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Shortly after the iPad 2 event Apple has pushed the iTunes 10.2 update to users. This iTunes will bring support for iPad 2 when it hits the stores on March 11th, 2011 along with iOS 4.3 which will go live on the same day. iTunes 10.2 Direct download links after the break.

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Microsoft releases Windows Embedded Compact 7  for trial usage and users can download it from Microsoft official website.Previously Windows Embedded Compact was Windows CE and Its version 6 was stable as Windows CE 6. Windows Embedded Compact 7 is developed by Microsoft for minimalistic computers and embedded systems.


According to Microsoft,

Windows Embedded Compact 7 uses the familiar tools OEMs already know to help create the next generation of devices with attractive, intuitive user experiences. Compact continues the history of embedded innovation started with the first release of CE, providing new technology to OEMs for building devices that stand apart from the competition.

Windows Embedded Compact 7 Overview

  • Small FootPrint: minimum 500KB, 700 Components
  • ARM Processor
  • Real-time OS: SMP 32-bit native unified kernel real-time Operating System New symmetrical multiprocessing support
  • Evaluation: 6 Month fully functional 180 Days

The new version of Windows CE is faster and improved and according to Microsoft you will get the high performance and reliable service of OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) with Windows Embedded Compact 7.

The Windows Embedded Compact 7 gives you full access to beta version of a full featured embedded OS and you can use it consistently for 180 days. You need to get an evaluation license key to avail 6 month trial of this release.

Read More on Microsoft


Here’s the comparison between the 2010 iPad and the new iPad 2 model introduced on March 2nd, 2011. Thinner, faster and FaceTime capable iPad 2 really beats its predecessor. Read full iPad 2 comparison after the break.

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Those who have been waiting for iPad 2 must have expected it to come with some new features and one widely expected feature is Facetime. iPad 2 is finally announced with Front facing camera and Facetime.

Using iPad 2 Facetime you can make video calls to another iPad, iPad to iPhone and iPad to mac. Apple is going to keep the same price for iPad 2 as iPad. (See iPad 2 price). Facetime for Mac was launched some time back and now it’s available with the price tag of $0.99.

Those who are new to Facetime, it will let you make free video calls to other iOS device like iPhone, Mac and now iPad over Wi-fi or 3g connection free of charge.  For old iPad users, you can install Facetime on jailbroken iPad using ifacetime.

We have already covered some great Facetime tutorials for beginners and if you have missed any of them, you can refer to:

Do let us know if iPad 2 Facetime feature will tempt you to buy and iPad 2 or not? Also check out what’s new in iPad 2.



We just covered what’s new in iPad 2 and now the best part is iPad 2 pricing. iPad 2 price remains the same as iPad and so is the battery power.

iPad 2 will start shipping in U.S from March 11th and in 26 other countries from March 25th. As expected India is not in the list of those 26 countries. So for all who are looking to buy iPad 2, you need to import it from outside.

Before we move ahead with more iPad 2 news, let’s talk about pricing of iPad 2.

ipad 2 price

  • iPad 2 Wifi model: 16GB- $499, 32GB- $599, 64GB- $699
  • iPad 2 Wi-fi+3G model: 16GB- $629, 32GB- $729, 64GB- $829

I’m planning to get iPad 2 and I might go for iPad 2 Wi-Fi +3G model 64Gb . Do let us know which iPad 2 model you are planning to buy?

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Microsoft Office 2010 is the latest version of the excellent suite of document tools offered by Microsoft. Amongst other things these tools comprise of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. In these tools you can see a ribbon at the top of the program. Here a tab titled “Developer” lets you control certain advanced features offered by Microsoft Office 2010.

By default, the Developer tab is hidden. You can perform the following 3 steps to display the tab. The following steps correspond to Excel but should be equally helpful in displaying the Developer tab for other Office 2010 programs.

Step 1:

Enter the program’s options from the File menu in the top left.


Step 2:

In the resultant window, click on the “Customize Ribbon” option in the left pane. In the right-most list, check the box next to the “Developer” option. Then, click on the OK button.


Step 3:

You will now be able to view the Developer tab in Excel (or any other Office 2010 you performed these steps in. You can verify this by exiting the program and reopening it; you will find the Developer tab will now be visible by default.


And that is all.

As mentioned earlier the same steps can be applied to other Office 2010 programs to have the Developer tab displayed by default.


Every month we publish our traffic report so that we can keep a track of our progress. It’s sad that month of Feb consist of only 28 days else we would have crossed 300,000 Visits milestone. But we expect to reach this milestone this month.

Here I’m sharing monthly traffic report of CallingAllGeeks for the month of February 2011.


Last month we reached 200,000 visits milestone and this month we are close to making it to 300,000 milestone. More over with the change of Google farmer algo, we are seeing a little increase in our search engine traffic after 25th Feb. This is one good news for us. The best figure is number of page views which is also increased and now it’s above 400,000 number. Our bounce rate is decreased and this is due to constant effort from our regular authors and editor.

Traffic source:


We have removed the mgid widget this month to see an effect on our bounce rate. We have also removed infolinks for a while to see how it will change our adsense + bounce rate.

We hope to touch new milestone in coming days. We are also hiring new authors.If you think you have the passion and you can be one of us, you can fill up this form to apply for becoming CallingAllGeeks Author.

Blog redesigning:

We are also redesigning our blog homepage design and if you want to add any suggestion or have any feedback, feel free to let us know.




Do let us know how was your month of Feb in terms of traffic.

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HTC phones have been wildly affected by the Android evolution and after the fall of Windows Mobile they have been introducing almost all of their phones with the Android OS. That’s a good thing, since Android has revolutionized the mobile phone and tablet industry in so many ways. Many new phones have been recently introduced by HTC that have some truly amazing hardware and specifications. Some of them like the HTC Desire series and the Incredible S which were recently introduced come with Android OS 2.1 and 2.2 respectively.

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As Android recently updated it’s latest version Gingerbread to version 2.3.3, it’s wise that HTC also up the ante of Gingerbread and give it’s users something new to munch on. So recently HTC announced that it’s Desire range of phones and the newly launched Incredible S will soon be given the Gingerbread treatment. Also HTC will also be launching the Desire S and Wildfire S with Gingerbread 2.3. There’s no actual date mentioned for the Gingerbread update, but a HTC personal told SlashGear;

We are excited to announce that the Desire HD, Desire Z, Desire and Incredible S will receive the Gingerbread update in Q2.

So stay tuned as we’ll let you know when it goes live.


Earlier we have shared how to Force quit a frozen iPhone application and In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to quit a frozen application in Mac OS X. A lot of times I have found Safari to be unresponsive due to the Flash plugin crashing. Not just Safari, but any other app can unresponsive and when they do you will know just how to force quit them.

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One of the most anticipated game titles of the year 2011, Crysis 2, caused a huge wave of interest and upheaval withing the gaming community and beyond when it was announced last year. It’s predecessor was launched in the year 2007 and since then Crysis was one of the most graphically advanced game that gamers and others used for playing and testing new GPU’s and gaming rigs.

Last year Crytek announced that they will be launching a new version of the game with Cry Engine 3, a highly advanced and mind-blowing graphical interface. Crysis 2 was all set for a March release, but unfortunately a leak of what looks like the beta version of the full game was leaked on certain torrent sites. The beta certainly isn’t completed yet, but looks like you’ll be able to play it using the new engine and you can also select levels and you’ll still see some undeveloped scenes. Crysis Studios took this really serious, and gaming fans across the world tried to spread the word and make people not download it so that they can wait for the official version coming out this month.

Camarillo, the executive producer on Crysis 2 stated :

We were really high off the feeling that wow, we’ve got this really awesome game that came together, that we want to play and which will be a lot of fun. Then, getting that kind of news swings your emotions in completely the opposite direction. We’re normally very communicative at the office, but people just weren’t talking to each other like they normally do – it hit really, really hard.

Crysis 2 will be officially released on March 22 2011 for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, but until then you can enjoy the Demo version of the game which was launched today by EA for PC and Xbox 360.

You can download the Crysis 2 Multiplayer Demo from here for PC, although lot of the game’s features aren’t available in the demo version and also it doesn’t support DirectX 11. Xbox 360 users can download the game from Xbox Live Marketplace.