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iPhone initiates a lot of customization of the iDevice by its user. It’s almost impossible to sit idle if you have an iPhone. Dreamboard is one such App for jailbroken iPhone that allows easy customization of your iPhone. DreamBoard is the latest utility from Cydia, which unlike the WinterBoard provides fast theme switching capabilities without the need to re-spring and also several advanced theming options for your iDevice.


DreamBoard’s is unique over WinterBoard as it doesn’t require installation of multiple tweaks to get an advanced theme working. All of DreamBoard’s functionalities are inbuilt. One of the best features of DreamBoard is that you can place apps to widgets, just about anything, anywhere you want.


The official description of Dreamboard states:

Theming is no longer limited to just icons, or having to resort to complicated setup themes involving Iconoclasm, SpringJumps, etc. Dreamboard makes it easy to switch between any theme in just a few seconds. Simply launch, choose and apply! And, Dreamboard eliminates the long wait of having to restart Springboard everytime you make a change. No more resprings! Dreamboard includes a complementary copy of Endroid (HTC theme).

You can get more information from the DreamBoard Demo in the video embedded below.


As always Cydia requires a Jailbroken iPhone. If you have used this awesome theming app on your iPhone tell us what you think about it.

Also check out: 6 beautiful iPhone Winterboard themes.

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Erica Saduns brings us Banana TV app, one of the coolest apps we’ve come across and one that packs a great deal of functionality for your iOS devices. Thanks to Erica you can now play videos and images from your favorite iOS devices; iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, running iOS 4.2 or higher to your networked Mac. It uses Airplay – the newest feature in iOS 4.2 to beam your videos and images to your Mac. Watch the demo video now.

What is Banana TV? Banana TV lets you use AirPlay for your Mac as well -play video or images from your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch running iOS 4.2 or higher directly onto any networked Mac. It runs directly on your Mac, and is a great tool for showing off pictures or video on your Mac’s monitor, at a friend’s house, or the office. Even use your iOS device photo library as a presentation tool. Watch the video above to see Banana TV in action!

We think it’s a very cool way of showing off your images and videos on your Mac via your iOS device. It improves functionality of your iOS device by allowing you to show your media on a larger screen wherever and whenever you choose. Think of the situations where you might have felt the need for a larger screen than what you have on your iDevice. Now like Erica says,”your Mac is a big Apple TV”.

You can buy it at BananaTV for $7.99

Feel free to tell us what you think about this unique App.

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This is probably the last in the Mac OS X Dock Tweaks series. I saw this in a screenshot posted by a friend and really wanted to know how to do it ever since that moment. Finally, I found the terminal commands to put Dock in the corner of your Mac’s screen.

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Hackulo.us team has released another update to Installous. The new Installous 4.4 has added support for 20 new languages and also a brand new UI for localsharing. The new Installous localsharing web interface can be accessed from the browser of your computer or iOS devices.

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Now .XXX TLD For Adult & Porn Websites

Next time when you see .xxx URL ending don’t be astonished as ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) on Friday approved .xxx TLD for websites containing adult oriented content. This TLD will be embraced by the websites who have legitimate sexual content and want to show it off. Though this TLD is not going to be mandatory for all adult sites and following this TLD has been kept voluntary for adult sites.


ICANN has given its verdict in favor of ICM registry, ending decade long conflict over the matter. Company CEO Stuart Lawley has planned to charge $ 60 per year for the domain registration and hopes a sale of 50000 domains having .xxx TLD.  On this occasion he expressed :

‘’This was always going to be a very lucrative arrangement.’

This decision has provoked a heated debate among all persons connected with internet in any way. Supporters of Morality argue that it is a big step towards legitimization of sex on the internet while some persons even representatives from adult sites register their worries as it may  force to  ghettoize the adult internet community. Diane Duke, executive director of the adult entertainment industry’s Free Speech Coalition considers the decision entirely inappropriate and disregarding the feelings adult internet community.

We,the CallingAllGeeks, being extremely optimistic can say that perhaps this is a good turn and now it will be easier to block the adult material containing websites by the blocking of .xxx TLD. How good it will be good to see seeing it a monetary feature to have .xxx domain for all porn and adult website?

Specially for MMS scandal websites like debonairblog.com, fsiblog.com, xnxx.com which are some of the popular adult website taking .xxx domain extension and when all firewall blocking access of .xxx domain. This will ensure that our young crowd won’t get exposed to adult stuff.

Do let us know your opinion on if all adult websites should switch to .xxx domain extension, so that all campus (School & collages), can block porn websites without any hassle?

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If Personal Hotspot feature is not enabled and still missing on your iPhone 4 after upgrading to iOS 4.3 then read this tutorial for possible fixes. However, in case your provider does not allow tethering at all then there is no immediate fix.

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Adobe Flash is required to view flash content such as videos and other types of media on a mobile phone’s web browser. On your desktop, most browsers come pre-installed with Flash player and if any new update is out the same will be downloaded and installed accordingly. The last version of the Adobe Flash Player 10.1 did not allow content to be played on most Android devices or tablets running on Honeycomb 3.0.

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Recently after the much success of the Android Tablet OS, the Honeycomb, Adobe decided to make it more flash friendly with the release of a new version of the Flash Player. Version 10.2, which was released on the 18th, is still in a beta stage for Honeycomb, but if you’re running Android Froyo and above on your phone then you can use this in it’s final stage.

What’s new in Adobe Flash Player 10.2:

  • You can enjoy watching the same web content that you view on your desktop on your Android mobile device, high quality videos, games and applications
  • Tablet optimized, works best with Honeycomb 3.0.1, full web browsing on your Android Honeycomb tablet
  • You won’t come across all those web-pages that say ‘ Cannot Play Flash Content’ anymore, version 10.2 takes care of all that.

You can download Adobe Flash Player 10.2 from your Android phone/tablet via the Android Market for Free. Requires Android OS 2.2 and above for mobile and 3.0 and above for tablets. You can also download it directly by scanning the QR Code below.

Requires a QR reader app on your Android device.


I spend a lot of time on YouTube. The site has countless entertaining videos that I thoroughly enjoy. But the default video player size is simply too small for me. I always end up clicking on the “Full Screen” button in the player, just to get a larger view. That extra click has always been annoyance to me.

But thanks to a great new tool I discovered, I am now freed from that extra click. The tool I mention is called Smart Video Enlarger for YT.


Smart Video Enlarger for YT is a browser extension for Google Chrome that plays YouTube video in the entire browser. Whenever you play a YouTube video in Chrome, the video is played while being expanded to the entire browser – definitely a larger view than the default one.


By scrolling your mouse wheel downwards, you can reduce the size of the video and read YouTube comments, view likes, number of views, and all the other stuff on the video’s page apart from the video itself. But while in YouTube you had to scroll down to a point where the video became invisible, this extension displays the video and non-video elements at the same time – a convenience indeed.


This brilliant extension has certainly made my YouTube experience better as I am sure it will yours.

Download Smart Youtube Enlarger Extension

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In a previous tutorial, we showed you how to take screenshots in Mac OS X. Today, we are sharing a set of interesting terminal tweaks to get even more out of screenshots on your Mac. I have tested all of these to work in Snow Leopard.

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Your Mac already has a text editor(TextEdit) included, right? Then why use another? Writer, is specifically aimed at writers, bloggers, novelists(well, you get an idea) who want a no fuss simple interface to write. You can leave behind all distractions as you work in the full screen mode. Also included is a nifty word count tool & pinning mode.

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