speed test and you can share the results with others in the form of text as well as graph.

[ Link ]



BandWidthPlace also provide you the result with download and upload speed like other internet speed testing tool. It’s simple and quick to use.

[ Link ]

Bandwidth place

Test Internet Speed:

Test Internet Speed provides you internet speed as well as free system scan. Many times internet speed also gets less because of errors and virus. So you can take both the test for free.

[ Link ]

Test Internet

CNET Bandwidth Meter:

CNET Bandwidth Meter provides you Internet speed of all kind of connections like satellite, broadband, cable etc. It will ask you the location you are using your connection i.e. home, office, school to provide you accurate results.

[ Link ]



iSpeedOMeter is providing online tool to check your internet speed as well as iPhone app for checking your internet speed even when you are travelling. Here is the link to iPhone app in iTunes store.

[ Link ]



The best part of this online tool is that it checks speed of all kind of internet connect such as broadband, cable, DSL etc but for using this tool you need to have latest java version on your computer.

[ Link ]


Broadband expert:

We need to fill the entries like which connection we are using, service provider, rating the provider, our state etc before starting the test.

[ Link ]

Broadband expert


It helps you to check out upload and download speed of your internet connect. You can also test the test of your internet connection with other servers.

[ Link ]



It’s quick and simple. As soon as you will land to website, it will start testing the speed of your internet connection and provide you the results.

[ Link ]


Well, these are some of those online tools which I tried and tested for testing Internet speed. Many ISP’s offer default tool in their panel to check internet speed, but I still prefer and recommend to use these public speed check hubs, as they will give more unbiased result.

If you are aware of any such online tool to check internet speed, do share with us.

Sara Repo

Sara is the latest Siri clone which has come out for Jailbroken iOS devices. Though it’s not as powerful as actual Siri, but people who have been looking out for a good alternative, Sara is going to be very handy. In this tutorial, we will learn a bit about Sara and how you can install Sara on your Jailbroken device. We have tested it with Jailbroken iPhone4 and later in this tutorial, you can see our conversation with Sara.

Many have tried, but not succeeded, to port a working SIRI client for older iOS devices such as iPhone 4, iPod Touch and iPad. Siri is currently only supported on the iPhone 4S, something to do with the new A5 chip, and Apple has no plans of getting it on to the older gen iOS devices. There is, however, a working Siri Clone called Spire. But, it’s difficult to setup as it requires a Siri Proxy to operate.

SARA, the Siri Clone

Today, a developer called Nobita, has released another Siri clone called SARA and surprisingly it does indeed work. I’ve installed it on my jailbroken iPhone 4 and it worked for me. Although, it is still nowhere close to the real personal assistant and cannot accomplish many of her tasks. For example, you cannot search anything based on location, it won’t send text messages or call people, it stops responding in between and there are lots of other problems that the clone has. But, with time, perhaps the bugs will be fixed and users will have a working Siri-ish assistant on older iOS devices.

Siri Clone

The best feature of SARA, is that it can be installed on the oldest of iOS devices including the first iPhone, the old iPod Touch and iPad 1. Also, unlike Siri, SARA cannot be launched by holding the Home button, instead it’s like an app that you’ll have to launch from the Homescreen. Here is a complete, step-by-step tutorial on how to install SARA ( Siri Clone ), on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

How to Install SARA on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad (Siri Clone)

SARA, is just like Spire, but isn’t integrated well in to iOS. It still carries out all the requests via a third-party server, so install this on your own risk. Do not blame us for possible data theft etc.

  • Launch Cydia and click on Manage Tab. Select resources and then click the Edit button and then Add button. Now add the following repo for installing SARA : http://isoftjsc.com
  • After the source is installed you will see three packages inside. Select the package that best suits your device. For example, if you have an iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS, then choose the package that is meant for those devices. Do not install the Console Package, because that is only for reporting errors.
  • The total size of the install is about 9MB, thus it will take some time. Also, the servers must be under immense pressure now, so don’t give up if the installation is super slow. You can also try to hit Cancel, Return to Cydia and continue the Install, this proved to be much faster when I tried.
  • After installation, you’ll need to Restart the Springboard. Now, you’ll see a SARA icon on the homescreen.

That’s it. You now have SARA installed on your iOS device. Launch the app to indulge in some private time with your very own SIRI clone for older iDevices. Of course, it doesn’t work as well as the real deal, but it’s something. Definitely a better deal for people who don’t want/cannot  create their own Siri Proxy servers for Spire. Also, you can even type and ask Sara questions, if she cannot recognize your speech or accent.

Here is a video showing our conversation with Siri clone:

Many users, including me, complain that the voice recognition is not that good! Give it a try and let us know if it worked for you.


Sexting is one cons of latest technology which has given birth to one of the severe crime in U.S (Child pornography). Sex-ting was first coined in 2005 and since then many cases has been reported and strict action has been taken against the people involved. Different countries have different laws regarding pornography and child nudity.

Every new generation has its own technological innovations For your parents’ generation it was the Sony Walkman and the advent of music videos. It may seem strange, but those inventions, now more likely to be seen at an antique shop than in real life, were revolutionary, and even controversial, in their time.


What is Sexting?

Sexting in simple word is act of sending pornographic images or text over phone using SMS, MMS or any other apps like iMessage, Whats app, BBM or anything using phone. According to Wiki article the most common form of sexting is sending semi nude or complete nude photograph of themselves.

Your own generation has grown up with computers, cell phones and other gadgets, and as a result you might not see the inherent dangers in those technologies. But while the GPS features on your phone enable your friends to find you in a crowded mall, they also allow predators and others to find you just as easily.

The same danger is inherent in other uses of your cell phone and Its camera. The practice of sexting can seem look just innocent fun, but the consequences of snapping that risque picture and hitting the send button can follow you for the rest of your life.

It may seem silly, and it probably is, but in many places around the country, a 15 year old girl who sends a nude or semi-nude picture of herself to her 16 year old boyfriend has just transmitted child porn. When the 16 year old boy on the other end of the phone looks at the picture he is also guilty of child porn in the eyes of the law. And when he sends it to his friends, as you know he will, he is now trafficking in child porn.

The rules governing child porn are harsh, and for good reason, but when those laws were written no one was thinking about sexting. As it stands right now, sending a singngle picture of yourself to anyone, regardless of their age, could lead to a felony conviction, and a lifetime as a registered sex offender.

So think before you start a sexting conversation — while it may seem fun to send naughty pictures of yourself to your significant other, think about your future before you hit the send button.

Also, my suggestion to parents, starts monitoring your child activities at times to save their child from prey eyes of predators and people who may misuse your child pictures. Or least, share this article and inform them about what’s happening around and how they can prevent themselves from embarrassment, which takes time to go from life.

This is a guest post by Zenil who blogs at ZenilShroff. If you would like to write for CallingAllGeeks, check our adsense revenue sharing program.


Download SkypeSkype introduced Skype HD video calling with an updated version of Skype 5.8 for Windows. I might not be a big fan of HD video calling for now, all thanks to my Dell 1.3 MP integrated camera and Airtel FUP, which limits my 2MBPS broadband speed after 150Gb download. If you also share the same dilemma as me, you still have something nice to look into this update. Specially, Skype-Facebook users are going to love some additional enhancement in Skype 5.8.

One feature which might be very useful for hard core gamers and geek is assigning a hot key to mute microphone while on Skype calling. Something, that I have been waiting for long. Specially, if you are playing a multi-player game like counter strike, it’s going to be useful. We will look into it later, but for now, lets see some of major enhancement in skype. You can download skype latest version from the link given at the bottom.

Let me start with major change first:

Skype HD video calling requirement:

Skype HD video Calling Camera

There are some small requirement which needed for having a smooth HD video calling experience with Skype. You need to have a decent broadband connection  (2MBPS+), a HD webcam, which you can check out at amazon. Most of integrated cam is either 1.2, 2.0, 5.0MP camera and most likely they might not be HD enabled. So, for better experience you need to have a good HD camera. Skype blog suggested to look into LG C920 HD PRO cam which is listed on 2% off here on amazon. This cam can be used for video recording and for video calling. Useful for usual video recording too. Also, HD video call from Skype is limited to Windows OS to Windows OS for now, in future we may expect mac integration too.


Enhancement in Skype 5.8

Apart from Skype HD video calling, they also integrated many new features like

Group screen sharing:

Skype video screen sharingThis is an additional feature which is added in this updated version of Skype. It lets you share your screen while in a conference call along with video streaming. To share your screen with group or any application, click on + sign and click on share screens.  See screenshot.


Video calling to Facebook users:

Facebook video call is powered by Skype and in this latest version of Skype, you can make video calls to other user while they are on web. They don’t need to have Skype installed or need to have Skype user. Seems like Skype, will come out as best Facebook messenger anytime soon. This is one feature which I’m sure make you download Skype.

Skype Push to talk:

Skype Push to talk Hotkey

Now, this is something for gamer or people who don’t want Skype to disturb them while watching anything or doing anything important. Skype Push to talk feature let you set a “hotkey” for microphone muting.  You will find this new Push to talk hotkey settings under Tools> Options> Advanced> Hotkeys.

Along with above three, there are more feature enhancement added to Skype, which includes:

Bing toolbar integration (Way to go Bing), Facebook audio and video calling (web), Hide offline Facebook contacts.

Over all, Skype HD video call feature will be loved by a particular sector of Skype users, but in future this is going to be useful when internet era will completely move to High definition world.

Download Skype

Do let us know if you have a HD cam and you have tried this new HD video calling feature or tried video calling your Facebook friends from desktop. How was your experience?

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It’s been quite some time we have not covered any torrent related update and today I got an awesome Torrent software to share with you. Today, we will look into “TorrentRover”, which can search torrents and monitor them from desktop. More like RSS subscription for torrents, which will constantly update and find new torrent based on your keyword. Sounds good? Now, lets read on and learn more about this awesome desktop torrent search client.

I usually use Torrents to download and watch my favorite TV shows. But every week I have to  go and check the site manually and it’s a time-consuming process. Having a desktop based solution could be awesome, but obviously I need something better than a normal Torrent search client, as I want to make sure I’m downloading genuine and verified torrents. Torrent Rover, which is currently in beta and I believe it might become a paid or subscription based torrent client.


What is TorrentRover?

TorrentRover is a desktop based torrent search client. Instead of doing one time search, it keeps your searched torrent keyword in database and alerts you as soon as any qualified torrent pops in. In short, if you like watching Big bang theory, and you want to get notification for every new episode/torrent upload, this search Torrent software is for you.

Now don’t confuse this with a torrent downloader, this just searches for torrent and keeps them in database and keeps searching for updated torrents. When you find a torrent, you can simply click on download torrent and it will download torrent file and directly open it using your default torrent downloader. You can add multiple searches and it will keep searching them after regular interval. Infact, Looking at this client interface, editor @Droidsid thought it’s like Limewire (R.I.P Limewire), where you search for your favorite file and download them with one click. It’s almost same here but with little twist, which we will learn after the break. Also, rating system will help you to pick the best of torrent.

It searches torrent from many popular Torrent search engines like: ThePirateBay.org, IsoHunt.com, BTjunkie.org.

How to Search torrent from desktop?

Like any other torrent client, using TorrentRover is a 1-2-3 guide. All you need to do is, search for the torrent that you want to download and track (Top right) and it will do a quick search and will keep searching for new torrents after certain time interval.

search torrents

Now, once you have results in front of you, starting sorting out the result based on uploaded time, seeds, size and many more. This way, you can download best of the torrent.

So, once you have decided the torrent, don’t forget to click on “View torrent details” by right clicking on it and check the comments and user reviews. This will make sure you are downloading verified torrents.

View Torrent details

So once you are sure about the torrent health status, click on download torrent and it will download .torrent file and open it using your default client.

You can also automate torrent schedule downloading for your favorite TV shows like a Torrent DVR like TED.

TorrentRover is still in beta phase and there is already a box for subscription,which clearly indicates it’s going to be a paid subscription or something in similar model. But, for now it’s completely free and you can download Torrent rover from below link.

Download TorrentRover

I liked this idea of searching torrent from desktop and also set custom filter for torrent searches and schedule them. Some of the feature of TorrentRover, might need a walk through and if there is any feature you are stuck at, do let me know via comment and I will update the post with the solution. For now, do let us know about any other desktop torrent search client?


Recently Google team officially launched Adsense Chrome extension, which will let you check your Adsense earning without loging into adsense every time. Similarly, I’m also sharing another useful addon call Analytics for Chrome, and as name suggests it will let you check your Website Google analytic stats, right from Chrome bar.

Once you become a blog writer or a website owner, you’re interested in generating income from your blog or website. The first thing you do when you start a blog or website is to submit your blog URL to search engines like Google, Bing, Ask etc. So then you want to track your traffic to your website or blog, so that you can assess how well your blog is doing on World Wide Web. The free, powerful and common tool generally people to analyze their traffic and know the organic traffic is Google Analytics. Once this is done, people apply for Google Adsense account so that they can put their ads on their blog or website.

The story simply does not end here! People are so addicted to Google Analytics and Google Adsense that they check their real time traffic and income generated every few minutes by logging into their Google accounts. So if you’re using different Google accounts, you’ve to logout of your present account and login to your Google Analytics and Adsense account every time you want to check out these details. This is a cumbersome process and what if you can obtain these analytics and results with a click of a button.

Voila! With the advent of Google Chrome and its extensions, this can be done. Today I’m going to introduce you to two easy and powerful Google Chrome extensions, by which you can see your Google Analytics and Google Adsense details (in summary).


Analytics Chrome Extension – Stats for Google Analytics

With this extension you can check the daily google analytics data for your website or blog, in a pop-up on clicking the icon near the address bar of Chrome. The things you can track with this extension are as follows:

  • Views
  • Pageviews
  • Pages/Visit
  • Bounce Rate
  • Avg Time on Site
  • % New Visits
  • Visitors

Download Analytics Chrome Extension

First you need to grant access to your Google Analytics account and after that you can view all the Google Analytics data for all websites linked to your account. This chrome extension is convenient if you want to check your gmail on one account and at the same time check your google analytics data on another google account. Clicking on the account name, will directly open the Google Analytics Account Home page. You can also view only few sites data (if you’ve more than one website in your Google Analytics account) by clicking on the options link.

The extension can improve by displaying website name instead of the account name.

Analytics Chrome Extension


Adsense Chrome Extension – Adsense Publisher Toolbar

Adsense Chrome extension

This extension gives Adsense Publishers two ways to access basic real-time information about their accounts and also about their ads. The pop-up displays the following information.

  •  Account earnings summary (today, yesterday, this month, last month)
  •  Top 5 custom channels
  •   Top 5 URL channels
  •   Lifetime revenue

Download Adsense Chrome extension

The little side-effects of this chrome extension is that it does not use the same timezones as the Adsense does.  It can also improve by showing the top custom channels for TODAY etc. and also today’s earnings for custom channels. More customization like including more than two google adsense accounts is also welcome. It can also display the CTR/eCPM for the ad overlay. One thing, which I don’t like about this extension is, if your adsense login is different from current Google logged in account, you need to logout and login using your adsense account. In such scenario, this one become useless.  I hope in near future, Google add multi account login feature to Adsense publisher toolbar addon.

Anyways, for Bloggers both of these addons: Adsense for Chrome & Analytics for Chrome are useful an handy. Do let us know which is your favorite Adsense or Analytic extension for Chrome?

This is a guest post by Palla from TechLikes . If you would like to write for CallingAllGeeks, check our guest posting guidelines.