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If you are having trouble logging into PSN on your PS3 due to the DNS error then use this guide to fix it and solve your problem permanently. Also, if you get disconnected from PSN quite often and get the DNS Error 80710102 you should read this tutorial.

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If you are active on Twitter or Facebook then you would be aware that it is important to keep on updating your status. Most of us prefer to schedule Tweets and Facebook status of our blog’s new posts. For Scheduling new posts there are tools like RSS graffiti, Twitterfeed etc. but there are times when we want to schedule tweets or status for later, such status can be either URL or any personalized messages.

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There are tools to schedule your tweets and Facebook status too for future and it becomes very handy and useful when we are busy with other work and can’t access social networking websites. There is an online tool known as “LaterBro” which is one of the most user-friendly and quick tool to schedule your tweets on Twitter and status on Facebook.

LaterBro is having very neat interface, easy to navigate and best part no need to register to LaterBro for scheduling status and tweets. You can add mulitple accounts to laterBro and you can schedule just by entering your Twitter and Facebook account credentials.

Link to LaterBro

Here is how scheduling works at LaterBro:

  • When you will visit LaterBro, you can add your Twitter and Facebook Account.


  • To add your accounts, you need to enter Twitter and Facebook credentials and allow the application to access your accounts.
  • Once accounts are added you will be asked to update your Timezone (only once).
  • That’s it! you can now schedule your status.While scheduling status you can select accounts you want to schedule status for and you can also get details about scheduled status.



Nothing much about LaterBro, it just help you to schedule your status thus no clutter and no confusion to use and explore this online tool. Now, you explore LaterBro and don’t forget to let us know which online tool you use to schedule your Twitter and Facebook status?


This guide will help you perform an iOS 4.2.1 untethered jailbreak on your iPhone 4 and also unlock it if required. We will be using Greenpois0n’s latest release to jailbreak iPhone 4 using a Mac computer. Please note that Unlock is only available to iPhone 4′s at baseband version 1.59.00

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This tutorial will show you show how to update iPhone 4 to iOS 4.2.1 without upgrading your baseband. This method will preserve iPhone 4′s baseband at 1.59.00 so you don’t lose your software unlock using Ultrasn0w in case you don’t have a factory unlocked iPhone.

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This guide will show you how to use AirPrint on iPhone or any other iOS device. AirPrint was introduced by Apple in iOS 4.2 to allow wireless printing from iOS devices using compatible printers. You can print photos, documents, emails, attachments among other things right from your iPhone.

The best part about AirPrint is that you don’t have to worry about any drivers or cables. There are absolutely no settings or toggles on the phone. You can just print a document whenever you want. [click to continue…]

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Well if you are an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch user and wondering that how to view your calendar event location on iDevice mapping app then today’s post is worth a read for you. If you happen to be a tech savvy traveler then clicking on your calendar and pulling up Maps showing the event location will indeed be very helpful for you.
Add Locations to iPhone Calender Event

iPhone Calendar App

Guide to add Location to iOS Calender Events:

Event Location

So in order to view your Calendar event or appointment on a Mapping application, you need to do the following:

  1. Launch the Calendar App from your iDevice (iPhone ,iPad or iPod Touch) Homescreen
  2. Now Create the event that you want to add a location ToAdd an Event
  3. Tap on the Edit button in the Top right
  4. Tap on the Notes Tab that you will see on the bottom of the list
  5. Enter the Complete Address for that particular event
  6. Tap Done button on the Top right
  7. Again Tap Done button on the screen that you will view
  8. Now When the Event is scheduled, it will be highlighted on Your Calendar App. Once you will Tap on the Event, details will be displayed. Tapping on the address will open the Maps App and you can employ the navigate feature on the Maps app to reach to your Calendar event location.

Using this feature, not only you can easily manage the events earmarked on your calendar but you can also reach there with no hassle. Hopefully this Tip will help out some new users, if you have any questions or queries feel free to drop in your comments.


Back in November Hotmail came up with a new feature of managing multiple email accounts and today Hotmail added a new email Alias feature. This feature will help you to create, read, reply to mulitple email from single inbox that is no need to log-in to all the email accounts.
The good part about the new alias feature is that now you can create a totally different email address that you can use to recieve emails into your primary account and others won’t even come to know about the your primary email ID. This is very handy feature because many of us prefer to use different email addresses for personal and professional use and don’t want to reveal it with others. You can create up to 5 aliases per year.

Here is how the new Alias feature works:

  • Login to your Hotmail account and go to this URL: http://mail.live.com/?rru=createalias

Hotmail alias.jpg

  • Enter the Email Id and Hotmail also provide you option to select from Hotmail.com, Hotmail.co.in or live.com.Now click on “Create Alias”.

Hotmail Alias1.jpg

  • After clicking “Done” you will recieve a confirmation mail from Hotmail.


  • Now you can start using Alias feature.

This feature is avialable in Gmail since long but then also its good that Hotmail trying to provide useful features to its users. It’s good to be late than never. I am a hardcore Gmail lover and even with this new Alias feature I don’t think that I will start using Hotmail. But if you are a Hotmail user then let us know that this Alias feature is useful for you or not?

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Mac App Store is having lots of applications which includes both paid and free apps. Few days back we have shared with you free productive apps for Mac and today I am sharing with you few free games from Mac App Store which you will love to play.
Here are 5 free games from Mac App Store:

Vroom Vroom:

If you like racing games then you will like Vroom Vroom too. It is a free and good racing game which can be played by anyone from beginners to expert. You need to cross the laps just like another racing game.

Vroom Vroom.jpg

More Mac Apps:


I like Hedgewars game. It is total fun and most additive of all. It is having a cute pink hedgehogs and lots of different weapons for battles. The new version is much more improved.


Medieval Battlefields:

As the name says its a battle game. It includes 40 different battle fields and it also allows online multiplayers which makes game more interesting.


Master of Gomuku:

Don’t like racing or battle game then try out interesting board game, Master of Gokumu. You need to row 5 stones given before any other player do. You can play with computer as well as with multiplayers.


Basket mania:

BasketMania is a true relaxing game. It is a basket ball game and you can select different mode. It also allows you to share your results on Twitter and Facebook with your friends.

Basket Mania.jpg

If you are a game lover than do share with us which game you prefer to play on Mac?


GetGlue for iDevices is basically a social networking based App where users can tell their friends about what they are reading, watching, playing or in some instances thinking about.

Just like Foursquare and Gowalla, GetGlue enable users to check that what their Friend’s are upto anytime, moreover users can also leave any kind of a review on any activity that a friend has mentioned and resultantly people can like your comments and status updates.

Signing-up Process

While you are signing up for GetGlue, you can opt for two ways. One is that you can simply create a Get Glue account in a normal way and the other is that you can connect via Facebook. Once you are over with this, then you can start checking in and subscribing to the Feeds of other GetGlue users.

Good news for iPad users as GetGlue has recently launched an iPad and an iPod Touch app and they are also planning to launch an Android based GetGlue App as well. Overall, GetGlue general looks and feel somewhat conforms to Netflix where you can rate things and you will get suggestions based on your ratings.

Rating the stuff

Virtual Stickers

What I find interesting about this App is that as you rate stuff like Movies, TV shows and games and you will be getting virtual stickers based on these ratings. Similarly based on these rating you will also get recommendations that will be ideally tailored according to your taste.

GetGlue is a free app and can be downloaded from the Apple App store. If you want to get some information about this amazing thing that do check GetGlue.com.


This is a guest post by Hal who is a freelancer writer for BenchMarkEmail. If you would  like to write for CallingAllGeeks, check our guest posting guidelines.

Ah, driving. For many of us, it’s a necessity and not a choice, and even more so, a royal pain. Thankfully, the app gnomes have been working overtime to improve the very experience of getting behind the wheel. There may be thousands of driving-related apps out there, but here are the five that should be on every motorist’s phone:


This app is literally indispensable for all but the most ardent backyard mechanics. Just input your vehicle’s year, make & model, either choose a zip code or let the GPS find you, and then choose what you’d like an estimate on what mechanical work you need: everything from minor work such as an oil and filter change, all the way up to engine dismantling procedures as replacing the head gasket. You’ll receive instant estimated price ranges from not only authorized dealerships but even the independent mechanics in your area. These estimates are extremely detailed and include a breakdown of costs by parts and labor, what to watch out for, and even mechanic recommendations. If you really get stuck, RepairPal can even directly connect you with your manufacturer’s help line or roadside assistance!


Prior to this app if you wanted to get accurate performance figures on your car you’d need to hire a racetrack, a dynamometer, and lots of complex electronic sensors that would fill up your trunk. All of that is easily replaced by your phone’s accelerometer so now you can get precise readings of your car’s quarter-mile time, 0–60 mph acceleration, lateral G-forces, and even a decent estimate of your horsepower output. You can save your Dynolicious test result history for future comparisons, although it’s doubtful that it qualifies as evidence in court when you’re hauled in for speeding.


If you’ve been testing lateral G-forces for your Dynolicious app and end up spinning out into a ditch, you’ll be glad you have iWrecked, which helps you document all of the pertinent information of the accident: photos of the scene and damage, the location and time, and the particulars of any other individuals involved including driver’s license and license plate numbers as well as insurance and contact info onto a comprehensive PDF accident report. You’ll even be able to keep a record of the information provided by witnesses and track the report filed by the police department.

Gas Buddy

With the price of fuel expected to keep rising above the $4 a gallon level and beyond, finding a nearby gas station with a low price can really add up to big savings at the pump. The Gas Buddy app locates service stations both via zip code and also by the location mapped on your GPS. When you select the desired station, Gas Buddy not only shows you the currently updated cost of fuel there, but also maps the route, provides an estimate of the drive time, and shows the various services available there, such as convenience store, ATM, or car wash.  Gas Buddy is also indispensable when you suddenly realize that the needle has hit the dreaded “E” as a single button touch will locate the nearest station in a hurry.


Another great way to save on gas is by riding with a buddy or two. Not only is it healthy for your wallet to share the costs of the commute, but it’s good for the environment and the overall traffic situation to get more people into one car. Carticipate allows you to input your driving plans and it will match you to local carticipants who would like to tag along. With the growing number of app users, this facility could easily grow to a well-populated network of ride-sharers which could make a major impact on our country’s roads.

With the proliferation of phone operating systems most apps are being ported to the major platforms, so if any one of these apps is not currently available for the OS of your choice, you can be certain it or a similar one will be soon. Happy driving… and keep your eyes on the road!