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Anybody who has used a search engine knows that often results from unwanted websites show up. It takes quite some time before you get past these sites and reach the result you were looking for.

Google recognized this issue and just recently offered its Search users an excellent solution: “Personal Blocklist.”

Personal Blocklist is a browser extension for Google Chrome that lets you hide Google Search results from particular websites. You can install and get started with the extension in the following very easy steps:

Step 1:

When you click on the extension’s URL available at the bottom of this guide, you will be taken to its official page. The blue area visible in the image below will be in the top right of the page. Click on the “Install” button to obtain the extension and have it installed. Note: you must be doing all of this in the Google Chrome web browser. To get Google Chrome in case you do not have it, click here.


Step 2:

With the extension installed, head on over to Google Search and type in your query. When the results are displayed, locate results from any unwanted website. You will notice a new link at the end of each result. This link will say “Block.” Simply click the Block links in front of the unwanted results. The results will disappear once you click on the link. Do this for as many websites as you want.


Step 3:

From now on, all of your search results will exclude the sites you blocked. To view the results, head to the bottom of the results page and click on the “Show” link.


Step 4 (Extra tip):

You would now have blocked results from all the undesirable pages but it would be unwise to not remember the sites you have blocked. For this, the extension places a new icon in the address bar. Clicking on the icon displays a list of sites you have blocked the results from. These sites are displayed in a drop down window from where they can be managed.


More Google Chrome Extensions:

As you can see, operating this new extension by Google is very easy and greatly useful.

Download Personal Blocklist for Google Chrome

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iDevices like iPhone and iPad are not made to be in consonance with the rugged gadget definition. So if you are in a confused state that what mobile appendage you should use to protect your iPhone from dirt, grime water, weather and accidental falling incidents then there is a new accessory in the market called as LifeProof Case.(Pre-order $70)


This latest iOS device accessory aims to change the iPhone sturdiness by making it as invincible as possible. The makers of LifeProof case claim that their designed case will provide protection from snow, grime, weather, dust, bumps and even falls. The slim and cleanly crafted case does not hamper the phone functionality at all and it only adds about 1.5mm to the iPhone’s 4 profile.

More iPhone/ iPad Accessories:

LifeProof Case


This particular case is designed as per military specifications and has shock resistance body and with LifeProof case your iPhone/iPad can survive almost 2m under water. Furthermore, for all the diving enthusiasts you can now take your device underwater as well with LifeProof case.

You can order it online and using it you can take your iPhone/iPad anywhere you want even in a shower.

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gmdesk-1 Google has numerous web services that most of us regularly use. Often we have multiple browser tabs and in each tab we are operating a separate Google service. Here to tidy up things for you and better help manage those services is a great open-source tool called GMDesk.

GMDesk is a freeware for Windows computers. It is based on Adobe AIR hence it is cross-platform.

The program lets you separately manage the Google service you use namely Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Maps, Reader, and Picasa. These services operate in the application just like they would within the browser. But the difference is how you switch between these service: through the “Google applications” menu on top.


Through its simple approach, GMDesk lets you manage your Google services in a more organize manner. Furthermore usage of this freeware will free up some tabs on your web browser.

The program’s preferences let you control the apps to display. You select from the ones given or enter your Google Apps domain.


GMDesk can be downloaded from here.


Officially Facebook doesn’t allow any one to have multiple Facebook account but many users still have more than 1 FB account. Obviously you must be using multiple browser to login to multiple Facebook account at the same time.

Here is quick little trick for chrome which you can use to login to 2 Facebook account at the same time. We will be using Chrome Incognito feature to login to multiple Facebook account.

Google Incognito feature doesn’t save any history, cookies behind and it offers private browsing. To get started with simply use Ctrl + Shft+N key and new Incognito window will open.

Chrome private browsingNow open Facebook.com and you will be prompted for login again. This way you can also login to multiple Gmail account and so on. I hope you enjoyed this little tip. If you liked this post, don’t forget to share it on Facebook.


If you’re an Apple Developer, you know what you should be doing right now! Apple announced on March 2nd at the Apple event that they’ll be releasing the official iOS 4.3 to the public on March 11. But to please the developer community they had to something more than that, so they have released the Golden Master version of the iOS 4.3 to its dear developers.

iOS 4.3 is going to be a major update since the release of the previous iOS 4.2.1 and it will fix many issues and bring some really exciting and new features to the iPhone 4, 3GS, iPod Touch 3rd and 4th gen, iPad, iPad 2, Apple TV and soon the Verizon iPhone 4. So developers get your hands on the latest Golden Master SDK and start working your magic to see what’s new. Here’s a list of some of the new and noticeable features of iOS 4.3:

  • Personal Hotspot feature (Wi-Fi Tethering with up to 5 simultaneous devices (Wi-Fi Tethering iPhone 3G & Above Only)) on supported carriers.
  • Ability to set amount of times a text tone repeats (up to 10 times)
  • In Field Test Mode refresh button has been removed & Updated information has been displayed in bottom of the screen (it updates every 4-6 seconds)
  • Slideshow options moved to Photos app
  • New look for taking a picture for a Contact
  • When receiving a text message, the iPhone now vibrates 2 times
  • AirPlay video support for third party apps
  • HTTP Live Streaming Statistics
  • New font in Notes app (“Noteworthy”)
  • A slightly “redesigned” keyboard with a different graphic under each key in the App Store
  • New UI in the App Store
  • Redesigned “account” section under the Store menu
  • Location services has been shifted from General to Settings Menu
  • New Parental Controls for use with Ping
  • Location services & Mail accounts ON/OFF button changed to a lock symbol
  • New menu for scrubbing in videos
  • Fine Scrubbing: Adjust by seconds/ frames
  • Quarter Scrubbing: Second
  • Half Speed Scrubbing: Adjust by minute(s)
  • Hi-Speed Scrubbing: Run fast through minutes
  • Ability to cancel and delete an app which is currently downloading. Before iOS 4.3 it was only possible to delete an app which has already downloaded.
  • Stream from an iTunes library to iOS using Home Sharing.

You can directly download the .IPSW files for iPhone 4 over here and for the iPhone 3GS over here. For other platforms please Sign In to your Apple Developer account and then you’ll be able to download the SDK.

[ Direct Download Links from Beijing iPhone Repair ]


These are the free applications for PlayStation2 and enable a PS2 user to load a game via a PATA or USB HDD.

HD Loader

DScaler still Taken with DScaler Version 4.1.8 Input was Conexant's BtPCI Capture Deinterlace mode was Video (TomsMoComp)

HD Loader is a popular PS2 application with which PS2 users can play games using a PATA HDD. When Sony stopped making PS2 machines without Hard Disk it disappointed PS2 lovers. So PS2 independent developers came in contact and developed an open source PS2 software with which PS2 games can be played without original PS2 HDD. However it does not support all PS2 games.

HDLoader 3.8C Released

Now HDLoader comes with its super powerful version 3.8C which supports many advanced features such as support for 1000GB HDD (previous versions support upto 137GB), faster reading speed from CD/DVD. It supports almost 95% PS2 games.

HDLoader Website

Open PS2 Loader


Open PS2 loader is a PS2 application which is used for playing PS2 games via USB HDD and via internal HDD. This PS2 software is currently in beta and is being improved by a community of developers. Its compatibility is almost equal to HD Loader. You can play PS2 games using USB and internal HDD as well as via your PC HDD over LAN ( Local Network). You can launch PS2 apps like Ulaunch,SMS etc through the latest version of this software.

Link for Open PS2 Loader

Note: This is only a general introduction to this type of PS2 applications and we  neither recommend these type of applications nor promoting.


One of the most amazing features of latest iPhone 4 and iPod Touch is the ability to record HD videos. But one of the downside of this HD video capturing thing is that it takes almost 80-90 MBs of space for every minute of video you make, so it won’t be long before your device memory will get racked up with these videos.

Normally in the video capturing scene, it is very difficult to capture what you want because you are always hoping to press the record button at the exact moment when something amazing is happening but by the time you hit the record button that particular moment is lost.

Precorder iPhone App and How does it works?

Precorder App user interface

But now iOS developers have release an app that will very much solve this delaying issue, the app is called as Precorder. This app is not only an innovative thing rather it is a genius idea. This app quietly records whatever is in the per-view of the camera but amazingly it doesn’t save what its recording until you press the Record button.

The recording starts off 10 seconds prior to the time you press the record button so this means that you will not miss any precious moment that you wanted to capture from your iPhone or iPod Touch. In simple terms, Precorder works just like a DVR for life.

Default settings are set to save almost previous 5 seconds before Record button is pressed, but there is built-in dial available as well using which you can customize the number of seconds you want to save in your recordings.

Pre Recorder iPhone App

All of the captured videos are by default saved directly to iPhone or iPod Camera Roll meaning that you can now use iMovie or anyother movie editor easily by just linking the captured video files from Camera Roll.

The app is very easy to use but recording quality is a bit low and aspect ratio is also a bit off the gird. You can cater for the quality thing by heading over to the settings Tab and selecting highest quality recording. You can download this app from Apple App store for $2.99 or by visiting their website.

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With the increase in the demand of Smartphones & Android Phones, Companies are quickly introducing new phones in the market with loads of features. Due to huge competition in the market, each and every mobile manufacturing company is trying their best to attract the Smartphone seekers. Another step is moved by Acer, Acer launched a new phone named as , Acer Liquid Metal.

Acer Liquid Metal

Acer Liquid Metal is an Android Based Smartphone with amazing beauty and Style. For making this Smartphone different from company has come with unique design & looks. Acer Liquid Metal is featuring 3.6-Inches TFT Touchscreen and performance of this phone is powered by 800 MHz Scorpion Processor. Liquid Metal is sported with 5 MP Camera and support HD Video Recording @ 720p. Phone is running on the Android 2.2 Froyo OS. Acer Liquid Metal’s Sound Feature is enhanced by Dolby Mobile Sound Enhancement.

Acer Liquid Metal

Acer Liquid Metal

Specifications & Features of Acer Liquid Metal

  • 3.6-Inches TFT Capacitive Touchscreen
  • 800 MHz Qualcomm Processor
  • Android 2.2 Froyo OS
  • Acer UI Breeze
  • 512 MB of RAM & 512 MB of ROM
  • MicroSD Card Support upto 32 GB
  • 5 MP Camera with LED Flash
  • HD Video Recording @ 720p
  • Supports 3G
  • Dolby Sound Enhancement Feature
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
  • Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP
  • GPS & A-GPS Support

Acer Liquid Metal is available at the price tag of Rs. 20000/-. The feature which I found degraded in this phone is Processor of 800 MHz which can be replaced with 1GHz at this price tag.

So are you going to purchase this phone? Do share your views with us. :)


Just now we informed you about Airtel 3G launch in Delhi/NCR region and being one of the India’s biggest telecom provider, we expect Airtel to cover a wide subscriber base for it’s 3G service. The best thing which Airtel did is by launching 3 flexible pricing model for it’s 3G service which will help users to select best 3G plan according to usage. Airtel also launched an unlimited 3G plan but of course with FUP (Airtel Fair usage policy).

DSC_2511 DSC_2516

Airtel 3G Delhi Plans and tariff:






Airtel 3G Unlimited plan:

For power user Airtel 3G unlimited plan will be the best. In unlimited 3G plan, your bill will not exceed INR 2000 and once your bill reaches, your download speed will go down to 20kbps and you will not be charged anything after that. In 2000 INR, you can download 14GB of data.

How to Activate Airtel 3G?

Activating Airtel 3G service is simple. All you need to do is call at 12134 or SMS ‘3G’ to 121.

I believe Airtel has made a good move by launching some new plans for NCR Airtel users, as they are expecting NCR to be the biggest consumer of their 3G service. Do let us know your views about Airtel 3G Tariff plans.


We have shared a lot about Google Chrome Extensions because Geeks at our blog are Chrome lovers but we can’t forget that Firefox also as even Firefox also provides lots of add-ons to make your tasks easier. Many add-ons on Firefox makes it little slow but then also these add-ons are useful too.

Here I am sharing 5 such Firefox add-ons which are worth trying:


I just love CoolPreview Add-on because it gives a preview of web links, images, videos without even leaving the page by just mousehovering any link. It also bookmarks and send links to friends with just a click and very easy to customize.


Intall now


Many times it happens that we find any article useful but we dont have time to read then rather adding to bookmark,you can use ReadLater Add-on to save that page. You can read it when you are offline or you can sync the whole list to your ReadItLater mobile apps and other computers too.


Install Now


If you are use to open lots of tabs then this Add-on is for you. It will allow you to arrange your tabs automatically that it new tabs opened from the links will be attached to the current tab in a tree-style form and you can browse web easily.


Install Now


As the name says,it copies the content automatically that is after installing AutoCopy add-on, whenever you will select any text it will be automatically copied to the clipboard and you don’t need to use mouse or shortcuts to copy content.


Install Now


A must have add-on for people who spent their maximum time online surfing websites which causes distractions at work. LeechBlock gives you lots of options like which website to block, what time to block, when to block, how to block and lots more.


Install Now

If you are using Firefox Browser as your primary browser then do share with us which is your favorite Firefox add-on?