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Microsoft has just released a new version or rather a new OS version of their famous and easy to use note taking application called OneNote for Apple’s iOS devices. Certainly Microsoft is trying to get a share in Apple’s mobile market leadership with the help of this new release.

OneNote mobile is a very useful application that can be used by anyone and has been around for a very long time bringing along some new features with the new iOS release.

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Now you’ll be able to use this amazing little tool on your iPhone and other iOS devices and make the task of taking any kinds of notes, including audio, video and images, pretty easy. The Microsoft OneNote is a tool that can be used on the iOS devices, and the application comes with a modified keyboard for Apple devices, and also there is the ability to save information(upload) to the Windows SkyDrive, a cloud service.

You can now download this tool from the Apple Store for free, but soon enough Microsoft will be charging for the OneNote App. The App is compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch, and the iPad and requires iOS 4.2 and later.

What do you think of this move by Microsoft? And what application do you use for taking notes on your iPhone?


Few days back Yahoo! mail introduced new features like attractive themes, social network integration and more. Yahoo! also assured that it will come up with new features and thus Yahoo! announced that it will provide third-party authentication with Facebook and Google IDs.

Yahoo openID.jpg

This OpenID login feature will roll out from January 20. The new Facebook and Google login will help user to sign-in or Sign-up to Yahoo! network and comment on news articles, review a movie, access images on Flickr and access all the Yahoo! services through your Facebook and Google ID.
This is good way to attract the Google and Facebook users again and the best part we can skip the registration process while singing up for new account on Yahoo! which waste time. Now all Google and Facebook users (which are in millions) can easily access Yahoo! with a single click.
Yahoo seems to be excited with this new feature, here is what they wrote on their blog:

Yahoo! strives every day to bring you the content, information, tools and meaningful social connections relevant to you from across the Web. It’s our belief that by continuing to open up the Yahoo! network to third-party IDs, we can help more folks join in the fun and create exciting, more personalized and inclusive online experiences.

Check out the video below to know how the new feature will work:

Hope this feature will help Yahoo! to grow its users more who are more declined towards Gmail and other mail services. What you think about this new login feature from Yahoo! ? Do you think its useful for making Yahoo! better?


This tutorial will show you how to put any iOS device like iPhone or iPod touch into Recovery Mode. You can use Recovery Mode to restore your iPhone or update firmware if other methods fail. [click to continue…]


Airtel GPRS Activation and Plans Detail


To avail Airtel GPRS on your mobile, you must have any GPRS plan activated on your mobile phone. Here is Airtel GPRS settings for mobiles.

GPRS Rs.10/day plan

After activation of this plan you will get 100mb free usage per day.

How to activate

Dial  *567*12#
Send SMS <SUB 10> to <567567 >
How to deactivate
Dial *567#
Send SMS <UNSUB 10> to <567567 >
Activation and deactivation cost is free.

GPRS Rs.19/3day plan

After activation of this plan you will get 200mb free usage for 3 days.
How to activate
Dial  *567*13#
Send SMS <SUB 19> to <567567 >
How to deactivate
Dial *567#
Send SMS <UNSUB 19> to <567567 >
You can direct get this plan on Rs.19 E-Recharge
Activation and deactivation cost is free.

GPRS Rs.98/month plan

After activation of this plan you will get 2GB free usage for 30 days.
How to activate
Recharge with Rs 98 (E-Recharge) and then dial *567*11# to activate this tariff. If you are an Internet power user, this Airtel GPRS plan is best for you.

Unlimited browsing plans

  1. Rs.20/day Plan
  2. After activation of this plan you can browse unlimited on your phone for 24 hours.
    How to activate
    Dial  *266*1#
    How to deactivate
    Dial *266*2#

  3. Rs.450 Plan
  4. After activation of this plan you can browse unlimited on your phone for one month.
    How to activate
    Recharge with Rs.450 (E-Recharge)

Notable Points

  • To use daily and 3 days plans your account balance must be more than Rs.10 and Rs.19 respectively otherwise your plan will not be activated.
  • Data charges after free usage for Rs.10/day plan: 20p/50kb
  • Data charges after free usage for Rs.19 and Rs.98 plan: 30p/50kb
  • Downloading is not free in unlimited browsing tariffs

Do let us know if you have any questions regarding  Airtel  GPRS plans.


We just laid our hands upon the newly released BlackBerry Bold 3 9780 and decided to see how different is it from our last BlackBerry. Read on for complete list of differences between Bold 9780 and 9700.

Form wise, not much has changed. In case you missed our Bold 9700 unboxing, check it out here. Now proceeding with the comparison.


BlackBerry Bold 9780 vs. 9700:

Form Factor & Screen

The dimensions of the phone haven’t changed at all. The screen is the same 2.44″ TFT display.

Processor & RAM Memory

BlackBerry hasn’t changed the processor since a long time now so it doesn’t come as a surprise when we see the same 624 Mhz processor again. The RAM thankfully has been upgraded. Our old 9700 had 256MB of RAM. The new Bold 9780 features twice the RAM with 512MB of memory. This should really improve overall operation speeds and multitasking abilities.

Also note that the microSD memory card’s maximum capacity has been raised from 16GB on previous model to 32GB on 9780.


The Camera resolution has been upped from 3.2 mega pixels on 9700 to 5MP on the new Bold model. Like earlier, the camera has Auto focus & LED Flash.


Here comes the major difference. 9780 is the first BlackBerry Bold to feature the new BlackBerry 6 OS. While it won’t be able to benefit from the multitouch features due to the lack of a touch screen, the Bold 9780 will get new homescreen, icons and other features like the Webkit browser.

The browser is pretty good this time with tabbed browsing among many other new features. The browser actually scores more on the HTML5 tests than the iPhone but that’s just facts and figures. We would have to spend some more time with it to figure if it’s practically better too in day to day usage.

The rest of the features remain just the same. Here’s everything else that has not changed.

  • Wi-fi b/g only – no wi-fi yet
  • Battery – same 1500 MAh unit


The original MRP of the new model is 27990 INR. Current price of the BlackBerry Bold 9780 is Rs. 25999 in most stores. The old Bold 9700 model can be purchased for Rs. 23999 at this time.

So now the question remaining is whether its worth upgrading at this point of time. Personally, I’ll wait and review the new OS first before making the decision. We’ll be back soon with the BlackBerry 6 OS review so keep subscribed.

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Reliance Launches Cheapest STD Call Rates

Reliance India mobile launches two incredible tariffs for its all India customers. Using these tariffs Indians will be able to enjoy cheapest STD call rates in India. Moreover these Call Rates are available for both GSM and CDMA subscribers.

Talk STD offer

This tariff will work for STD calls and users can call nationwide at Rs.1/3min. Subscribers have to buy a special tariff from any Reliance retailer. This pack will be valid for 30 days and its cost is Rs.23. Literally Reliance GSM and CDMA subscribers can enjoy STD call only 33p/min but the pulse is changed at after every 3mins.

Talk Local offer

Talk Local offer is not so much charming as Talk Std offer and users will get 100 mins free talk time at a cost of Rs.28 so we can say that the call rate is.28p/min. The validity for this tariff is only 2 days.

Now let’s see how it affects other Telecom companies such as Aircel,Vodafone,Docomo etc. Don’t forget to leave your opinion about these cheap tariff plans and we welcome your comparison of these plans with other tariffs.


Do you download movies and other stuff from internet? Of course yes, daily we download lots of movies, songs and other stuff from the internet. All these stuffs are uploaded on the file hosting websites, like hotfile, rapidshare etc. In most of the file hosting website, we hate one thing i.e. waiting time. Before downloading any thing we have to wait for some random time. But this is not the case with Mediafire.

What is Mediafire?



Mediafire is one of most popular file hosting services in the world. I love Mediafire because there are no burdens of waiting time, even they allow parallel downloads.

Problem in Mediafire Download

Few days, I was downloading some content and I came across an infinite looping problem of page refreshing. The page was auto refreshing and simply displaying the message “Processing Download Request”. I got frustrated and tried to close the browser and changed many browsers but didn’t got anything.

Processing downloading request

Processing download request

Cause of Problem

This problem occurs because of some internal upgradations and implementing file restrictions in the database of Mediafire, due to which you start facing this problem. (Not sure, My own View). But the solution is working truly.


But no worries, you can get rid of this problem very easily!! What you need to do is, just clear your browser cookies (for Mediafire Website).

Follow these instructions to remove cookies

  • For IE(Internet Explorer) users
    • Go to Tools
    • In Tools, click on Internet Options
    • Click on Delete , Tick the option of Cookies Only
  • For Mozilla Firefox users
    • Go to Tools
    • In Tools, Click on Options
    • Go to Privacy tab
    • Click Show Cookies
    • Check Mediafire Cookies folder
    • Delete it
  • For Google Chrome users
    • Go to options of Chrome
    • Choose Under the hood tab
    • Click Clear Browser history (Check Delete Cookies, and other site must be checked)
    • Click Clear browsing data

Done!! I hope your problem solved now, I have solved this problem in such a simple way.

If you still face the same problem, Do let us know. :)


Uninor GPRS Settings and Plans

Uninor is providing good speed in GPRS together with DOCOMO. Both companies are serving better GPRS packet data services now a days. Using Uninor GPRS is easy and it sends automatic GPRS settings to most of mobile handsets.


Automatic settings message for Uninor GPRS

Send a toll free SMS “ALL” to “58355″ and you will receive settings for your phone.

UNINOR Manual settings

If automatic settings are not available for your mobile phone then don’t be upset and you can set up GPRS packet data manually.

Create a custom packet data profile with any name and enter the following detail

  • Homepage: Set any webpage URL
  • APN/Access point: Uninor
  • Data bearer: GSM/Packet data
  • User name and password: leave blank
  • Ip address:
  • Port: 8080
  • Proxy: Enabled

Uninor GPRS Plans Detail

  • My Connect 9 at Rs.9

Free usage: 60MB with 3 days validity

  • My Connect 90 at Rs.90

Free usage:3GB with 30 days validity

  • Single day plan

Free usage:30MB with 1 day validity

Also check out Airtel GPRS settings for mobile.

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If you are a Mac user you must already love the Time Machine feature. We always want similar tools for other services as well. A new startup “Original Victories Inc.” has utilized just this idea for YouTube and made the YouTube Time Machine – YTTM.tv. You can watch videos from any year from 1860 to 2011.

Developers have always been creating newer tools based on YouTube. For example, last year we saw YouTube Instant tool. Hot on the heels of that YTTM.tv has been released. YTTM.tv lets you travel back in time and watch any videos created in that year. It doesn’t matter when the movie was uploaded. For example, if I uploaded a video from 1947 yesterday, it would still appear in the year 1947 when you use the timeline on YTTM.tv website to browse the videos. You can also filter the videos based on genre or category.


The whole idea behind the website seems very creative and fun to me. If you want to watch random videos just keep clicking on “watch next video” to see more videos from that year. Alternatively, you could filter them by genre like Video Games, Television, Commercials, Current events, Sports, Movies and Music.

Fun fact. Did you know the creator of YouTube instant was called by Google and given a job offer to work with YouTube. Who knows the same might happen to YTTM.tv creators!

So what are you waiting for, check out this new service by pointing your browser to YTTM.tv


If you own an iPhone 4 and have been using it on an unofficial carrier, there is a great chance that you are still struggling with FaceTime activation. For those of you who are running iOS 4.1 or 4.2.1 there is good news for you. MiTime, a popular FaceTime activation tool, has been finally updated after a really long time. It supports the new iOS versions now. [click to continue…]